January 16, 2014

Draft order rounds 1-3 target a position

I would target the following positions early in the draft in this order:

Rd 1- WR

Rd 2-  DT

Rd 3-   OLB


After that I would probably add Oline, QB ,CB.


I think we should add solid players vis free agency at:

Safety, LB, DL, OL, QB one of each

  • If Cooper and Maclin return I would stay clear of WR at least in the early rounds. Defense is the priority early to me. Last season went to offense. This season should go to defense.
  • The defense is younger than the offense. i think the offensive window is now and if Foles is the guy then stock up on weapons. Add some veteran players on D.
  • The defense is the liability and as such they need more weapons. We only had three viable corners last season and only two safeties under contract right now. We need more defensive talent.
  • We do but time is of the essence. We are not going to be able to accomplish everything through the draft. The defense will not develop fast enough. we have a mature offense with a young leader. We need that over the top offensive threat. On defense we will have to rely on spending money in free agency or timing could be a factor.
  • The Eagles at best will sign one high priced free agent. You can draft stud players early. If happens all the time (just not often enough for the Eagles), but I don't see how adding to this offense makes them better when this defense is a total liability. You have to upgrade this defense. It's the only way the Eagles take the next step.
  • I dont agree with that. The Ravens werent particurly successful with young players. They had some but the core group that led the superbowl push were predominantly solid veterans. In fact I cant think of a rookie in these final four playoff games thats an impact player on either side of the ball.
  • I don't give a crap about the Ravens, but I'm certain the majority of their players are home grown.
  • Eric Reid safety San Fran. Chris jones joe vellano dl New England, jamie Collins lb New England, sylvester Williams dt Denver, all rookies all expected to start this weekend. All have been major contributors this year with the exception of Williams on the stat sheet. One could make the argument for Vance McDonald TE San Fran but he is technically a back up. Funny thing is they are all on defense.
  • None of the guys you mentioned are household names exception maybe Reid. Other than 1st round picks that can be hit or miss there isnt a team in these final fours built on young draft picks.
  • Reid Williams n Collins are very popular names and no defense or offense is built by a rookie outside of the qb. It's a team game. Fact is these rookies are starting and contributing u can ignore that all you want but it's true
  • I'm not too keen on burning an early pick on WR. I think we'll be A-OK just resigning Maclin and Cooper. The guy I want the Eagles to take is Trent Murphy. Look up his numbers. The guy is arguably a hidden gem in the 1st round.
  • Safety/corner

  • We got out-muscled vs the Saints.
    The moral of the story is: GET MORE MUSCLE!

    First and foremost, we need to fix the gaping wound that is the FS position. After that we should invest HEAVILY in players who can hold their own one-on-one "In the Phonebooth". (Phonebooth. I'm about to OWN that term in about a month!)

    After FS, I'd go OLB. Later on (probably post-Draft) I'd add a big, strong ILB. To me Bennie Logan seems small for NT, and not particularly strong vs the run. However the Eagles seem to be invested in him, so the idea that they'll spend a high pick seems unlikely. Not that I would mind if they did. As I said we need some more muscle than we had against the Saints, and Logan was a primary part of us getting pushed around.

  • I like the phonebooth phrase . Sort of catchy. I agree with your assesment of our NT position. You cant keep letting veterans walk and replace them with rookies and expect big results. I hate to say it but Castillo was serving us better under Reid than Davis has up till now. And McDermott is soing a pretty nice job in Carolina. Bottom line is you need personnel and we dont have a very good d-line. Its adequate.
  • That "in the phonebooth" phrase is used A LOT by scouts when assessing O-line and front seven players ability 1-on-1. Between Draft conversations getting more prominent (and some other dealings) I'm personally going to be using that phrase anywhere from 2 to 20 times a day.
  • Here's the real deal people---riley cooper was open because of desean Jackson deep threat--safty over the top open's up cooper---besides that,he is an average wr---eagle's need weapons big and physical--to match up against 49ers or seahawks period bump and coverage---as chip Kelly saids all the time tool box---that's why djax stated he wanted contract restructure--draft another weapon for outside just in case---desean jackson act's up---the home invasion was set up people--by his people--holla at your boy. p.s we need safty help--big physical safety to play run game--and cover
  • Dawk that may be true they did contribute but no one draft will elevate us from where we are to a superbowl unless we dive into free agnecy and add depth and impact players. You can fool yourself with this homegrown crap but our key players are solidly into their prime especially on offense(whole O-line) so they better not act like they have time to rebuild because that should have been happening 5 years ago.
  • They need to add a few free agents, but the draft is how teams get better. It's always been that way.
  • Well pretty much all Super Bowl mvps are homegrown players so, no. Secondly I'm pretty sure the eagles and every other team in the nfl was drafting players five years ago so, yea they did start. Funny thing is all teams that win Super Bowls have majority of home grown players. Like ur ravens.
  • The five greatest Ravens were all drafted by the team. There are exceptions to every rule, but certainly the majority of a teams best players come from their own drafts. That's why bad teams stay bad (they draft sh!tty) and regardless of where they draft good teams stay good. Take the Raiders. They draft in the top 10 nearly every year (unless they traded away their picks again) and still are a crap franchise, because they generally miss more than they hit on their picks.
  • Oh so THIS is where you've been hiding!

