December 08, 2013

Did People Really Want Vick To Come In This Game???

Okay granted Foles had a subpar game in a blizzard (still had two scores) especially in the first half, but this idea of bringing in Vick was stupid! First off how in the world could a turnover fumble machine like Vick be more effective in a situation where players were fumbling all game? Second how would benching Foles in a game where he's struggling helps this team as a whole? Our starting QB should not be looking over his shoulder every time he struggles a little. Not only that, Foles needs to learn how to work through games like this. These are the kind of games the build the character of a player. If Chip would have gave the game to Vick we would have lost by two touchdowns instead of winning by two. Keep Vick were he belongs from now in. Watching on the bench.

  • Yea people r stupid
  • The Eagles offensive line dominated the second half. Jason Kelce may have had his best game as a pro.
  • A buddy of mine texted that to me when the score was 14-0. I texted him back "no freakin' way". Can't do that to your possible/probable QB of the future. if it came down to it you sacrifice this game for the future plus there is no guarantee that Vick plays any better...isn't that why Foles is still starting with a healthy Vick? I agree with your Kelce comment...the man is playing well yet still gets no credit from "our" resident semi pro offensive lineman. He had center down as one of the top needs for the Eagles next year in a recent post. Another case of him making a comment and sticking with it no matter what.
  • The idea the Vick makes us better is nothing more than a fallacy at this point. There is no proof of it. He plays and we lose. The only thing I'm certain of when it comes to Vick is if given enough time he will turn the ball over far too often to be useful. I'm not surprised flipflop wants a new center. He's dogged Kelce for years, and one of those years he was hurt. I don't think it was a coincidence when Kelce went down the line soon followed. Foles had a rough game, but he was still fighting, and moving the ball forward anyway he could from using hard counts to running with the ball himself. Alas flipflop still thinks Shady needs a running QB to be a legit NFL back. Thankfully flipflop isn't responsible for making decision.
  • Vick is a member of the team. Winning is all that matters. If Chip feels Vick gives the team a chance Ill go on his judgement. If Foles was in a playoff game and threw for 4-25 in 3 qtrs would you want Chip to try Vick in the 4th Quarter. Or would you want more of the same in the final qtr? Every player brings a different opportunity to the table so i wouldnt just dismiss Vick. In fact, I have no problem putting him on the field in certain situations and I have complete confidence in him as a backup or starter. So why are you bringin this up again. I mean early on you were willing to have the Eagles "tank" a season. Do you still like the idea of tanking or winning?
  • First Foles not Vick gives us the best chance to win so benching Foles for Vick is just stupid in my opinion. Second bringing in Vick for a few plays is something different entirely. A play or two is fine, but I'm not taking out my QB for long stretches. I remember you were the one who was crying about Vick having to share time and how Brady and others didn't get treated like Vick was. The truth of the matter is no one seems to get that many of the problems stemmed from Mike's play. Suddenly the offensive line is better now that Vick is sitting has nothing to do with anything other than the fact Vick is sitting. Cooper looking like an NFL receiver has everything to do with the fact the QB trusts him to go and get it while Vick didn't. Things are just better with Vick sitting, and him coming into games will not help us. The last thing our starting QB needs is to be looking over his shoulder for the hook every time he makes a bad play or two. Still Foles scored two TDs and we won. No Vick was needed. Hopefully you'll see it too.
  • Don't forget that the "tanking" of the season was with the thought that Foles would be worse than Vick under center THIS season, something you kept typing you weren't sure would be the case. Seems you were right and Hollywood and flip were wrong yet again. @ Hollywood.
    Kelly kept Vick right where he's done the most to help this team win...on the bench.
  • The fact Brad Smith got that red zone play and not Vick last week was enough for me to know that Kelly doesn't trust Mike Vick to be any help for this team. With that being the case I don't take any credit for Foles. I can't say I believed in Foles more than Vick, but my thought process was that ween should wait and see before we judge Foles. So far Foles is proving those who wanted to judge him too early wrong.
  • I felt the same way, Eazy but obviously didn't think Foles had this type of game in him...not at this point in his career anyway. Just thought the Eagles would do themselves and Foles an injustice by not giving him a shot to show what he could do especially when looking at the cost...benching the oft injured Vick.
  • Well it played out like everyone knew it would regarding Vick. He got hurt again, but at least Foles made it too hard for them to bring Vick back. When Kolb had those chances he choked. Foles has something about him. Don't feel too bad for Vick, because he's likely to end up the starting QB for those alleged playoff bound Raiders. LMAO
  • Yeah but I never liked the idea at all of tanking a season. Regardless of the QB. How do you feel about "tanking" from this point on? I bet if you knew we were in a situation where Foles was laboring and a series of Vick could help us win you would want his number called. I never like the idea of losing for draft picks. Get that dumb thought out of your brain. In Balto losing isnt an option even for a top pick. Thats alosers mentality. So what if I was wrong about Foles as the the starter for this year the bottom line is Chip did exactly what I thought he should do. he started Vick and gave him an opportunity and then went to Foles. That was the right sequence. Foles coming off the bench not annointed. Had he been given Foles on day one we might be talking about Barkley right now. Hwe waited and was rewarded thats how guys like Foles develop into good players. Hes not a great one but he can manage the team and im ok with that. In fact I kind of like not having a scrambling QB for a change . Its easier on the eyes.
  • All speculation, Hollywood. If Foles would have gotten the starting job from day one there's a better chance that they would be 9-4 or 10-3 right now than what you suggest. Just let it go, Nick Foles is a better choice to run Kelly's offense. He is now and he would have been week one. Regardless though, Kelly has fixed it, if Foles stays healthy Vick will probably never put his helmet on at the Linc again and that's the way it should be.
  • If you don't like the idea of losing for draft picks Wood then you need to get the idea of Mike Vick as an asset out of your head. The wins are piling up with Foles, and the losses were piling up with Vick. If you want Vick then you want losses.
  • As much as he's trying to embrace the thought of the player he called a bum weeks ago taking over as the Eagles QB he can't totally admit he was wrong. He will throw "tanking" in our faces while ignoring that all along we wanted to see if Foles could win and any losses would just be part of the process. We knew the Eagles needed a new QB and if it was Foles (and it seems like it is) then great...if not they would be in a better spot to draft one. As a fan there is nothing wrong with that. The funny thing about Hollywood discussing tanking is that we have seen him root on and be happy about Eagle player injuries and I'm sure he's been happy during more than one Eagle loss in the past 3 years since I've been here.
  • I know I clearly felt that if everyone thought the Eagles win six games then why win six games with Vick? Better to see what we have in Foles. Foles could at least win six games! That's the funny part. Neither him or flipflop thought much of this team WITH Vick as the starter before the season started, but in the next moment they went on and on about tanking with Foles. They are walking contradictions. So now since Foles clearly isn't tanking, and Vick did what he does best flipflop blogs about everything, but Eagle football, and Wood can't wait to get Vick back in the game so we don't tank? I guess tanking for them really means winning. So clearly they don't want to see the Eagles win.
  • I'm certain flip and Hollywood were hoping to see the Eagles fail this year so they could pat themselves on the back just like they did after the Dallas game. Flip is doing just what I stated he would but ripping on the Eagles (even he probably realizes what he seems like when he brings up faults while they continue to win)...he's discussing his fantasy team. He's probably still waiting until the Eagles have their next slip up so he can type "I told you so". His lack of any kind of praise for "his" Eagles besides what they do for his fantasy team prove that what I've stated about him in the past is true...he's more about having his predictions right than anything else on here. The self proclaimed biggest Eagle fan on this site may just be a step below hollywoodeagle anymore...and you don't get much lower than that when discussing fans.

