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Found November 21, 2012 on Diehardsport:

From Diehard Sport:

Even though Morehead State battled Kentucky until the end before losing 81-70 on Wednesday, their performance will be overshadowed by head coach Sean Woods yelling at one of his players.

Down eight points with just under six minutes remaining, Devon Atkinson was called for his fifth foul. When heading to the bench, Woods got in Atkinson’s face and tore into the senior guard.

Woods nearly made Atkinson cry after pushing him and then screaming in his face for over a minute. Reminds you of the good ol’ days of Bob Knight yelling at Steve Alford.

The day before the game, Woods, who played basketball at Kentucky, had this to say about the program and his explanation of the entitlement of the Kentucky players:

“These kids nowadays are just so different. When I was coming up, we were humble. Very humble. I think because of the success that Cal has created — which is not a bad thing, it’s a great thing — it just lets you know what Kentucky basketball is right now. But I’m just one of those kids really, really am a blueblood Kentucky guy at heart. There’s just a certain way and a certain look Kentucky basketball players should have, and not have such a sense of entitlement. I think today, it’s still an honor to wear that uniform.”

More from Diehardsport:
  • Sean Woods did exactly the right thing!! Hopefully, the well-deserved tirade got through to Atkinson for not THINKING. What a bunch of ******* walking around today--both in the media and the players themselves. 'When the going gets tough, the tough get going'!!!
  • That coach needs to be fired. You don't treat people like that, its only a game. If he would have done that to me I would have knocked him on his dumb ass, shame on him.
  • Fired? Yeah, that's the answer. Fire the NCAA for allowing uneducated young athletes into the college ranks. That coach has to deal with these kids. If the kids don't produce, guess what? The coach loses his job. Sean Woods would kick your ass. Bank on that.
  • See this just goes to show how ignorant people really are. your job as a teacher or coach is to teach,coach and mentor not manhandle students. If it was your kid you wouldnt feel that way and how do you know what that kids education is and what is yours? Sounds like your one of those anger managment needing coaches.
  • Justifying Woods pushing a student simply by assuming the athlete is uneducated...is like justifying that a man has the right to hit a woman...your approach holds no bearing...educated or uneducated...it does NOT give a coach the right to push a player...that player is that coach's boss...without players that coach has no job...and to be honest...after his actions last night...he shouldn't have one...he should be severely reprimanded...required to nationally apologize to Devon...required to attend anger management classes (for a substantial amount of time)...fined suspended by the NCAA...and to top it off...after he grovels...still be fired
  • I feel very very sorry for your kids if you have any.
  • Looked like he was getting double teamed to boot. It's one thing to get on a guy for doing something stupid, but ya gotta give him an out once he's gotten the point. These guys just kept going and going. Reducing him to the verge of tears serves no legitimate purpose whatsoever.
  • Firing offense. Coaches these are not your children, you do not get to touch them. Yelling is bad enough but touching good luck and write when you find work.
  • I have no opinion on coaches behavior. He obviously cares about what was going on. What did impress me however, was the players reaction or (lack of). HUMILITY is what I believe to be the missing ingredient for most unhappy people. Hang in there kid. Stay humble and you will do amazing things for yourself and others!
  • This is a perfect example of how NOT to coach.

    When your upset with a player it go's without saying that he or she knows it.

    Getting in a players face is never acceptable especially when your in a game.

    It's never acceptable to embarrass your team, yourself and your school. Your behavior caused you to loose your players respect and your creditably.

