October 29, 2012

Dont think you are off the hook- JEFF LURIE

Ok, we all know Andy, the players, the coaches, the scouts, the front office and anyone remotely connected to putting this stinkin product on the field are responsible for this mess.  So now that we are here ,  how does Jeffrey Lurie(owner)  change the direction this franchise is going in.  The truth is Andy reid has sucked the "fanhood" out of its base.  I cant stand what i see.  Its about as low as I can remember.  The new stadium, fanbase and big dollars have added up to NOTHING.  We got hosed .  Rear end smashed.  Call it what you want but this garbage train has been off track for years.  Reids drafts stink.  All the "gold standard" talk.  The self centered nature of the whole franchise including Andy, Lurie...etc and the players.   Its a pethetic display of rotten behavior.  Yes, the FANS are to blame for their unbridled support for this rotten treatment.  When you pay for it they will keep the crap coming.  Once you pull the money stream Lurie will wake the phuck up and give the fans something.   Its abackstabbing , lying organization and the crap is finally hitting the fan.   Its all coming to a head and collapse has begun.  You cant build a foundation on backstabbing.  You build it on transparency, honesty, loya;lty and respect.  And when Andy tossed , maybe the greatest Eagles under the bus, McNabb and dawkins,  that was a clear indication of how low these scumbags would go. 

  • I know what they say about anonymous sources, but there was an article that stated the Eagles FO was "divisive and paranoid." Usually anonymous sources are unreliable, but this one sounds like it was for real.
  • Tony Gonzalez tweeted that Eagles players were saying something is going on in Philly. Whatever that means. All I know is this team looks like a mess on the field and apparently behind closed doors as well.
  • interesting anymore filtering thru the system.
  • What does that even mean?
  • You would never convince GTD of this he just believes everything is A ok in that front office. He dismisses Luries business ability and just believes that this is just the bad result of good organization that choose and kept Reid by accident. I saw something like this coming . Of course, GTD will argue I got this or that wrong but i told him years ago that Reids arrogant backstabbing ways would bring the organizatuion to its knees. But he thinks Lurie is so removed from what Reid does that he somehow bears no brunt of the resposibility for this stink. GTD you are WRONG. Lurie is in that office everyday and knows EXACTLY what he is doing. And I will stick to my script. He is building an exit strategy as we speak. He will walk off with big FAT bags of cash leaving Philly with a total financial and Eagle mess. Unable to rebuild because he took the profit and walked. And with new ownership so deep i nd ebt it will take years to rebuild. MARK MY WORDS
  • I never stated everything is A-OK, hollywood. What I do is debunk your silly claims. I DON'T think Reid is a bad person...just a bad coach right now! I DON'T think Lurie purposely tries to NOT win a Super Bowl...I don't think he meddles and puts his hands all over this team. The Vick and Castillo moves prove this yet you refuse to see what sits right in front of you because of your assinine claims. Honestly...so what if Lurie ended up selling the team today? Why does it matter to you so much what he chooses to do with his team? Let me answer that, it doesn't matter to you. You will still be on here in a few years (I would bet sooner) whining about any owner, coach, players and everybody else associated with the Philadelphia Eagles because you are nothing but a whiner...it is what you are and all you do!
  • Even if the Eagles were to win the Super Bowl I'm sure Wood would be the first fan ever to complain about it. LOL
  • ...and you know he would state they won despite of Reid and the FO. I just wish hollywood would show some enthusiasm for the team he claims to like. There is always an asterisk by anything good he types and it's usually something odd. Coleman, Fokou, Chaney. Just hard to understand him.
  • Look out Jeffrey Lurie...hollywoodeagle is after you! I couldn't bring myself to read most of your crying, whining BS. Fans are unhappy and they absolutely deserve to be, mainly because Lurie has held onto a coach that couldn't get it done. There is nothing more to it in my opinion.
  • Of course thats what you believe. You are clueless.
  • No...you are just a BSing whiner.
  • LOL Now you two play nice. There is a storm coming.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Thats where you are wrong he has customers. And when the customers stop buyi ng his product I am almost certain he will change.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • If it were up to Reid he would have kept Mcnabb and Bdawk. The FO forced his hand because they wanted to move to the "young guns." Now we have a team with no leadership or chemistry.
  • I doubt Reid had nothing to do with signing Mike Vick. Reid thought he could turn Vick into a better version of McNabb. They thought they had Steve Young. Like with several other guys the Eagles tried to replace Dawkins with they were wrong on Vick. Reid's hands are all over this roster. Not that things would have been better had McNabb stayed.
  • Absolutley right, Eazy. To think that Reid didn't have final say in all personnel moves is wrong. Any coach that is force fed his players should want to get as far away from that team as possible. Reid's agent stepped out and tried getting Lurie to move on an extension. Doesn't sound like a coach who has a meddling FO to me. Both McNabb and Dawkins were aging players looking for their last big contracts. They thought they had McNabb's replacement. Reid AND the Eagles decided it was time to move on...why is that so hard to believe?
  • It's the last dash of McNabb fans trying in any way they can to vindicate their deity. Still (like the player himself) haven't accepted the fact his time has passed. The Eagles did the right thing dumping that guy on the Redskins. I only wish he were there longer to set them back even farther. Instead they immediately recognized how cooked and stupid he was so they dumped him. Now they have a legit QB.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Let's not forget the loss of Dawkins was magnified by the loss of Jim Johnson. The Eagles haven't won a playoff game since we lost both of them. This whole idea of things being better if McNabb and his air banjo being back would have made a difference is nonsense. These are the same people who called McNabb Elway. Well Elway's coach actually had McNabb and he basically said the guy was fat and stupid. Then he goes to Minnesota with a coach who knew him and he's promptly benched for a rookie. The Eagles were right then and still right today for getting rid of him when they did.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Two real pillars of Reid's leadership structure were loss the same off-season. The team was left with fake leaders like Air Banjo and his blame others for throwing the ball in the dirt style of leadership.
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