Secret (Free) Agent Man

Posted March 12, 2013

So what do the Eagles do with free agency this year? I, like many of you think that our top need is safety. While the draft is deep at this position, it's important that the Eagles try and shore up the position with a proven player. There are two players who should be at the top of the list:

1A. 49ers S Dashon Goldston

1B. Texans S Glover Quinn

Either player would provide the safety play the Eagles have been accustom to over the years. And either of them would shore up 1 out of the 4 areas of need in regards to the secondary (assuming Nnamdi doesn't restructure his contract and released).

While these two players are at the top of the list, there are other safeties who could provide great value if they can remain healthy (Luis Delmas/LaRon Landry/Kenny Philips). Ed Reed could be a fantastic addition in terms of leadership and can still be a play maker. While a player like Patriots S Patrick Chung could come on the cheap (and still be an upgrade over Kurt Coleman).

With the loss of DRC and possibly Nnamdi, Cornerback is also a fairly glaring need. Top of the list is Dolphins CB Sean Smith. While not the most athletic of the bunch, Smith does provide tremendous size (over 6'3) and the physical play which would slow down bigger WR's. Falcons CB Brent Grimes (Achilles injury) is not as big physically, but is feisty and a definite upgrade (assuming he is healthy). Aquib Talib comes with off the field issues, but could also be a good addition at CB. All three of these players are unique in terms of skill set, but the Eagles won't overpay for any of these players (but might consider it if they consider a Revis trade). This is also depending on the scheme the Eagles want to run etc. so it will be interesting how the Eagles will approach the cornerback position. 

Offensive line is another area the Eagles could use improvement. But with a top pick in the draft, it makes me wonder what priority the OL has in reference to the DL/CB need. How they approach the offensive in in FA will almost determine the direction they will move in the draft. There are a few options that would provide an immediate upgrade (OT Sebastian Vollmer of the Patriots/G Andy Levitre of the Bills/OT Jake Long of the Dolphins). Both Vollmer and Long would be outstanding as starting RT's, but how much are the Eagles willing to pay (or over pay for that matter). G Andy Levitre is a solid pick as a guard but doesn't have the WOW factor. Either way, any of these players are an upgrade.

Pass Rusher: Ravens OLB Paul Kruegar and DE (possible OLB) Cliff Avrl top the list. But I don't think the Eagles feel they are a MUST given they still have talent at the position (Graham, Cole, Curry etc). There are other teams with more pressing needs in regards to a pass rusher. So my thoughts? The Eagles will pass.

Playmaker: Chip Kelly wants to score (and score a LOT). While the Eagles seem to be set at running back, a name like RB Reggie Bush could be a fantastic role player who can play RB and play the slot WR. If the Eagles are looking for the fastest group of WR's on the planet, they go for WR Mike Wallace. Trouble is, the Eagles could use more versatility when it comes to playmaker. Wes Welker? Danny Amendola? Interesting picks and could provide a spark on the offense but might be too small/similar physically to what the Eagles already have. My first thought is the Eagles will target a pass catching tight end. Top of the list is Titans TE Jared Cook (followed by Jets TE Dustin Keller). If Kelly decides to mold his NFL offense in more of a Patriots style, either one of these two tight ends would be a fantastic addition. Again, the draft is very deep with this "type" of tight end, so this is also an interesting area of team importance.

It will be interesting to see what happens, and there are many different directions the Eagles can go in. With so many needs on offense/defense it's hard to predict what they will do. While it might not be the spending frenzy of 2011, I still think the Eagles will be aggressive with 2-3 players who will start immediately, then bargain bin shop until the draft. Stay tuned!

Update: The Eagles just cut Nnamdi. So this free's up another 11 million dollars in cap space. The Eagles are now 40 million dollars under the cap, so get ready to sign a big name or two!

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  • Goldston is going to visit TB, Levitre is being persued by Tenn. Wallace looks to be going to Mia, Bush is going to visit Detroit. Long is visiting Rams, and Eagles are supposed to meet with James Casey.

