December 30, 2013

I Will Stand Up And Be Counted.

I am a believer in Nick Foles. I believe that Chip Kelly believes in Nick Foles. I know Howie Roseman believes in him, and I'm pretty sure that Jeff Lurie believes he has the franchise QB he was looking for. 27 touchdowns to go with only two interceptions. A playoff berth in only his second season and i can only see him getting better. The Offense with him under center has broken all kinds of records from himself to players around him and the offense as a whole. The Eagles future looks bright with many of their best players are young and in their mid twenties. Looking at the NFC East as a whole you see teams in crisis. The Cryboys have a QB nearing his mid thirties who has now had two back surgeries in one year. The Midgets are old and in the NFL when a player gets old, it happens quickly. Their QB is a turnover mess. The Porkskins seem lost, and will likely never find their way thanks to their meddlesome owner (same problem as the Cryboys) and may have set their franchise back years by completely screwing up their young QB. As of today the Eagles seem to be the only team in the division with a direction.

  • Even though I'm no fan of First Take, I will watch tomorrow just to see Stephen A rub it in on Skip. I'm willing to bet Skip's excuses like the rest of the Cowpies fans will be as predictable as they are banal.
  • Nick Foles is the guy but I cant say Im convinced his play will deliver a lombardi anytime soon. I hope he plays better than that Cowboy game because if thats how he plays with pressure, no matter what his stats may say, we dont have a Brady , Manning or Brees with foles. I was beginning to bury Vick in the back of my mind until that performance. I think Vick would have put up more points than Foles. Again just my observation. Doesnt mean they should bring Vick back but I dont know that Foles can keep his luck longterm.
  • Luck dude? Seriously? If you still think he's just lucky then you won't be convinced. I won't tell you at this moment that he will or won't bring a Lombardi. I couldn't tell you that about McNabb in his second season, but I can tell you that with a few more pieces this team most certainly can be good enough to win one with Foles as it's QB. I get though you don't like 27tds and only 4 turnovers. You would much rather have 16tds 20turnovers, and a whole bunch of excuses as to why the team is only 6-10 that are supposedly everyone's fault but the QB. Your opinion is noted.
  • Beat the Cowboys in their stadium in a playoff atmosphere while facing a steady pass rush in a close game? Check! 2 TDs, 267 yards and over 60 percent again. If ANYONE is still discussing Vick they obviously have a hidden agenda (which in the context I'm using it in means ulterior motive...though I think you and most barkers get that and I would guess have seen before). Can you imagine the numbers Foles would have put up if he had the whole year? 27 TDs and just under 3000 yards in roughly 10 games? The man would have set the franchise record for both and it wouldn't have even been close. Looking forward to seeing how he and this group of Eagles respond to their first playoff experience next week. Davis is going to have to do his homework next week even though the Saints have struggled on the road.
  • Could Foles do it with a weaker oline and lets say without jackson? I doubt it. Everyone knows the stats. But even collingsworth brought up some serious problems in his game which you dont want to believe but they do exist. Look at the success of guys like Orton, glennon and McClown. If you really think Foles has a better arm than Jay Cutler or Flacco you dont know what you are talking about. Ill admit up until now he has great style points but under adverse conditions I question his sustainability. Given the opportunity under those conditions last year he faired no better than Vick and in the QB comp. this year he lost. You really think all these experts are so wrong? I think his faults are being protected by a very strong run game and some good weapons. He looked feeble at times vs the worst defense in football. I give more credit to good offensive game planning by the Eagles for Foles than his exceptional QB talent. But you are gushing about Foles like hes a franchise savior. Ill put it to you this way Flacco would be the highest rated passer in the league with this Oline and run game. That is the truth. Elway would have creamed his jock strap had he had a back like Mccoy and a this line early in his career. It wont be like that forever. the Eagles need defensive help and will be pressed to use important resources on that side of the ball. An injury on the offense next year might mean weaker depth might have to cover for the downed player. Will Foles be able to maintain that high level of play. Im not so sure. This oline is jelling and it wasnt that good early on in the season. If Vick gets an opportunity to play with this unit Im sure his numbers wont be inferior to Foles. Im not suggesting that I want that to happen but i dont think Foles is so talented that Vick cant compare. thats dishonest. hes playing good ball and I have confidence that Vick would too.
  • The o-line certainly wasn't on last night and Foles hung in and did enough to help get his team a win. Do me a favor Hollywood. Go back and look through what I have typed recently. Where do I even hint that he is some type of savior? All I have typed is his numbers this year are incredible (and they are), he is the unchallenged QB next year, I hope he keeps improving and is the franchise QB so many teams need and there is no way Vick puts up the type of numbers he did this year. The last one is obviously the one that gets you, isn't it? It's absolutely true there buddy. Mike Vick is a 56% passer over his career and turns the ball over every year because of one common reason...Mike Vick! He's a drive killer, Hollywood whether YOU want to believe that or not. So far this year Nick Foles has taken care of the ball and though he doesn't have the velocity on his throws that Vick has he knows where to put the ball and he has great accuracy on most his throws. He struggled last year...AS A FREAKIN' ROOKIE! Most of his interceptions were in his first two games as a pro and although he may not have gotten the ball into the end zone much I do believe Chip Kelly's offense has helped take care of that...isn't that the offense that most people (including you) insisted Foles couldn't run? Be honest with me, Hollywood...were you even rooting Foles and the Eagles on last night?
  • Hollywood and flipflop need to go and see how many records this kid already owns for the Eagles in only his second season. Stop comparing this's kid to Kolb and Hoying,because of the color of his skin. You two are disgraceful.
  • Good attempt to try to race bait but Im not biting. You now admit about his velocity. Do you admit he hasnt had to put the ball in tight spaces? You keep rolling out numbers to make him appear elite. hes not an elite QB. The honors should be going to the two veteran playmakers McCoy and Jackson. I was ready for something big from Foles vs the Cowboys. I thought he would put them in a position to win. He did the opposite. he got bailed out. And thats great but it wont happen every year.
  • I brought up his velocity and where is that not known? Foles is showing that you don't need a canon to be effective in the NFL and he isn't the first. He has plenty of arm strength to make the throws that he needs to make. Keep up your whining while the Eagles are back in the playoffs, Hollywood. Show us all how much you love "your" team.
  • Foles has played 20 games with 16 starts. Here's his stat line 4590yds, 33 tds, 7ints, 62.5%, 101.0 qbrtng, 263 yds rush, 4 tds.

