October 07, 2013

Foles takes big step in right direction

By playing the waiting game and not demanding the starting role Foles without the pressure of immediate results has gained a new level of confidence.  This is the way a backup is groomed for a starting role.  He waits his turn.  And in Foles case now he is making leaps forward in a proper way to becoming a starter in this league.  He understands his backup role now and prepares himself.  As I always said Foles is capable off the bench.  Now because of not being mouthy like KK and respecting the natural order of things he has placed himself in a position to grow into a starting role.  Now I have confidence in him.

  • What a strange post.... Kolb and Foles aren't the same person so I don't get why you feel the need to constantly compare them to one another. Other than an old vet who understands his days as the big guy are numbered there are very few quarterbacks (especially young ones) who don't feel they should be starters in the league. You know how you prepare to be a backup in the NFL? Take every opportunity given to you and attempt to outshine the starter in order to one day take his job! Why do you think Steve Young and Montana hated each other?
  • I mention KK because he did nothing to place himself in the position to be a starter. He was annointed. Now Foles has put himself in a solid position if the timing is right to make a switch. Right now its Vicks job and Chip is smart enough to avoid a controversy. Reid would have these guys at eachothers throats over one game. Reids philosphy was divide and conquer. The rank and file players caught on to his deception.
  • Hollywood Kolb didn't anoint himself Andy Reid did! That's not on Kolb. What's on Kolb was his failure to take key opportunities to run with it. Still these aren't the same players and this isn't the same situation. Your anger seems a little misguided.
  • Why do we bother trying to discuss football with someone who sees things in such bizarre made up ways?
  • It's not just him. Flipflop lumped Kolb and Foles in as if they were the same player as well, and then in the next sentence accused everyone else as being a racist. Speaking of flipflop I noticed he hasn't posted in a while. I guess if you have nothing negative to write about the Eagles then you write nothing at all.
  • Flip also typed that Casey Matthews and Luke Kuechy were the same players when a few of us stated that we would like to see the Eagles draft Kuechly so maybe you're on to something.

    My point with Hollywood though is that he makes up crap and then continues to type about it like it's a known fact. Kolb never petitioned to be the starter over McNabb. The only thing I remember him ever stating is that he wanted a starting job someday and what QB doesn't?...and if he doesn't want to be a starter I don't want him on the Eagles. If Hollywood could ever stop making crap up on here maybe I'd someday have a little respect for him but I don't ever see that day coming...he can't stop himself.
  • I think the real issue now becomes do we need to draft a QB?
  • Maybe not. Maybe they can find something out of Foles or Barkley. They do need to substantially upgrade the defense. They also need to draft some offensive lineman and get another receiver. They could use two safeties (depending on the development of Wolfe) and an outside corner. Brandon Boykin is their best corner. He did a heck of a job on Cruz. I like Williams attitude, but his cover skills suck major. Maybe he could be a future safety?
  • I think if Foles gets the start vs tampa and does well I think you let him play when needed the rest of the season and make the decision on whether you go any further with Vick. You could always start Foles next year and use a # 2 on a QB or trade Foles and use a #1 on Qb. But if he is successful the rest of this year then i think he has a future as a starter. I think he has to show consistency. Ike Reese thinks Foles gets schooled vs tampa. Im not so sure.
  • Green I was skeptical of Luke as well, because I didn't like the competition he went up against and he was the best player on a bad team. That tends to up players stats, I was wrong about Luke, but I even changed my mind on him after he performed so well at the combine. With that being the case Casey still sucks (despite getting more P time than Vinny Curry) and Luke is a beast. Flip flop will never admit to being wrong ever. At least Wood will occasionally do that.
  • You can look at it that way if you want to...at least flip's fibs aren't the off the wall kind for the most part. Flip stretches the truth in most situations where Hollywood just totally makes crap up. Am I honestly debating who's lies are more acceptable? Has it come to this? Lol.
  • Well Wood didn't take his two IDs and ran for the hills like Mr. Softie did.
  • You all remember how high I was on Kuechly. Looks like I was right.
  • We took Fletcher Cox right? So far it don't think he's taken the next step. Perhaps he may. He shows flashes, but he disappears for very long stretches at times.
  • That was the year we took Cox. Kuechly was already off the board at that point. They need to try and build around him. He could be a nice 3-4 end. They just got to get someone opposite him and a nice NT to really have a viable 3-4.
  • They made it easy for him by playing to his strengths. Throws to the sideline, under neath routes ( loved the one to desean), and used every qbs favorite target the TE. Foles made me happy but Kelly was even better.

