October 30, 2012

Eagles Players Doing What They Do Best. Talking And Pointing Fingers.

Once again the players on this team can't stop opening their mouths and saying some of the dumbest stuff professional athletes could ever say. Let's recap on a few of them. Mike Vick goes on about being a dynasty when he hasn't won a playoff game as an Eagle yet. You have Trent Cole and Daryl Tapp patting each other on the back for not making sacks. "Feel It!" Of course the current kicker is the starting quarterback who publicly supported his own benching. Well Mike Vick it's kind of hard to win dynasties while you are collecting splinters in your posterior. Public quitting does not equate to Super Bowls. Then we have Nnamdi and Graham mouthing off and being openly critical of their former coach. So what did these two players do now that they were no longer held back by their terrible coach? 7 combined tackles. For Nnamdi ZERO PASS DEFENSES and when the Eagles offense finally started to gain some momentum he was promptly beaten for a 60 touchdown like he was Izel Jenkins reincarnated. Of course quite predictable Brandon Graham and his line mates got little push on the play (and for the most part were blocked one on one), and Mr. Graham didn't even register a hurry all game. Draft busts should learn when to keep their mouths shut.

In a new twist some of the younger Eagles have jumped into the fray. Recently disciplined Michal Kendricks (benched for showing up late for a meeting) actually thinks the defense played fine against Atlanta. A direct quote from Kendricks [“A couple mishaps, a couple plays here and there, nothing too serious," Kendricks said Sunday after the game. "Nothing we can't fix."]

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Is this kid serious? I mean the Falcons didn’t even punt until late in the game and he thinks the defense was fine? The kid seems to think that this defense is fine and it wasn’t Atlanta forcing their will upon the Eagles, rather it was the Eagles helping out Atlanta. ["It was just a couple missed plays," Kendricks said. "We gave too many penalties, which kept them in the position to make those plays. And then we missed the plays that we needed to make. It's just a couple of things here and there."]

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/eagles/20121030_Eagles__No_problems_with_defense.html#ixzz2AnJz0R3T
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Now maybe the kid has a selective memory, or maybe the kid is just falling into a crowd with the stupid veterans on this team who say stupid things, but he isn’t alone. Cedric Thornton took it one step further. ["No, not at all," Thornton said, when asked again if there's an issue with the defense. Asked about the 24 points allowed in the first half, Thornton responded, "The referee gave them 14 points."]

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/eagles/20121030_Eagles__No_problems_with_defense.html#ixzz2AnKw5Z66
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Our young players are thinking that Atlanta got lucky and the refs are just giving them points. There are also references to how the players implied that the Falcons were not the better team, but just better that day. That was eerily similar to what Jeremy Maclin said last season about the Falcons and how the Eagles would see them again in the post season. Well Maclin was wrong last season and these kids are wrong this season. I wrote it before and I will write it again. This team is far more focused on making great quotes than they are on making great plays. Reid needs to shut these guys up. They are their own worst enemy.

