October 16, 2012

Castillo out, Bowles in as Defensive Coordinator

According to Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com Juan Castillo was fired this morning and replaced by Todd Bowles. Let the changes begin! Surprising move by Reid (was he possibly pushed?) because I just don't see this being enough to save his job but something had to be done. No sacks in three games, too few turnovers created. One of the things this could show to this team is that changes are on the way...just maybe this team will start pushing a little harder and wake the hell up.

  • This is infuriating to me, because we all knew it needed to be done sometime ago and Reid just ignored it. He sacrificed other candidates to keep Juan. Now we are all hoping Todd Bowles can get the job done. during the season firing in baseball, basketball, and hockey sometimes can push a team to the playoffs. Rarely does that happen in football. Since Reid is in the firing mood, he ought to add his useless Offensive Coordinator, his special teams coach, his defensive line coach, and that gimmicky Wide 9 garbage that has had little production in the sacks department lately.
  • Let's not forget replacing his quarterback. If he's going to make all those moves he may as well see what Foles can do.
  • Agreed.
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  • Should have been done months ago. It's an indictment on Reid and his philosophies.
  • Let's be real, Eazy. Never should have been hired.
  • True , but EZ is right his stubborness cost us Jackson last year while giving us Castillo and it looks bad for this year at a minimum. Reid is running out of answers.
  • He's desperate, hollywood...no question.
  • He has no choice. He's losing control of this team. So much for all of the dynasty, dream team, win it for Garrett talk. When it comes down to it. Reid's buffoonery of a coaching staff does not have his player prepared to play 60 minutes of football.
  • Yeah it is and like I told Eazy, Castillo should never have been hired. I don't remember too many fans being behind the move! Think about it...offensive line coach to defensive coordinator. Why Reid would make this kind of move a dozen years into his Eagle career absolutely baffles me and it's one of the reasons he will be gone at the end of the year.
  • good
  • I know why he hired Juan. It's something he took from Holmgren and the Packers. It's how he got his promotion to quarterbacks coach. He was looking to promote Juan as a guy who came up through his system and maybe one day Juan would get a head coaching job. It's what he basically did with John Harbaugh. Just too much responsibility to give to a guy like Juan all at once. It's one thing to make a bad decision, but it's something totally different to stick with it for this long.
  • Eagles need an outsider.
  • I think he hired Juan because the coordinators he would have rather had didn't want to deal with the wide 9 and Castillo asked to be considered. I didn't feel that way originally...thought he went through the motions just so he could say he did but feel differently now. I honestly get why he didn't want to change in the offseason...fool's gold. The defense played better at the end of the year and they led the league in sacks.
  • It's true the Wide 9 turned off many. It's funny you bring up the end of the season. Everyone talked about how the End of the season didn't matter, yet they found reasons to reference it in why they made the choices they made. Lurie referenced it as to why he rought Reid back and Reid did the same with Juan. We see Reid has already made a mistake. Perhaps Lurie did as well.
  • Probably did but there is NO way he can make that mistake again this year. Barring an absolute miracle, there is no way he can justify Reid coaching here next year.
  • If he does many Eagles fans WILL BE LIKE HOLLYWOOD AND HATE HIM!
  • ...and they would have every right to...hate him that is...not be like hollywood...god no!
  • LOL Just the hate of him part.
  • Now now play nice. Im finally happy. I just wanted Reid held accountable. But let me tell you something this guy has more than 9 lives.
  • Vick is the problem. Look i agree Juan sucks,but Vick shouldve been fired before juan. He keeps the defense tired and on the field.
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  • Vick, Castillo...just some of the bad moves Reid has made lately. Honestly though Supa, would the Eagles be in much better position with any of the 3 quarterbacks the Eagles had in 2009? Where is Kolb and McNabb right now. Sometimes teams make all the wrong choices at quarterback and I don't feel this offense would be that much better with any of them. Kolb is probably playing the best football out of them (taking care of the ball more anyway) but would he be the longterm answer? I doubt it.
  • I'm glad you brought up 2009, because that is where this all fell apart. The Eagles should have traded Vick when they had the chance. I know Kolb wasn't ready to play and quite honestly he isn't that good, but at least the team could have developed together and if they were bad enough they could have been in a position to draft a legit quarterback. Reid could have pawned it off as his team rebuilding to the owner, and retooling to the media. His job would have been safe for the most part. Instead he fell for the fools gold of Vick. He thought Vick moved his team into the upper echelon of teams. After all his team pretty much played on par with the eventual SB champs despite all of their flaws. That's why they grabbed up all of those free agents and gave Vick the contract. They thought they were at the doorstep of greatness, but Mike Vick turned out to be fools gold. He never became the guy they needed him to be in order for them to take that step into the upper echelon. Reid got greedy, and thought he could side step having to rebuild his team. What is left is a disorganized mess of both coaches and players. At one time I thought Reid would easily get a job once he left Philly, but if this season turns out to be a complete disaster (and it seems to be heading that way), I think it will be harder for Reid to get a job than I thought.
  • Unfortunately that string of great games (yes great) that Vick had in 2010 fooled many of us into thinking he could be good enough but that string was over by the time they gave him that huge contract and the old Vick was starting to show through. Thank god the Eagles protected themselves somewhat. They owe him no money after this year but he will count for about 7 million (I think) against the cap. I think Reid will get a job as a head coach but looking back on some of his recent mistakes you may be right.
  • We all fell for it. Even then I knew Vick gave us the best chance to win, but I didn't think winning was the best option at the time. The team had flaws. Look how the bowed out against Dallas. There was some developing that needed to be done. Vick fast tracked that development or so we thought.
  • Told you they should have kept all three of them. I wouldnt have minded McNabb/Kolb part 2. Reid ruined that young man by giving him more than he could handle. There could have been a smooth transition this year or next and Kolb would have been more than ready. Instead a, as usual, Reid pitted Kolb against Mcnabb aand created a media storm and thats why we are here.
  • I still believe they made the right choice on McNabb.
  • They made the right choice...unfortunately they made the wrong choice when drafting his replacement.
  • They made a worse choice on the replacements replacement. Reid made all of those personnel decisions. He did the same for the coaching staff. He's the one who chose to revamp his coaching staff after a lockout knowing it would take some time to acclimate new systems. Reid is the problem.
  • Absolutely agree, Eazy. Many horrible choices leading back to the start of 2010. Not a great way to wrap up what was a pretty good career here.
  • *are Kolb and McNabb
  • It was obvious to so many of us that promoting Juan to D coordinator would eventually cost Andy his job.

