May 30, 2013

Chip Kelly will Become next Bill Belichick

Yes, you read that right.


Chip Kelly will belong to the upper eons of the history of NFL coaching by the end of his career.


You can tell just how much smarter he is than Reid through listening to how quickly he responds to questions in a witty and clever way. Reid just cannot think on his feet (while he is a good slow thinker), while Kelly is the great game manager and adjuster because he is a great quick thinker.

I don't predict success until at least season 3. The offense will be fine, but the defense will take a while to get good. When they get good chemistry and leadership on defense, they will emerge as a dominant force just like the Jim Johnson days.

The offense will be consistently good, but won't become great until the Eagles draft Johnny Manziel to become their new franchise QB.

All of the great assistant coaches and free agents in the league will flock to the great Eagles organization to work under the genius Chip Kelly, just like what's happened to Belichick in New England, so the success will be maintained.


I foretell multiple Superbowls.


  • Im glad you think so but if Im to sue Luries 18 years as a barometer for the future I would guess they will become competitive someday but not win a superbowl. Lurie likes money more than trophies at least thats what the data tells me.
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  • I like the way you think willard. I too want Johnny Football. BADLY.
  • I feel you Willard, and I think you're right, but I would like to at least see him do some coaching in the NFL first.
  • I like all the comments
    I am from Eugene,Oregon home to the Oregon ducks, I read and heard many an interview with Kelly. he's also a man who is only interested in coaching football none of this stupid questions from idiot sportscasters, like my fav when Erin Andrews tried to get a bit personal by asking something personal Kelly then looked down at her shoes and then stated Nice shoes? also Kelly lives and breathes football his whole life it seems is football.
    will he be the next Belichick?
    lets wait and see. as in you don't win on the piece of paper?
  • So far Chip has been making solid moves. I think he could be a great one. The real issue people have with Chip is they don't know what he's really going to do so they assume what he's going to do. After so many years of predictable Reid (love it or hate it) people have become accustom to knowing what to expect and complain about. Look at some of hollywood's comments. He's still stuck in the past, but Chip is something new and different. People are just going to have to let this all play out. Best not to get too high or low right now as Chip is still weeding out all of the bad apples from the past.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I know that Chip has seen success at every level he's coached at from high school to college. The NFL, however, is a much different animal. A lot of my friends and colleagues who are fans of other squads have asked me my thoughts on hiring Chip. My response has been the same.

    I told them anytime you hire a college coach it's a risky move. It's pretty well-documented how low the success rate for coaches making the jump from the NCAA to the NFL. For every Jim Harbaugh and Jimmy Johnson there's ten more Steve Spurriers or Bobby Petrinos. However, the fact that Bill Belichick himself actually sought Chip's advice on a regular basis has to mean something.

    I'm definitely a little apprehensive, but I'm more than willing to give him a fighting chance.
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  • I know what you're getting at Spot. Since Belichick was already brought up I thought I might as well draw the comparison. Got fired in Cleveland and then goes on to be the best coach of this generation with the Patriots. If this happens with Chip, then that's irrefutable proof that this franchise is cursed.

