July 13, 2012

D-Jax acting like a buffoon on the national stage

I like the way Djax handled himself under controversial circumstances.  Some might say he acted out but I think the eagles were lucky he showed up playing under that pathetic rookie contract he had.   But since he signed his new deal, Jackson has done everything possible to harm his reputation and devalue his marketability.  He s flashy , a brag artist, a crappy ghetto wrapper ...etc.  he will fail at his music because it was his play and attitude before the big contract that made him a fan favorite.  Now , like a dope and a follower, he has taken his best asset, his humble nature and competitive nature, and trivialized it.  This guy has huge marketability upside but has done so much harm as of late that its almost in the toilet.  Desean give me a call.

  • I am also getting sick of the guy suddenly thinking he can rap once he gets some money (see DRC), but has something new come to pass? I mean the rap thing for Jackson is kind of old news now don't you think?
  • It's really all old, Eazy...not exactly sure why hollywood all of a sudden decided to turn on that "great" leader and teammate Jackson. Probably just so he has yet another player to whine about. When did he once show anything close to leadership qualities. I'm a fan of what Jackson can bring to the Eagles...what he brought to them in the past but never a fan of the "me" first attitude he has.
  • I like his play. But he is a player that is quickly losing the identity that made him great. He is following a long list of losers that take the low road and try to get attention all the wrong ways. You have to admit it was his play, that extra effort he gave before the contract dispute, flashing out of the screen to run down an guy that intercepts the ball, the fun he was having scoring that made him so likeable. His flops and TD dances were not contrived but out of excitement. Now he craves attention and looks like a lil a-hole. Somebody needs to shake this guy on the shoulder and wake him the f*c* up because hes losing his best asset. His ability to get the fans to root for the underdog. He must keep that focus he had before, the desire to please the fans , and his good competitive nature to make himself a nationally recognized household name.
  • I think Jackson is the same. The only difference is now he has money. Remember that they are giving a kid who never had money the very thing that could get him in the most trouble. If there is someone who could maybe ground Jackson it would be Mike Vick, but Vick has to live his own life too. Jackson has always been a punk and his emotions of trying to prove people wrong along with his dad drove him to be better, but last season it broke him down. Now hopefully he has rededicated himself to become a super bowl champion. I like Jackson, but some of his actions before he got his money were inexcusable.
  • My comment isn't about his play, hollywood. It's about him never being the great leader or teammate you claimed he was. He is a selfish player who has never even come close to showing the qualities you claim he had. To tell you the truth, I don't care what he does as long as it's legal and he comes to play during the season. The crap on the field that hurts the team has to stop but I can live with the rest...may not like it but I can live with it. You didn't fool me with your original comments about him. You only posted that BS when it was convenient for you and gave you a platform to type off of..."The cheap FO aren't taking care of Jackson...they need to pay him ASAP". You probably hoped they wouldn't pay him so you could still try to crusade against the FO but now that he has his money what else can you do but turn your attention to the immature athlete instead? He hasn't changed, your opinion on him has...at least it has here on yardbarker anyway.
  • Jackson is neither a leader nor is he a great teammate. He's kind of a selfish, immature, punk who is only in the NFL, because he can run really fast. We all know what Jackson is, but right now Jackson if he isn't careful could find himself without all those millions the Eagles just invested in him. Another bail on the team (yeah he quit last season) and he might find himself blacklisted from the league.
  • With his talent he will find a place on a team somewhere at the right price but I do question whether the Eagles will want to deal with his BS when his price per year goes up. If he doesn't concentrate on football or at least get back to close to where he was on the field two years ago, I could see him being a cap casualty in a couple years...hopefully that won't be his first real wake-up call. I know that I would much rather see the talent we all saw in 2010 and earlier and him staying in Eagle green.
  • As long as he produces he should be okay. The team
    can't afford to deal with some of his past antics and
    his untimely dropped balls. He's got to prove that he's
    worth the money.
  • D Jax has charisma but it isnt gonna translate into anything until he takes off the phoney bling hes added to his image. Its the charisma and personality that sets him apart not his ghetto wanna be style.
  • Jackson is what he is. He's a knuckle head and a punk. He always has been and always will be. In fact it could become worse since he lost his father. Maybe one day having his own children may settle him down, but right now he's young and there isn't anything anyone says that's going to change him. In fact the more people may ride him on stuff the more he's likely to do it. Jackson possibly being a liability isn't a new thing Hollywood. The guy has done questionable thing his entire career (on and off the field) and some of those things have cost the Eagles yards, penalties, touchdowns, and games. I like Jackson as a player, but he's no role model, and he certainly is no leader.
