October 29, 2012

Accountablity and Owning Your Game

Where I work, we have a saying. Own your game. There's a difference between knowing your flaws and actually fixing them. This team isn't owning it's game at all. In fact, they don't own dick. All this talk of owning your game, reminds me of something I would like to remind Andy Reid of.

You say you're accountable. YOU'RE GOD DAMN RIGHT YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE. You are accountable for the crashing, unrelenting, undeniable suckitude and amateurism that this team drags onto the field week in and week out. 

Heed my words. If it were me watching you not even have the common decency to try and improve upon something that you supposedly do and then spout another tired cliche/cop-out after the inevitable loss, I would toss your sorry carcass outta here in 10 seconds and completely forget you and the last 14 years in the next 5.

  • Don't worry. Andy will "Do a better job." He told us he would.
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  • Surely I was being sarcastic. I'm not happy either, but I have moved past angry. I am at a point of apathy. I know we will never win anything with this guy as the coach.
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  • Reid has sucked the life out of all of us.
  • This guy has created so much damage to this organization. Can we finally admit that McNabb carried his lard ass for years. Some here dfended Andy for years while I attacked him everyday. Now, how do you feel that he had a good run. Is he walking away like Cowher? Cowher left the Steelers in great shape when he finished out. But Andy, ah no, sets us back five years. This is a total rebuild just like I called it and its coming. And i can remember you guys saying Andy gives us a best shot at a superbowl. Really? He ruined our chances. we stink like a big turd and its for all sorts of reasons but the main one besides coaching is we dont have enough talent. So anyone that comes in isnt taking these sorry asses anywhere. They suck. You get that. We are short handed - Period. Until Jeffrey , the freakin ***** Lurie breaks out his wallet for a GM, coaches and draft scouts we will continue to suck.
  • Show me how much Lurie pays his coaches, his GM and his scouts compared to the rest of the NFL. I'm not saying you're wrong...just want to see the amounts and am curious to where you get your information. I'm sure I'll be waiting forever for you to get back to me on this. I can save you some time and tell you that Reid is 8th at 5 and a half million. Not too shabby and hardly Lurie being cheap especially considering Reid hasn't gotten a new deal in a couple of years. Keep up the BS, hollywood.
  • only been there for 15 years.
  • Still waiting hollywood. Come on...you have an opportunity to bring a little truth to your claims.
  • We dont have a GM there is part of your proof right there. He consolidated two positions into one.
  • Weak response hollywood. Check the Eagles official website...Howie Roseman's title is...General Manager. Now go back and find me those damn salaries you seem to know so much about! Your comment about how little Lurie pays his people is typical YOU! Trying to discuss something you know NOTHING about!
  • Reid is exec VP of operaqtions or am I wrong?
  • Look back on your original comment that started THIS discussion. Where did you mention VP of Operations?
  • It's over for Reid guys and it's just a matter of time. Not worth getting too worked up over it but I'm a fan and I get your frustrations. Like I stated I honestly don't get all that emotional during games anymore...I'm mostly numb when they start playing like crap (and believe me my family used to get upset with me at times). Of course I want to see the Eagles win, of course the good emotions are there when they play well (and the bad ones were there until a few weeks ago) but I just am not going to get overly emotional for a team that can't get out of its own way. I think part of it for me was losing faith in Vick and knowing since last year he just isn't good enough to win anything. To tell you the truth the only time I screamed at the TV yesterday was when the final minutes were plugging along and Foles was still on the bench. I knew Reid wouldn't put Foles in but he truly should have been playing late. Instead we had to again watch Vick throw ball after ball wide right, wide left and into the dirt, instead we had to watch Vick drop back and hold onto the ball too long before he looked for an opening to run. Starting to get depressed just typing this...Vick and Reid will be gone soon, just a matter of time.
  • This team is unlikeable and has sucked all of the emotion out of it's fan base. How Reid still has a job here boggles my mind. I would have fired him after this game. It's clear that in that situation (all the trends in the Eagles favor) for them to come out that flat was pathetic. It also makes it clear there is nothing he can do that will change it.
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  • That defense was terrible. Maybe this whole time Juan didn't blitz, because he knew how sh!tty Nnamdi and DRC's cover skills truly were. He had to protect those two. How sad is it that Nnamdi (whose critical responses might have gotten Juan fired) and DRC played there worst games of the season on the first game as DC of their former D-Backs coach?
  • I got news for you . Both our Dbs suck
  • We are in agreement.
  • What I don't understand is this. Why delay the inevitable? They got to just purge the coaching staff and roster and start repairing the damage that's been done.
  • They wont,because there is this idea that they think they are really a good team and that if they just keep doing it this way eventually it will work. In other words they are insane.
  • I don't think Lurie's thinking is that they will get out of this. This is beyond Reid being in a funk. His mind has to be reeling with thoughts of what is going to transpire at the end of the season. He probably feels he owes it to Reid to let him finish the season and also knows that bringing in an interim coach never truly works. As fans we want this to happen yesterday (mainly so we KNOW Reid is truly gone) but it won't help longterm this year. I honestly don't want someone taking over and winning enough games for Lurie to seriously consider the interim coach to be the longterm replacement. I want new blood here without any Reid alliance what so ever.
  • Lurie owes nothing to Reid IMO, but Lurie may think he does. Nothing I have seen so far tells me this team can turn things around. They have in fact gotten worse and I'm sick of people saying they aren't out if it, because what other teams are doing. The Eagoes aren't doing what they need to do and that's what matters. I hope they fire him and the team swoons. I would rather see a losing season with a chance for a high pick than another year of 8-8.
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  • The alliance is connected by green. Nothing more. When the green stops flowing, Lurie will move on.
  • That is one of the things I'm afraid of. They'll fire him as head coach, but not as Director of Football Operations. Thus he gets to choose our next head coach. I want him out completely. A clean break.
  • Please no!
  • That would be the scam of the century. But I woulodnt put anything pass this lying backstabbing and arrogant organization.
  • He owes the fans nothing more or less GTD. More of your lies. The fans are the customers. The customer ALWAYS comes first.
  • My lies? Go back and read 80% of what you type if you want to see lies.
  • In terms of taking care of his customers Lurie crushes Norman Brahman and it's not even close. People were subjected to a rat infested cesspool at the Vet under that cheap scumbag known as "the guy in France." Lurie and his wife have been active in the community and despite many of the flaws of the new stadium, that place is a friendlier environment for families than the Vet ever was. The Vet used to hold the Army Navy game until people almost died at the game. Brahman had no intentions of putting a cent in the team on or off the field. People are so spoiled today complaining about success that you have forgotten how terrible it was under that tyrant Brahman.
  • hes got a 500 million dollar stadium thats taxpayer financed to help him out. Not to tough
  • He's also renovating that stadium with his own money. He comes to home games. Brahman never went to games. Brahman never spent a cent in the VET.
  • And I thought denial was a river in Africa. Once again, Bill Parcells' wisdom applies here. You are what your record says you are.
  • Well you know what they say. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
  • i am so tired of hearing that quote lol they say that at least two or three timese Every monday on WIP (Whether the eagles win or lose that week ) lol