    In some ways, I feel that some take the stability we had for the better part of a decade for granted. Sometimes a new voice is needed such as here in Philly, but you don't want to become one of those teams that changes coaches more than Madonna changes personas.
  • I wasn't at all happy when Kelly, first said he was staying then, but its his life not ours.
    his life is football an if he chooses to take the " RISK" at pro ball more power to him!
  • Is it really all that risky for him? At worst he goes back to any SEC college program that will have him. At best he's a successful NFL coach. Chip Kelly is in a good place for himself.
  • He's gonna find that the gap between college and the NFL is enormous. My bet is on him going back to college after a failed attempt at the pros ala Steve Spurrier. Spurrier thought it was gonna be easy and got his butt kicked in the NFL...and Spurrier is an outstanding football coach. Gimmicks don't work in the NFL!!
  • So you know what type of offense he's going to run in the NFL? By the way didn't the "gimmick" beat Eli and your boys twice? Face it. The Giants are old, have no running game, their defense no longer scares anyone, and Eli is as big of a turnover machine as Romo. Nobody is scared of that team.
  • Except you, since everything you just said is not only wrong but monumentally moronic. We'll see who finishes higher in the standings in the NFC East, and it isn't gonna be the sneagles.
  • Nobody is concerned with the Giants. I know you THINK they are a 14 win team, but in reality they are a 9 win team at best.
  • Good point easy, no, no risk.
    If anyone could be successful in the NFL, Chip could.
    Football is his passion and has always been, he feeds on it.
    why he is single, why he didn't have to find a school in Philadelphia when he moved, he has no children his kid is football.
  • I have a feeling a lot of people are going to hate Chip Kelly but none of them will be Eagle fans.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • unfortunately the win in the W column means more to some than just a great season? did I say no one wants to lose? NO
    sad that every team cant go to the super bowl every year?
    but it doesn't work that way...
    I see sports as a game, sadly I get more boos, on that but it the pros its a job, like most jobs you go to work play the game win some lose some...
  • I have no clue where the Eagles will be this year. If the offense gets on track they could compete for the division. Its a weak NFC East. If Vick can elevate his game and Chip can reign in the personalities anything can happen. Im not a firm believer in the whole rebuilding theme. I think this team should set its sights high. Think playoffs and superbowl run. Make it happen .
  • Of course you want your team shooting for the Playoffs but it's not realistic or likely for the eagles this season. One of the quickest ways for a team to be derailed is to have uncertainty at the QB position. And let's face it, their QB situation is a crap shoot
    at best.
  • Last season the 49ers and the Seahawks seemed to have uncertainty at the quarterback position and some young guys came in and left no doubt. Meanwhile the Giants have no uncertainty at the quarterback position, but they sat their tails at home just like the Eagles.
  • Eli is irrelevant without a great defense to lean on... Just like Roethlisberger.
  • I dont think its fair to call him irrelevant. Hes not flashy but he brings stability to their offense. He hasnt missed alot of time and he can manage a game and make big plays. The difference is the Giants are stocked with big strong players nyear in and out while the Eagles put the burden on a QB to carry the team on his back. Thats the truth year in and out. When we win its always been with a prolific year from our QB. Cunningham, McNabb era was all on their back. And if Vick fails so will the Eagles.
  • I agree with you to an extent. During the Reid/McNabb era the Eagles relied heavily on both McNabb and the defense. David Akers was also a huge contributor to those teams. The same applied to the Cunningham/Ryan era. That team relied on that defense and Cunningham to make plays. Eli never missed a game and make no mistake about it. If Eli goes down the Giants are screwed!
  • Brinkster, I gotta say, you have the dubious distinction of being THE FIRST to EVER say that a Two Time Super Bowl MVP is irrelevant, Congratulations! Hell, Eli has two more Super Bowl wins than the eagles organization will EVER have. Keep up the great work as far as your ability to make relevant comments are concerned. ;-)
  • Is this a return of the sucker?
  • His only season in Washington. Wow. Was it really over that quickly? An extremely down year in Washingtown and a quick fizzle in Minnesota and out of the league. It truly is a shame that it happened that way but lets not fool ourselves...2010 wouldn't have been his year if he stayed in Philly. 2004 should have been his year but a few turnovers throughout the game and the defense in the 2nd half got in his way.
  • There seems to be many links between how the Patriots do things and how the Eagles want to do things, but the one thing that it keeps coming back to is THE PATRIOTS HAVE TOM BRADY. The Eagles need a quarterback.
  • Absolutely. I'm glad you replied here. My main post above was deleted when I tried updating it (freakin' yardbarker!). I'll post it now since I wasn't able to until someone else commented.

    My post above was just an update that unfortunately deleted my original comment. What is left was the update of a reply to flip to let him know that both Vick and Kolb made the playoffs in 2010 WITHOUT McNabb (I guess it must have slipped your mind when you typed that Vick nor Kolb have made the playoffs since McNabb was traded). I'll also add to my original comment. If you want to remember McNabb you really should stick to remembering the Philly McNabb (and he was a one of the best QBs in Philly history) because although he threw for quite a few yards in 2010 with Washington he didn't have a solid year...his passer rating was 77 (his lowest rating by far since 2000...his second year in the league) and he forgot how to do something that helped keep him behind center with the Eagles for so many years...take care of the ball (it probably was based on him trying to do too much but all it helped him do was be traded after a pretty poor year).

    Spotella, I also wanted to point out that although McNabb had a couple nice throws against the Eagles in that first game he DIDN'T pick the Eagles apart. McNabb was 8-19 for 125 yards, one TD and one interception. The Eagles lost because the offense only generated 12 measly points.

    I just wanted to show flip that although he only seems to be happy discussing the Eagles when comments about them are negative that barkers have shown solidarity when being positive about the Eagles. Look above...Eazy, kellyscott, GangGreen, Brink and Spotella all hoping the best for Chip Kelly and the Eagles (and you know I am also). Of course there are going to be questions and concerns with a new coaching staff...I have some of the same concerns you do but it certainly isn't going to change the fact that whoever is coaching the Eagles will be given every opportunity to prove to me and most fans (and I'm sure to the only person that really matters...Jeff Lurie) that he can coach the team. I wasn't thrilled that the Eagles hired a coach that had already turned them down and I have gone on record stating that if Kelly starts Vick and he struggles that will be strike one in my book. You typed in a post a couple days ago that you only have questions and concerns but no matter how you try and twist it you have done more than have blamed Kelly for everything you think is wrong with the Eagles every step of the way for 5 months. I just think you should give the man some time and some slack before you try and publicly hang him. You certainly were willing to give Reid MORE time (as if 14 years wasn't enough especially with how the last two went down) giving Kelly a year or two that hard for you?

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