  • Look, the greatest receiver of all time thinks jackson has huge potential. If Jerry rice thinks so I do too. This is a pivotal point in his career. Its his first big contract and this is when athletes laydown and curl up. I think Jackson needs to realize he could be a very special athlete. And once he understands the potential legacy if he can elevate his game the attention will come with it.
  • I never stated Jackson didn't have potential. What I am stating is that nothing Jackson does should come to you a surprise. I could see how people could not like the guy. He's been the same in high school, college, and now the NFL. I didn't agree with flips assessment of Jackson and his abilities, but a understood where he was coming from.
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  • Yeah I understand why Flip wanted the guy gone, but for Riley Cooper? A fourth string backup who may not even make the team next season?
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  • I don't give a damn about charisma...give me a player who does what he needs to do to win and plays smart. I don't care if he never celebrates on the field (I'd prefer that actually) and is a hermit who is never seen off the field as long as he can play.
  • Well we all know Jackson wont do that. He simply can not help himself. He is going to do something dumb this season. He always has and he always will.
  • The way I look at it. Athletes shouldn't have to be role models that's what parents are for. Just win us a title.
  • I think the whole role model thing is blown out of proportion, GG but Jackson has to stop his on the field antics that hurt the team. Let's see...dropping the ball before the goal line in his rookie year (lucky they got the ball back and scored), diving and doing splits or whatever you call what he did) after he sores when injured, tossing the ball at an opposing coach after making a big play and getting penalized...no need for any of it and just gives him a bigger target on that little body of his during the next few drives and possibly beyond. He needs to grow up and realize football isn't all about him.
  • I 100% agree with this. I think people place too much pressure on and athletes to raise their children and to teach them morals. They want to hold others to a higher standard than what they have for themselves. Role models equals lazy parenting.
  • sorry not only sports figures but all who are in some form of entertainment is a roll model....the way tit tis....
  • Sorry, but I don't see Paris Hilton as any kind of role model for any child at all. Imagine your child growing up and wanting to be like Lindsay Lohan. I don't see how anyone can expect some kid in their 20s to be a role model. I can think of all the stupid stuff I got into in my early twenties and I was broke! I can only imagine what these millionaires can get into. Why should a person who didn't have your kids be forced to live up to some standard for your kids that you don't even place on yourself?
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  • He is a modern day athlete and these are the things they are exposed too. But the main point is how do you isolate the talent, improve it, and package it for mass appeal. I think you first start by having the guy concentrate on sharpening his body and skills. Im worried jackson will always be raw and thats not good for the longrun. Michael Irvin may have been the greatest WR to run the 20 & 30 yd out route. He didnt have that when he first got to Dallas. He made that happen. It was a precision exercise and w/o that basic play that he ran exceptionally well the other parts of his game would have looked average.
  • There is no comparison to Jackson and Irvin they don't have games that are close to one another. I have gotten on Irvin in the pass for his masterful push off skills (and he did push off a ton), but the guy also had some great hands. Jackson drops wide open passes sometimes. I agree with romorules on Jackson's intelligence. He makes bad decisions on and off the field. You obviously think that way too or you would not have brought up his rap career. With that being the case the Eagles did the right thing in resigning Jackson and the gave him a favorable contract from their position. If Jackson finds himself out of a job or out of money he can only blame himself.
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  • I dont agree w/u about his intelligence. I think he is misguided . But he is a bright young man.
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  • A bright young man would have worked that talent to more than a 15 million dollar signing bonus, romorules. Jackson accepted one of the lowest signing bonuses of all the top receivers on the market this year. His size, injury issues and disappearing acts in some games had a lot to do with it but I would guess so did his attitude. I'm hoping that now that he's happy the Jackson of old shines through but he still has plenty of questions around his game.
  • Green it almost seems that you are implying that Jackson got fleeced by the Eagles. I sure hope he doesn't figure that out too soon or they might have another T.O. situation on their hands.
  • I wouldn't say fleeced, Eazy. The contract is a nice one if he stays healthy and if he plays to the potential that he showed in his first couple seasons in the league. The Eagles got Jackson to sign a deal that makes it a little easier for them to walk away after two seasons if he continues to disappear in games and has injury issues.
  • I would agree with that. Jackson has his money, but he's on a short leash. In a way Jackson may try to get out of his contract with the Eagles by pulling some kind of stunt. Everyone knows the real money in the NFL isn't the contract. It's in the signing bonus.
  • If he wants to rap ill hook him up with my cousin.
  • One thing is for sure. I will take Jackson and all of his antics over Dez Bryant and his.
  • you got that right
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