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During a discussion about Kobe Bryant’s foot injury on ESPN First Take Thursday morning, Stephen A. Smith said something that has the internet buzzing. It wasn’t completely audible so we cannot say for sure, but it certainly sounded like Stephen A. said “n**ga please” in the middle of one of his rants. The video was called to our attention by The Big Lead, and they are unsure of what they heard as well. Since it wasn’t completely clear, we can fully expect Smith to have a logical explanation for the misunderstanding on his Twitter account at some point in the immediate future. We’ve seen him flip the bird during discussions on TV before, so you can’t completely rule out that Stephen A. had a slip of the tongue. It’s also not the first time he has been accused of using the “N” word on TV. What do you think — N-bomb or no N-bomb? Video via @c gar

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  • So... If that was me I would have already been fired... What will happen... Is this allowed???
  • He crossed the line fire him and about 100 rappers its getting very stupid out here what this guys dont realize is that the common black man on a construction crew or a trucker ave to defend them when they cross that line and it makes it hard for us to tell one of our white coworkers not to use that work when our own people have used it to the point where its just so watered down.
  • I'm in total agreement with you....This is getting out of hand and what is more crazy is that by not firing him, it opens the door for others to come thru (commentators) to do the same thing. All this does is increase their ratings for the t.v. station, because now more people would be listening in just to see if he'll do it again...Not to mention that this is an insult to the publics intelligence and especially to African Americans......We "KNOW" that word very well no matter how it's pronounced and how fast you say it...So "PLEASE"........BACK AT CHA'. I'm tired of these people making money and using us at our expense. It's time we demand respect from these people...
  • The same can be said of the term African American. You either an African or an American you are not both, as far as this persons offensiveness in his speach agree with you he should be fired the word should not be tolerated and be treated as foul. However we are talking about a modern society that allows TV shows to take Gods name in vain.
  • you are uneducated and ignorant. the prefixed is country of orgin no matter how many generations removed.
    Irish-American, Italian-American, Greek-American
    Asia-American, Mexican-American etc,etc,etc,
  • by that logic, we're all jewish.. if you're religious of course.
  • There are other religions other than Christianity and Judaism.
  • What the devil are you talking about? Does a bushman or samoan look jewish to you?
  • The comment may have been ignorant of your correct point, but I'm willing to bet you don't know the poster well enough to start name-calling.
  • Africa is not a country.
  • Karolyn, you are either stupid or out of touch. The only hyphenated Americans are people of color. Irish-American, Italian-American, Greek-American, Asia-American, and Mexican-Americans do not exist. Of course they exist and the language exists, but you are mixing nationalities. The only hyphenated Americans in common use today are those who are hyphenated Ethnicity-American, not Nationality-American. The only one you got right was Asian, because Asia is not a country, but a race.
  • I do agree, as I am a BLACK man. When we wake up and realize that all African Americans are not black. So being called African American takes from me as a black man. I am Black and proud to be an American.
  • Actually, your skin color isn't BLACK, its BROWN so why do you call yourself a BLACK MAN? Society plays the color game.
  • You make it a point to emphasize AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY that you are "white"; have you ever actually seen the color white? "Society plays the color game": get a grip---YOU are society. If you ever question why the world is full of ****, look in the mirror.
  • Get over yourself...Do all months belong to you (like everything else)? How many months do you need? Actually, now that I think about it, you can have mine (since it is a 'made-up' holiday anyway). The shortest month of the year, a time when we can get together and be self-indulgent. Sounds like a great thing, like every other time, right???
  • Uneducated, you say, since when Africa became a country? Yes, I absolutely agree with you, someone here is uneducated.
  • Don't you all have anything better to do with your time?
  • when did this crap start. If you want to be called African then go back there. If you can't decide which country you want to be let me know I will help you.