    Get to a behavior management class. Then you can find a new job where you can be a ******* without making a fool of your self and your players..
  • That coach is nothing but a complete jerk. I guess he thinks he's perfect. He should be charged with assault and battery
  • The coach from Morehead State needs to be fired right on the spot for shoving his player.
  • Go get em Coach Woods. These kids are so spoiled and given everything in this world, and its in every sport. When things get tough they cry...poot little babies. I'm all for Coach Woods.
  • I want you to understand that Coach Woods isn't tough. He wants to be, but if I was that player, it would been a big misunderstanding. I would have gotten in his place and would have cussed him out.
  • HockeyGreat, Woods was wrong. When teaching, and make no mistake about it, coaching is still teaching, you don't touch, push/whatever "kids". And, you are right. He's still a kid even though he's in college and may not look like it. Additionally, the "kid" isn't a pro. I wonder if an NBA player ever made a mistake like the "kid" did?
  • They're "spoiled" eh? That's a characterization of attitude and personality. Show me where in the half a second of video leading up to this kid getting ripped he definitively demonstrated his personality. No. You can't. So let's move on to his actions. What did he do, specifically, to warrant a double teaming beat down? Show me. Where? I'll bet your "Hockeygreat" handle is also purely make believe, too.
  • Almost all coaches get upset with players in the heat of battle and some even yell at them. That, in itself, is not newsworthy. But, there are limits and this coach certainly passed them. He should be disciplined and told to observe reasonable limits when coaching. A coaches responsibility to young athletes goes beyond the game and good examples should be set.
  • This coach needs to be fired...kudos to the young man for not reacting the way a lot would. No college can condone this treatment.
  • If I was playing for that coach and he would have pushed me, I would have gotten kicked off the team, because I would have knocked him out.
  • I am ashamed to even acknowledge that a former player from Kentucky would reduce himself to such actions as yelling at a player, shoving him and then pulling on his jersey. No One and I mean NO one has a right to treat another person this way. It is only a game, but because he was playing against his Alma Mater he had to act like a jerk and disrespect one of his players. He should be reprimanded greatly from the Morehead staff for this. Outrageous behavior. Sure you get mad at the players when they make mistakes but to do what he did is uncalled for. Learn some Ky respect Coach Woods!
  • why should the coach be fired for the passion of the game and to teach his players not to foul out and it is unacceptable to foul out. for you who said its just a game well this is not park league or a childs league its collage and the next step is the pros a coach has the job to get the best out of his players and get on them when they are wrong not be a bunch of panzies. As for touching him are you serious how many times have you touched someone when you were upset he did nothing wrong and the player probably will not make those mistakes again which is what the coaches job is. I can tell by the few comments here that I now see why this country is like it is a weak and shameless one.
  • I'll tell you how many times I've touched someone when I was upset: as a kid, many; as an adult, ZERO. Only an immature a-hole thinks it's okay to shove someone because they're mad. According to you, fouling out is a perfectly good reason to go off on someone. Because he has to "teach his players not to foul out..." I'll bet he teaches them not to miss a jump shot, too. Should he go off every time someone misses a shot? How about writing a piece of grammatically stunted drivel? I'll bet someone taught you not to do that. Someone oughta lay into you.
  • What's up, MSN? The scrolling headline pic of the player on your website had nothing to do with the player involved. Must be a holiday.
  • If Morrehead State doesn't discipline that coach they need to be ashamed of themselves for minimizing their institution. That coach totslly disrespected that player and he needs to be dealt with accordingly. He needs to be disrespected by being told that his services are no longer needed at Moorehead State.If the man can;t control himself he has no business leading a group of young men. That was totally shameful & unacceptable behavior on the part of that coach.
  • Although he probably shouldn't have pushed him, the coach did nothing wrong, he his absolutely right about kids/players today having an enormous sense of entitlement, the coaches job is to win games, if he doesn't he is fired. Most of these young players today have been told by their parents and others how good they are and how special they are all their lives, so when they get to the College level they feel as though they dont have to work or play as hard as others because they are ''special''. This young man is probably getting a generous scholarship that he cares little about, most of them only care about getting to the big money at the next level (NBA) and couldn't care less about the school, team or coaches. if it weren't for the internet this would't even be a story, so you people who are upset because the coach had to give his player a WAKEUP call, GET OVER IT.........
  • Watch coach K at Duke or Roy Williams at NC they have a lot better players have been told by parents and others how good they are more often than someone at Morehead St.You will never see this kind of behavior.These will"coach" the player. Seen it many times. They will go over and talk to the player. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things this was wrong.
  • Trying to justify the coach pushing him...just because you ASSUME that he probably gets a scholarship..is like justifying a man's right to hit a woman because while he slept in..she went to work without fixing him breakfast...
  • Let's wait and see if Morehead officials who were in attendance believe this isn't "a story".
  • I accidentally clicked on "I like it." Just so you know.
    You make a lot of suspect generalizations and then end by SHOUTING at the people on here who insist on coaches taking the high road. Who cares if this guy's job "is to win games." That's like saying, "I speed, because I have to get where I'm going." Get over yourself.
  • That stupid coach had no business pushing his player. It couldn't have been me, because I would knocked put my fist dead in his mouth. The school should fire him as soon as possible. He shouldn't be a head coach and he shoiuld be demoted to an assistant coach. How in the hell do a coach push one of his players. He's a fool and you know it. Quit defending someone when they are wrong.
  • I don't know if he needs to be fired but he definatly needs time off while he attends anger management counseling.Hopefully the brain trust at Morehead st will step up and do the right thing.
  • Wonder how Sean would have like someone urinating on him in front of thousands of people.To me it would be no different than what he did to that young man.He did nothing but humiliate him.Would have liked to have seen him do something like that to Demarcus Cousins when he was at KY he would have knock his Azz out in front of the world to see.
  • Maybe some would be happy if the coach maimed him. Come on. Would this be acceptable in the work place ? Coach crossed the line
  • Remember Bobby Knight? I say fire him,this type of behavior shouldnt be tolerated. Yelling at him is one thing but, sholving him was over the line. What if the player had sholve him back, who would have been the blame?
  • Heaven forbid the coach raise his voice and get in the face of a kid who was blowing him off. We need even less discipline and structure because these kids might get their feelings hurt. I think coddling kids and letting everyone know they are all winners is the way to go. 1/3 of this generation is unemployed and living with their parents.
  • maybe if coach woods had hit a three pointer against duke instead of a layup it wouldnt have mattered what christian latener did.it just makes me want to push him,scream at him,and pull at his jersey in front of thousands of people.then pull his jersey from the rafters of rupp arena.oh and thanks for the comment on this years fine group of wildcats.im so mad i cant spell
  • I am a two time graduate from Morehead State University...and an avid UK Wildcats fan...last night's game was emotional...but no matter how emotional..to humiliate a player on a national level...is the quickest way to lose EVERYONE'S respect...his actions last night were uncalled for...and if he's not reprimanded and or even sacked for his actions...this alumni will not be supporting Morehead...Woods better be thankful that wasn't me or my child he thought he could push around...or he'd been coughing up his marbles on national television 20 seconds later...Woods needs to make formal apology and the boys on the team need to rally around their team mate to show support until such time that he does...Yelling is one thing...but to push him...more than once...oh no...you don't lay a hand on a student...I don't care who you are...Devon...you deserve to be treated with respect hon...Woods is a sorry excuse for a coach...
  • Obviously you have never played sports... I promise the athlete gets banged around 100 times worse during the game and I am almost certain in practice he's had way worse altercations with his teammates. The coach didn't hit the player, he didn't shove him with excessive force, he simply made a point to the player that the team is more important than the individual, and by fouling out the player cost his "team" a chance to win the game. I think there is a possibility that the player was upset more because the fact that he cost his team the game than the coach yelling at him. That is what it takes to build the discipline to play at a high level. Maybe the next time the kid will learn the lesson and not put he or his team in a position similar to the one they were in by making senseless fouls. If not and he can't stand the heat, then he's gunna have a more difficult time later in life anyway....
  • To those who think the KID deserved what Woods gave him, how would you react if your boss thought you didn't do your best and called you out. Your boss pushes and berates you in the office in front of co-workers. You'd wish you had your union rep on speed dial.
  • Why is this not assualt and battery. If the coach was on the street and did that he could be arrested. Why do we give a pass to athletics and coaches the standards should be the same.
  • The coach knows all of his players and what it takes to motivate each of them and each kid is different. In order to win at a high level, each individual has to be committed to something bigger, the "team". There is a ton of pressure on the players and the coaches, most created by game situations. They are all there for the same reason, to win and they must play through adversity in order to compete at this high level. I didn't see what the situation was, but I'm sure the coach had made it clear to his point guard that in order to compete at that level level, he needs him (the point guard and floor general) to be in the game down the stretch. Life sometimes sucks and is hard, difficult, and certainly is not fair, so hopefully this kid will learn the lesson, be able to handle a bit of adversity, and to step up when it counts; later on in life. And if not, the young man always has the choice of his free will, to just quit.... Nobody is forcing him to be there.
  • I wood right anuther comment,but rite now Im so mad I cant spell