    Oh and Nnamdi is gone
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  • Looks like the Bills just dumped Fitzpatrick, so don't be surprised to hear more Foles rumors. It could also provide a nice chess piece in regards to QB Geno Smith and the draft.

    Now that Nnamdi is gone, let the Revis rumors heat up. The Eagles need an entire new secondary and have the money to make it happen. Question is, whom are they going to target?
  • We should trade foles for the bills 1st rounder haha long shot but they might be that desperate. Revis rumors have been swirling for a bit but he wants a new big contract and he's coming off injury. not saying he can't come back but it's a huge question mark
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  • With trading their 2nd round pick to the 49ers for Alex Smith the Chiefs aren't going to give away another decent pick for a QB.
  • All I know is they better have a plan because right now they cant even field a college level team.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Vasquez to Broncos
  • Now the word is the Eagles have no interst in Revisi don't think the Bills have interest in it or not Foles will be an Eagle.
  • wait till draft day comes could be a huge trade asset
  • I don't see it. There simply isn't enough info out there on him for teams to give up value to get him. He was 1-7 as a starter and got sacked a lot. Nobody is going give up a 2nd or 3rd for an unknown commodity like Foles. That would mean the Eagles would have to give Foles away for less than his value. Why do that when he's nothing against the cap?
  • Now that is smart money management. He isnt going anywhere.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Ellerbe to Miami
  • Somebody did tell you. Do you have a television.
  • I'm not sure kellyscott knows what this site is for.
  • Or how google works...
  • Looks like the top safeties are off the board. There are still quite a few "names" out there (Reed, Huff, Delmas etc), but not sure how much the Eagles would peruse any of them given they already spent money on the position (Esp if they still think Nate Allen can perform).

    Given the moves the Eagles have made thus far, it looks like they are building depth, while thinking younger (some underachieving) players could thrive in the right "system". While S Patrick Chung lost his starting job with the Patriots (due to injury), Kelly obviously knows him from his days in college, and knows the type of player he is getting. He should compete day 1 for the starting job.

    The Eagles also looked for versatility when it came to signing a Tight End. While I was a big fan of signing Jared Cook, I think the money was too steep for the Eagles to want to invest. Keller is still available and would be a fantastic choice, but at this point I think the Eagles are happy with what they have in Celek, Harbor and TE/H-Back James Casey.

    I'm curious to see how CB Bradley Fletcher plays. Apparently the kid has a lot of talent (oft injured) and could push for a starting job at either the RCB or LCB spot (pending what we do with the remainder of FA/draft). But he seems like a solid man-2-man cover corner who can TACKLE. So that basically gives you a peek of what type of cornerback Kelly is interested in (think Seahawks aggressive style of cornerbacks).

    LB John Philips looks to be the special teams "ace" (taking Akeem Jordans spot) and DT/NT Issac Sopoaga will be a spot starter and play limited snaps (pending on situation vs the pass etc).

    Overall it was a good 1st day. While we didn't make a massive SPLASH in free agency. The Eagles made good choices that might pay off a lot bigger than what they invested (money wise).

    I'm also excited to see if we sign DE/DT Ricky James Francois since he is a potential young/ascending player (like S Chung and CB Fletcher) and would help shore up our 3-4 DE rotation (at the very least a good start).

    Looking forward to the coming days! It will be interesting to see what the Eagles do with the offensive line. Especially if they decide to sign OT Sebastian Vollmer of the Patriots (since he would be the immediate starter at RT and plays a similar up tempo offense).

