March 23, 2014

Darren Sproles - a poor mans Desean Jackson

What a turn of events.  We go from looking like the best offense in football to having our offense thrown under the bus.   Although the Eagles front office gallantly tried to have an effective smear campaign against Jackson it hardly got any traction.   I cant think of anyone that doenst think this new drama came out of of left field.   This is not a question of whether jackson contributes or some kind of Chip kelly lockeroom culture its all about the money.   Our cap situation puts us right with the low life NFL teams. Lurie is about the green.  Period.   All those arguments here about this front office but one principle always holds true. They are CHEAP.  And like little lambs eagle fans go to slaughter year after year.  Its time the fans ask the real question.  Jeffrey Lurie are you goint to TRY and win a Superbowl?  or are we wasting out time?   If anyone thinks Jackson can be replaced easily especially by a rookie WR on a rookie contract they need their head examined.  No matter how you cut this , slice it , or dice it this is a money move in the wrong direction if they move forward with giving away a All-pro WR.  He is just hitting stride and we are getting NOTHING in return.

  • I don't know who's pulling the strings on this one (my guess is the coach), but this has been terrible. This offseason has been terrible, and it just seems to me like the Eagles have been two steps behind all offseason. Everyone is happy we resigned our guys, but our guys only accomplished a playoff loss at home. Hardly seems like something to covet. Sproles is a backup and Jackson is a starter. This seems all kinds of foolish to me right now and the Eagles have all but ruined any chance of trading this guy thanks to their negative PR campaign.
  • THIS is what I was talking about last fall. Granted there was no way I could have seen them trying to trade DJax (and if I had I would have sought help), but there is an attitude in the NovaCare Center that good enough is good enough and everyone is a just role player who is easily replaceable.

    We go through owners, GM's, coaches, players, the only thing that doesn't seem to change is the idea that good enough is good enough.

    Just ONCE I want to see the Eagles commit to a mindset of overkill. Where anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Where a guy like Todd Pinkston isn't allowed to be a waterboy. Where a guy like Reno Mahe can't buy a ticket to a game. Where signing a guy like Jeff Maehl will get you municipal jail time.

    Instead we have the team that sandbags players right before trading them. And trades a pick for a guy who was going to be cut anyway.