    You still haven't told me who considers Foles a top 10 QB.

    You think I'm just gonna let you duck me on that, while you hide out on other posts, picking the same BS fight with Hollywood all the time?

    NAW SON! You WANTED this remember?

    I gave you an assignment! Quit ducking me and do what I told you!

    If you can.
  • The fans belive so as they voted him to the pro bowl. He's also likely to be in the top 10 of MVP candidates. The fact you don't think he's good only confirms he must be as you're the same guy who thought Shady sucked. Eagles fans voted Foles the best young rising star in the city between Dom Brown, MCW, and Claude Giroux. I know these don't meet you're approval, but you don't count so....
  • I think MCoy had a great season but I dont think he is as great as you make him out to be. He had a great season but there are alot of very physical runners out there and I dont think he is that tough. he had a great line but you put him behind a crummy line he would like just like he did in the saints game. Guess what keith byars was a great runningback. he hurt both his feet and was never the same but that doesnt take away he was great runner. You have a weird way of evaluating talent its always based on numbers and not necessarily factoring in circumstances. I stand by what i said about Wells & Foles. I think Wells when healthy was a very good runner. I dont care if he ran for 10,000 yards or two yards when was 100% healthy he was a load. Its like mcFadden. Hes hurt all the time but when healthy the guy is a very tough back. Why is that a bad evaluation?
  • Keith Byars was a great receiver, and a great blocker, but he was a terrible running back. He doesn't even pass your "if you put him with a running QB he'll be great" test. You can have McFadden. He's an oft-injured overrated back who has never come close to Shady on any level. I'll take Shady over your list of bums. Wells a top 5 back? Stop smoking the drugs.
  • after he was hurt he couldnt run the same but when he was in college he was a great runner. So when Shady gets hurt you are going to say he sucks? I like Ray Rice but he had a horrible year but hes a very good running back. Maybe hes injured but that doesnt take away from the fact when "healthy " he cancan play.
  • He really does have a f***ed up system of evaluating players doesn't he?

    I remember a play where Keith Byars was laying on his back on the goal line after a block. There's tipped ball, and he reaches up and pulls it in. FROM HIS BACK. That guy was a hell of a RB. Makes you wonder what he'd have been like if Buddy Ryan's team actually had an offensive system.
  • Had Byars remained healthy coming out of college he would have been unstoppable. One of the all time great Eagles. Even with his limitations he was a force. EZ just looks at numbers not the intangibles. There are some very physical backs like Ridley, ball, Lacy, lynch, peterson, thomas...etc that get alot of the very hard hitting yards on a consistent basis that shady wont even attempt. They have different styles but in big games are effective.
  • Stop telling me about wudda, coulda, shoulda. You keep telling me about if this if that. You keep the all broken team and I'll roll with the working now team. The Dolphins had no run game and Byars didn't light up there and they had an offensive line and run first Jimmy Johnson. If you think Byars is better than Shady you're a friggin moron.
  • It would give this team a different feel if we had a Lynch, Marion the Barbarian type. As good as McCoy is, he doesn't CONSISTENTLY commit to hitting the hole hard in short yardage. I say consistently because the instant you say he WON'T, he does it twice in a row, (but then reverts back to dancing) afterward.
  • Again you've got your arguments confused. I never thought Shady sucked. I'm the guy who wrote that we should get a big back to complement him.

    Really guy, picking so many fights has you unable to keep them all straight.

    As far as the rest of that BS you spouted: YOU STILL HAVEN'T DONE WHAT YOU WERE TOLD!

    I mean seriously dude, FAN PRO BOWL VOTES? Then there's that quote of your's: "He's also likely to be in the top 10 of MVP candidates". He's also LIKELY? That is the equivalent of saying nothing at all. Even if he did win the MVP award, what does that mean to the TEAM? Aren't YOU the guy who accused OTHERS on here of putting a single player above the team?

    Fan votes.