  • If a white guy from South Africa moves to the US, do you call him African American? Nope, you call him caucasian, American, or South African to label him. The term African American is offensive, because people use that term too loosely to label everyone who is black. Just call a spade a spade: dude is black. (-; While we're at it, Americans calling themselves "Americans" is the epitome of arrogance. You do realize that Canadians are also Americans, as well as Mexicans, Brazilians, etc. It's absolute arrogance to lay claim to the whole Western Hemisphere and call yourselves Americans.
  • Thank you for answering my question
  • Agree with the first half of your comment; but as for Americans being arrogant, you are wrong. Canadians call themselves Canadian, Mexicans call themselves Mexican, etc. in addition you do not see the word America used in their country title do you? No one is laying claim to the entire Western Hemisphere. The entire world refers to citizens from the Umited States of America as Americans.
  • Thank you for stating my own observation of this "American" label, I heard a friend of a former friend actually tell a Honduran guy that he wasn't American, I took his side and asked her where she thinks Central America is. I told him, yes you are American! He knew it already, of course, but he was under attack from her because she was Ignorant-Arrogant!
  • HELLO! Your friend was correct! The guy was Honduran not American.
  • I wish all of you would just shut up
  • Actually you can be an African American,as well as Irish American/German American.....ect ect ect.As every person in this country/on this continent has roots dating back to other countries.Whilst I do think you are ignorant,just ill informed. As for the subject at hand,I believe Stephen A Smith has always conducted himself as the ultimate profewssional.
  • Karolyn & Senile1, I disagree with both of you regarding your compound country clarifications. If one is born in Germany and moves to the US, they are German. If they change their citizenship to American, they are American. If they maintain dual citizenship, then they are German-American, African-American, Mexican-American, etc. If you are born in America, you are American; not African-American, German-American, Korean-American, etc. No doubt, your heritage is where your ancestors are from, but if you are born in America, YOU are NOT African-American!
  • It is commonly accepted, though, regardless of our opinions on the matter.

    There are certain words that just ARE hate, but this part of the conversation has devolved into stupidity.
    In text I can refer to someone a "black guy" and you CANNOT determine if there's any ill will implied. There might just be 2 guys, and it's the easiest visual. Saying "The guy that had pizza for lunch" wouldn't suffice.
    You're better off farting in court than talking about race if you don't want s*it to get awkward fast.
  • period!
  • So if my parents are in the military but I was born overseas, what does that make me? Because I don't speak the local language, I speak english because of my parents.
  • A F R I C A
    I S
    S T I L L
    N O T
    C O U N T R Y!
  • Not quite true- just what whites like to say.
    If Charlize Theron was born in China- would she be chinese. NO. She'd be a white or Dutch woman born in China.
    Yes. We are all Americans- THUS the German AMERICAN, Irish AMERICAN, African AMERICAN- not just german, irish or african. Saying "we are all just Americans is stupid. Like pointing at garden or forest and saying "just flowers....just trees"- becuase you think its dangerous to make distinctions.
  • But who the heck wants to be known as An Irish-German-Mexican-Cuban-African-American? A lot of us come from more than one place. I am an American.

    As for the subject at hand, how is using the N-word and then lying about it professional?
  • I agree and is this professionalism the english language or e-bonics?
  • I'm assuming you're white so I'll ask this question why do whites try to dictate what other races should call themselves if I wanna call myself an AA or black so be it. If Julio wants to call himself Mexican American, brown, American, etc why is it any of your business. I don't hear any other minorities complaining only white people.
  • Not sure who exactly you are responding to, but the ONLY people who call themselves a compound nationality are those with dual citizenship except for black Americans. If one is so proud of where their forefathers came from, then why don't those people move to and live in that country; and oh by the way, don't forget to change your nationality to the country where your ancestors were from!
  • I totally understand, everyone has the right to call themselves whatever they want..But You say it is alright for a black person to be called many names that you calll it racist if a white person calls you that, if they are meaning it in a mean way, yes I understand, but if they are just
    joking and trying to fit in then why call that racist too, but it is ok for a black person to say that..I am not a racist I have friends that are of the black race and they are some very good friends..
