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Via Larry Brown Sports:

Former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones managed to avoid jail time earlier this week when she pleaded guilty to having sex with her 17-year-old former student while she was a high school teacher. Now that the trial has ended and the truth is out, Jones sounds like she is ready to begin an actual relationship with the now 18-year-old Cody York.

On Monday, Jones and York were seen holding hands as they left the courtroom following Jones’ guilty plea. In an interview with The Daily on Thursday, Jones spoke about their relationship.

“We still haven’t been on our first date yet,” Jones said while reportedly giggling.

The former Ben-Gal also said her parents are against her seeing York.

“My parents are against it,” Jones said. “But my parents are against everything at the moment.”

I can’t imagine why. Jones was married at the time she began her sexual relationship with York — who was a minor — and she got off without having to serve jail time or register as a sex offender. What she did was highly illegal, yet all she has to do to make it all go away is stay out of trouble for five years. It’s no wonder she’s giggling.

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  • Disgusting!
  • 17 is the legal age in some states they should make it for all. They make a cute couple.
  • Does a cute couple make adultry ok? Does a cute couple make breaking student/teacher bounderies ok? She's a liar and a cheater and if the kid had enough maturity to see that he wouldn't be stepping into it. And why would a woman that is already getting along in adulthood resort back to a highschool mentality.
  • although it may state 17 in the age in some states, take a closer look and youll see "with parental/gaurdian consent" i dont know if i spelled that right haha
  • Not actually xriley. Alabama for instance is 16 with no conditions.....

