October 25, 2012

Eagles estimated market value 1 billion dollars. Eagle ticket value estimated 1 dollar

When you season ticketholders wake up in the morning you might want to check the various ticket scalping sites to check the FMV of your ticket and seat license.  While Lurie is planning his greatest escape to date Eagle fans wont have the golden ticket but an IOU to the Eagles for the value of a seat license and future tickets costs.  For most, it will be one of the worst investments of your life.  Spending thousands and coming up empty.  The true fans as they call themselves will be huddling in the cold burining dollar bills to try to stay warm as this team goes through yet another Lurie makeover.   Those blabber mouths clamoring for this nobody Nick Coles will be asking themselves after a about 5 games how long do we have to wait for this 3rd round scrub that we overrated to learn how to play in the NFL.   So word to the wise,  stop looking at that seat license as a ticket to paradise and start looking at it as an investment.  Make a move to protect yourself.  Screw that jerk Lurie he isnt worried about you.   If he was Reid would have gotten the axe years ago.  This is a BEAR market.

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  • they have burnt me out. The Eagles arent what they used to be. Its a joke. they have not followed tradition and have a team that hardly resembles teams of the past. This team has to go back to traditional Eagle football. Tough big physical defense and gritty offense.
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  • What we had years ago was ateam of home grown talent sprinkled with FA aquisitions. Now we have FA aquisitions sprinkled with home grown talent. The Eagles got drunk on attributing their success to the "system". They thought they could plug in and play. But guess what all these free agents got let go for a reason because they werent key components to a system and now youve got multiple players of various sytems that cant adapt. Even though there are better players than Laws, Bunkley, Gocong, Sheppard , Brown , Bradley Mickell...etc they formed a bond early on. WQe dont have that and it will be the downfall. It is all for one and one for all.
  • So what is it? Do you want high priced free agents or do you want the Eagles to keep developing scrubs and castoffs? Make up your mind! They have let a few DECENT players go before their time (and very few stars) but you are getting carried away here.
  • Its unfortunate that the posters only look at individual player talent and not how a team with home grown talent can blend together. This team is going to go through a major overhaul you know why?

    1. Vick isnt being protected on purpose to run him out of town
    2. Bums like Nhamdi, DRC , Ryans, Babin, Jenkins, Mathis ...etc feel no die hard loyalty to the Eagles
    3. The Eagles deballed the players so no leaders can emerge. They players rely on the backstabbing approach of a cruel and disloyal coach.
    4. They turn their backs on solid veterans to save a few bucks on rookie draft picks.
    5. they reach for guys in the draft that arent on anyones radar knowing that ultimately they will be scratched and will accept a lower slotted starting salary.

    I can go on and on. Its glaringly apparent that the overall philosophy has worn out its welcome

  • Shocked you turned on Nnamdi and Jenkins. You used to be their biggest fans.
  • From a leadership perspective its been a complete failure. Can they play? At times but both arent consistent enough. Hugh Douglass and Troy Vincent are good examples of guys from the outside that instantly stepped up their game. Jenkins and Nhamdi fell into the malaise of a drifting team. Jenkins is out of position and doesnt like it and Nhamdi didnt get utilized effectively. At this point it would take alot of work for either to garner enough respect to lead.
  • eg. Mickell wasnt a dawkins but he had some leadership qualities. Nhamdi, has physical tools but hasnt exactly inspired. And jenkins seems distracted and out of position at DT.
  • Mickell wasn't getting it done when they let him go. The problem isn't letting people go. It's replacing them with substandard players.
  • That is the problem, Eazy. The Eagles have let very few stars walk away before their careers were pretty much over but overvalued who was waiting in the wings...either that or they are overvaluating the coaches that are here to teach them...probably a little bit of both.
  • And that is part Reid and part Roseman. People want to
    pat Roseman on the back for this past draft, but he is

