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Rapper/actor/entertainer Snoop Dogg threw out the first pitch before the White Sox-Twins game on Thursday, and celebrated with style. Shortly after tossing a blazing heater a bit high, Snoop got down on one knee and “Tebowed.”

We knew the rapper was a football fan, but who knew he liked Tebow that much? Snoop is also proving to be one of the most versatile sports fans around. From hockey to soccer to basketball and baseball, the guy loves it all.

Hopefully his performance at The Venue at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Ind. later that night went as well as the pitch.

Here is an up-close look at Snoop in his White Sox outfit before the game:

Photo via the White Sox
GIF via The Score

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  • Piece of excrement!!! Tebowing. Jesus don't smoke weed by the bale, homeboy. Don't insult Jesus like this. if you're going to Tebow, get your butt in church and give up that gansta lifestyle.
  • Dont be so jealous.
  • Thats true. People always worried about how someone else is living
  • God said, "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth... to you it will be for meat... and God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. (Genesis 1:29-31)
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Oh are you jealous? Live your life and quit judging cause he is someone. What are you? Im sure you dont wanna say, nobody
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I can totally see Jesus hangin out with his bros, taking hits off a reefer. You are so right. James Dean, Bob Marley, Jesus Christ, rebels all.
  • How cute how old are you?
  • You be braveeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • So many Christians and Politicians come out when people are jealous of another so funny!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Phucken republicans
  • You spelled it wrong, ha ha!
  • That is some un-true- Christian superiority. The Bible does say to test people who want to influence your church and make sure they do not intend to mislead it.

    It also says that All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and that we are reconsiled to God through Jesus by faith.

    If you want Snoop Dogg (or anyone else) to go to church or change their habits, pray for that person. I do not see that insulting his tebow, which may or may not have been actual thanks to God, as you are not the regulator in another person's relationship to God, will do anything to help your wish for him to exhibt certian behaviors.

    Prayer,however, is effective.

    The God you appear to profess, is powerful enough to address what he wants to in the order he wants, in those who seek him.

  • God----"Timmy----Timmy----Wake up you jackwagon!!"

    TT---"Huh--wha?--who's there , who is that?"

    God---"It's me you idiot, who else talks to you when your jerking off and having wet dreams.---You should stop masturbating so much, you'll go blind you know. Maybe that's why you can't hit any of your receivers!"

    TT---"Sorry God, I can't help it, you won't let me get laid until I get married, and God only knows when that will happen"

    God---Shut up you whiney little ****. Listen, I graced you with a talent and you blew it. Do you know how much money I lost to Satan on that Pats game you douchbag? Well guess what, I now banish you to New Jersey where you'll worship Rex's feet."

    TT---"I'm sorry God, I was busy building a hospital for those less fortunate, and planning to talk to the masses about you and all, and that Pats game, well that was Elways fault, you know he doesn't like me"

    God---"Screw that Teblow!! You'd better get your **** straight and your mind back to football, or I'll have you dating Snooki and catching an STD damnnit!!"

    TT---"Yes God, I'll try and do better with the Jets"

    God---"And for Christ sakes, will you quit wearing those pink shirts you sorry little candy ass!!"

    TT---"But I like pink, it reminds me of my mommy"

    GOD---"I knew I should have gone with Rodgers on my fantasy team"