    For you to be hiding behind such flimsy crap, says that I CLEARLY have you on the ropes. And this is only after a day or so.
  • Fan vote are suddenly no big deal to the king of polls. You crack me up dude. Keep working hard not to give the Eagles and their QB any credit. You have yet to come up with any reason to claim he's not what he's already shown to be. It's sad to see the lengths someone will go, because they hate someone for no apparent reason. Well there's a reason, but it's weak and has nothing to do with the players ability.
  • Okay. We'll take a sec and do it your way.

    Other than a stat machine who went 8-2 against lackluster comp, (before immediately folding in the playoffs), what has Foles shown himself to be? (And don't say Pro Bowler. He only got to go because players who were ACTUALLY selected, still had playoff games to play in.)
  • I agree w/ taking WR in the first round, but it has to be one of the big guys. I recently saw Kipers 1st round Mock and it had the Eagles taking some huge 6'4 230 pound dude named Kelvin something.

    I've heard all the talk about Sammy Watkins, Marquese Lee, & Mike Evans.. But not him.

    Fact is, this is supposed to be a great draft class for receivers! Desean Jackson moved around a lot in this offense and that's exactly what he needs to be doing going forward. Move him into a slot receiver type of role where he is constantly moving around in the backfield creating confusion for the defense, while 2 big receivers are on the outside: Kelvin & Cooper or Maclin.

    It's quite possible the Eagles lose Maclin to KC and each passing day it seems like that's going to happen. Maclin is quite a decent receiver, but he hasn't done anything really to show he can be a number 1 guy and if we are honest, Djax hasn't shown he can be the number 1 guy either.

    I would personally love to see a WR threat in Philly like the one the Bears have.
  • I agree Zuck. I havent ever seen the Eagles with an arsenal of WR. I think we can use that Maclin spot for some defense and Cooper. We need that WR thats big ,fast, physcial to open up the rest of the field. You cant have enough WR's in todays game. After WR load up the defense with picks and FA and make that superbowl run next year. Stop the babystep routine.
  • If we're going to load up on WR's we have to decide on which 4 or 5 to keep. More than that and you're crippling your own depth.

    They only let you dress 45.
  • We kept 3 RB's all season and in other seasons we kept 6 WR's. 1. Cooper is FA. 2. Maclin FA. 3. Avant - DONE.

    Eagles are left w/ Desean Jackson... and who else?

    Most likely the Eagles re-sign Cooper but it's already looking like Maclin is going to walk. Outside of those 2 guys, we don't really have a good 3rd option. WR needs to be the goal here.
  • I wouldn't mind adding a receiver in this draft, but this draft is deep at receiver, and this team has so many defensive flaws. If the receiver is the best player available I believe they take him, but if they rank a receiver and defensive player the same they go defensive. This team won't join the upper echelon until they improve this defense.
  • There are some great defensive players out there in FA this season, where WR talent isn't. Eagles can go: Safety in FA & Second / Third / Fourth round go Defense. Eagles should definitely come out w/ some solid players on D.
  • It's going to depend on how much the "Dream Team scared" them away from the Free Agents. I wouldn't mind seeing Byrd, Ward, or both. I wouldn't mind if they went corner in the first round too. Bringing back Maclin, Benn, and Cooper I just don't see how receiver is the bigger need. On top of that they still have Avant and Jackson. Wide Receiver isn't as important as Safety, NT, linebacker, and corner.
  • Benn = piece of trash off the streets. I would rather have injury prone Austin Collie
    Cooper = you keep forgetting (FREE AGENT)
    Maclin = you keep forgetting (FREE AGENT)
    Avant = Average receiver that we are paying nothing. He would start for VERY few teams in the league at the slot. The best thing about Avant is his personality.
    Brad Smith = Not really a receiver.
    Demaris Johnson = LET GO NEXT SEASON. No way he makes this team again.
    Jeff Maehl = who?

    So all in all we have 1 receiver going into next season. 1 decent receiver aka Jackson.. To argue our WR depth is deep right now is ludicrous until Eagles sign Cooper & Maclin. If they only sign 1 of the 2, than the Eagles still need a WR.