  • I am Native American, I do not consider myself white and I agree with these other people. How can YOU decide that white people are the only people on this forum who disagree with you? You sound like the racist so don't include my race in your argument. I am a true American so y'all can all go back to where you came from and ME and MY people will spread back out like we were when we were so RUDELY interrupted, thank you all very much!
  • Hate to point this out to you, but the term African Amerian was derived after white Americans called African Americans black, negro, and a whole bunch of other words I'd rather not say. More to the point, whites rarely let African Americans forget they are African Americans. Sure times have changed and African Americans have equal opportunity. But any time a white person accuses African Americans of being criminals, dependent on the federal government, hip hop artists, or uncaring students, you are differentiating African Americans based on race from all other Americans. You want to see that word end...be the solution and stop stereotyping African Americans as a group.
  • Couldn't disagree with you more. See, here you go, seperating Americans, black, white, etc. Evidentally you still have a chip on YOUR shoulder and resent whites. The only people continuing to use the word African-American are blacks! You are the solution to your own problem. Stop stereotyping yourself as a group.

    Update: October 26, 2012
    African-American is a geographical-origin-based term which blacks have collectively self-identified themselves with. Black Americans have contributed to the continued seperation of themselves.
  • "term African Amerian was derived after white Americans called African Americans black, negro, and a whole bunch of other words I'd rather not say. More to the point, whites rarely let African Americans forget they are African Americans. "

    This is mostly because whites never know the current politically correct phrase. Fist it's "Black" (Black Power!), then it's "People of Color", then it's "African-American", then it's full circle back to "My Ni@@ah". So confusing for those folks who are so worried about hurting somebody's feelings.
  • The same can't be said about african-american! That is stupid. I happen to prefer that to being called black. Are you also opposed to a chinese-american being called a chinese-american if you are staring directly at a chinese person who was born here and not China?? It's just a respectful way of denoting someones racial and national origins at the same time. Harmless!
  • As an African American, black, or whatever I wanna call myself today, I appreciate you speaking up about what's insulting to blacks. I just hope you speak up for your black friends when one of you white friends make a racial joke or comment when they are not around.
  • Good point! Although there are enough blacks speaking up against what is insulting to blacks and it seems to do no good.
  • You can "demand" whatever you wish...just walk up to ANY ONE of "these people" and make your "demand"; you'll certainly deserve what you get (your 'slave master' mentality is the only obnoxious thing in this time zone). "Making money off of us at our expense" You are a dillusional idiot. Nobody affiliated with ANY network knows you, and if it were yours, we wouldn't be having this conversation ("our" is the most poorly-used word in the dictionary---I have another complaint for you: "These people are breathing up "our" air").
  • You are right, how can any of these idots get angry because white people use the word Ni@@@ when we as black people use the word and not to mention the trashy black thug rappers.I am an af. am feamale who do not allow my boys to use the word and yet our stupid black rappers use it in every song. Yes Bill Cosby was right about black men!!!!!! Im disappointed and feed up with blacks making the statement that "the white man trying to keep me down" PLEASE!!!! Blacks hurt themselves and the word ****** is not a word they should never use.This opens the door for the white man to think it is okay to say..Maybe one day we will get the real issue. But no this guy should not have to apologize if he did say it cause he probaly use the word 30 times a day anyway.......