    Love the team. Hate the F.O.
  • As frustrating as this is for most Eagle fans leave it to you to look at this mostly usual. The Eagles have no problem paying their stars. McNabb was paid like a top QB when producing, they gave Vick an incredible contract (what a mistake that was), McCoy's getting paid like a top running back (and he should be), Samuels got a great deal and was traded because they made the mistake of thinking they were getting better by throwing an insane amount of money at one of their worst free agent moves ever...Asomugha. They gave Jackson a nice you typed he made out like a bandit with. I didn't think so but you wanted to believe it. Stating that, even though I I thought the Eagles made this an easy deal to walk away from I am surprised they are probably walking away from one of their top players in the prime of his isn't what they normally do and that is why I would almost guarantee it is indeed what Kelly wants and not Roseman or Lurie. They are putting all their trust in what their coach wants. Is it partly a cost cutting deal...I'm sure it is ...almost 11 million this year and 12 million next is a lot of money to be paying Jackson (I certainly think they should pay it unless they can make a killing in a trade and we all know that isn't going to happen) but it obviously is Kelly feeling Jackson isn't good for team chemistry also. If all Jackson has done is what we have seen and what we have heard I think Kelly is making a huge that will certainly knock this team back a few steps.
  • This is almost an identacle situation to TO. Except we havent heard a peep out of Jackson. Im not following the team chemistry smear. He had great chemistry with Foles . His numbers bear that out and Kendricks a rising start on defense came to his defense. So Im not buying that at all. I seriously doubt that Kurie would allow this coach to make such anovious error without adding his two cents. This is a pattern that has existed for years and is part of the Eagle culture. Although I had my doubts about Luries sincerity when he whimpered to the press in his "I feel your pain" dribble, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Not anymore. Now I know nothing has really changed. Instead of focusing on the goal of a superbowl they are back to the same old shannagins except this time no one is buying it. Just like I wont buty a ticket if jackson isnt back. They choose to put garbage on the field I choose not to pay for it.
  • When have you ever given Lurie the benefit of the doubt? I'm sure part of the lure for Kelly to come to the Eagles was having a big part in the decision to coach who he wants to coach. Vick is a perfect example. I'm certain if it wasn't Kelly coaching the Eagles last year, Vick wouldn't have had an opportunity here...that was Kelly thinking big things for Vick in his offense. There is NO way that Roseman and Lurie throw an incredible amount of money at Kelly (yeah, the Eagles are and then handcuff him in his second year by cutting one of his best players ONLY because of cost cutting moves...anybody who believes that should just walk away from rooting for this team right now...see you, Hollywood. This move (if it happens and listening to the media it certainly sounds like it will) has Chip Kelly written all over it.
  • Niners say they never talked to the eagles about desean and the reports were misleading and false.
  • sorry flagged by accident. The Eagles are proving again the lack of class they have. Despite GTD claims that the eagles are big spenders(lol)we all know what thecap situation has been the last two years and they are hoarding that green (GTD). They never change. They seek cheap publicity, lie , smear and dont deliver. Thats the product a non superbowl winning franchise gives you. This will all come back to kick Kelly and Lurie in the mouth. They are a joke and I think the resat of the NFL finds all of this kind of funny. Because it is. Its sort of WWF. This isnt a organization thats focused on the prize. Its an organzation built on marketing, short term results and bottom lines. I would have never thought this was possible but they did choreograph the whole TO affair so we do have a history to follow. Are Eagle fans really this dense? I doubt it. I think they are as suprised as anyone at this off season. This is really a sad franchise. They arent going anywhere. They have sometime to straighten things out but if they do nothing more then jettison Jackson and draft then you can kiss this season goodbye.
  • You want to know what dense is? Listening to TO whine like a girl while doing sit ups...watching him act like a freakin' baby having a tantrum while following McNabb on the sidelines against Pittsburgh, reading the reports of media members who were there and heard TO tell everyone on the team he'd take them on and listen to him admit he told his position coach not to talk to him and somehow still come to the conclusion that the Eagles manufactured a fracture between him and the don't get much denser than that. I'm not even sure why you brought my ID up to 20dawk because I typed nothing about any trade reports... I actually typed to Eazy that the Eagles have handled this extremely poorly in my opinion. I just think it has more to do with than cost cutting. You want more proof? They signed The 31 year old Peters to an extremely nice extension. According to your reasoning they not only shouldn't have done that, they should have let him go this year. I guess McCoy better watch out next and if Foles has another very good year the Eagles will force him into playing into his 4 th year without a deal before they either trade him or just flat out cut him. You whined they wouldn't pay Jackson, McCoy or Vick yet they gave them very nice deals. Vick played his way out of his, it seems that Jackson has Jacksoned his way out of his whether warranted or not and I'm sure as long as McCoy stays healthy he will continue to play through this one and hopefully more.
  • You act like signing Peters to an extension is unique to the Eagles. All teams do it. Its nothing special. Every team has nice deals. Some more than others. Cap numbers tell the whole story. You keep kicking the truth done the road while they keep kicking the money down the road. Yeah its good management if there is an end game but there never is and hardly ever has been. This jackson "affair" is proof [positive the Eagles owner and front office hasnt learned a thing from their mistakes. They made great cosmetic changes but obviously havent changed their wicked ways.