    Now this raises a question to green. With foles looking promising all offseason, looked better in preseason to me than most people ( that qb contest was closer in my eyes), and now him performing well against a division rival, do u still think we need to use a first rounder on a qb?
  • Yes, 20dawk...right now I think they still need to use that top pick on a QB. Like I've told Hollywood when he tries to type that I love Foles, I am not totally sold on him but regardless, two QBs would be better than none. I wanted him to start because I know what the Eagles already have with Vick but there is still enough unknown with Foles to warrant more of a look and I think he did what you would hope a 3rd round rookie would do in his situation ...he improved just about every game. Even if he ends up not being a starter (we have to keep it real...the Giants are a bad team right now) I would rather see him get some seasoning instead of watching Vick just go through the motions in what I believe to be a nothing year.
  • Is there anyone in college u like more than another? Bridgewater and Boyd seem like the perfect fit but it just seems too easy. I'm not gonna be able to describe that in words but I'll give it a shot. It's like we got two guys who, to me atleast, stand out from the pack and can in theory run chips offense. Then if we aren't in position there is like 5 more guys who people are saying can do it at the next level. What's the catch? It can't be that easy. I think it's gangreen that does the college scouting through the year but do u think all this guys can do it in the nfl like the experts are saying?
  • I don't watch enough college football anymore to answer that 20dawk and honestly no one can ever know for sure. How many studs have turned into stiffs after draft day? I still think its a risk the Eagles have to take...I think I told Hollywood that the Ravens went through over 20 QBs before drafting Flacco in the first round. I do like Boyd the most but it's mostly based on what he's done and what I have read. I just believe that QB is a position that shouldn't be taken lightly. I'd rather the Eagles draft a QB that all the experts are raving about instead of hoping that Vick can have another rebirth or just hope that Foles has it in him. By the way I think that Bridewater is more of a pocket passer so Manziel and Hundley may fit Kelly's offense better than him...that's of course if they decide to come out.
  • Alright I just don't see us being in a position to draft a top qb without trading up and I don't wanna see us give up what the skins did to get rg3. If we can get a guy in round 2 or even 3 I think it would be better for the team that way we can get a guy like Anthony Barr or Kyle van noy or maybe haha from bama maybe a
    nt like Louis nix III areas that have been
    a major problem for years.
    Foles has looked like he can play in the nfl
    and if chip doesn't mind not using the read
    option we could be ok.
    This defense needs an impact player.
    The offense has two, McCoy n desean,
    possibly three when maclin returns. The defense has Kendrick's who has proven to be eehh
  • good point. Chip should alot of versatility in his play calling in that game. The format changed completely when Foles came in. It was simple but effective. Obviously Vick and Foles do many things deifferently and they game plan they play it that way.
  • Wait how can people go from stating Foles sucks and doesn't fit this system( and he doesn't fit this system) to now thinking we don't need to get another QB? The true reality is we are wasting time with Vick to do exactly the same stuff he's done in the past. Be terrible in the Red Zone, and ultimately get hurt. I knew it would happen, but I tried to give him the benefit of doubt, and he let me down again. Mike Vick has hijacked this team and we are stuck in neutral because of it. I don't want to THINK Nick Foles is the future I would like to KNOW it. The only way to find that out is to play him. If he sucks then fine now we know and we draft a QB, but if he doesn't then we know. On top of that we are losing games with Vick who was supposed to be perfect for this system. In reality he's not good for this system at all other than the fact he runs. He holds onto the ball too long, still makes poor decisions with the football, has trouble getting the ball to the hot receiver on blitzes, and is more likely to have a turnover in the Red Zone than score. The real Mike Vick isn't good enough to take us anywhere so at this point why waste more time on him? It's time to turn the page on Vick, and find out if Foles can do it, and if he can't it's time to turn the page on him too.
