May 24, 2013

Did I ever say ,I was a professional writer?

I think some and they know who they are? think they are so good at lets say two things?? and they are, writing blogs? and  coaching sports teams?

No I'm not a great writer and at least I am honest about that, while some? think they are better or greater at something than me?? they can criticize me like they are my teacher? or parent?

to these I say, why write here where all the rookies are?? why not make money writing professionally  ? make money at it!

No, I ? just started as it were , started blogging and No I don't have the writing skills as others do, not yet, and it sure doesn't help to get yelled at?

has anyone ever heard of the written word and the spoken word? I am the spoken word kind, not the other!

this sort of behavior by some? reminds me of the kid who shows up to practice every day and works his A? off but when it comes to game time?? he sits and waits his turn? no help from the coaches or others and so in the end? he gives up!

I'm the kid, No, I didn't take typing in school, why? didn't ever think I would need it? now I wish I had , but the talk I get from some?? really bothers me!

why not be of help not think your better than someone?

And frankly on yard barker? I see the arm chair coaches? hey some are al ready or might as  well be? asking for Chip Kelly's head? and he hasn't even coached a game yet???

I say to these ? why didn't you apply for the job when Reid was canned? you think you know so much??  sure we have our opinions, but when it gets a little to much?? 

Like when Ernie Kent was canned at Oregon? the winnest  coach at Oregon as basketball coach plus he took the ducks to two elite 8's??   but he couldn't coach in the pac-10??? again  for those? why didn't they apply for the position as head coach? thinking they knew so much about college basketball? 

Hey you don't like what I write? or blog?? don't read it!

unless you can be helpful?? shut up!!!

  • Other than Flip I don't think any of us are professional writers, but we at least try to be understandable. My 7 year old has a better idea of how to write a sentence than you. No offense, but if your objective is to come in and try to bring about a change, then you may not want to seem like an idiot when you are trying to do so.
  • GOD IN HEAVEN id hate to be your child??? one false move??why not try to give some adult advice ...
    Christ the lord???
  • Stop the question marks that's this (?) just incase u weren't sure. If it's truly a question we will be able to understand that.
  • Some adult advice. Write like an adult and not like a buffoon.
  • there you again reading my blogs smart ass.....
    funny how loud mouths cant stop.....
  • So to be clear you wish to be ignored now, because it wasn't that long ago you were whining about flip blocking you. I'm trying to help you fit in, but if you would rather stay on the outside then I will leave you and your confusing rants be.
  • good leave me alone
  • I dont whine about Flip blocking me. In fact its a badge of honor. You see Flip is a good writer until he begins to ramble sabout his "semi pro" career. I could probably make a "semi pro" squad now at the age of 50. He managed to draw similarities between his glory days and McNabbs. PLLLLLLLL Ease! I wouldnt kiss his fat slow ass on any day. You see he hung up his game when he was 20. Im in the prime of my sport now. He lives his life measuring everyones success but his own. He needs to come off his mountain and realize his opinion is only one of many. Its not GOSPEL fool!
  • You could can the extra question marks, especially in multiples and where they don't belong. If you write a sentence that's a question, than put a question mark at the end. If it's not a question then DO NOT use a question mark, it's as simple as that. I'm trying to help you by pointing out this simple premise and rule of grammar. Hell, use a grammar check and spell check in a word doc and then copy and paste a correct sentence, paragraph...hell a freakin' novel if you want. I've never beat you up on here kelly and I'm only trying to help, so be careful how you choose to respond.
  • Its true if you dont use it you lose it. My writing & spelling skills are atrocious. Ive lost it over the years because I just never write. Ill admit flip is entertaining and it wouldnt suprise me at all if he wrote a successful screenplay. In fact, I hope he does. I told you way back when that I had a successful cousin in the music industry but Calieagle laughed it off. He made a mistake. Good luck with your writing Flip maybe I was wrong that you live in the past. Sorry.
  • any help is appreciated, I mean help, not being made fun of!
  • See, you can write a sentence without a question mark. There was no need for one there and you left it out. Just make sure the first word of a sentence is capitalized. Be cool.
  • Help is only appreciated when it's taken. Here you are whining about everyone, criticizing everyone, but so soft that you can't take it when it comes back on you. Go ahead a write another article whining about somebody trying to help you.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Agreed. Dude has no desire to really do anything other than get attention.
  • AGAIN you don't like my blogs ??don't read... whos forcing you to read them...I have had many want names who like my don't don't read....ohhby that way thanks for reading??? you also remind me of the lady who called me when I was a Disc jockey at a rock station, she said she hated the music???? isn't there dial button??? whos forcing her to listen??? like you???am I forcing you to read????
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