  • Who typed anything about the Peters situation being unique and why the hell would I do that anyway? If I thought it was unique (and I don't) it would help prove your point...stick with me here, buddy. "I keep kicking the truth down the road"? The Eagles spend money, Hollywood. We've been through this before. Are they the top spenders year after, but I would guess they aren't close to the bottom most years either. You don't spend money just to spend it and you want to discuss unique the TO and the Jackson situations were/are certainly unique to the Eagles. They don't make a habit of getting rid of top talent in their prime just to cut costs. In both situations there are/were underlying circumstances whether the Eagles are being too thin skinned or not and you ignoring the fact doesn't change it. I brought up the Peters contract to show you that it doesn't make sense that they're throwing ten million dollars a year at one player while cutting another for making that type of also doesn't make sense that the Eagles would go all out to bring in the coach they coveted just to cost cut in any year let alone his second year when they hope to make a leap deeper into the playoffs. Go read the reports, listen to the radio, open your freakin' eyes. Jackson supposedly has had issues with Kelly from day one and we saw his tirade at his position coach on TV. We've heard the reports of his flashing gang signs on Instagram and him ignoring the Eagles pleas to stop, we heard him admit that he dogged it and somewhat gave up on his team because he wasn't happy with his contract situation and then having the gall this year to hint that he wants his contract renegotiated within hours of getting bumped out of the playoffs. Gary Cobb said in an interview with Howard Eskin last night that Jackson's actions have grown tiresome and he has become a nuisance BUT he doesn't think you can just walk away from his numbers. Pretty much my feelings exactly.
  • And now da raiders say they don't want desean.
  • We have to remember that all reports we see and read aren't true and sometimes teams are just positioning themselves. One of these teams that "aren't interested" may just be the team that ends up with him. At this point a 3rd round pick may be all we can hope for...if some of the things we're reading are true it seems the Eagles really botched this situation up.
  • We also gotta remember that not everything reported in philly is always true. People tend to believe philly reporters over reporters from anywhere else. I have no idea why, but people trust guys like Geoff mosher on wether a team (niners) are interested in a player over a reporter from San Fran who says no.
  • I've seen way too many Philly reports fall far short to fall into that category. Too much smoke to think there is nothing to this situation but I would guess a lot of teams have at least called to see what the situation is whether they discussed compensation or not...They'd be foolish not to. Many teams will be willing to talk to his agent if he is on the open market but only one team will end up getting to sign him. I'm sure teams have called to see what it would cost them whether they have serious intentions on going after him or not. If the 49ers claim they haven't called they probably haven't...I wouldn't be shocked at all to see them rework a few contracts to find cap room and sign him if he ends up a free agent.
  • Team after team after team are coming out and saying they have never contacted the eagles. The local eagles reporters said all these teams, jets (true), niners, panthers, raiders, have all talked to the eagles. All but one team has come out and said they have done no such thing. Philly reporters are jokes.
  • It happens everywhere not just in Philly. Actually it was Ian Rappoprt from the NFL Network and not the local media that broke the story or started the rumor (whatever you want to call it) that the Panthers and the Raiders were interested.
  • I dont think they botched it up. i think they know exactly what they are doing. They have a cheap exit now. Nothing valuable in return for Jackson that may demand alot of money. Perfect scenario for this lousy management.
  • I started typing you're clueless but I refuse to believe you're as foolish as you act on here. You're just stubborn and refuse to let go of the idiotic, over the top crap you've typed in the past.
  • You can label my argument any way ou want but most fans on here are closer to agreeing with me than you. So whether my argument is idiotic or not it is better than yours.
  • Where do you get that? The only person I have seen make any kind of statement one way or the other is Eazy state he thinks it's the coach. Go ahead and throw a thread up asking all to give their opinion...cost cutting move or Kelly and let's see what we get. I just got done listening to Anthony Gargano saying that it being a cost cutting move this year makes absolutely no sense and it doesn't and I'm convinced it isn't. It's just you trying to toot your " the Eagles are cheap" horn. It's pretty much what you do 99.9 % of the time on here.
  • Plainly stated: SOMEBODY'S BEEN LYING
  • I don't know who's to blame, but in a way it's hard to just place this on the coaches lap considering this seems to be a recurring theme of the Eagles. They never seem to be the team who try to go all out to get that Bowl victory. The team always neglects some part of their team. It's usually the part they neglect that could have been the piece to get them over the top. When you have a 4-12 team I can accept that, but when the team is 10-6, I expect more than just a slightly above average safety, a bunch of special teams guys, a backup running back, and trading away our best receiver. I don't understand how anyone could be happy with what the Eagles have done so far.
  • I don't get why it's so hard to figure this out. Ask yourself this...would Roseman and Lurie look to dump Jackson and his salary if Kelly wanted him here? There's no way they would. You type it's a common theme? Besides TO and Jackson what young stars have the Eagles dumped just to get rid of salary? It doesn't happen. So what's the common theme...receivers who have me first attitudes. The difference here is that I totally understood why the Eagles let TO walk. Even though I'm not overly fond of Jackson's antics I don't think the things he's done is enough to warrant looking to give him the boot. Who knows, maybe something happened and the Eagles don't want to say what till he's gone but it could simply be that Kelly doesn't want to deal with him and if that's the case it makes me worry a bit about Kelly.