  • This is all extremely bothersome...they are all in denial and just another reason why this team won't pull itself out of the hole it's dug for itself. A defense that doesn't want to admit how badly it's playing, a quarterback who looks lost and is struggling badly, an injury depleted offensive line that probably can't block when playing tic,tac, toe, and a coach who has lost his team. Sad times for Eagle fans.
  • I for one am troubled by how this team has little grasp on reality. Here is a team that needed this win and they played like a team that had a bye week locked up for the playoffs instead of one desperate off a bye week! Reid seems out of answers. Wavering back and forth over Vick makes him look confused. The main guy is confused.... I don't see how they get out of this with a Super Bowls on their fingers.
  • Now I hear that idiot Babin is mouthing off on Twitter and ripping the fans. It's no wonder why I can't stand so many players on this team.
  • Heard something about that. Anything so they don't have to face the fact that they aren't very good right now. He needs to take the high road and just say we deserve the boos and the comments or just shut the hell up!
  • This guys is a piece of work. He basically got benched last week. He probably wont start this week, then goes out and says benching him wont motivate him. Apparently neither is playing him, because he's stinking up the joint right now.
  • I just wish they would release that overrated scrub.
  • Don't know what the cap hit would be, but if it's reasonable him, Cole, and some others should be gone. If Vinny Curry can play, then he should be allowed to. These guys are doing nothing.
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  • Fire the fat guy. It's all because of him.
  • The arrogance has traveled from the head on down. They are assaulting the fans. It doesnt get any lower.
  • With every new comment made by these guys I find it harder to root for them and less likely to buy their Jerseys. Other than McCoy there isn't a guy on this rosters Jersey I could even consider buying for myself or my kids.
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  • I like Jackson, but his act is really starting to run it's course. If he wants to be critical of people then maybe he should be doing whatever it takes to help this team win like returning punts again.
  • Time to stop buying. At least for the time being.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I'm still watching. I am still buying hats and Eagles merchandise. I'm just not buying any of these idiots jerseys. I was a fan before they came and will be one after Jason Babin and his cronies leave Philly with all the money they stole.
  • Im not suprised that they make these comments. Look at the arrogance of the whole organization its become culture. Never any respect for the fans. They offer know answers or explanations. They have carte blanch to say or do whatever they please. Thye had that free pass for 8 years since the superbowl appearance. This starts with Jeff Lurie and now has morphed into this grotesque arrogant behavior by the players. There needs to be a gag order and fines. And if that doesnt work the owner needs to speak up. And if that doesnt work fire Reid.
  • I wont go there with Lurie and it's not fully true with the team. There is zero tolerance in questioning that organization while you are a member of it. Question the Eagles and they ghost you.
  • Thats true. But that goes to the arrogance of management. Instilling fear of management doesnt necessarily translate into loyalty. You have players that are fiercely competitive- Dawkins, Trotter, Vincent, Douglass...etc.. but on many occasions after there careers ended they chided Reids philosophy and approach to players. I know GTD will defend Reid but even dawkins questioned Reid. McNabb questioned committment. And I have talked to Ike and Douglass and they thought the Eagles organization could do alot more tpo support a superbowl run.
  • Those guy play hard regardless of the coach ...etc They play for respect. They carried Reid but i dont sense a fierce loyalty to him from those guys.
  • I still think the problem wasn't letting those guys go. The problem was they did a poor job of replacing some of them. Now they replaced Vincent and Taylor with Brown and Sheppard. They were a good change. They replaced Lito with Asante. That was a better change. They replaced Trotter with nobody. They replaced Dawkins with nobody. The replaced JJ with nobody. There lies the problem. The replacements stunk.
  • McCoy is a kid. I saw him in OC. Hes about 5-10 190. Hes a tough guy but a kid. I dont see how he can be over 200. He just looks smaller.
  • What does that have to do with anything? McCoy is the one guy on the roster who actually hustles. Well Vick does hustle, but he's just not the same player he once was.
  • Im just pointing out hes not quite old enough to claim leadership ststus. Hes a candidate for sure but he needs time to develop.
  • He can be a leader if it's in his makeup to be one.
  • Now Jackson has joined in on the ripping the fans movement. Yeah it's our fault you play like trash. These soft idiots don't get it.
  • EZ. I've been thinking about a new coaching candidate. I know you're pretty high on Chucky, but how about Chip Kelly? For some reason, I like him a lot and think he's more than ready to make the jump to the pros.
  • I heard about him on WIP. He would certainly fit the mold of Lurie's idea of going with an offensive minded coach. Personally I am a little leery of college guys, because they seem to fizzle out in the pros. Especially guys who do not have any NFL connections. I'm sure his name will be cast in the lot. Right now I'm not opposed to any changes, but I remember the signings of some high profile college coaches who imploded in the pros and basically used the NFL to get out of their current college contracts so the can go where they want to back in college. A guy like that would also need a solid GM and Howie Roseman isn't that.
  • It seems that the Pac-12 coaches have had a good track record of making it in the pros. Once you think about it though, both Carroll and Harbaugh both ran pro-style systems at Stanford and USC. It translates pretty well to the NFL.

    The GM problem seems easy enough to solve. Polian, Casserly, or hell even Mayock might be solid choices. That's if any of those three feel up to leaving their cushy media jobs. I know that Polian is at ESPN and Mayock is with NFL Network.
  • Knowing how the Eagles operate I get the feeling that Roseman would survive this situation at least for another year. We know how they can be about loyalty. As far as Pac-12 coaches go. Well I would chalk up Harbaugh to wanting to be in the NFL in the first place due to his NFL background. Carroll to me is a little like Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Ericson. They were guys who left their respective schools prior to the sanctions coming down from the violations that were committed under their watch. I don't see a bunch of violations coming down on Oregon any time soon. At least then we would know that he would be in it for the long haul. With that being the case I'm not opposed to making any change right now. Right now I wouldn't even care if they went and got Wade Phillips. At least they could drop him when the season was over without any remorse unlike giving another year to Reid despite his mediocrity.
  • I wonder in Babin's week long explanation of clarifying what fans he was trying to rip did he have time to actually practice.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I think he's been practicing his twitter speeches.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I agree Easy, I have always respected the player who can score and just drop the ball on the ground and walk away. No need to talk smack about an opponent before or after a game, it only comes back to haunt you. And God only knows the eagles don't need to give an opponent bulletin board material.
  • Players ropping like flies. Allen and Jendkins likely out for New Orleans.
  • In an all new low Mike Vick (the leader) has now blamed the media for the "turmoil" in the Eagles locker room. I can't believe this guy went there.
  • I don't recall, but did he try to blame someone for his heartless decision to start a dog fighting ring?...or did he just take the bullet for that one all on his own. Just wondering. There's thing thing called character, not sure he has much.
  • I don't recall, but I do know that he lied in the face of the Commissioner about being a part of that mess.
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