  • I agree with you, he did say it no matter how many times he denies it. I like how he keeps saying he didn't say it but he never makes a statement of what he did say. Wouldn't anybody if they were accused of saying a certain thing say something like, "I didn't say ... what I did say was ..."? I heard the word plain as day. I live in a neighborhood that has black and white people. I have explained to my children that you must not ever use the N.. word. I also, just simply told them that you don't call anyone any type of name, except what their parents named them when they were born. That's why our parents name us so we have something to call people. But people like him make it hard for me (yes, I'm white)to tell may children that it is wrong, they use the word up and down my street, those are the ones who use the N word and then those would be the same ones that would get horribly upset and yell racist if my children would say it only repeating what they heard. I went through this with my boys (now 24 and 20) and now I have a 5 year old girl. I actually stopped a couple of people who insisted on playing the rap music blaring in their car with that word over and over, and told them that that is not acceptable language where little ones are listening. I even went as far as asking them what would they say to my child if he (when my boys were little)would call them that word and say that's what your song said. Of course they had something sorta' smart to say (I don't remember what it was)but I remember after that they didn't blare the music by the house anymore. So I'm supposing they thought about what I said. I have a neighbor that (she's black) will get mad at her son or whoever she's mad at and call them the N word. They are like family (her dad and my husbands dad worked in the coal mines together ages ago), so she' calls my husband "brother" and her son (single mother) calls my husband dad and me his "other mother". So I tell her not to use that word around here, so she rolls her eyes at me like a sister - family member would, and we keep doing what we were doing. Didn't mean to stray away from the subject but its all related. Like you said the word is watered down, and that makes teaching the young that it is not a proper word to use.
  • I initially had mixed feeling about your comment when I first began reading. After reading all of it I completely understand. I really admire and respect how you handled the situation. I'm black and I think we need more people like you.
  • I have to be honest...I didn't hear this word and none of the other personalities on First Take seemed to hear it either. I think your reaction as well as many writing to this story, is about racial hostility towards African Americans, something that has been on the rise since George W. Bush was elected. If every American would stop stereotyping racial groups and mind their own business, the hostility you feel today would not even be there.
  • If an african says ***** and is not punished, then all americans should be able to use it. Vote no to restitution and lets move on....if there is restitution, then pass out money to my hispanic brothers for stealing Texas from us, or pass out money to native americans, for they suffered far worse than africans. I even hear whites calling each other 'my *****'. No african should have to the right to complain about that if they use it too.
  • I agree. Where is Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson now? It has always been a double standard on the media. Sickening.
  • Maybe coming from him it is not a racial comment but it is disrespectful. I am white have a grandniece who is black and it angers me to hear that word. It makes no difference what color the mouth is that it is coming out of.....FIRE HIM!!!
  • Yes fire him and cancel about 100 rappers contracts. Because what these black sport figures and rappers down understand is come Monday Morning we have to deal with this on Construction Crews Office Bldg Class Rooms and everyday life. The word is getting so watered down to the point where its getting harder to tell a white coworker how harmful that word is to black people when he is listening to a rap song or a well known great sports personality using it. Please not asking you to be a role model or anything like that I pick my role models very carefully but please think about the common black man and woman out hear on the front lines before you use that hateful word.... please.
  • I agree wholeheartedly with you,enough is enough.
  • It is unfortunate, but this ignorant person has been lowed to be an any analyst for too long!!!
    This is reverse discrimination at it's best.

    I have to be RACIALLY proper, but his comments are allowed as normal because it is " race on race " is unacceptable? WTF
  • I'm going to tell you the same thing I told one of the other posters--I don't think you really heard Stephen A say the n-word. I know I didn't. Your logic is pretty much racial hostility towards African Americans. You said it yourself in your own post - you want to call African Americans the n-word, but you can't because you could get in trouble. The question isn't why did Stephen A say the N-word. The question is WHY DO YOU, NOBODY ELSE, JUST YOU, WANT TO CALL A BLACK MAN THE N-WORD? Is this really about a double standard? For you, it isn't. You don't like Black people and you are itching to call one an n-word. That's what this discussion really boils down. So if you can't let your own racism wander off into the wilderness, why should you expect Black to let their's go???
  • you must be deaf because my 8 yr old son heard him say it. then he came to me and asked y is it ok if black ppl call EVERY1 else the n word but its not ok for EVERY1 else to say it? i told i didnt understand y black ppl do that or say it. then he asked me y espn would allow him to keep his job? i told him because black ppl would call espn racist and old al shaper would protest and the media would blow **** out of porportion like the always do. how do i tell my 8 yr old son that it isnt right to say the n word if ever time he is around black ppl,mostly kids his age, they r saying it?
