March 28, 2014

Eagles NEWEST weapon- Character Assassination

This may be the first preemptive act by an NFL team against a player to protect itself from future unknown criminal acts.   This is nothing but a smear campaign.  if I were Jackson I would have the Eagles in court for false accusation, libel and an attempted smear and character assassination campaign.  i would love to see that pompous prick Lurie put right where he wants to be in the center of the camera lens.  What a doucher.   This guy is the worst owner Ive ever seen.  this team is going nowhere .

  • If DJax chooses to sue over defamation of character, then the Eagles have to present what they knew and when they knew it. They cannot do this without implicating the organization itself.

    Let's start with what we all know about gangs:
    1) They don't bring you in when you're in your 20's
    2) When they bring you in you're required to perform a HIGHLY criminal act (armed robbery, assault, gang rape, murder).
    3)You are required to "keep up" your cred and membership with these acts. (See: Aaron Hernandez)

    If Jackson is in a gang NOW, it means he was when he was drafted. This means either the Eagles didn't do their due diligence or they were willing to live with it. Recent stories say the Eagles have suppressed some stories involving DJax. This would point to them having known all along, which is an impressive piece of hypocrisy.

    If the Eagles knew that he was a gang member all along, then they knew they had made a millionaire out of someone who had already committed heinous crimes.

    If he was "keeping up" his street cred by continuing to do these things, and the Eagles were suppressing the stories, then the Philadelphia Eagles organization is complicit in multiple crimes. (Seriously, look up complicit.)

    This is a bombshell. And it could blow back onto this organization in a way that will forever stain it's reputation.
  • The more stuff that surfaces the more questions have to fall on the Eagles and their handling of these situations. If they were as if Flip indicated then he's right on the money. If they knew or didn't know it makes them look bad. If this story in the paper is what forced their hand they are an embarrassment, because a reporter shouldn't be informing them of the shortcomings of their players. What's next? Is Evan Mathis hiding some dark secrets too?
  • Only the Eagles F.O. could get Holly, you, and me nodding in agreement. LOL!
  • Guys. You know me. I'm a numbers guy. A stats man. Looking at this by the numbers, this move makes zero sense to me. Not just anybody can get 43 rec of 40+ yards in their first six seasons in the NFL. By comparison, Randy Moss had 47 rec of 40+ yards. That ability to blow the top off a defense is much harder to come by than most people realize. I want to trust Chip here, but my inner Spock is telling me this move is highly illogical.

    Yes. I know this year's draft is particularly deep at WR. It couldn't be a coincidence that the Eagles are bringing in Mike Evans to have a closer look. Unless they're trying to trade up, Evans will be long gone by the time their pick comes up. There's also guys like Cooks, Lee, and Odell Beckham out there as well. It seems pretty obvious they're going to pursue one of those guys.
  • If it ultimately comes out that Jackson doesn't have any gang affiliations then someone in the organizations should get fired. Shame on Chip Kelly. They are talking all of this crap about how Jackson was lazy, missed meetings, and poor practice, yet every week he started him repeatedly. Such lack of discipline should never be a part of an NFL team.
  • Right now without even a shred of evidence produced this organization is either lying outright about their motives or is defaming Jackson in an unprecendented way. It will have terrible reprecussions for the eagles with players in ttheir lockeroom and outside of the team. This is a horrible embarrassing thing that LURIE has allowed. This is a organization that continues to make the Eagle fans look stupid and foolish. Untill this thing is thoroughly explained I cannot in good conscience attend a game.
  • Show us one story where the Eagles actually make any kind of statement defaming Jackson or accusing him of anything. Bet you can't find one. Where is it against the law to fire an employee for what the employer see's as character flaws? Stick to facts, can't, can you?
  • The most damming statements have clearly been the lack of support given to Jackson by his fellow teammates. I can't believe how all these people have allowed themselves to be bullied by this little guy.
  • The eagles used a variety of eerily similar tactics that they used with TO. First they used a fascinating variety of innuendo to suggest gang affiliations and connections to crimes. Then they wet on to suggest lockeroom and practice issues for which he was never even fined or suspended. Then at last they are gonna pin it on Chip saying "he just didnt want him". Thats funny. Only a moron wouldnt want Jackson on their team.
  • I don't recall anyone ever stating TO is involved in gangs. T.O. and Desean were not blameless, but in both cases money was involved. T.O. made too little and Jackson made too much.
  • Stating it's about the money doesn't even make sense. If the Eagles wanted to walk away from his contract they could do it next year not the day a story breaks about him having ties with gangs...if the Eagles wanted to get out of paying 10 million dollars plus next year they could have simply avoided this mess and opted not to give 32 year old Jason Peters an extension...and again this is NOT what the Eagles often do. TO was a cancer, plain and simple. I'm sure the Eagles are simply tired of Jackson's antics.