  • I read that Jean-Francois left without a contract and that it isn't likely they will talk again. The source stated that Jean-Francois and the Eagles weren't even close when discussing salary.
  • That's a disappointment.
  • Right now it looks like they are trying to find guys who can fill a need for a season maybe two without eating up a ton of cap space. I like the moves so far, obviously nothing really flashy but I've just wanted them to get guys who want to play hard football not get huge checks. I know people are pissed about how much $ we have to spend but if we go throwing all of it away it's only gonna hurt us. save the $ and use it as an incentive to the guys on the team now to play well. A guy like Fletcher could flourish with new coaching and come next season be offered a pay bump I like that idea more then getting into another Nnamdi situation.
  • Exactly, its called just adding players to field a team. This wont translate into wins now or inthe future. Role plaers that no one was targeting. This will be the no name defense but will lose most games.
  • you should watch the Q&A video with Kelly, Casey, and Sopoaga. They aren't no names the are versatile guys with hard work ethics. which is what this team needs not some big flashy signing just because it gets people excited... they are building a team of guys who want to be here and want to play hard
  • bnugent, if you haven't noticed by now all hollywood does is whine about everything the Eagles do...even if it is something he was calling for them to do. He's just a miserable excuse for an Eagles fan.
  • I think he just wants us to do well but the reality is you can't go and buy a championship team you have to build it. A lot of eagles fans wont admit it but this team is rebuilding, the moment they let andy reid go they started. new coach, new direction, lots of player turnover = rebuild in the nfl
  • All he wants to do is whine.
  • If the Eagles believe that then why resign Vick? I see it, and most fans do as well. Most fans want Vick gone, and are only settling for the guy cause they think he fits Chip Kelly's system. Keeping Vick sends mixed messages to what the Eagles are trying to do here.
  • I'm rather glad that we didn't sign Ricky Jean-Francois. I just don't see what he could add (if we ran a 3-4) that would make our Defense induplicable.

    Like I keep saying I hope they don't run a 3-4, but if they do, a good under the radar signing would be Ropati Pitoitua out of KC. Put at LDE, he'd be all but impossible to see around, and the time the QB spent trying to get a sight-line, the pass rushers could use to get home.
  • Im not suprised Nhamdi went back west. Maybe he just didnt like Philly. Look its like any job sometimes you think the money is great but in the end he wasnt happy. he will back to probowl form. I agree with EZ keeping Vick is a huge mixed message on rebuilding and worrisome. You have your defense downgrading and your offense static. I have to believe Vick is punching bag before new QB takes over. The qb isnt on our roster yet. GTD talks whine but so far it looks like Eagles are tightening the purse strings if thats even possible. GTD cant admit that he lives in a fantasy world where you take away Nhamdi, DRC, Jenkins and Patterson and add who? And that is rebuilding and spending. You do make me laugh GTD because you are very misleading basically a liar.
  • First your issue isn't with GTD. he doesn't make moves for the Eagles. Second I don't think any of us believe that money didnt have a lot to do with what the Eagles are doing, still you need to understand that contracts escalate and they may have x number of dollars this season, but those numbers will decrease with players contracts gaining funds. Other than Jenkins none of the guys the Eagles have let go we're worth the money they got. Basically most of them were playing like the role players we just signed. Might as well pay role players like role players rather than pay role players super star dollars. To be honest they did those guys a favor. It wasn't working here for whatever reason. Now those guys have been given opportunities to play for legit playoff contenders. Still I would like to see the Eagles do a little more this offseason. They need more bodies and they have a large number of positions to fill. Free agents are getting gobbled up. A lot of guys in the 25-28 range could have been had by the Eagles and they simply are not stepping up.
  • They did do them a favor because now both DRC & Nhamdi are gonna be headed deep into the playoffs and will get a chance to rebuild a tarnished reputation. But the Eagles didnt do themselves a favor because now the talent level has taken a significant drop. There are more holes to fill. You can claim these are hard working guys ...etc etc but the fact and truth is that the Eagles as of now and well into the future are gonna be significantly under the cap unless they sign frontline players. Its true cap numbers increase but none of these add-ons are gonna add significantly to the cap because they are signed to shorterm deals and are cap friendly. Is there anyone of significance coming up to a new contract other than Maclin? Not that I can think of so realistically , they could easily afford an impact player or three now and sign them longterm. Tell you what as it stands now this D wont stop anyone. Call me a whiner but when those season ticketholders are freezing their nutz off watching that defense on the field for 40 minutes a game in december there wont be a happy camper in this house. No one will be saying its OK its part of Chips plan.
  • Did you ever stop to think they maybe the players you want just don't want to come to Philly. This isn't Madden where the team that offers the most money gets the guy. Players tell their agents who they want to play for. For all we know the Eagles could have asked about the top end guys and they could have been shut down from the start.
  • who exactly do you want them to throw money at anyway? and as for the D... we're those ticket holders any happy last season? DRC and Nnamdi didn't play like talented players that's why they were let go period.
  • I do think they could have signed at least one impact guy and not just all of the guys they bout in. Still they don't miss much with the guys they let go. They were a waste of cap space. They played like mediocre bums when they were here. I don't care what Nnamdi doesn't in San Fran. All I know is he stunk what they are under the cap. A 4-12 team isn't making a Super Bowl run next season.
  • Sure, hollywood...Asomugha back to Pro Bowl form just like McNabb was going to win a championship with the Redskins...I love your predictions. Eazy hit the nail right on the head. For the most part the Eagles were lucky if they got mid level play from the "studs" they just got rid of...may as well bring in mid level players and pay them accordingly. The Eagles gave out smart contracts this year and I do think it was a good move. Most of the contracts are easily voidable if the players aren't healthy or they just don't work out...if they do then the Eagles can renegotiate. As a fan what's not to like about that? Bring in a couple talented, young, hungry safeties that haven't quite made it yet because of injury (Chung, Phillips), a couple okay to decent starters at corner that have to keep working to keep their jobs (they will probably have competition come draft day or one may go to the bench if the Eagles draft Milliner), they signed a very good OLBer with 3-4 experience that should start day one, a 3-4 nose tackle with a lot of experience and a TE that will line up all over the place and will be an upgrade over Harbor and should give Kelly a nice boost to his offense. It went from a solid free agency period to a good to a potentially very good free agency period pending whether or not the safeties stay healthy. I told you before, this all isn't going to get fixed in one year but this is a good start so far. Maybe they add another player or two before this is over but I would guess they have to be close to being done with all significant signings for now. On to the draft and hopefully they can pull at least 3 starters and a few depth players out of it (I'm also hoping for their future QB).