Morehead State coach Sean Woods rips into player, nearly makes him cry (Video)

Morehead State coach Sean Woods absolutely lit into one of his players during Wednesday’s 81-70 loss to Kentucky in a horrifying display. Woods, who played college ball at Kentucky, was so harsh on Devon Atkinson for fouling out of the game, that the senior point guard nearly began crying. Atkinson fouled out with his team down 69-61 and just under six minutes left in the game...

Video: Morehead State coach nearly brings player to tears during heated exchange

It's not everyday you see a grown man nearly succumb to tears because of a game. But on Wednesday night during the Morehead State-Kentucky bout, one senior nearly did.With about six minutes left in the contest, and the Wildcats up by eight, Eagles guard Devon Atkinson fouled out of the game after contributing just four points. Morehead State head coach Sean Woods clearly wasn...

Morehead State coach Sean Woods shoves, verbally assaults Devon Atkinson

No problem with Morehead State coach Sean Woods getting in senior guard Devon Atkinson's face but the push, the douchejuice assistant, and the length of time he verbally assaulted the kid? A bit... Full story at Bob's Blitz ~ http://www.bobsblitz.com

Morehead State looks into coach Woods' conduct

Morehead State first-year coach Sean Woods is facing possible disciplinary action after appearing to shove Eagles' point guard Devon Atkinson during Wednesday's 81-70 loss to Kentucky. Athletic department spokesman Matt Segal said Thursday the situation is being discussed internally and any disciplinary action would be announced Friday morning. Atkinson fouled out with...

Woods faces possible discipline

Morehead State first-year coach Sean Woods is facing possible disciplinary action after appearing to shove Eagles' point guard Devon Atkinson during Wednesday's 81-70 loss to Kentucky. Athletic department spokesman Matt Segal said Thursday the situation is being discussed internally and any disciplinary action would be announced Friday morning. Atkinson fouled out with...

Morehead State coach suspended

Morehead State has suspended coach Sean Woods for one game after he appeared to shove an Eagles player during Wednesday night's loss at No. 8 Kentucky. Woods will sit out Monday night's game against Norfolk State. The first-year Eagles coach appeared to shove Morehead State point guard Devon Atkinson in the back after the senior fouled out with 5:51 remaining. Athletic...
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