  • Reverse discrimination means the opposite of discrimination. To imply that he employed "reverse discrimination" means that he was not discriminating against anything, but was being accepting and equalizing. I love the word, "idiot". How lucky that I happened upon this story today, and had the opportunity to employ it so boundlessly.
  • Would you have been fired because you are white and called another white person a honky which is nowhere near the same meaning nor background as saying what he may have said to another of his race.
  • YES, we would have! HONKY, PLEASE!
  • No tolerance for immature racist behavior. What if Skip Bayless used that remark toward the man in the next screen??!! How many riots and looting would that have caused, if he was not terminated immediately??!! There is no other word that can be used in that context! We have all heard the saying before, we are not stupid Steven A. Smith. So sell your none apology to the mentally handicapped!
  • First, Skip Bayless would not have said that, and if you ACTUALLY WATCHED THE SHOW, Stephen A and Rob Parker praised Skip Bayless for asking Black people what is and isn't offensive to them and why. But, like a lot of the other racist white people writing about this topic, you didn't actually watch the show, and you didn't really hear what you thought you heard. Your anger isn't even at Stephen A. And you're not really all that concerned about white people getting fired for saying racial comments. You don't really miss Don Imus or Pat Buchanan. They weren't on TV much to begin with. This is about you as a white person NOT LIKING BLACK PEOPLE. This is about you wanting desperately so badly to remove Black people from view. This is about a segregationist, superiority complex that has been a part of American society since Jamestown in 1607. That's the real question here. Why do you and so many white people still want to denigrate Black people?
  • Sounds like YOU are the only one with the chip on your shoulder!
  • Thank you for pointing out to all of us how we feel as white people! By pidgeon holing every white person on this thread, you've managed to not be racist whatsoever!
    ... :/

    My sarcasm was meant to tell you that you just defeated your purpose.
  • I only like the last two sentences of this comment.
  • Many of you guys need to calm down! This was either a deliberate attempt at attract publicity, or generate more attention, with declining viewership. Or, this is one Black dude being set up against another Black dude for "real racist dudes to score points". If Black men are shown to be making racist comments against Black men then Whites can say, "What is the big deal when Blacks use it on Blacks on TV?" Do nto take the bait!
  • I made an Acct just to let you know you're an idiot.
  • I made an account as well to let you know that you are an idiot.
  • Yes, you are an idiot....I made an account too....I'm an Afr. Amer. as well....He put his self in that position and yes, the ratings will go up....He's the one allowing his self to be used...you apparently have this whole thing "twisted"....YOU should be "demanding" respect from all sides...not excuses for him to continue and all others as well to do the same.
  • Lateefwane, I'm sorry, but I have to say this: Unless you can pick up the telephone and call your relatives in Africa I consider you just "American". I can't tell you the names or addresses of any of my distant relatives in Ireland or Germany either.

    That being said... if Steven A. Smith hadn't used a racial slur would anyone be talking about anything he had to say? The guy is a total douche canoe.
  • I made an account to tell you I lol'ed at "douche canoe."

    While I'm here:
    Steven A Smith is a guy that screams his side of any issue. Nothing more, nothing less. Him dropping an "N-bomb" isn't even a little surprising to me.
    There is a mindset/community with lots of dollars (that has people of all races) that responds to what he says in a positive way. He is a one-dimensional guy that makes $$ from that group, so he will have a job on TV.
  • created this account to tell you you are an IDIOT
  • Recently in college I had to explain to an exchange student that is still learning English the meaning of that word. she thought it was reference to male student with an association with each other. I shouldn't have to explain to my with children that blacks can use words that we cant because we're supposedly the racist. Dude, your teaching my children racism. you see if my child uses that word in class the teacher would address it with the parent "me" that that word is not acceptable, they will not take the black child aside or contact that child's parent as that would be racist. bottom line if you use that word your responsible for racism.
