September 30, 2012

At what point will we put in Foles

Look I know that the second QB is always the most popular guy in any city but at the same time at what point does Andy pull the trigger? Look I love 7 seriously I do he is a great example of what a second chance cando for some one. I'd love to see him get it together but idk if he's capable of it. And I could be wrong but if I'm not at what time do we turn to Foles.... The kid has IT he dosent look like he does (seriously any body else think he looks like a giant surfer dude pot head) but he does kid flat out balled in the preseason (yeah it's just preasosn but pose is pose) not to mention the guy seriously handled the Blitz and pressure from other teams. We can't have another 2 or 3 or dare I say 4 turnover game it's time that mistakes get u benched: So again I ask at what point does Andy SACK (horrible pun very much intended) up and bench 7?

  • When do they put in Foles? not any time soon. do you need your head examined
  • If Vick keeps playing like this there will be no team willing to give up much for him at all (if anything). At 15-17 million a year?...I HIGHLY doubt any team would want Vick at that price. The Eagles will probably let him walk after this season unless his play drastically changes for the better.
  • We as Eagles fans always tend to over value our players. There wasn't a market for Vick when he first came back. At Vick's contract number (though I guess he could renegotiate) I don't think there is a team that would be willing to trade Vick for a player. Certainly not a starting caliber player. They might be able to get a pick, but certainly nothing more than a 4th for him. Besides I don't think there is a GM willing to trade for anymore Eagles quarterbacks. Especially one that's an often injured turnover machine that would have lost his job to an unproven player like Foles.
  • I don't think Vick loses his job either, but the Eagles aren't going to keep Vick around paying him the money they are paying him with the production he is giving them.
  • Still disagree but hope you're right. Whatever helps the team and a draft pick or two surely wouldn't hurt.
  • Vick either stays or he's cut. I see no chance of another team giving the Eagles anything for him.
  • Exactly my thinking, Eazy!
  • When Vick is just too awful to justify continuing to play him or Andy Reid is desperate to find a way to keep his job. Look the Eagles are 2-1. I know Vick's been bad, but Reid has been too so maybe they can figure this out and turn it around.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Putting in Foles is calling it a season 3 games in. Thats as dumb as it gets. Need I remind you of the little KK experiment when Vick nearly beat the Packers. That Packer loss cost home field advantage. Are you interested in in KK 2
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I agree with Eazy. When Reid is forced to because he sees the season (an his Eagle's career) slipping away...either that or by injury.
  • Right now I don't think there's a chance Foles makes on the field any other way.
  • Edwards will be there before Foles
  • Clueless, clueless hollywood. Sure...that's why with an injury prone quarterback the Eagles put Edwards on the inactive list against the Cardinals (actually tonight is the first game that Edwards has been active for). One play away from Foles all year but you feel the need to come out with a comment like that. Reid and Morninweg didn't make Foles the #2 because they want to fool defenses.
  • It's that blind loyalty to particular players Hollywood always has. No matter what they do, they can do now wrong as long as that person is in the Hollywood in crowd.
  • Yep. Funny because even after Vince Young's struggles last year hollywood wanted the Eagles to re-sign him. I know why even though hollywood won't admit it. He typed him up last year. Now look around the league. Young couldn't keep a job in Buffalo and no other team wants to touch him. How can anyone on this site actually take hollywood seriously when they read his posts? I get a kick out of how he seems to think he is one of the better posters on here and sometimes tries to DEMAND respect.

    Stop posting lies and BS and do a little homework and stop being SO opinionated and maybe people will give you a little respect, hollywood. Yardbarker may be a site for opinions but a little truth doesn't hurt either.
  • You have pretty much written it all.
  • GIANTS-27 EAGLES-16 Manning 31-44-365 3 td's 2 int's./ Vick 35-47-301 1 td 3 int's. Foles starts sunday against Steelers..ooh boy! MORTAL LOCK
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  • Hey you dumb SUCKER, I'm gonna LOVE watching YUR team get their lunch eaten 4 them tomorrow night against Chicago.
  • Sucker if the Cowboys fail to make the playoffs I think you should pay me 4 cookies. Judging by your talent for picking games I think your boys are in big trouble!
  • If the Cowboy's do lose tonight my guess is that we will see a lot less of sucker this week. No matter what these rival fans want to type about us that is one thing they can't deny. They all appear when the Eagles struggle and their teams are playing well and disappear when the opposite happens. There is a certain group of Eagle fans that show up on here no matter what! Sucker likes to keep stating that we got him booted which we all know is bullcrap. He disappeared last year when the Cowboy's started slow and came back when they seemed to turn it around only to go away again when they choked at the end of the year. Besides like I stated before, yardbarker wouldn't have thrown him off of here with what he has typed. His trash talking is exremely tame compared to what I have seen in my 2 and 1/2 years on this site.
  • I agree. I don't recall anything Sucker wrote that was that bad. I do find it interesting that Sucker alleges to be a Cowboys fan, but he stayed up all night to watch the Eagles and then after that came onto YB just to type on the Eagles side of the yard about an Eagles victory. I haven't looked at the Cowboy yard in a long time, but I'm willing to bet the Suckman hasn't made a post all season there. I know this much. I will watch some of the Cowboys game tonight, but there's no way I'm staying up to watch all of it.
  • I know and you bring up a good point although I myself try to watch NFC East games when they are on but I won't watch much of the game tonight either. To tell you the truth I almost never go to the Cowboys yard. In the past it sometimes took one of you to comment on a forum over there before I would possibly go over and check it out. I did head over for a head to head for a few days with one of the Cowboy fans last season because he constantly generalized when talking about Eagle fans (and typed as if he and all Cowboy fans were better than us) and that is something that does bother me a bit. Sucker does the same thing. For example he brought up the mortal lock comment when arguing with me a couple of days ago. I have no problem if he wants to question what I typed but his argument is already lost when he throws out comments I never made! Same with the Cowboy fan I debated last year...accusing me of liking Vince Young's Dream Team comment when I questioned it as soon as he made it (and we all know that that Cowboy fan actually typed up a forum and declared his love for Ryan's comments trashing the that was any better or different). Just like I told sucker, he isn't any different from what we have seen on here, just a little tamer.