  • But I guess my raven prediction was way off too. As well as Flacco winning a superbowl and getting a big fat contract. Im way off. You funny lil man
  • Didn't you predict that last year also? Keep predicting a top 5 team will win a Super Bowl and you may eventually get it right. You really went out on a limb on that one. Predict that they win it this year again and if they do I will call you Nostradamus and really mean it this time. Flacco is a good QB, question but he'd have to be a miracle maker to win a second one this year with all the players they lost partly because of that big ole contract he got.
  • Flacco is a "good" QB? Really? Like that defsne was do great. Do you know anything about sports or ydo you just rattle off useless stats all the time. You know nothing about Flacco. He has poise, pocket presence, accuracy and throws the best deep ball in the NFL but hes just good. I told you abut the organization and its attitude. You dismissed it and somehow tried to make a foolish argument that the Eagles are just as committed. Well guess what they arent and financially the Ravens prove that . And two superbowls also prove otherwise. Dont think I forget telling you that Andy was abusing westbrook and you said he wants the carries. You loved it when Westbbrook got pounded. You wanted him to have more carries. You really know sports! We can always count on you do go directly to stat and form an opinion. You are a peculiar pencil pusher.
  • Alright, Mr. exaggeration. I have stated in the past Flacco is a very good QB who could change my opinion on him being a top 5 QB if he keeps playing as well as has lately so let's not make me calling him a good QB in the comment above make it seem like I stated he sucks.

    These discussions we have are never about who I think is more committed, the Ravens or the Eagles...not for me anyway even though YOU try to pit the Ravens against the Eagles all the time. They're more about me calling you a liar when you state the Eagles aren't commited at are the one that sits there and types how wonderful your Ravens are. You insinuate they never do wrong and I have just pointed out that they do some of the same things as the Eagles. Where they have excelled over the Eagles is in the doubt about that.