    On a good note his Raiders keep losing so we don't have to have all that ridiculous praise coming our way on an Eagle's blog site.
  • Dude was praising them after losses. He's a comical fellow.
  • I just can't wait to see what the Eagles get when they trade the man who has helped get this team rated the number three offense in yardage and is now 6-1 as the starter this year. If flip typed it's going to happen than it must be a mortal lock.
  • I hope flip flop does a "mortal lock" of us NOT winning the Super Bowl. Then I KNOW IT WOULD BE CERTAIN WE WIN IT!
  • His boy Kelce gets the respect of his teammates by getting the Ed Block courage award, has been getting praise for quite a while by his teammates and the local media especially after the Lions game yet the ex semi pro offensive lineman thinks the Eagles need a new center. Maybe he'll stop if Kelce makes it to the pro bowl?
  • Green I wouldn't mind if Kelce made the probowl, but I'm hoping our team will be focused of another Game if you catch my drift.
  • Another nod from the local media. Brian Baldinger (professional analyst and former NFL offensive lineman...not former semi pro who frequents yardbarker) stated on this week's Eagles Extra that he feels that Kelce is the BEST center in the NFL and stated he doesn't feel he is reaching. Even if he is wrong in his assessment who would you think is closer with their assessment...Kelce is the best from Baldinger or the Eagles need a new center from birdflipper? LOL.
  • Flip flop needs to keep him coming. Everytime he's makes a predictions he's usually wrong. I just hope he keeps up his negative, crybaby ways. I would hate for him to star supporting this team. We would be screwed then.
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