    You can call me crazy but this team would have never slumped the way it has if Mcnabb was still under center.
  • Might not have slumped the way it has?.. maybe. McNabb may have played better (would have taken better care of the ball anyway) but he has proven that he is losing his skills and that was the biggest fear of most of us that wanted him gone (me anyway). At the very best this team would have still been stuck in neutral. Would you be happy with 10-6 and a playoff loss if it meant that Reid would at least get the chance to coach out his contract through next year?
  • he was losing his skills no doubt but John Elway lost alot swhen he won the superbowl. But regardless it wasnt meant to be.
  • McNabb under center would have been like living in purgatory. We all know what McNabb full time under center brings. No rings and since BDawk was forced out no playoff victories. Nothing would have been better.
  • You gotta admit, aside from the year we went to the Super Bowl Mcnabb never had the talent like we do now around him.
  • I didn't matter.McNabb failed to win a playoff game with these guys. It would have only gotten worse.
  • All the more reason why Andy Reid is on the hot seat! He deserves to be there!
  • Sort of like having Reid here now.
  • Ok.... I've been all Fantasy Football and not enough Eagles football.. Does someone have more information on Todd Bowles? I am pretty sure we picked him up from Miami *where he was an awesome CB coach*... Was he also the D Coordinator there last year? ...
  • BDawk to coach the secondary??
  • Heard a caller bringing that up this morning on WIP. He would have a good teacher, wouldn't he? I would think Bowles would have a lot of input anyway so it probably couldn't hurt that much if at all...would bring back some fire to the defense.
  • Yeah, playing under JJ for nine years is a huge. Bdawk and Bowles would be a great combo.
  • I don't think Dawkins wants that job.
  • Dawkins has said so far he doesn't have a desire to be a coach. I think he wants to be around more for his children. A coaches life sucks. They are consumed by work. It sounds nice, but Dawkins heart isn't into coaching right now.
  • wont be the same. Dawk should stay out of this and let it play out.
  • Dawkins has no desire to coach the Eagles right now. He shouldn't be a part of this.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Dawkins will not take that job right now.
  • All the more reason to wonder why Juan was fired and Marty is still here.
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  • Somebody is falling. Mike or Marty.
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  • If that many guys get axed it would be a complete and utter failure on the head coach to do his due diligence. He hired all those guys. The blame has to fall on the fat guy himself.
  • Yup.
  • when will the players only meeting be called? and wo calls it?
  • Vick calls it and the team proceeds to look at him like he's crazy.
  • Vick calls it and drops his notebook on the way to the meeting!
  • checkmate ---my king over night----I said it when it happen bowles came in to be defensive coord----reid knew juan was over his head---no schemes or blitz package---juan should have stayed o-line coach---it takes a defensive minded coach,who was linebacker coach or secondary to learn program--over a season def coordinator----andy reid turning eagles organization into a clown show---when juan was handed defen coord---everyone in nfl was laughing---especailly def coord's around the nfl!!!!
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