    I think people are just wanting a change.
  • WIP stole that from me.. Well they stole it from Einstein and I stole it from him, but i have been writing that quote about the Eagles before Joe Banner said it. With that being the case there is a rinse and repeat about the Eagles that just rubs people the wrong way isn't it? You know I think that people aren't just tired of Reid's antics. I think people have finally come to the realization that the Eagles wont win with Andy Reid. I think there has always been a small group who have felt that way. Then it became a larger group followed by a group that felt despite his flaws maybe we still could do it. I think those two groups have merged together and the majority feel it's time for Reid to go.
  • I think it's safe to say that resentment has now turned to a full-fledged hatred. This city is on the edge of tarring and feathering Reid outside City Hall.

    Also this current group has got to be the most unlikable bunch I've ever seen(Save for Shady and maybe Celek). Jason Babin has a lot of balls calling out our loyalty as fans. What the hell did he expect? You bring that kind of effort to the field, then the fans (especially in Philly) will burn you at the stake. I've got some sage advice for Babin and the rest of this sorry lot.

    If you can't take the heat, then GTFO the kitchen!

    We were here long before you and will be here long after. I can't say the same for you.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Two years running the players on this mediocre team have attacked the fans. People pay good money to see these clowns and they have no pride for the color of those uniforms nor do they have pride for the city of Philadelphia. Say what you want about Buddy Ryan, but one thing I know was that when he coached the Eagles win lose or McDraw whoever came into the VET had those chinstraps on a little bit tighter, because they knew they were going to be in for on rough day. These guys today are getting mocked and laughed at. When Tom Brady loses he's angrier then all get out. When these guys lose they blame the refs, the fans, laugh on the sidelines, and pat themselves on the back, because in their minds there is no way they are at fault for being a mediocre team which is basically what they have been going back to the end of the 2010 season.
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