    Or at least it was at one time, believe it still is.... though their looking to raise it.
  • I did not take a closer look but if memory serves me correct the "parental/guardian consent" you speak of involves permission to marry. In most states where the age of consent is 16-17 they would usually still have to have parental consent to tie the knot.
  • Its never legal with a teacher / student relationship... unless you are ready to send your girls to school to be seduced by their PE teachers.
  • Did you miss the part where she's married? And that she was his teacher?
  • Aha! It seems we have an older crowd here. Everyone is blind to the fact that Cody York is now a legend. My newly adopted hero!
  • Aha! Cody York is a legend and my newly adopted hero!
  • Can we all say.."double standard"...if this was a male, he would be in prison and a registered sex offender..this is just wrong..
  • Rogger THAT!
  • You are right. There shouldn't be. I live in Colorado and the female teachers (2) that I heard of that "dated" their students went to jail and will have to register as offenders. One in particular was very pretty. She's now a registered sex offender and felon. Like she should be.
  • If she worked at Penn State...what would be the outcome? hum....
  • Taylor Swift is dating a junior in high school. Bought the home next to his parents! Why are some okay with that and not with this? I have 3 kids (older now), however, I would never have let them date their teachers or someone famous that was in their 20's and they were 16 or 17. It's inappropriate.
  • Jerry lee Lewis married his first cousin when she was 13....This guy was like two weeks before his 18Th birthday when this happened. Even though they said she was married at the tie does not say she was with her husband.
  • If Sarah Jones was a male and was guilty of having a sexual affair with a minor-age student, that male would now be in jail. And after that, he would have to register as a sex offender. But because Jones is a cute, little thing, it's o.k.? She left the courthouse holding hands with her victim. This is sickening. The court system reakky screwed up with this case.
  • I agree 100% with you. If this were a male, things would be a lot worse. I think this situation is wrong either way.
  • She's a skank and should have to serve jail time and register, this trial just shows that its ok for women to abuse children ridiculous...
  • He was 17, almost 18. while legally it may have beenwrong,it wasn't exactly like she was taking advantage of a young innocent child, he was almost 18. Im sure that she wasn't his first, and probably wont be his last. The only wrong thing as far as I could tell was the cheating.
  • Where was this Babe when I was in school?Coulda used one of these in Math.
  • Might of learned something eh?.. 1+1=3 Ma'am. ;-p
  • She was in a position of trust as a teacher. Not his sex teacher.
  • You must be jealous because they both knew what they wanted. So 17 goes in 27, bigger age gap between couples normally works better. My grandparents 12 years, my parents 10 years, 20 between me and my wife, she was 20 I was 40, been together for over 20 years and have a great son 17. So back off
  • I agree with you. The difference is you were both the age of consent when you met and dated. My husband is younger, however, I met him in my 30's. We're married 20 yrs. I disagree with this gal AND singer Taylor Swift dating a junior in high school. Being a Kennedy (him) doesn't make that ok either.
  • Its called how feminism has screwed our generation, it started out witht he lie of liberation for women, but it has turned the system into a two way sexist one, women have proven that they commit the same crimes, and are as sexist if not more sexist than men. feminism has conditioned society to allow these horrendus double standards to prevail.. when will the people wake up i wonder? anyone interested in the true philsophy of life email me i promise ill blow your mind with a way of life that would see proper justice for all! i will answer to any email jonmcman101@yahoo.ca both critics and curious ones cause i sincerely believe things like this show that we need change for the better and for all!
  • Would you like to have unequ unequal rights, legally,between men and women. I agree that double standards exist, but would you rather that women kept the same rights as men, and that things like hitting a woman, of cursing at them became acceptable. Or would you like to treat them with olden day courtesy and lock them in the kitchen?
  • Yep. Neither one should get off scot free.
  • I dont have an issue with my parents married in 1957 my mom was 14 my dad was 31 and they were married for 35 years and very happily i may add.!!!
  • The issue is more than just age. It is that a teacher took advantage of her position of authority and had relations with a student which crosses many boundaries. She was also married at the time which adds another element of deceit.