    still the guy who signed all of those free agents who failed to get the job done. He's the guy who still has yet to draft a pro bowl player. Some of his picks can't get on the football field of an 11-11 football team. The ones that are seem to be struggling. Like I wrote before.
    Regardless of what happens the rest of this season, a change is necessary at the end of it.
  • part of the problem. But I disagree with you about Mickell. The way he was measured wasnt accurate.
  • He wasn't getting it done.
  • The lack of "heart" and effort comes from the fact that they know they are getting a paycheck regardless. Sio why risk being maimed when the ultimate goal is to just show up.
  • Seems like the message of the coach is getting lost. Seems like it's time for a new coach.
  • I would say so. Like I said he used his capital long ago. Nobody to lean on.
  • Used his capital long ago with no one to lean on? What the hell is that supposed to mean?
  • Actually Klecko agreed with me , there is no dawkins to go to and ask for more intensity. There inst a Mcnabb taht he can take into mhis office and say i really need your best now. There isnt one player other than maybe Vick thats showed enough heart to rally these weaklings.
  • Capital? Strange use of the word, hollywood.
  • There isn't any leadership on the team. Well there aren't any leaders who seem to be getting through. Unfortunately Vick is a leader on this team, but who can follow a guy who has been their biggest problem?
  • This thing doesnt have anymore scapegoats. it has to stop. Reid may be gone but Lurie has alot of questions to answer. They cant just keep things even remotely the way they are. He is going to have to explain what changes in his approach he is going to take. Nothing short of complete house clean will be enough if this thing nose dives and then what? I just sense Lurie is on way out. I told you it would be about 5 years and i think this is year 1. Hes stripping it down for the next investor.
  • You told us that 2 years ago yet this is year 1? Okay hollywood.
  • I told you 3- 5 years when Reid is fired. The team is still being stripped down. Vick is the next big contract to go.
  • ...and you will be on here whining about that for the next few years even though Vick's play does not warrant him keeping that big contract.
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  • I dont care what they do with Vick but if you think Nick Coles comes in and saves the day you will be sadly mistaken. Im not even sure he has a pro calibur arm. I saw his pre season so what?
  • Do yourself a favor hollywood. If you want to type like you know what you are discussing, you may want to get the players' names right. Nick FOLES is the Eagles backup quarterback. Nick COLE was a center/guard that they let go a few years ago. I let it go when you missed it a few days ago but GOD...you think an Eagles fan would know what the backup quarterback's name is.
  • Hollywood if Vick keeps playing like he has, then he deserves to go. Would you pay a guy in your business if he were making top dollar and failing to get the job done? I mean would you keep him of fire him?
  • I agree with you on the surface Vick isnt doing the job. But he has a boss, AR, that is making his job more difficult. So as an owner I would step in and say to the manager, hey there is aglaring problem here you arent utilizing the run game and the QB is standing in the backfield like a statue taking a beating make some changes. If the manager makes the changes and the QB is failing then I think the QB needs to be relieved of his duties. But we arent there yet thats why Vik is still in. Also, they are building up a new scapedgoat. Vick is next to be tarred and feathered.
  • No question Reid must go!
  • Fire Andy!!!
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  • Not soon enough. I would rather see Reid fired before the rookie plays.
  • me too
  • no more Reid poison
  • I'd settle for the rookie because Reid probably won't happen until the end of the year. I have downgraded to probably because of the horrible displays lately even at home but I would be shocked to see Lurie fire the man who he deemed his "coach for life" midseason. If Reid decided he wanted to be let go then I could see it but do you honestly think Reid would ever admit defeat? A man who has almost always left his starter in no matter how badly they may be getting beaten? A man too stubborn to admit his schemes may just not be working anymore? A man who won't give up his penchant to throw the ball even when his quarterback has been getting hammered? I don't see it happening.
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  • It was convenient. He might bench Vick to deflect attention. He is saving the Vick card for a better moment.
  • Vick is more than just partly to blame for this record. Deflect attention? Reid is smart enough to know that people are still going to be calling for his head. Vick card? He needs to be benched hollywood. If this was any other QB struggling like this but one you openly backed you would be calling him every name in the book...and you know it!
  • Worth how much??? Not after todays game against the Falcons.
  • Hard to defend the outcome of that one.
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