    Update: March 29, 2014
    Just listened to Ray Didinger put out something that I was thinking of typing to you yesterday. You keep questioning the timing of this. Maybe this is simply a case of Chip Kelly not willing to put up with things that Andy Reid could live with. Kelly gave it a year and possibly decided he didn't want that in his locker room anymore.
  • They throw whatever they can against a wall to see what sticks and come up empty. So NOW, they resort to pinning it on Chip. Chip playing the fall guy. Boy Ive never seen the Eagles do this before.
  • If that's the case Kelly's arrogance could lead to his downfall. I don't think it was a coincidence a story surfaced a week before all of this about how the Eagles are about to have serious cap issues next season. Then Jackson's a gang banging thug who needs to be immediately removed from the roster. The chose to eat the cap hit this season to free up money next season. But I doubt they plan on using any of that money in future free agents. Expect the Eagles to be 20 mil under the cap in 2015. Ray Diddy's assumption is just that at best, because Kelly doesn't talk to him. Kelly doesn't talk to the media. He's using his best guess as to why this happened. Again if Kelly were sick of Jackson's actions last season he should have manned up fined and benched the guy. He didn't even do that after the Vikings game. The fact they put Mathis up for trade after he asked for more money EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE OVER 20 MILLION UNDER THE CAP only confirms to me what this was all about. The Jackson issue wasn't about the colors red or blue. It was about the color green.
  • Just like the great Ray Dindinger all you are doing is making assumptions when you type it's all about the color green. Again, why Jackson and not Peters? Better yet why not get rid of fading talent like Cole and possibly Herremans?...why not Casey who gave them almost nothing last year? There were better options if they wanted to dump salary. You guys are seeing red right now and aren't even thinking this through (and I expect nothing less from Hollywood)...I've stated this before and with the Eagles it is true. The Eagles don't make a habit out of releasing talented players in their primes just because of their salaries that's why I'm certain there are underlying factors that are the main reason for Jackson's release (whether warranted or not). Along with reports of the Eagles salary cap issues in 2015 are also reports the Eagles tried dealing Jackson during the draft in 2013...just maybe Kelly didn't want to deal with Jackson right away? There's absolutely no way you're going to convince me that Lurie and Roseman go all out to hire Kelly and almost immediately start chopping at his way, no how. So many reasons point to this being a Kelly move...if Kelly wanted Jackson on the roster I'm convinced he'd still be an Eagle today. As for Mathis the man wants a new deal two days in. Should the Eagles throw more money at him especially when they know what 2015 looks like? Should they bring back another unhappy camper or maybe somewhat appease him by telling him if he and his agent can find a deal the Eagles can live with they'd listen to offers? It certainly isn't as easy as we as fans sometimes like to believe it is.
  • The phantom spending in 2015. Oh I forgot we are in 2014 and the season hasnt even started.
  • ...and again, you refusing to look at facts. As of today the contracts the Eagles have on the books for 2015 are about 132 million. Can you try and not twist facts and try to type the truth for once on here, Hollywood.
  • They didn't want to be on the hook for his money the following year. Now they will have his 10 and they can still drop Cole next year. But I know he's a "gang banger" but that so called banger is abut to have us all banging our heads as we watch him light us up when he signs with D.C.
  • All of a sudden with Jackson and Garcon the Redskins take a major step forward. They need a better Oline and a little defensive help but if anyone thinks RG is gonna dissapear you need your head examined. i saw him live and can tell you once he gets weapons and protection he is going to destroy the Eagles.
  • I could see Jackson taking less to stick it to Kelly and the Eagles.
    They have attacked his work ethic, made him out to be a killer, and tried to ruin him
    in the league. I sure hope Maclin becomes the guy everyone makes him out to be.
  • My god, you really are starting to sound like Hollywood. Who ever said Jackson killed anybody? WOW!