  • Your mom was just a child so I think this is sick no matter how long they stayed happily married. Your dad was a pedophile. And, furthermore, these kids at age 14, are usually groomed and manipulated into these relationships. These adults cross boundaries and encourage the kids over time to enter into these relationships with them because they have trouble building meaningful relationships with other adults. This teacher did not start a relationship with this boy/student when he was 17. He was probably manipulated into it over time.
  • Sarah Jones got away with a tap on the wrist because she's a pretty young lady. If the roles were reversed...he the teacher and she the student...we would have had a different outcome. It seems that we live in a society that is willing to forgive the pretty little teachers that sleep with their students. Yet the male sex offender is locked up.
    A sex offenders sentence should not be based on gender or looks. She's not the ONLY "barbie" teacher that's gotten away with sleeping with students.
  • This Judge must be investigated for Judicial misconduct.This monster on the bench must be removed immediately! It stinks like living hell, this is injustice due to looks, color and gender. I know as there is a God in heaven, if that was me doing the very same crime I would not see the light of day for a very, very long time. Justice stinks nowadays.
  • don't forget about the prosecutor is responsible too!!!!!
  • You are absolutely right. We need to send letters of complaint to a judicial authority. This judge was ridiculous to make a decision like this. What would it say to the rest of the teachers in the U.S? It basically tells us that predators teaching within the school system are welcome to groom and seduce our children into relationships without accountability. Are we asleep? Really????
  • she has a smokin body, but she is not a pretty woman. only 26 and she has all kinds of wrinkles already, and way over tanned
  • At what point in your life does your body belong to the State?
    Lawmakers and government should stay totally out of consensual personal relationships.
    No force = No crime....
  • Married + having sex with someone not your spouse = adultry. No crime, really?
  • disagree, what if one member is nder age of say 8?
  • Married + Sex with someone not your spouse = adultry. No crime, really?
  • teacher dating student is always a crime. Looks like you skipped reading most of the story dude.
  • Sarah Jones is 10 years older than her 17 year-old student lover. Either way the age difference isn't so bad, she just needed to wait until the "Mandingo" turned 18. I just hope the little woman gives the boy the opportunity to complete school and start making a decent living. Au revoir!
  • the age of concent in Kentucky is 16. This is an issue because she was his teacher. If she had not been it would have been legal.
  • season 10 episode 10. NICE!
  • Not to offend anyone but...can someone please explain the fascination that American white men and women have with sexual intercourse with children? Every other day the news involves some white man or woman sexually assaulting a child! I simply do not understand!
  • If they wrote about black people it would be considered racist
  • Why did you think that the above comment came from a black person. Could have been anyother race but black was the first one to come to your mind?
  • This was NOT a child. As in many cases this was a 17 year old young man. This relationship would be legal in many states. The only issue here (like it or not) is the fact she was his teacher. But I don't think she deserves life in prison as so many of you "judges" on here seem to think.
  • You are forgetting that they didn't start holding hands when the boy was 17. She manipulated, groomed, and built this relationship with this boy when he was just a child. That's not the role of a teacher. And this is why our students are not learning like they should. We are not keeping up education wise with other countries because we cannot get our kids past the predators who prey on our children within our own country. America's legal system needs to get their priorities straight regarding the real purposes for education.
  • Actually she should have been charged with CSC 1st degree not because of his aga (At 16 you can legally consent to sex) but because she is his teacher, therefore putting her in a position of power. (The position of power is what makes it illegal)
    If she were to meet him at a park and she was not his teacher and he consented then there would be nothing they could charge her with.
  • She can write a book. Her parents can't tell her what to do... His parents don't seem too upset... She is awful and if not attractive, she would be in jail... It also helps, she is White...
  • Who cares -- I say, good for him!
  • The Judge should then forbid her to see this guy for all 5 years!! This chick is a perv!!! Some kind of strict law needs to be passed so these "hotties" quit sleeping with underage KIDS and getting away with this s*it!! Just cause she's a little hot s*x s*ut doesn't it make it right. She should have to serve time in prison and be a registered sex offender for life!!! There are way to many female teachers and women adults sleeping with underage LITTLE BOYS and think it's all ok. H*ll no it's not ok!! Women that sleep with little underage BOYS are PERVERTS but somehow women especially the "hotties" think oh since I'm A GIRL it's all ok to sleep with little BOYS like this chick. UNDERAGE IS AGAINST THE LAW NO MATTER GUY OR LADY'S. Do you want ladies in your neighborhood no matter her hotness knowing she likes LITTLE UNDERAGE BOYS 17 and under!! YO LADY YOUR A PERV!!!! GET SOMEONE YOUR OWN AGE you S*UT!!!!