  • Now Mark Sanchez? SMH.
  • Now we have this:
  • LOL. Who knows what to believe anymore. Hopefully it means he's staying.
  • As the Eagles turn. Our team has become a soap opera or a bad comedy. I'm not sure which yet.
  • Just become? Really. You havent noticed that eagles are always in the middle of some media storm. You are a very smart guy EZ but I think you misjudge the power of marketing. Whether it be Myli Cyrus sliding sticking out her tongue or Kim Kardashian wearing rear end hugging pants publicity produces dividends. Now this sideshow entertains fans and the media all season if Jackson stays. I think he is staying how funny is that?
  • There's a "story" that has been released that the Eagles are concerned with the ties and friendships Desean Jackson has with two accused murderers (Crip members) acquitted, one convicted and serving time. This is a concern if true especially after what we've seen in New England. Figured there was more to this than what we've been hearing.
  • I see its guilt by association now. LMAO. Ok how many other players in this league know someone in a gang. This is beyond a sad lame excuse. Its about the money only you the wise GTD know its about a gang sign.
  • Go ahead and just pick and choose what you want to believe, Hollywood. Speculate that Andy Reid knew that his son had steroids in his dorm room and that he and his son son had some kind of drug operation going but refuse to even consider any truth to Jackson having ties to gang members while he's flashing his Crip signs. It honestly is a shame if it's's a shame that Jackson couldn't use his talent and success to leave that lifestyle behind.
  • who cares what he does with his personal life. how does that affect you. Is he a good football player and does he reach out to the Eagle community. Answer yes. you better have good proof if you are gonna attack his character this way. so far I ve heard nothing but junk.
  • Give it a rest Mr. "Jeff Lurie is a racist" or is it Mr. "The Greatest Eagle ever took a dive in the Super Bowl" or maybe Mr. "Andy Reid knew about his son having drugs in his dorm room"? You're the worst at throwing names and labels without having ANY factual proof so you need to just sit back and read what I have to type...and I'll stick to what we're hearing and reading. As a fan Desean Jackson's personal life doesn't affect me in any way what so ever but it does affect the Eagles. The Eagles have the right to expect their players to act a certain way and hanging out with known felons and possibly murderers isn't what they expect, I'm sure. Throw in him being a me, me, me guy and I totally understand why they walked away from him... I'm not thrilled about it but I get it. You've got it all wrong, Hollywood, The Eagles don't like negative publicity like you claim they do and that is the main reason why they are cutting ties now.
  • I can't see how the Eagles can justify cutting Jackson on alleged gang connections when they gave a 100 million dollar contract to a convicted felon and 25 million to a confirmed racists. On top of that now they are citing he has poor practice skills and missed meetings. So he's done all that, but no fines or suspensions? Sorry but this wreaks of suspicion and to me it seems like they just don't wish to pay him. If that were the case they shouldn't have signed him in the first place. No wonder Joe Banner laughed at this contract. This release makes me even more concerned about the job Howie Roseman is doing.
  • Oh oh... I wonder what "lies" the Eagles will start about McCoy next year? I'm surprised they didn't dig some dirt on Peters instead of giving him that big extension? Where there's smoke there's fire in most cases. Was the timing perfect? No, but when would have been the best time making a tough decision like this? The Patriots kept Hernandez on the team until things got out of hand. We'll see how this all plays out.0
  • If the Eagles are just assuming cause Hernandez is a murderer Jackson is one too then they are short sited here. If Jackson was the trouble they are now trying to make him out to be they should have fined or suspended him. Instead they just kept playing him. In other words they rewarded his behavior. Regardless if what Jackson might have done this makes the Eagles look bad, and cheap.
  • You see what jackson did for that bullied boy. He has heart something lurie that mommas boy will never have.
  • We don't have all the facts and I'd guess we never really will. We don't know if everything we've heard is all they there is. We don't know how long the Eagles have known about the ties or whether they thought they simply had an immature player on their hands...maybe we'll find out soon. There could be many more underlying facts but if the Eagles do know that Jackson has close ties to gang members/murderers on top of him quitting on his team, having issues with his coaches, was pulled over with pot and possibly guns in his car and on top of all that hinted around he's not happy with his current contract I'm not shocked at all. I'm upset they lost one of their more talented players but surprised, not anymore.
  • Here's what we do know. Rather what we think we know. The Eagles ran away from Jackson due to his salary and the Aaron Hernandez situation. The funny thing is the Patriots are considered one of the teams who wish to bring Jackson in. So the team that ACTUALLY had Hernandez isn't concerned about this happening to them again, but the Eagles are? I guess we know why one team has a dynasty and one is loves being the gold standard of cap money.
  • How many reports came out saying other teams had interest in Jackson before many of them getting debunked? Like I stated before...let's see how it all plays out.
  • Jacksons's people have told Sal Pal that six teams have already contacted him. The Chiefs and Reid apparently really want to make a push for him. It's playing out like the Eagles simply didn't want to pay him, because they think they can do better without him. We'll see what happens, but as far as free agency goes it's pretty much over. All that's left is the draft.
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