    Hey sucker, debate me for my comments...if I'm one of those annoying Eagle fans you don't like, tell me so...I get it, I'm a fan of a rival team from who you root for. If I saw you at the Linc wearing a Cowboy's jersey I wouldn't ruin the good time that you have a right to, I wouldn't dump a drink on you and I certainly wouldn't look to start a fight with you. I may give you a look or two if the game wasn't going the Eagles way but that is just human emotions at work. we all aren't like what a few drunk Eagle fans (and fans in other cities) sometimes unfortunately portray us to be. Stop generalizing and start debating and discussing with us as individuals...use that reply box more often.
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  • You may be right, rusty but I'll give them all the benefit of the doubt. I try to only accuse when there is undeniable truth like with romorules use of his multis and when hollywood messed up with in4mous. I honestly don't think kellyscott is a multi (he has a back story and also has another barker on here that seems to know him from some other website) and I have my doubts about sucker. Although he can be annoying he isn't nearly as caustic as romorules but who knows, that could be what he is going for especially with yardbarker deleting many of his accounts. Regardless, I will treat him as his own ID until I see reason not to.
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  • I don't see it that way. Sucker and romorules yes but kellyscott just wants people to read his posts and hasn't shown any alliance to any pro team. MattYouKilis has actually shown alliance to the Eagles and has never been offensive to anyone at all that I remember. He has been extremely pleasant and I have no reason not to treat him the same unless he starts showing romorules like tendencies...for some reason I don't think it will ever happen. Romorules did go to the extreme to create IDs that were Philly fans but he eventually outed them by having them agree with his comments. YM5 has never done that!