  • They didn't want to be on the hooks for his salary but they were alright jumping the gun for their 32 year old left tackle one year out from his Achilles injury?...makes no sense to me what so ever but hey, you keep telling yourself that if you want to end up like Hollywood. I've not typed once that Jackson is actually in a gang but again, stretching the truth is how Hollywood tries getting his point across so have at it. Keep showing the anger at the Eagles organization instead of the little guy who seemingly refused to get in line to show his new coach he could be part of the team. Instead from what I'm reading, didn't spend time outside the Linc with his teammates preferring to hang with "his" crowd, didn't get along with some of his coaches (we saw the one argument) and skipped his exit interview (I guess he was going over the figures he and his agent were planning on asking for). We all saw him give up on his team when not happy with his contract and get a few absolutely idiotic penalties for absolutely idiotic moves. I would almost guarantee there's more that we don't even know about. Throw this together with his RUMORED ties to gangs (and his boneheaded decisions to throw out gang signs while on the field (would have made his statement that he had no ties to gangs much more believable if he could have acted professional and left them off the field) and I get why the Eagles decided to distance themselves. I am in no way happy about this but from where I stand I certainly think Jackson could have done much more to make sure his contract stayed intact. Maybe these issues are part of why his teammates don't seem stunned nor are rushing to his defense. Ike Reese the other day said that he felt no Eagle fan should be down on the organization after learning of his ties (I knew there would be) and Hollis Thomas has been on a "you have to fall in line and be the consummate pro" rant since yesterday (I type rant because I only listened to him for a few minutes yesterday and just had him on for a few today and that's all I've heard him talk about). You believe what you want to believe, have every right to. Just hope I don't see you start linking every Eagles move to saving money like somebody else on here...don't think I could take two of you. As for the Redskins, they don't have a whole lot of money themselves so I'd be stunned to hear that Jackson signed with them tomorrow. If he does then I wish the worst of luck to Jackson and his new team. I'm still an Eagles fan and always will be one.
  • we got our first taste of the arrogance ala Andy Reid style. No answers just lies and manipulation. I went from likeing chip alot to thinking he is a stooge for the owner.
  • I don't think it's about character as much as it's about money. 10.5 million for a guy who can't run routes, can't block, and is undersized. Sure, he's a deep threat, but what else is he? If he's not running 50 yards down the field he's useless. Bottom line: The guy can be replaced. Again, 10.5 million, and this time next year Foles, Cox, Kendricks, and Boykin will all be due for a huge payday. There's about 5 receivers coming out in the draft that I'd rather have than DeSean RIGHT NOW. If they take Brandin Cooks they have a guy whose just as fast, bigger, a better blocker, and much more durable.
  • I haven't been up here in a minute . How's it going? Alright now that's over with let really look at the big picture. How is that we release an impact player with no suspensions or problems with the locker room but reward a man in cooper who last year stirred up national controversy. Apparently the eagles are one hell of a forgiving team. The man didn't even get suspended. But Jackson gets fired for assumptions. This is not adding up. Forget a fan prospective , just as a society are we really this bad. Like seriously doesn't anyone realize we rewarded an open racist who had teammates who didn't want him. So please I don't wanna here this character BS!
  • Let's really look at the big picture Noble55. First of all the Eagles just didn't release one of the most explosive players in the game for no reason at all. You have to be smarter than that bro. Aaron Hernandez is still considered innocent but he was released. I don't hear anybody calling that racism and his skin is white. Peyton Hillis has been called racist names every time he carries the ball but the league does nothing at all. What Riley Cooper said was wrong but the N word is used by pretty much every one in the NFL and as older NFL players say it doesn't matter if you're black or white, you just don't say it.
  • Jackson was probably at home eating a pizza watching basketball when this ludicrous story broke. What a sensationalized bunch of garbage. The bigger story is Ray Rice but you dont hear anything about it.