  • Why does the story use n**ga please and not "****** please"? He said it, has said it before and will say it again. He is not alone. It has been my experience that every black man I have ever met has used that expression. It is ridiculous to accept that black's can use that expression without suffering any consequences but no one else can. Black people should be calling for him to be fired. If they are not insulted by him then I am not sure why anyone else should be.
  • Come on man, enough is enough. Hell, they fired Don Imus, didn't they. How is it our own people think it's ok to degrade one another, like that's just cool, but get upset, if some one other then another black man does it. Hell, it's worse coming out of the mouth of a black man. Your useing a label placed upon our race intended for racial purposes. I can see a some one not of african decent using it, but for a black man to continue to insult another black man out of ignorances, takes the cake.
  • Besize, Steven A. Smith, is a arrogent black man. He portray's himself in an ignorant manor, in my opinion, and a host of other's. He's full of his self, and i don't watch nothing he says or does, i turn the channel. This take's the cake though, and yes i vote to fire him, but i'm racist,(I'm a black man that don't care for Steven A. Smith) Period.
  • It's simple. Espn doesn't want to rock the boat.If a white man said this he would be fired before he could get his makeup off. This "gentleman" is obviously important to ESPNs marketing mix. I don't care what he says. I think Kobe is a fool. Smith obviously knows he can get away with this. I do believe I'll stop watching ESPN. Double standards are the PITS!
  • For some time now we have had to endure the mindless rants of this imbecile. As someone with a degree in Journalism and a Masters in Communications, I see Smith as completely untalented, unwatchable and lacking all semblance of intellect. Additionally, does anyone have any doubt what the "A" stands for? (Hint: A$$h*le)
  • The double standard will, no doubt, be applied. Black people can and do say anything they please, no matter how inflamitory, and there are no real consequences. But if a white person simply uses an old-fashioned term like "colored" that person will be permanently branded a racist.
  • S.A.S. is a dangerous racist. The idiot must go.
  • Awe, he was just shuckin' and jivin'
  • I am hearing impaired. On reading his lips that is what he said.
    You might say he slip but, it was said. So, what ever needs to be done to correct this should be.
  • Dude, when even deaf people know what the guy said, it's time to grow up and own your sIIit. ESPN and this charlatan.
  • first of all to answer one of the post i read being called a honky is very offensive especially since its mainly used by african americans when refering to white people they dont like second THE term N@@ger is only offensive if you let it offend you the term at all does not refer to just "black" people but society has got all caught up in making us feel bad they would have you believe that the saying is a bad word you use for a black man when in all reality there is a difference between a man of any color and a n@@ger a N@@ger by definition is Extremely Disparaging and Offensive . a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc. now with that being said he knew he used the term he has been getting away with it and has not gotten in trouble for doing so and he should be because no matter what your color or country of origin the term is unacceptable and anyone using it should be corrected
  • People of other colors have been fired, black listed and careers ruined for much less than this...
  • At the end of the day however it affects anyone of us, the fact of the matter is that he said it. I've watched it over and over, watched his lips/tongue motion the words, just look for yourself. I also agree that if it were not someone of the same race repercussions would have been immediate following pending investigations, suspensions you name it. Even the video editor would have gotten suspended for "not catching it in time" , so hell yes there is a double standard. Everyone is supposed to be equal right? It seems some of us have an advantage and go around saying whatever we like, so consider this an example next time anyone wants to refer to race or discrimination. Every race/religion you name it, has an advantage under the correct circumstances, everyone just tries to be so damn p.c. about it, we all do it and point fingers. I too am guilty, so if i can admit it, so should we all.
  • didn't you know, it is only a racial slur if a white person says it...
    racism will never go away as long as they keep throwing it around. I guess they are relying on the "do as I say, not as I do" mentality.
    Yo RaceBaiters;
    your racism will never go away as long as YOU keep spreading it.
