December 31, 2013

While I'm At It.

I can't let this fact go.  Jimmy Johnson won two consecutive Super Bowls, and Jerral fires him.  Actually Jimmy got tired of Jerral's pathology and left.  Now,..... you got Jason Garrett, three consecutive years missing the playoffs, at 8-8, and Jerral keeps him on.  This mind you, is 20 years after Jimmy,........ and counting.  I can't believe it.  It's been 20 years since Jerral took full control, and all he could muster was one Super Bowl, with a remnant of Jimmy's team.  That shows you.  How good Jimmy's team really was, and how bad Jerral's GM'ing really is.  Two years after the driving force, coach Johnson left.  The Cowboys still squeezed off a Super Bowl.

Notwithstanding, all the bad blood that Jerral has stirred up during the following years.  Here and around the league.  The sad fact remains.  Dallas is still stuck with this chump.  At the head of a pre-establish sports Organization, and willing to punish that brand.  Just out of spite.  By an old man.  

"That",....... my good friends is the surest of sign's, that Jerral has to be put out to pasture.  At 73 he's a feisty old badger, but not a 21st NFL GM by any stretch of the imagination.  If anything, Jerral's actions are the template as to why after reaching a certain age.  It's time to hand over the reigns, because it's only going to get worse.

It'll take awhile longer, but before long.  The board of directors will get tired of Jerral's antics, and the money will dry up.  Sooner rather than later.  The brand is heading in the wrong direction, gaining steam.  The appeal of watching the Cowboys.  Loose in prime time has worn off.  Time to move on now, and do some winning  before it's too late.  

I'm writing this as a courtesy to friends, and foes alike.  This same scenario could very well happen to any team in the NFL.  Just so happened.  In this case  The Cowboys was the ones to endure this malady at this time, for whatever reason.  I'll tell you this though.  The Cowboys will come back from this.  So it's not out a sense of shame or pity.  I write this.  It's out of the fact that in my gut.  Jerrals days are quickly running out as Owner/President/GM.  As in relation to the Dallas Cowboys.  Thus, allowing the Dallas Cowboys to go back to playing winning football again.  Not this over hyped soap opera.  You see manufactured  by a foolish old man.  Y'all take care.

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  • I'm not mad at any team that comes back from a double digit lead to win games. How can I be? All that tells me is we're the reason why we lose. Whatever the lack thereof. The Cowboys lose as a team. It's not about blaming, "T". We're way past that. It's about getting this fixed.

    Jerral has become totally unreasonable. It's as if he's looking at the team as a hobby, and the fans as a quick buck. Unless the fans and sponsors. Become more proactive, and take away this unfettered support Jerral's enjoy's up to this point. We're destined for more of the same underachieving the last 17 years. It's official. Jerral has to go. No amount of spin can instantaneous transform Jerral into an astute 21st Century NFL GM.

    To win you have to have all the right people in the right places. We have a weak link in the most crucial of positions,...... GM. Without a competent GM. The team will never get the proper personnel. It needs to go out compete, and win. It all starts with the GM. Without that. It makes no sense to go bantering about with other rivals. Makes you look as bad as Jerral. Only without the unjustified reward.

    I can't say anything against PHI. They pretty much did what they set out to do. In the face of not being predicted to do anything this year. Where the Cowboys were expected, on paper, to run the NFC East table. Yet PHI went out and kicked some NFL butt.

    Like I keep saying "T". We need to get the right people in the right places. From GM on down. It's not about blaming anybody. It's about getting up to par at least. Then make the right moves for the better. First things first. All I'm trying to say.

    Don't worry "T" we'll gat there. Jerral has put a lot of pressure upon himself. He's gotten too old, and he's running out of time. Trying to keep up this soap opera charade. Jerral is going to have to schytt, or get off the pot. Real soon!
  • I think you fellows have the right to be angry at your owner. The bottom line is if Jerry is willing to bring back Garret then he's all but admitting 8-8 is acceptable. Three straight seasons with three straight play in games, and three straight losses. There is no way Jeff Lurie accepts that. I don't even think Dan Snyder would accept that. It is the epitome of mediocrity for America's Team. Simply put Jerry cares more about the dollars than the wins. Robbo you're right. How in the world does Jones meddle and nitpick JJ out of town just so he can install his little puppet minions? Jerry needs to be checked. There may have been a time where Dallas would have been a dream job, but now there isn't a coach with a pair who would ever go there. Why is the owner hiring or firing Garret's staff? It's kind of a shame.
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  • Robbo I gotta give you some props dude. I've seen some of these so called Eagles fans not have one kind word about their team all season. Even if the team is winning and they are trying to show their support it's like pulling teeth for them. You never wavered on your team. Even though you are showing your more than justified frustrations right now I know it's cause you care for your team. Still you were there week after week believing your team would win. Here the Eagles are in the playoffs, and there are still so many so called Eagles fans doubting their team. It's a shame they are a sham.
  • Would love to have that problem Easy. In fact we have the same problem with our teams, but on different positions on the spectrum.

    By the way, you too are a true fan of the Eagles, my man. Never doubt that. It's a high honor for the Eagles to have a fan such as yourself, Easy.

    To finish my point. You have to understand fans can be finicky. The real test is watching your team progress to being in the big dance. From the spectrum of the Cowboys. We're on the end. Where management is not at all effective. Frustrating the fans who recognize this, and are powerless to help out. Other than to support the guys like Rob Ryan(still, for putting up with Jerral), Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, DeMarco Murray, and the like for doing the best they can.

    As the Eagles, spot on the same spectrum. Fans are jaded, by past experiences. Give them time Easy. They'll come around. Fact of the matter. It takes a team to be on the same page to do anything good. I see that with the way Chip's running the ship.

    Look at it Easy. Over the past few years the Eagles have suffered some horrific injuries. Compounded by losing winnable game. Mike, Jason, DeSean, Jeremy. Some big hits. This year pretty much. The team is intact.

    In a nutshell. Keep supporting your team dude. You're a knowledgeable guy. Keep up the good work. Some fans may not show it, but they appreciate your informing them of the nuances of the the Eagles, and their competitive march for a title shot. Which big youngster is all you can ask. Good luck to you Bro. hang in there.
  • I feel you bro. You dropped some serious sense there. By the way I'm not all that young. I'm 38 years old. I've seen a lot of losing over the years. I know even with all of that I can see Chip Kelly is building something here. As far as our division goes I know it's seen way better days in the past, but I can see a revival coming. Back in the day it seemed nearly every SB came out of our division in the 80s-90s, and when it wasn't us it was the 49ers. I'm not going to lie it was frustrating for my team not to win it, but I took a special pride in knowing that my team made everyone else stronger. After going through a war with the Eagles everyone in the division was stronger for it.
  • Chip is making the whole division sick. Coming in here, winning the rushing title, like that, is a huge accomplishment for any team, my man. Nobody wants to play the Eagles, right now. For that exact reason. Chip has shifted the whole NFC East paradigm to,...... "catch me if you can".

    I'm sure NO is not feeling you guys right now, the prospect of facing that O-line in 20 degree weather, is a daunting roll of the dice. Worst comes to worst, that #1 ranked running game is look-ing, pret-ty, damn, good, right about now.

    38? You still got Similac on your breathe,.... take care.
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