  • So, how long have you been hanging with Jackson to know that this "ludicrous" story is just that? A reporter gets a tip, looks into Jackson and finds enough evidence to write a story and you just want to write it off as having no basis to it? The man who loves to make up stories about McNabb and TO, Andy Reid and Jeffrey Lurie wants to ignore a story about possible gang ties (that's what the story stated...not that Jackson was a murderer or even a gang member himself) even though the accused cut records with one of the Crips accused of murder, posed to have pictures taken with him and felt a need to flash their gang sign from time to time (and I would guess there's more to it then that)? Illegal activity...absolutely not but certainly far from the professionalism Chip Kelly wants from his players obviously. Throw in his diva attitude, missing practices, argumentive nature on the field and on the sideline and his hinting he wants a new contract and past history of quitting on his team when he wants one, you now have a very good receiver looking for a new home. Ray Rice is a big story but obviously not the bigger story in Philadelphia. You stating that just goes to show how clueless you actually are.
  • I hope everyone who believes releasing Jackson was such a great idea still feels that way after he blows by Cary Williams on a deep route several times thanks to a play action play that sucked in our substandard safeties.
  • Let me get this straight. I don't think it was a great idea...all I've typed is I get it. As much as you are backing Jackson on this, part of you has to realize that if Jackson wasn't such a sourpuss (got that from Les Bowen, I think) in the locker room, if he could have made more of an effort to be a team player when off the field (and at times when on the field) we wouldn't be discussing possible character assassination because if the Eagles would have still released him it would only have been about the money...there would have been no other excuse. I stated it before Jackson got released and I'll state this again...I do question Kelly for this move a bit. I much rather would have seen him try to reel Jackson in than just give up on that talent BUT he is the coach. If he has decided the Eagles are a better team going forward without Jackson because he doesn't want him as a team leader then I have no other choice than to hope he knows what he's doing. If Kelly doesn't win a Super Bowl he's got himself a move here that will always be linked to the reason why...he better know what he's doing.
  • Actually I'm not backing Jackson. What I am doing is questioning the Eagles motives. Like I stated before if Jackson was the malcontent they are making him out to be then why wasn't he fined or suspended at all last year? The fact the Eagles are willing to move on from Jackson and Mathis (two Pro Bowl Players) for virtually nothing has me concerned. So Jackson was a "sourpuss" , then what's the Mathis excuse? Dead body in the closet? This is the same team that had a convicted felon and a guy who embarrassed the organization by saying something stupid, but Jackson was such a terrible person. Sorry I'm not buying that excuse. This is about money and Chip Kelly believing he can win with guys like Jeff Maehl and Casey Mathews. I would rather the Eagles be upfront about it. If Jackson were this malcontent then they have known it for a while. Why did the foolishly give him that contract in the first place? You can take the crap the Eagles are shoveling at face value (they can't even get their stories straight), but as for me I'm not buying what they're selling on this one.
  • One big difference, Eazy...Chip Kelly. With all the rumors that are circulating one stands out to me...the Eagles tried dealing Jackson last year. There's no way the Eagles would have tried moving him in year two of his contract without Kelly wanting him gone. Kelly had him targeted as a malcontent before even coaching him and his tantrum on the sideline, his penchant to distance himself from his teammates, skipping his exit interview and then having the gall to ask for more money probably sealed the deal.
  • When T.O. pretty much ruined all of his good graces from the city, the team disciplined him for those actions. This regime simply turned a blind eye and let him run a muck. That isn't good for Chip Kelly. It's actually quite terrible. What's funny is all season all we heard about is how the players enjoyed coming into work again, but now suddenly Jackson was this bully who was out of control and completely disrespecting authority. Shame on the authority for allowing such nonsense to go on unchecked for an entire season. Maybe Jackson could have been reeled in, but instead it was allowed to fester to the point where the coach no longer wanted to deal with him, but the truth is the coach didn't deal with it in the first place. So how can I view what the Eagles have done in a positive? They are today worse than they were a month ago, they have no intentions of signing anymore free agents other than journeyman players hoping they find a diamond in the rough, they could lose two offensive Pro Bowl players taking away from Nick's weapons, and one of the worst pass defenses in football arguably hasn't improved much at all. I figured Chip Kelly to be more of a hands on kind of guy, but to ignore the Jackson situation and allow it to come to a point where our best receiver will now be lining up against us is as much on Kelly and Roseman as it is on Jackson.