    It's a pretty big guarantee that the eagles won't sign both.
  • I'm not forgetting those guys are free agents, but you're forgetting the Eagles will likely bring them back. Have you looked at our secondary though? Only 2 safeties signed, Fletcher is a free agent, and Williams is over paid. Chung is also over paid. It's a far worse situation than receiver. Maclin could return for a 1 year deal, and I doubt the big cash will be there for Cooper. Avant is still a good leader, he's still under contract, he blocks, and plays special teams. Benn brings you about the same question marks a rookie would. Meanwhile our secondary is in shambles.
  • The bleacher report put out the Boldin rumor. I dont buy it but I love the idea of a bigger faster slot receiver to go with Jackson and Cooper. I wouldnt mind Maclin getting a one year contract and used sparingly. Thats a winning combo Jackson, Cooper, Boldin, Maclin. Thats what I call superbowl calibur. If we can get something like that I think our offense is set with exception of some line depth.
  • Boldin isn't fast, but the guy has great body control and great hands. He's still better than Crabtree in my opinion. I don't know why this guy can't seem to stay on a team though. Could you provide the link that shows the Eagles have interest though?
  • I can assure you that Boldin is faster than Avant. Boldin is close to 240 pds and for his size he is fast. I know what they say but he isnt a slow poke.
  • Being faster than Avant isn't exactly a difficult thing to accomplish, but I don't know if he's more versatile than Avant. Don't get me wrong Boldin is the better player, but Avant just does a lot for a team. Where did you see a Boldin Eagle link. I've been hearing the Eagles are considering letting Cooper walk.

  • I think Cooper might test waters and find alot of teams not interested. Payback. I think he resigns with Eagles below his market value. I cant imagine Boldin zig zagging coast to coast. I think fans dont realize that living at home is more comfortable than shackking up in an apt for 8 months. I think when free agents move they tend to stay near their roots and are alot happier. Look at DRC. where was he for the Eagles ? -Unhappy.
  • Good point on FA's not wanting to move too much.

    I'm not sure that Cooper not breaking the bank has so much to do with his misstep last year. I think it may have more to do with the fact that he only has that one year as a starter after under his belt and his production wasn't consistent even then.

    I still believe the guy can play, but he has so much to shake off now, at a position that produces tons of new comp every year from college. I'm not sure he's going to get the chance.
  • That's all interesting, but I was asking you about the Eagles Boldin link.
  • came thru on phone espn and bleacher report. Just for your info my son is with you on Foles.
  • Good for your son. I'm rooting for Foles, because Foles being good means one less position the Eagles have to worry about.
  • II think it would be wise to keep Vick if possible. I think Kelly hinted he liked having alot of Qbs. And Vick and Foles seem to have good chemistry. He needs to be challenged even thougfh the job is his to lose.
  • They need a big physical wide recver period---for bump and run coverge. Draft defense help,safty,olb and dept at off line and defense line. Either free agency and draft---they cooper for foles chemistry period---he will be sign---maclin,cooper and Jackson is enough---draft a big wr in draft--and groom in kellys system. Remember people,they got momah--a project at 6'7 at recver also---
  • I'm still a fan of going out and getting some tone setters in FA and then following it with some size and strength in the Draft.

    The N.O. game said all that had to be said. If we're going to be taken seriously, we FIRST have to stop letting teams like THAT be able to manhandle us. It would be different if the Saints were known as a bunch of tough guys, but c'mon.

    WR's grow on trees in the NFL. As long as you get a good one to build off of you're solid. There's no need to spend a Draft pick on one, when you could drive up the price on Eric Decker where Denver can't compete (too many re-signings) and add him to the offense. Possibly as a replacement for both Cooper AND Maclin.
  • I disagree with you that WRs grow on trees. I think you can grab a WR in FA that can contribute for a season or two but getting that 1,000 yarder requires spending some money. Hakeem Nicks would probably be a good grab for Eagles. If he stays healthy.
  • No more signing guys with a history of being injured!

    We've had enough of that.

    Decker won't be cheap, but he's a quality WR who can also block downfield; will come in with high expectations; and keeps his nose clean off the field. He's also (so far) had a pretty healthy slate.

    He's worth the money. Especially since we'll be saving by getting rid of Vick, and if we sign Decker eliminate the NEED for that Maclin/Cooper/Avant/Momah/Benn guy. We can then ink a couple/few rookies (much cheaper than vets).

    Even better would be to grab a guy like Brandon Tate as the KR/PR and 3rd WR. Size, experience, depth, position of need. What's not to love?
  • @ Hollywood: Everyone has a price and Vick's could be too much in the long run. I think they wait Vick out to see if he gets a deal. If he doesn't they bring him back on the cheap. In the long run Vick wants to start and there are plenty of teams who will likely think he can help them. I don't see how a guy who can't stay healthy really helps anyone though. The guy has too many flaws from being injury prone, lack of accuracy on the short pass, Red Zone deficiencies, turnovers, holds the ball too long, and far too streaky. Despite all of this a GM who fails to do his research will bring him in and set their franchise back a few years. A team like Oakland will likely overpay for the services of Vick. The Eagles can't afford to give Vick starter money to be a backup. In their minds Barkley is the guy I believe. Chip has already started preparing people for that, by gushing all over him by seasons end. Don't be surprised to see another parade of QBs this off-season too, but this time Foles will be the guy unless he completely falls apart which I highly doubt.
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