    Let's not blow this Westbrook thing up, hollywood. It's an absolute shame what is happening with Westbrook but I would almost guarantee that he was utilized less than any starting running back that the Eagles have had on their roster lately due to his chronic knee issues (I am including his practice time and his time spent on the bench with injuries with my thinking). Just like Weaver and his injury you are trying to blame someone else instead of just admitting it happens in football. Besides, our discussions about the Eagles running backs have never been more than Lesean McCoy and you stating he wasn't top insisting the Eagles need a bigger back and then backing off and typing "I like McCoy, he just needs someone to take some carries away from him" and also your love for big back Ronnie Brown and how great he was going to be (remember that one?). I have never stated that I don't want depth or that the Eagles need to give their starting running back more carries...I have told you that the Eagles don't run the ball as much as they should and that their backups like Brown will never see the carries and I haven't been wrong, have I? If we ever discussed Westbrook it was probably on how he felt about Reid not on how many carries he got from Reid. You state in your post above that you told me that he was being abused by Reid and I stated that he wanted the also stated that I loved it when he got the carries and when he got pounded. How the hell do you remember a discussion that never happened you freakin' fibber? I started on here in January of 2010 and that was the year that Westbrook was released. I never was on here to discuss how Reid was using Westbrook. Yeah, you don't make crap up, do you?
  • It looks like kenny phillips and Cary williams Eag;les.
  • trivia to take a brake??
    who sang "secret agent man" and what year??
  • Johnny idea what year. Late 60s...early 70s maybe.
  • Johnny Rivers- year: 1966
  • The free agent period I think has brought a little insight to some of the Eagles plans for the draft. I don't think they are planning to use their first couple of picks on defensive players now. I get the feeling they will be drafting offense. More particularly offensive lineman and maybe a quarterback. The middle to late rounds may see a corner a safety, and maybe a runningback. I get the feeling offensive line is going to be a major work over.
  • Ill throw this in....
    Secret Agent Man (song)

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    "Secret Agent Man"

    Single by Johnny Rivers

    from the album ...And I Know You Wanna Dance


    "You Dig"




    45 rpm


    Rock and roll




    Imperial 66159


    Steve Barri
    P. F. Sloan

    "Secret Agent Man" is a song written by Steve Barri and P. F. Sloan. The most famous recording of the song was made by Johnny Rivers for the opening titles of the American broadcast of the British spy series Danger Man, which aired in the U.S. as "Secret Agent" from 1964 to 1966. The song itself peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

    [edit] History

    The song evokes secret agents both musically (making use of a memorable guitar riff written by Chuck Day and inspired by Monty Norman's James Bond theme) and through its lyrics (which describe the dangerous life of a secret agent). In an unusual situation, due to the format of the series, the show's original British theme song, an instrumental entitled "High Wire", was actually retained as it was played over the episode credits following the "Secret Agent" titles. The lyric "They've given you a number and taken away your name," referring to the numerical code names given to secret agents, as in 007 for James Bond. When it was originally recorded by Rivers, it merely had one verse and one chorus. Later, after the song began to gain in popularity, Rivers recorded it live, with two more verses, and the chorus repeated twice more. The "live" version was recorded in 1966 at the Whisky A Go Go, but not released until after a few studio production touchups were done shortly after.
  • Talk about a secret FA! The Raiders inked DT Vance Walker out of Atlanta. I honestly didn't know much about the guy, so I looked him up. Seems like we got a versatile, up and coming, 25 year old who could very easily start; but as a pair of fresh legs in a rotation, he could be a real problem for opponents.

    I'm happy!
  • Raiders did I hear raiders . Oh it was a fly buzzing raibbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzders.
  • Don't mind him. He has a comprehension problem. He doesn't even realize it though. Thus the comprehension problem.
  • I agree w/u on EJ. i dont think he is gonna last until the 2nd round. In fact I think he could pass Geno. I know thats a long shot because of the hype and combine but I was impressed with EJ. Big, Strong , Fast. Deadly combo. I wouldnt mind seeing the Eagles either trade up the second or trade down to middle of 1st and grab him. Its tricky because he could be gone early.
  • So far both of my teams have done a good job of stocking the pool with depth and role players, but neither has yet to make THAT MOVE yet. I guess when you pick 3rd and 4th in the Draft you can wait.

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MLB's 2015 All-Star snubs

Gronk, David Ortiz in latest Dunkin Donuts iced coffee video

The 2015 All-Star reserves & pitchers

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