  • say it like it is brother amen to that statement
  • Calm down. This was not an undersage kid. Age of consent in this state and many states is 16. Get over it. Many of our grandparents and great grandparents got married at 15 plus years of age and nothting was thought of it. Should we go back and label them as sex offenders? The main issue here is that she was his teacher which is not right but not deserving of the death penalty as some of you seem to think. I also agree a man would've been judged even harsher by the court and of course all you "judges" on here. Geez!
  • Yes we should label them sex offenders because any adult that manipulates minors into sexual relationships with them is a pedophile! Her going to college to get her teaching degree doesn't exempt her from responsibility. This judges decision is helping our educational system to excuse and create glorified pedophiles. How could we just sit back and ignore where we are heading in this country?
  • I do believe that some of you would label someone who observed that his best friends daughter was very attractive and suggest that she enter a pageant to be a pedophile. The hysteria is amazing. Maybe she groomed him or maybe she did not. I'm sorry but you just don't know that. He may have persued her relentlessly which does not excuse her since she was the teacher (not because he was under age of consent, which he wasn't). Everyone knows she was not right but the system worked even though she did not get life in prison or the death penalty as many of you seem to think she should. Oh and according to your wishes we should go back and retroactively enact some laws that did not exist in the 1800's so we can charge in abstentia all our ancesters who got married at 15 and 16.
  • brotherdave and spindoctor and janeyre............... you make me puke
  • At 15 or 16, most boys only dreamed they had a chance with a hot teacher. What I don't understand is the facination she had with him?
  • This story is sadly very common and not only here in the USA. Let's take a moment with respect to instances where minors over 16 are involved. At 17 a person (male or female) completes high school, and begins college. As early as age 21 can be working as a certified teacher with a BA - teaching 11th and 12th grade. These are 15, 16, 17, and even 18 year olds. I believe this is a real issue and School administrations should realize there is a natural risk associated with this. Someone mentioned being shocked that every day we hear of another sexually motivated crime. Think about this: Less than 10% if sex crimes ever go reported. Just imagine if everyone told and or reported this crime? It would be as common as theft or shoplifting. As far as what some call conscentual sex. In States near the west, there is NO age of conscent. In other words, 18 is the law. However, there are many States, where the age of conscent is 16. Like it or not, that means 34 year old father can have sex conscentually with 17 year old friend.
  • The blood is dprived from the boys brain because it is in another area of the body, The boy does not realize that if she did it to her husband she will do it again.
  • The Judge should then forbid her to see this guy for all 5 years!! This chick is a perv!!! Some kind of strict law needs to be passed so these "hotties" quit sleeping with underage KIDS and getting away with this s*it!! Just cause she's a little hotty doesn't it make it right. She should have to serve time in prison and be a registered sex offender for life!!! There are way to many female teachers and women adults sleeping with underage LITTLE BOYS and think it's all ok. H*ll no it's not ok!! Women that sleep with little underage BOYS are PERVERTS but somehow women especially the "hotties" think oh since I'm A GIRL it's all ok to sleep with little BOYS. UNDERAGE IS AGAINST THE LAW NO MATTER GUY OR LADY. Do you want ladies in your neighborhood no matter her hotness knowing she likes LITTLE UNDERAGE BOYS 17 and under!! YO LADY YOUR A PERV!!!! GET SOMEONE YOUR OWN AGE!!!!
  • she only looks to be in her late 20s, early 30s, so the age gap, while large, is not huge. Also this "kid" is 17. He is old enough to die for his country,but not old enough to sleep with an older lady?
  • I live in Washington state. We had a female teacher that was involved with a 13yo boy. Big age difference. She did time and now they are married and have kids. Go figure. It is not okay for a person of trust to get involved with a student, no matter what their age.
  • Well said and I agree with you 100%. Grooming should be illegal.
  • What is acceptable when it comes to age and sex has always changed over the centuries and in different societies around the world.

