October 28, 2012

Fire Reid.... Gut This Team.

What a pathetic display of football. A complete listless performance. This team is lost. It's time to get rid of these bums and press the reset button. Fire the coaches. THEY ALL STINK! Good riddance.

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  • Nobody should be coming on this site and telling us how this team will be great once the hit their stride. They have hit their stride. They are a mediocre football team.
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  • One thing is certain they aren't elite. Time for some real heads to roll. No more of this putting a band aid on a gash. I am so ready to see Reid go.
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  • And Ive been ready the longest on this board.
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  • LOL!
  • I'll give you Sucker's cookie if that makes you feel better.
  • I have as well. Only supported him, because he was the coach, but his tired 14 act has run it's course in Philly.
  • Reid will be fired after a loss to New Orleans
  • I doubt that will happen. It probably should happen especially if they lose, but I think Lurie has been consistent in letting Reid letting sink or swim on his own. I think Reid has until the point where there is no doubt the Eagles wont make the playoffs.
  • I know this sounds unspeakably cold and just plain cruel, but I think it's time to take the old horse behind the barn and put a bullet in him. No really. I feel like a heartless bastard just typing that.
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  • I love it!
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  • I don't get that either.
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  • I think it's like blocking certain barkers. I think the Mods are doing it. Maybe they are trying to get those people to stop posing.
  • ok Take away play calling from Morningweg.. If that doesn't fix Vick & the team then clean house!!!

    1. Morningweg
    2. Vick
    3. Howard Mudd (bring back castillo?)
    4. Akeem Jordan - find a real 3rd linebacker
    5. Time to move on from Babin & Possibly Cole
    6. Or Fire Jim washburn & go back to normal 4-3
    7. Asomghua IS OUTTA HERE
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  • move him to safety and get rid of Allen. Hes a punk
  • Neither can play safety! Ur gonna have to draft one.. or Two lol
  • If hollywood types that he can play safety, than he...I can't type the rest...laughing too hard.
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  • dont just get rid of allen, kurt coleman has to be the worst safety ive ever seen. neither safety can cover or tackle
  • Watch what you type about Coleman. Somebody on here is in love with him.
  • Taking the plays from Marty will just mean they go back to Reid. They are one in the same. When the season is over just run them all outta here!
  • Fire Reid, yes and most or all of his coaches will be shown the door along with him. Gutting the team isn't going to happen...it can't with the contracts. Some of these players will respond to a different coach. Hopefully a new coach will be able to judge what players here are commited to winning. Ike Reese has been calling out the players since the end of the game and saying he thinks most of them don't share Reid's commitment to winning. A new coach won't be biased about the players that are here. The big contracts that aren't earning their money will be gone (as long as the cuts don't kill the cap) along with the players who aren't commited to winning and the bad draft picks that just can't play. Looking like an interesting off season...is it too early to type that?
  • Reids committment? WTF are you talking about. Ive heard Ike put Reid on a skewer and roAST HIM
  • last year & the year before you would hear Ike, Trot & all those guys on Eagle radio back up Reid.. and now they are jumping ship!