  • Didn't use the rubber on the mound. Most girls can throw harder. And that Tebow thing...he was just tryin to remember when he put his brain.
  • Don't be so hard Mr. Tea Party red...., you just have to understand your era has past, ie the 50's and 60's
  • Oh golly gee the morality of the 50's and 60's. Let's see African americans denied all human rights that Russia had to speak on their behalf. The dogs and hoses of the moral south. The rise of the kkk. The bombing of Churches by the good white christians. Golly Gee sure miss the morality of that time. Let's not forget the invasion of Vietnam
  • funny thing about this is the Democrats who swear to God they are trying to help minorities were the ones in power through out the 60s How is it that Kennedy (who actually sent our soldiers to Viet Nam) and Johnson never get blamed and Nixon does?
  • Why do the Presidents always have to be involved its not making you look smart.
  • Phucken republicans
  • It's spelled wrong! ha ha
  • So cute! How old are you lil pumpkin head?
  • He's rich people like you are sooooo jealous. If you try too you can be someone! ha ha
  • look where he is and collecting and where are you? Just being jealous too bad
  • My question is what idiot from the White Sox organization came up with the idea of letting wanna-be skinny gangsta- (just a cute hip name for criminal/druggy, etc.) synonymous with rancid porn, trash-rap, in-your-face gawdy freak style of dress and mannerisms be “representin” by letting Snoop Dogg (dog having the implied meaning of “horn” dog, as in excessively promiscuous) toss out the first pitch at a baseball game (which is a time-honored, wholesome American institution)? Why not have Larry Flynt give the benediction for Easter mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral?
  • Aww poor baby grow up and quit worrying about what he does you too will be judged.
  • Regarding “Tea Party red”?? The Boston Tea Party was a major event of the American Revolution and act of demonstration against the British government to ignite the colonials fervor for freedom from taxation without representation. “Red” is indicative of- and a colloquialism for Communism. Whatever point you’re trying to make, you failed miserably. Go back to the 6th grade. The 1950’s and 60’s had its problems with McCarthyism (he was a Senator that was actually trying to root-out Communism, since you need a history lesson)- but typically if some low-life “Dogg” showed his bling and pants-hang’n-off-his-ass, corn-rows with skank-hos posse bs at a ballgame, would have been dealt with I assure you. Bring back the 1950’s if it brings back morality.
  • The comment was Mr tea party red .... the dots stand for neck. And red is a color no matter what context you use it in. moron.
  • I love reading comments like the above. I see in them an immense amout of jealousy and envy. When you watch the Sopranos they actually murdered, extorted, deal drugs, rob people and it's okay for them to go to Church and you all are fine with that. Dogg does none of that. You also are angry that he has large amounts of money, investments, and probably women. You all wish you had the same and im sure you all have visited prostitutes while women throw themselves at Dogg. You people are probably the biggest hypocrites and you may also see no problem with american troops murdering hundreds of thousands and praying to Jesus. That's okay but not for an actor/entertainer who plays a part. You people are pitiful
  • Amen! :)
  • Thats true alot of other trash on tv
  • Your mention of a tv show The Sopranos, I am guessing you are referring to the Mafia? They (Cosa Nostra) were organized private armies created to protect landowners in Sicily whom had strong religious ties to the Catholic church. A tv show is just that- melodramatic fiction. The image of a reverant Don paying homage to God in church then blasting down a bunch of coppers is mostly Hollywood.
    “...and it's okay for them to go to Church and YOU ALL are fine with that.”
    “YOU ALL wish you had the same...”
    “YOU ALL have visited prostitutes...”
    I don’t know who “YOU ALL” is, could you please clarify that?
    “(A)merican troops murdering hundreds of thousands...”
    During the Vietnam war, an estimated 2.5 million Vietnamese died from torture, starvation, political execution/”re-education” and forced labor at the hands of their OWN people. We were there, to stop the murder. Understand what you’re talking about before showing your ignorance.
    Self-proclaimed pimp and gangsta Calvin Broadus, Jr., with a lifetime history of multiple drug charges, weapons charges, murder charge, assault and battery, vandalizing property, and on and on- is center stage at U.S. Cellular Field throwing out the first pitch, wow. Entertainer playing a part? BS.
  • Its nice that the Sox let a convicted, illegal substance abuser get the chance to do that at all.....its disgusting whn then there are so many fine people to do this.....
  • Aww poor baby! Do something with your life and quit letting Snoop Dogg get to you. How could you let someone make you miserable ha ha
  • Phucken republicans
  • Come on George FUNNY!
  • snoop talking to self: oh crap where did I leave that really stinky bud dang it fell out of my pocket Ill just do that stupid tebo thing and no one will notice me grabbing it with my other hand
  • HaHaHaHa...good one!
  • Where did you leave it, ha ha!
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!! STOP calling this "Tebowing"! This bowing down is called praising God is what Tebow does! Now whether Snoop Dogg was praising God that his business! Educate yourselves! Stop following what illiterate sports announcer interpretations!
  • Yo yo yo!! What it is, home?! I mean- what is IT? Coming from anyone else, I would believe “Tebowing” an act of respect to a great athlete with religious conviction. Coming from this clown-act, it’s a slap in the face and blatant mockery to Christianity, Tim Tebow and sports in general. Dogg couldn’t come up with anything original, so pulls some pathetic stunt like this because of the media hype associated with one man’s sincere belief in a higher power. Someone should byatch-slap him for that and git his swagger off the pitcher’s mound and back to the kennel. This should go down as a great sports moments alongside Rosie O’Donnell singing the national anthem. Yep, am really jealous of this jag-off. Take another hit off yr crack pipe loser.
  • Phucken republicans
  • why would any true believer try to pass judgement on anyone who is giving praise to God?
  • Amen!
  • Very true deedee70, and just because e does what he does, does not mean he doesn't believe in God. All sins are equal in the eyes of God. As for judgment, that is not ours to give. Snoop will have to answer to God for those things he has done, not man. "He who is without sin cast the first stone..."
  • I think Roseanne was worse than anyone else could ever live up to.
  • Dogg joined the Nation of Islam in ’09, a quasi black-supremacist organization that teaches Fard Muhammad is the Messiah. So then, what is with the Tebow thing (Christian) if he is Islamic? Hmmm...
  • heck yea!!
  • That's true its all about love and forgiveness
  • What a wanker
  • Whats a "wanker?" Is that in the dictionary or is that "slang" brother????
  • wanker
    1940s, "masturbator," British slang, from wank "to masturbate," of unknown origin. General sense of "contemptible person" is attested from 1972. Cf. sense evolution of jerk (n.).
    (You asked, brother.)
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Every bud that snoopdog smoke's is grown by white drugdealers,in
  • You two are white?
  • Mexican cartels, read the news and educate yourself.
  • Every crime that the black man comitts he learned from the white man.
  • oooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk??????????????????????
  • I don't think white boys taught much cannibalism.
  • You sound like you do, ewwwwwww!
  • yea sure idiot

  • Yeah "Snoop Dogg" you also learned to be famous by white man giving all minorities a chance, good job you are rich!!!
  • WOW! Most of you are awfully judgmental. It is a GAME and a ceremonial first pitch. Get over yourselves! He did fine and I can't believe you are all offended with his actions and their choice of him in the first place.
  • When was the last time any of you bowed down to acknowledge God before thousands of people? When did God give up the thrown and put you in charge? "judge not lest you be judged" Does the Enquirer know you have the gift of looking into the inner recesses of the spirit to determine the contents of the heart of men? If you will remember the purpose of Christ on the cross was to die for the sins of ALL of mankind, rapper, and you too;the-self-imposed-judge-of-humanity. Seek God, do his will, love one another, and quit putting yourselves in a position of judgement. And later on when you get to heaven, I hope you and Snoop have a good laugh over what the devil THOUGHT he would accomplish here. Peace, y'all.
  • democratic spin of phucken republicans
  • This sewer rat isn't fit to hold Tbowe's jock strap!

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