    There was time in this country if you were 14 and not married you were considered an old maid. There are cultures in the world today when being 14 and married is considered "normal"

    The age of 17 is a grey area. The day before you turn 18 you are considered a child incapable of making these decisions and the next day you are. Do you really change that much in one day?

    In many states 17 is a legal age of consent. Technically in some states if an 18 year old has sex with his 16 year old girlfriend he could be considered a child raptist. Is that really a crime?

    In order for a plea deal to happen all parties involved had to agree including the prosecutors and the judge. Obviously the prosectors felt they did not have an open and shut case and felt this was an acceptable outcome. They did not feel she was a meance to society.

    From his point of view he was young man getting it on with a hot older woman. I can guarantee he knew what he was doing and did not feel like a "victim" and that would have been part of the trial.

    The only reason this even became a national story is because of how she looks.

    Now that he has turned 18 they can do whatever they want and it is nobody's buisness.

  • I agree with most you said but additionally in my and a number of other states the age of consent is 16.
  • Once again, I think you are not considering how the relationship began. It began when an adult woman/teacher set her sights on a minor/student. She then groomed him into getting use to the idea that the two of them could be together beyond the basic teacher/student relationship. She then built her own form of relationship with him over time where she, as the adult, was his authority figure. As a child, he then got use to the ideas of her little scheming plan for him. She then began a sexual relationship with him. We need to start looking at how this process works "over time". This is how predators find their victims.
  • I'm sure what you say happens in a lot of cases but not necessarily all and how do you know it happened like you say in this case...."her little scheming plan". You are assuming and don't know anything of fact unless you are a mind reader and was with her and him over the last year or so. He may have persued her relentlessly which doesn't make it right since she was a teacher. It was wrong but as others have said the only thing that made this illegal was the fact of her being the authority figure. Otherwise it would not be illegal. This is surely different from a teacher or other person who takes advantage of a much younger child. She was wrong of course but not wrong enough to be crucified. The sentence was sensible. We can agree to disgree but the verdict is in and that's that.
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  • Yeah. And she's only 26.
  • How old is she? It does not say.
  • I'm starting to think half of young female teachers get into their profession so they can have sex with underage boys. How many of these cases have we not heard about?
  • swear on my life the only people that think this is OK
    are the people who are secretly wishing this would
    happen to them.
  • She looks like Debra Lafave with dark hair.
  • She looks like Debra Lafave with dark hair.
  • Teacher of what exactly ???
    She should not be allowed to teach again, and yes, she should be registered as a sex offender.. Isn't that right Donna M. ?
  • If a male teacher did this to a 17 year old student, he would be sent too prison for at least 10 years, joke!
  • I hope you're not sympathizing with male teacher pedophiles.
  • Not all female teacher sex offenders are reported. After all we are talking about a boy of 16 / 17... ust gave up their puberty to an older woman.....Math teacher in Ohio been doing it for years..So far, never been caught.
  • How do you "give up your puberty to an older woman"????
  • I agree with the double standard thing but im pretty sure hes not really a "victim" if he obviously wants to be with her. his parents werent against it..she didnt rape him. they were both willing.I think its being made a bigger deal than it is.
  • The fact that she is married puts all of these teacher / student relationships in perspective for me. The kid is 17 years old and he's busting up his teacher's marriage?! (as is often the case). I don't think any high school student has any concept of what that means on any substantive level. No 15- 16- 17-year old kid is mentally, emotionally, morally equipped to fully process what that means... and the same could be said of ALL the aspects of a young student / older teacher dynamic. He might come to really, really regret what happened when he is older and really understands the big picture. That is why it is against the law.
  • Better be glad he does not live in Ohio. She could accuse him of RAPE without proof and he could get life in prison......
  • Is she any relation to Paula Jones, of Bill Clinton scandal notoriety? She not only has the same last name, but she looks quite a bit like her (weak chin, especially.) No wonder, then, she has such low self-esteem that she has to take up with a kid.
  • WOMAN child molester = freedom

    MAN child molester = Life in prison
  • This is all so sad. Teachers were placed in a position to teach and that's it. Now, they have used their positions to look for best friends, dating opportunities, and sexual relationships with minors. It's all gotten out of hand simply because the State systems have allowed this. When pedophelia becomes an acceptable act upon children from their mentor/teachers in an educational setting, no child is safe. And as this teacher is walking around giggling and holding hands with the minor youth she manipulated and probably groomed from age 14-18, she is basically bragging about how she got away with it.
  • I agree, she is an abomination. However, I don't think it's "gotten out of hand." How this 26-year old married teacher got off scot free is inexplicable. Maybe the judge thought she was cute. But, I think it is the exception to the rule and that teacher / student "relationships" are usually dealt with pretty harshly. We just hear about this kind of stuff more today because the courts - and the media - pounce on it and don't let it go.
  • Let me first start off by saying that this woman deserves prison time. However, being pretty and white doesn't get you out of prison time all the time. Mary Kay Letourneau, people. Spent 7 years in prison and is a registered sex offender. Of course, she was involved with a 13 year old. I think it's more likely that Sarah didn't get jail time because this kid was 17 and at a legal age of consent, rather than her skin color or gender.
  • Wow some of the comments are just wow. If this was man having this type of relationship with his student he would be in jail and serve time. Cause when an 26 year old has sex with a 17 year old girl he is considered a sex offender. Laws need to change that woman should be in prison.
  • lucky dude. i dont remember one single teacher in my high school that was even decent looking.
  • If I was that 17 year old kid, I'd be telling all you people, "Mind you own freak'n bussiness! I'm 17 and I'm dating an NFL cheerleader! You guys WISH you were in my shoes. STFU!"

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