  • First of all, are we POSITIVE that we heard what we supposedly heard? In order to prove it, some news agency is digging, and digging and replaying over and over to see if that is what he said? that seems like a vendetta to me. If you can't clearly hear what he alledgedly said and if you have to dig and dig an dig and replay and screen the comments over and over to try and prove it, that is digging and a witch hunt to try and get "payback". Those other reporters said the things that they said and it is clear and audible and doesn't need scrubbing...if he was in that category, then by all means, lay out some type of punishment, however, if you have to replay over and over and scrub over and over, why go thru the trouble unless you have some sort of vendetta against Smith. I am not saying that Smith did not say what he supposed to have said, I am saying that no one can positively say that he said what he is supposed to have said, so let it go until next time he says something that is CLEARLY AUDIBLE enough for everyone to hear it. Until then, stop the witch hunt against Smith.
  • Fire his ass now.

  • I agree
  • How does this arrogant dope have a job all he does is yell and acts like he know everything 1 min of him and i swtich stations
  • And hearing his "puberty" voice reach those cracking highs and then back to his normal annoying voice... I cant stand him.
  • One minute? You wait that long? YGTBKM!!
  • We all know what the 'A' stands for. Stephen A. Smith you're fired .....!
  • As usual, if Whites talked about Blacks like Blacks talk about themselves, Whites would be so gone. There would be no scoured words or revised text. Whies wouldd just be fired. Don't you find it odd how people of color slam on themselves but are so offended if somebody else criticizes them? Come to think of it, didn't the President recently insult Blacks by assuming they were too uninformed to vote their conscience rather than their color? If somebody told me I was a traitor to vote for anybody but a White, I'd be insulted. Seems there's a need to grow up and wise up.
  • Races of people call each other ethnic names a lot it has been going on for years. The problem with some blacks is that SOME think that it is ok to use that word around none blacks towards other black people and it is not ok. They get upset when other groups use it. Note to some african-americans Stop useing that word around people who are not black folks.
  • TRUTH be known Barrett1974 there are very few TRUE African-Americans in the US. My folks came from Scotland, Ireland, Germany and Wales but I don't use a hyphen between all of my family orgins------just plain ol' American! BUT I do heartily agree with your statement!!!!!
  • Truly1 you are right, and Africans arent even close to the largest slave nation. Israel is. Jews have been murdered and enslaved for centuries longer than any subculture of Africans. Remember when hundreds of thousands of Africans were burned in furnaces? Remember when the world accepted them and when wars stopped being about them? All you African-American (So lame... Im not Caribbean-American...Im AMERICAN) need to see your part in the race war. Half of the lower income students cant speak or read, and yet hate white people. They hate the spanish/mexicans because they have jobs. They have jobs because they work their asses off. There are good and bad people of all races. Get over yourselves and start contributing to this nation, regardless of your skin color. Thats the lamest, most asinine excuse any pathetic human can use. Life doesn't care about your taste in soft drinks... why should it care about your skin color? Bot carry the same weight.
  • I'm new to this site and truly what I've just read from your quote unquote racial statement to put it short, you are just like those ones who enslaved many who were during those times that were in Israel and Africa shipped to America. I am an African American and I speak very well thank you! What you hate to utter in you so-called statement is that all humans are imperfect and they make mistakes on a day to day basis. For a fact it shows in your statement how ignorant you sound and that you may be, so its really not a surprise that to some who may or may not see your stupid comment even care to make a reply. Yes the truth is that no matter your color all should be held accountable for their actions like yourself and many others who fall under that same line of mental bigotry, can and should take first a self examination of themselves and then learn what real history has shown from enslavement until now and you will certainly see the difference and won't make such igonorant comments like one just made 3hrs ago by you dude! Not a real man!
  • Well said!!!
  • oh wow you are so racist it blinds you. How do you not understand that what you just said is EXTREMELY racist?
  • See more comments >>

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Brock Lesnar attends UFC 184

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