December 13, 2013


WHEN Chip Kelly named Michael Vick the Starter, the QB issue was a dead one. But morons kept picking the scab. Then Vick (as is his custom) missed some games with injury. Nick Foles played well in Vick's absence but Kelly refused to name Foles the Starter. A QB controversy began to hatch, and Kelly (gamely) tried to subvert it. 

Vick came back too early and immediately re-aggravated his injury. At this point Jeff Lurie all but told Kelly to bench Vick and see what we had in Foles and/or Matt Barkley.

That right there effectively decided the QB situation for this team in 2013. The idea that it's still being "debated" by fans is quite frankly ridiculous. 


My guess is in 2014 the EAGLES won't be reaching early for a QB. That's not to say we won't get one, (I'd bet my home that we'll get one before round five); but unless Kelly is already in love with someone (besides Marcus Mariota), there's no reason to rush Foles off the stage in 2014. 

On the other hand!

We still need to shore up the Safety positions. We need a genuine OLB to take over for Trent Cole. Our interior O-Line could use an intimdator/dominator somewhere along it for those 3rd and 1, or 4th and short situations. A BIG redzone WR for the slot who can take over for Jason Avant would be killer. A CB to replace Cary Williams would be nice. Depth at OT is critical. And so that DJax can just be a WR, how about a PR who can also be a reliable Gunner, and 4th string WR or CB?

So much more to discuss besides the already decided QB position. EAGLES fans used to be able to discuss the whole team. What happened to that?

  • Flip! Get rid of the kid from Delaware and you will start to see more Turd fans on here.
  • Point made.
  • Flip! The kid's got a thread up about you now. Nobody's posting on it except Hollywood. It's hilarious. Even Hollywood told him to calm down. He's an angry bird.
  • Yeah, I see by the titles that Tweedle Dum puts up LOTS of posts about me. I don't read them because if I did, I would only end up pissed and wanting to respond; which would undercut the point of blocking him. So I skip his stuff because I probably couldn't stop myself from responding if I read it.

    If he puts up a short response on someone else's post, I sometimes take it in at a glance while I skim the page, but otherwise I deliberately skip him. But his responses have to VERY short for me to see them that fast. Something on the order of "Agreed" or "Yes it was". Anything longer and I really can't see the rest of it, because I only read so fast.

    Tweedle there just wants to argue and I originally came on here for fan camaraderie. Some debating is only natural, but it's only supposed to be SOME. We all root for the EAGLES, and we all get the same ups and downs. But Tweedle there needs just wants to find something to argue about. WITH FELLOW FANS!! So I just blocked him.

    I get FAR fewer response on my post these days, but before blocking him and Paul Shaffer there, most of my responses were just us three arguing anyway. Who needs replies like that?! Better one or two constructive, conversational comments, than 20 to 64 exchanges of endless carping with no way to actually settle anything.

  • Bflip, I gotta admit I lost some respect for you. I got tired of clicking on your posts only for them to be something else about the Raiders. I don't get how someone can have two favorite teams. I've been a diehard Eagle fan my whole life. Moved to Washingotn state from Wilkes-Barre, PA when I was 10 but never even thought about being a Hawks fan. Now that they're good I hate them even more. I keep telling my friends, you better watch out if the Eagles come to Seattle in the playoffs. They think I'm crazy. I don't care. GO EAGLES!!
  • I dont like the idea that there is some kind of rule to be considered a fan. I like different businesses and the way they operate. I can choose to root for two competing businesses to have success. Why should football be any different. Its his choice and I respect that. Im not interested in the Raiders at this point but he has every right to talk about anything he wants regarding football. I dont like this measurement thing that GTD and EZ constantly throw in peoples faces. Its anti-eagle. And goes against having the back of an eagle fan anywhere anytime. I like Flips posts and he has a very open mind in his football discussions. GTD he is a flat out paper pusher. Everything is black and white. Just read the stats. I dont identify with that simple thought process unless Im producing widgets. I think Flip is a professional writer and wish him the best of luck in his endeavors. he has some talent that cant be denied. I know it when I see it. I might not be a talented writer but in business I know what Im doing and have an eye for what people are good at. I dont think Flip should block them because I dont like any censorship. I think EZ is a pretty good poster when he isnt fishing for an argument. Ill even give GTD a prop now and then. But when the two go into the feeding frenzy routine its annoying.
  • I don't get this "Only one team" nonsense. It's just plain out stupid. I have more than one kid and I love them both. I love butter pecan AND rum raisin ice cream. I love both of my brothers.

    This nonsense of undying loyalty to a bunch of transient strangers...what is that? A team can change cities, logos, colors, owners, players, systems and philosophies, but the FAN is the only thing with any obligation to remain the exact same? That's idiotic. On every conceivable level, it's idiotic. You have to doubt the sanity of anyone who'd deliberately sign up for such a deal. You certainly wouldn't want them to represent you.

    Many gave up on the EAGLES when they signed Michael Vick. They could because who you root for is optional. And if it ISN'T optional then someone being a fan is of no value. It would be like giving them credit for obeying the law of gravity.

    All in all fans are just rooting for their IDEA of something, because the reality of it keeps changing. If someone started out an EAGLES fan in the 1980's you have to wonder why they stay a fan, since NOTHING EXCEPT THE NAME is the same as it was back then.

    When you look at with a sense of reason (that thing that separates us from the animals), the mindset of fans who run around with a measuring stick has to come into question.
  • It is annoying Hollywood and that's why Flip has tweedledee and tweedledumb blocked. They very rarely talk football and when they do they don't make any sense. If you like two teams you like two teams. If you like ten teams you like ten teams. Who cares? As soon as Flip posts his fantasy football the kid from Delaware posts an anti fantasy football thread about it. If you don't like what you're reading then go to another forum. It's that EZ.
  • Mang, I cain't even hate. That TD pass to Bryant was NICE!

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