    Last year they made it clear that Reid is an amazing coach.. but that radio station 94.1 doesn't let them say that crap anymore.. I am tired of WIP
  • Not what I hear. They try to defend him but they point out clearly his weaknesses and lack of committment to win a superbowl.
  • I have NEVER heard any ex player or any analyst question his lack of commitment to win a Super Bowl. Every coach gets called out for their weaknesses at times and Reid definitely has some. Of course they are going to be talked about especially when a team is struggling.
  • Just watched him saying it on the Eagles post game live on CSN, hollywood. Before you question what he said watch the replay. Unlike you, I don't make **** up!
  • Ive talked to them. You still think there is hope for Andy. He is saving his last backstab for the fans.
  • Like you haven't embellished before! I know what I heard Reese saying an hour ago...I don't give a damn what you CLAIM he said.
  • I heard Reese too sand he said hes tired of making excuses for this team. He is putting them in the category of the Brwons , Bengals...etc. His words this morning not mine.
  • I can believe he said that...what does that have to do with Reid's commitment to winning? Not what you think (BS)...what Ike Reese thinks.
  • By the way, I have no hope that Reid's job is safe nor do I want it to be. I have already typed that he will be gone at the end of the year and even told you last year I wouldn't have been upset if they let him go. I have had many of the same frustrations that you and others have felt with Reid (except for the ones you make up) but told you before I try not to waste my time calling for something I know isn't going to happen. I stick up for him and argue with YOU because of the BS you make up about him. He was a good coach at one time here (might even had been the best) and you stating he wasn't will never change that. Even this backstab BS you bring up just doesn't happen with Reid. He goes annoyingly out of his way to never put the blame at anyone else's feet. He makes moves that every coach makes and somehow you try twisting that into backstabbing and throwing people under the bus. You make crap up...plain and simple!
  • That is a flat out lie. He doesnt blame them in words but blames them with actions. Hes done it over and over to coaches , players, his family amd the arrogance with the fans. No one likes himGTD . Hes a dickhead
  • Where do you get your information that no one likes him? I listen to 610 quite often and I hear more good words about Reid than bad especially from his ex players. Like I told you before...wanting something does not make it true! After 13 years and no Super Bowl of course some fans are going to hate him and MOST are going to want him gone. I know you despise him for some strange reason...still thinking he must have bullied you and stole your lunch money when you were kids. If firing your coordinator is flat out blaming him then I guess just about every coach in the NFL has either blamed their coordinators or assistant coaches at one time or another. If trading and benching players is blaming them then every coach in the NFL has done the same with their players also. I'm not sure where the family fits in but I will just assume it's your mental illness kicking in. Honestly, hollywood...what the hell is wrong with you? I agree that 13-14 years is too long but why do you need to make up so much bullcrap when the truthful answer is that Reid has just not been good enough to produce a Super Bowl in Philly and Lurie has given him too much time to get it done. Nothing else...no owner that doesn't want to win one...no despicable coach who is the worst person in the world and who would trade his family for a coaching gig...they just weren't able to get it done.
  • Lie again. WIP the callers cant stand him 4 or 5 to `1 at least. They want him GONE!
  • I guess you counted them. LOL. Like I stated, of course fans are going to be upset and they have a right to be. This was targeted at your comments about his ex players and even though I hear disgruntled fans on 610, I would think that HATE would be taking it to the hollywood extreme. I truly believe for some odd reason you HATE him, I would guess that the majority of the fans we hear are just tired of him and want to see him go away.
  • as a matter of fact hes about to throw his starting QB under the bus again. REID is the problem GTD. Get that trhru your thick skull
  • I absolutely agree that Reid is the problem...he has hired practically everyone so therefore the fault ends up at his feet and he is far from perfect but that is not my point here. Reid kept McNabb here, stuck up for him through thick and thin and traded him instead of giving him a huge contract when he (and many of us) thought it was time. He gave Vick a chance when practically no other team would touch him, made him his starter and helped get him a huge contract. He is keeping Vick as his starter even though not many in the city would blame him for benching his ass! He gave Castillo a chance when Castillo wanted to be his defensive coordinator even though he knew everyone would question the move. He kept him on when he had a chance to possibly better the team with Spagnuolo. Castillo has been the only coach Reid has ever fired during the year! I would guess for every assistant Reid has fired two coaches (maybe more) have gotten promotions with the Eagles or other teams. He has made moves to show his commitment to players and coaches along with his statements. ALL coaches fire assistants, trade players and let players go. None of them tell the media what their intent is before it happens...does not make them backstabbers.
  • Hes a major part of the blame but Lurie is the owner of this joint therefore any crud that is served there is on him.
  • Blaming him because he owns the team (and I get that) is a lot different than claiming he doesn't want to win a Super Bowl (even though he's been to one and has 5 NFC championship appearances), that he is a racist (even though he hired a black coach as his first head coach and has had numerous black QBs as the face of his franchise, and does nothing for the community even though I have given you proof to the contrary. Just because you don't like a couple of men who are in charge of running the football team you claim to watch, it doesn't make them horrible people. You are the horrible person for making up so much BS to try to paint them in the images you would like us to see!
  • I wouldnt call any of thr treatement of the black Qbs and coaches honorable. The treatment was downright dispicable.
  • I can't believe I missed this...what the hell are you typing about? Rhodes fired after a 3-13 season was despicable? What quarterback was treated despicably? McNabb practically spending his whole career in Philly and making enough money to live many happy, wealthy lives? Keep it real, hollywood!
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  • I don't get how you guys can sit there and call benching a player that needs to benched "throwing him under the bus". If Vick didn't desrve it I would get that claim but Reid may have let him keep his starter's job for too long...let's not lose sight of that.
  • Reid should throw himseklf under the bus and save Eagle fans this long disgusting display of arrogance. Hes done and everyone knows it. Walk away honorably and stop doing damage to any future the Eagles MAY have.
  • Honorably? Are you really that foolish? There won't be any honor in any way he leaves this team right now and I don't get how you thinking he bails on his team is the honorable thing to do.