  • Foles "not fitting the system" is another reason why I think Kelly needs to go out and get "his" guy. I think one of the reasons we are being force fed Vick this year (and also why he was brought back) is because of the thinking that he could run Kelly's whole playbook including the read option...we all know that will never be Foles. Lurie and Roseman wanted Kelly here for a reason and Foles inability to run may handcuff his offense a bit. I say draft that QB and take another shot at getting that franchise guy if one is available when the Eagles pick...better yet they should do everything they can to get one of the top guys. As for this year Foles should definitely be starting in my opinion and if he shows that he is better than effective at running the offense then maybe I change my stance at drafting a QB in next years draft...and that is how the Eagles should have been looking at it all along in my opinion.
  • The irony becomes that they system becomes more important than the player. I mean what happens if Foles lights it up against the Bucs, gets the starting job, and then leads the team to the playoffs? Do you still just draft a guy, because he doesn't quite fit the system? Winning is more important than the system in my opinion so if Kelly needs to adjust his system to fit Foles then so be it. Heck even Manning ran plays out of the Pistol against us.
  • I typed that if Foles is more than efficient it could change my stance just not sure he has it in him. Of course I would love to see him show that he does.
  • I don't mind if it were Foles, Barkley or even Vick. Just be consistent and right now Mike isn't.
  • If we somehow make the playoffs, I think it's more of a byproduct of how bad this division is. Let's face it, the NFC East is weak as $h1t right now.
  • Even if the division is weak the team has to take their chances. They will host a game so that will be in their favor.
  • They are playing poorly but its early. I dont think its valuable to head into a QB controversy. Chip has to be a man of his word. He gave Vick the starters role leave it for now. There is no pressure on Foles so its a great opportunity for him to gain confidence and not feel to much pressure. He can grow into a starters role pssibly but it doesnt have to be now.
  • Winning should be more important than any so called QB controversy. If Vick isn't winning, and Foles comes in and does why go back to Vick? If Foles beats a more than game Tampa team, and the next week beats the Cowboys and after that game Vick is ready you would make him the starter? Why? He's not McNabb so what's the loyalty for? Now if Foles stinks it up then yes give the job back to Vick, because winning is what matters.
  • If he beats Tampa and cowboys then I would keep it going. But a win over a depleted Tampa team doesnt make him the man. Vick has been playing good football so Im not sure what your beef is.
  • My beef is losing, and Vick has been terrible his last few games. He's been
    terrible all season in the red zone and he didn't even complete a pass in the first
    quarter of the midgets game. He's a quarterback and not a running back.
  • Sorry, Eazy. Paging through here on my iPhone and accidentally flagged you. Don't bother with trying to get Hollywood to see things your way when it comes to Vick. How could with a guy who'd rather think the coach and the o-line (and the league) were out to get him hurt instead of admit Foles got rid of the ball quicker last year?
  • I don't think anyone can argue against the fact Mike has regressed since the first two games of the season. Take those games away and I don't even think his completion percentage is over 50% and that's pathetic for a starting NFL quarterback. True Vick can use his legs to get out of some trouble but in reality he's getting himself into that trouble by holding the fall far too long in many of those drop backs. Everyone stated how this offense was supposed to be tailor made for Mike, and for a half of NFL football it seemed to be, but now he's reverted back to everything that was wrong from his game in the first place. It's time to stop the excuses. This is like his 4th or 5th NFl head coach with the same type of results. Thanks to Nick Foles bailing him out against the Giants Vick still has a winning record as the Eagles quarterback. 20-19 is a winning record, but as we all have seen that isn't going to get us very far in a season.
  • Great idea lets make things unstable in Philly., Lets create controversy. Lets split the lockeroom. I m all for it.
  • Let's see. An 0-3 (at the time) team giving up on their starting quarterback and going with a 3rd round rookie most definitely so they have a shot at drafting Bridgewater....I'M OUTRAGED!!! TAMPA BAY IS NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF FREAKING QUITTERS AND LOSERS!!! Just kidding. Congratulations to Tampa for realizing they would keep spinning their wheels with Freeman and moving on.
  • Tampa situation is a little different though green. Have you heard about some of the Josh Freemon stuff? He wishes he were a tenth of a leader Mike Vick is. Now Vick had to develop into this guy. With that being the case we lost our chance for Bridgewater when we beat the skins. I just hope this season is about something other than Mike Vick.
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