    Let's just recap some of the issues from last off-season to now:
    Peters speeding at night: Gets a contract extension.
    Cooper goes on a racist tirade: Gets a contract extension.
    Maclin doesn't play a down of football: Gets a contract extension.
    Avant plays the good soldier all season: Gets cut.
    Carey Williams compares himself to Nnamdi (an nearly plays like him), get in fights at practice and generally was bad overall: Still here.
    Shady gets into it with some girl on a bus and has repeatedly attacked his baby moma via twitter: Still here.
    Mike Vick sits the bench and plays the role of big brother/leader: Wasn't offered a contract (not that I wanted him back though.)and instead brought in broke armed Mark Sanchez?
    Evan Mathis plays lights out all season and earns a Pro Bowl bid: Placed on the trading block for having he audacity for asking for more money.
    Desean Jackson leads the team in all receiving categories and is rewarded for doing so by: Cutting him and sending him packing for either being a gangster, threatening people, being a part of or knowing someone who committed murders (so did Ray Lewis), being late to meetings, and all other types of alleged nefarious on goings that so far haven't been proven, because the Eagles refuse to talk themselves rather they have allowed all this other crap to leak out of their offices. It's all kind of sad and pathetic.
  • Some of these types of things happen on every isn't as simple as drawing a line in the sand in every case, I'm sure. I'm an Eagles fan, Eazy. As much as I would have loved to see the Eagles go all out and sign every top free agent this off much as I would have loved for all this Jackson BS never to have happened it has and he isn't an Eagle anymore for whatever reason (and I still think it's MOSTLY Chip Kelly simply wanting him gone). If it's Kelly's arrogance than they are probably in trouble...if it's incredible confidence then the Eagles will probably be fine. I'm a man who is willing to sit back and hope this works (what other choice do I have?). Let's hope Kelly has a plan...if he somehow comes out of the draft with Mike Evans (I'm also hoping he gets a shot to draft D'Anthony Thomas in the later rounds) I'd be happy...don't know how that happens without giving up too much though.
  • It does? So why is this case getting so much publicity? Can you name another team having this same type of issue? Dont say Ray Rice because he is on film dragging his wife out of an elevator
  • I didn't need the to go out and sign everyone available, but I would have like to have seen them address their needs instead of creating new holes to fill. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently so.
  • Now they are thinking of extending Alex Henery? Is that really a good idea?
  • Oh Christ. I was hoping that was an April Fools post. They're actually serious? What is wrong with this FO. Getting rid of their best receiver for next to nothing (and I don't buy that gangster BS for one second), barely doing anything to address the god awful pass defense, and now extending the guy who pretty much cost us the game vs. the Saints. No wonder this team hasn't won a damn trophy. Bad management and bad, bad decision making. It's a curse in this town.
  • No. I don't believe it is a good idea.
  • They just gift-wrapped a 3x Pro Bowler to a division rival. Just when I thought I couldn't hate this move any worse. Everybody else may trust in Chip, but it's going to take a lot more than one good season for him to fully earn my trust. He just lost a lot of points in my book with this move. The truth is that as an NFL head coach you're going to have to be able to deal with strong-willed, high-maintenance personalities. If you can't do that, then you won't be long for the NFL.
  • Hollywoodeagle has criticized the Eagles front office for a long time and it looks like Eagle fans are starting to believe he is right.
  • If EZ is pissed something is wrong. Look no one can argue with reid being given a pass in the arrogance department. He earned it by guiding the Eagles to 5 NFC champ games. Thats no easy task. even though I think it hurt his standing in the fans eyes he did do alot with very little. But Chip hasnt done anything to have the right to be silent , to lie and ignore the fans. Who does he think he is? EZ is right. What have we gained this offseason? Nothing. This should have been an offseason where we get a hint of things to come but instead we get big question marks. i mean now you have to seriously ask yourself is this team trying to win a superbowl or are they yanking our chain. When they signed sproles I immediately had a bad feeling about Jackson but i said there is no way they use this guy as insurance . But they did. If I were Proles I would be pissed off. I mean a veteran player pawned off like that and then used by the Eagles as merely a crowd silencer. Bad stuff. I think this owner misjudges the fairness of Eagle fans. They will take alot of crap buttry to make them feel stupid and you will earn a problem. there is something about jackson that just ssems unfair. He was bullied and dragged around like garbage and no one likes that. He wasnt a dawkins or a trotter but in his own way he was an underdog. And Philly likes a good underdog. I think jackson was a true Eagle. He produced and rarely missed games . At his size it seems like a miracle. And you can tell even though he might be a little immature he wanted to win if for no other reason than to just say it. The Eagles would be smart to sign two good free agents ASAP.
  • I don't see how anyone can ASSume some rookie is going to become this great receiver of the future. Just cause some kid is 6'5 it doesn't mean he's the next Calvin Johnson and even if he were he's not getting taken at 22 so that means the Eagles would have to trade up to get him. That means the Eagles will indeed have to give up multiple picks to replace Desean Jackson. In other words cutting Jackson means the Eagles can used their draft picks to improve their defense, because they are going to need to use those picks on a position they chose to make worse without compensation.
  • Put a fork in em! They're done.
  • Still the class of the division with or with out a classless Jackson.
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