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  • It still isn't throwing him under the bus when he deserves to be benched. He drove the team to 17 points, Spotella...he's leading the team to around 16 points a game. This isn't just about yesterday's game...a benching never is with the QB unless there isn't much difference between a starter and a backup. Reid could do nothing but hope the QB he talked Lurie into giving a chance to, the QB he gave a huge contract to would wake up and start showing he could lead this team somewhere. I'm not shocked he waited this long and am kind of surprised to see it may be happening on Monday night...happy but surprised.
  • Monday night a goodnite to showcase everything that is wrong with the eagle franchise. A night to put Andy and Vick on full display. The cameras following Vick around. The commentators bringing up the dream team reference. And then the ass whipping Drew Brees gives them to top it off. A shameful night for the organization. Philly at its worst on national TV
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  • He knows it. He wants this. It buys him years while the suckers sit in the stadium and watch him groom a 3rd rounder into another Bobby Hoying. 2 years of garbage ion the way. We are going into the basement.
  • Why the hell would we waste time with Edwards? He sucks!! We need to see if Foles can get it done.
  • Thats going to be a two year waste of time
  • It may be but Vick has been a 3 year waste of time...what's another 2 years? Honestly, they need to see what he can do and still bring in a quarterback or two next year.
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  • After New Orleans you will get your wish.
  • Gut Vick, Nnamdi, Jenkins, and if they can Babin.
  • Vick, Jenkins and Babin's contracts could and may be cut from this team but Asomugha's I'm not sure about unfortunately. Vick will almost certainly be gone, Babin and Jenkins both signed deals with very small bonuses but I think Asomugha's signing bonus was around 20 million. May be hard to get rid of.
  • Nnamdi should give the money back he stole. In what world is he an elite corner back?
  • Not disagreeing with you at all, Eazy. Just facing facts of how the NFL works.
  • I will look into his contract. Hopefully they can get out of that mess.
  • Just looked at his contract myself. He could be let go next year with the team taking a cap hit of 4 million and I don't think they will owe him anything. They could get rid of him if they choose to.
  • 4 Million dollar hit is a lot. If he keeps playing like this it might be worth getting rid of him.
  • I thought it would stand at more in only his 3rd year but looking at all the contracts that some of the fans would like to see dumped will be too much for one team to handle. That was my first point.
  • I just hope the guy can turn it around. Maybe an entirely new coaching staff could do him some good.
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  • Because McNabb went to two cities and showed Philly he was worthy of a new contract? Come on bigrele...let it go. We're fans...what the hell do you expect? You do realize that the impact that we here had at yardbarker on the McNabb trade was minimal at best, don't you?
  • BigSmell never got off his McKnees. He worships the ground McNabb throws his passes to.
  • The only time he ever comes on anymore is when he feels McNabb has been vindicated. All his posts are anymore are poorly veiled "The Eagles should never have traded McNabb" comments. Did he even watch him since he left Philly...does he realize he isn't in the league anymore and it's not by his choice? I can understand him being upset with some fans who buried McNabb but don't understand what seems like his hatred towards the whole city.
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  • DAMN! The Eagles don't care what we have to say and don't actually come to yardbarker to get some advice? What the hell have I been doing here? Thanks for that revelation, bigrele!
  • LOL you read what Bigsmell writes! I'm surprised he has the time to write anything with his full time job of kissing McNabb's chicken McNuggets.
  • He needs to try to hide the FACT that his posts aren't about McNabb a little bit better or at least just admit it.
  • Dude only makes appearances to try and vindicate his god. Sorry, but nobody is buying McBallinthedirt as the savior.
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  • Like I asked yesterday, bigrele...what do you expect fans to do? We discuss our team, we celebrate the good, we vent about them and we "cry" about them from time to time. It's what real fans of a team do...not give up on them because they traded away their favorite player. It's a part of sports. Most of us loved McNabb when he was here, some of us turned on him when he started struggling a bit and some of us were just happy to start a new chapter which unfortunately didn't have a happy ending. It happens in every sport's ciity let alone every city with an NFL franchise. I'll be in front of my TV watching every game I can even if they don't win another game this season and I'll probably be on here shortly after discussing what happened. You're obviously welcome to join us and rip us anytime you want to...but when you bring uo how everyone cried and moaned about McNabb then YOU are making it about the man who you try to convince us isn't the topic of discussion anymore.
  • His comments are ?below viewing threshold. If YB thinks his words aren't worth reading I'm not going to try.
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  • Honestly, Spotella, I was the same way and I know Eazy has stated the same. McNabb had talent and was exciting to watch for many years but when it came to the Eagles deciding to either give him a longterm contract or try another angle I wanted to see that angle. Unfortunately neither Kolb nor Vick has been the answer but McNabb didn't exactly make the Eagles regret the trade either.
  • I would have preferred the Kept Kolb. At least he would have been bad and we could have been in a position to draft a quarterback of the future. Vick has been nothing but gold for fools. We were all taken by him. We wanted to believe in his redemption. My first thoughts about him were right all along.
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  • I disagree, Spotella. Those first 8-10 games of Vick's WERE spectacular. That is why Reid and company gave him the starter's job and then the huge contract. We all knew that type of play wouldn't last but unfortunately he hasn't even been okay in the past year and a half. Hell, his play actually started dipping before the Eagles gave him the contract. Another horrible mistake by Reid and another reason why Lurie can't change his mind at the end of this year.
  • We all got caught up in the Fools gold of Vick. We ASSumed that Mike Vick was the elite guy and Reid could turn him into a great QB. Everyone was wrong about both. That's why both need to go.
  • The Roy Williams debacles was Jerry's top 5 worst deal ever. However his top 5 best deal ever was a deal he didn't get done. Had this deal been done Cowboys wouldn't have acquired Carr & Claiborne.
  • hey idiot??? im agreeing with you....when did you graduate HS or did U?? smart ass???
  • Apparently I graduated at a time when sentences ending in question marks were questions. How is that agreement? Stupid is as stupid does.
  • When someone has to explain that they are agreeing with you that usually isn't a sign that they are easily understood.
  • In case Kellyscott is wondering I am asking a question. Lol
  • Maybe we can fire Reid now and the whole team can come alive and make a Super Bowl run!
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