    Besides, only the Eagles can make us feel these things at times with their play not what a few barkers have to type.
  • First of all I don't find any of you guys annoying, what should I expect? When you come in someone's back yard with a whole lot of bravado trashing the opposing team I expect to get a verbal arse whooping, but I can give as good as I get. I find nothing wrong with you guys being passionate about your team, I share the same passion about dem Boys. And if my team had yet to win a SB I wouldn't abandon them either. In fact, that's was what intrigue me about yardbarker, particular the Eagles site. The Giants Redskins and even my beloved Cowboys were all inactive during the offseason. Yet you guys continue to support and post about the Eagles. And I respect that but I'm still gonna trash the Eagles. The Giants and Redskins fans are not excluded from my rants and raves. But other than the GiantCack there wasn't anybody else to debate or what I prefer fat mouth with. That's some real talk. Now to think I actually ran and hid after the Boys meltdown can't be more farther from the truth. Birdflipper can post about "cleaning up the yard" and getting rid of outsiders yet when I mention that it fall on deaf ears. Somehow he gotten me booted out. Every time I tried to log in ACESS DENIED. That dude's a overgrown kid that can't handle a lil' verbal abuse. Even now my privileges are limited. When was the last post I've written? And you know I've always got something to say. Yet for reasons known to me, flip and the moderator I can reply to comments only.
  • I don't think Flip would do that. He and I have gone back and forth for years now and he's never done that. I know there are people on this site who have written worse than you and are still typing. I don't know why your IDs are getting shut down, but I am pretty sure Flip isn't the reason for it.
  • yes flip would and he has done it to me
  • Flip not allowing you to post on his threads has nothing to do with YB censorship. You aren't the only person to go through that stuff though.
  • If that is how you have your fun then so be it, sucker but you still won't get it back from me. Just not into it. I apologize if I have offended you and I am sure you will get back some when you give it. This is yardbarker after all. If you are having problems with posting try to get ahold of Jeff at yardbarker. He may be able to help you. It is possible that some may have you blocked on here and maybe flip does also...I know that he admits to blocking hollywood. Maybe he just rather not deal with you either. It still doesn't explain why you would be booted and not some of the raunchier barkers in the past although I know I had a few weeks where I couldn't post but yet wasn't booted. It worked itself out after a while.
  • no it wasnt just blocking it was also being denied access. He knows I have fans here so he doesnt want this place to become a complete flippin bore
  • You are paranoid, hollywood. I know I had issues getting access for a while but it worked itself out. By the way, you only have one fan on here that I know of and he's just goofing on you for the most part.
  • Wooooooooooooooooooooooo I gotta a couple gray hairs and a heart palpatation from that sh!t but god is good and a win is a win as my beloved Dawk would say BBTB
  • I think Mike Vick has put to rest the Foles talk... At least for another week anyways.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • You don't want to bring in a rookie at a critical time in the game. That's why I don't know why Reid brought Bryce brown in and actually gave him a carry!
  • Slightly bizarre
  • He was limping at the press conference after the game. Said he felt something tweak in his knee on the last sack before Henery's game winner. Hopefully he is better tody but you never know.
  • Really! You dont say. Wow what a suprise. Now spot wants a Foles in for a keeper because Vick cant run? I ve heard it all.
  • I wouldn't have thought about bringing in Foles in that situation but don't twist Spotella's words. A quarterback sneak isn't even close to a run. You're talking speed while she is bringing up power.
  • Ok regardless of speed or power it is a retard idea. Can we agree on that.
  • Not a good idea, yes I agree.
  • Holy crap! Hollywood and GTD agreed on something! There is no other reason to live. LOL
  • LOL!
  • you made my day. Alright, Ill concede I hope Reid can get it together. I felt sort of sorry for him yesterday. He appears really sad to me. Not sad in a football sense but sort of alone. He doesnt even look arrogant anymore. Im gonna try to be positive. The guy needs support. This team better man up.
  • This is trully an underdog team. There isnt swagger like flip claims. There is only a big pile of burden resting on this teams shoulder. They have to break out.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • explain. thats a rather random comment
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
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  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I see you are rehashing a subject that anyone with any common football sense would agree that placing Foles in that spot would be a bonehead move. But you want to get spanked again so Ill be happy to administor the punishment.

    If their is anyone here that agrees with Spot that we should use Foles to bang the ball in the endzone Stand up and state your case.
  • Well given that none of us are employed by the eagles and all would have fired Reid years ago it is evident we r clueless cause Ida benched Vick completely so it's W/E were all dumb
  • I would have fired Reid when Mcnabb was in Philly. He would have been fired in Balto way before now. They fired Billick for far less. And it made sense when Billick left even tough he had won a superbowl. So, in Philly they have have pretty low accetable standards for coaches. Other than a few more tough McCoy runs Andy still seems to me the same Andy. Telegraphing his plays, trying to prove points...etc. Doing things that only Andy can do. But Im going to remain hopeful that he will adjust. A word that hasnt existed in 14 years in Philly. We have been forced fed and have learned to swallow it.
  • If it were me I would have fired Reid around 06. I didn't like how he handled the T.O./McNabb situation. I didn't like how he allowed that to put a rift in his team and ultimately set them back. I do think there are some people who still believe in the Reid way of doing things, but there is also a large majority who are fed up with Andy. I don't hate or like Andy Reid. I think that coaches take teams to a certain point, but for whatever the reason can't get the team beyond that point. Reid wouldn't be the first coach to be replaced. Tony Dungy has been replaced along with several other coaches who actually won Super Bowls. I made a list a few months back of several coaches hired after Andy Reid who have won Super Bowls. I have to say though I disagree with you on what the Ravens would do. I don't think the Ravens will fire their current coach if they don't win a Super Bowl within the next 5 years. Especially if he keeps them in the playoffs. That's pretty much what Reid has done. Reid has never had consecutive seasons out of the playoffs. Billick did and that's why he got fired. So I guess my point is that I understand both sides of the Reid issue. I see why people want to keep him and I see why people want him gone. As long as he keeps going to the post-season I doubt there will be a coaching change anytime soon.
  • The reasons that Billick was fired stemmed from his rrogance and the fact that he let the veterans do whatever they wanted. He lost control . You could feel it was time for a change. And I agree with you EZ 2006 under normal circumstances wpould have been a proper time to move on. This is a very gut wrenching process right now. Its slow and stale. I cant see Reid staying beyond this season unless the team makes a superbowl appearance and I dont see this team even close yet. That could change but Im not seeing the talent you need to get there. I could be wrong and I am on many occasions but where do we have the guns?
  • Hollywood it's hard to fire a guy who goes to the playoffs every other year. People act as if Jerry Jones wouldn't have tolerated Andy Reid. If that is the case it wouldn't be because he wasn't winning. it would be that Jerry wants power to control everything, because it's hard to fire a guy who is almost certain to make the playoffs every other year at least.

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