    Here are some highlights:

    NFC East Champ (2013)
    Tied most passing tds (7) in a game (P. Manning, Blanda, Luckman, Burk, Tittle, Kapp)
    3rd highest single season qb rating (119.2) ( Rodgers, P. Manning)
    Highest TD-INt ratio (27-2), 20+ tds (Brady 2nd)
    Tied franchise record single season completion percentage (64.0) (Mcnabb)
    Tied Franchise record most games single season over 100 qb rating (9) (Mcnabb)

    History shows that a 24 year old quaterback is only going to get better. If you thought Foles didn't have what it takes, it's looking like you were wrong. It's time to get excited about what we have. Now let's beat the Saints. GO EAGLES!!!

  • Nice post, Brink and exactly to the point. A couple barkers on here are more concerned about their predictions and comments than how Foles and the Eagles perform on the field. How could any true fan not be excited with what this team accomplished this year and why would they rather be preoccupied with making excuses on why their predictions didn't pan out...This I will never understand.
  • Hollow wood nobody is taking anything from Jackson or McCoy. In fact I'm probably their biggest supporters on this site. Who cares about his arm strength? I care about his production. Joe Montana didn't have great arm strength, but he won football games. Conversely Vick, and Mathew Stafford may have two of the biggest arms in the league. Neither of them have won anything of merit at this point in their careers. That's your problem. You get caught up in meaningless BS. Just like you foolishly picked a bum like Beanie Wells over Shady McCoy, because of size. You stupidity is unmatched sometimes.
  • Beanie wells had alot of physical ability. He was hurt because of the ridiculous way he was used in Arizona. There are plenty of great backs that never got the acholades they deserved because of how they were managed. One good exammple is Hershel walker. Most stupid people know that if had played under better circumstances his "stats" would have been far better. he had no blocking back and no blocking upfront .He carried a load but was an unsung hero forging his yards on the ground with no help. So you need to use a better tool than the just look at his yards when judging talent. Because when the blocking isnt there neither are shadys yards.
  • Do you even realize what you do on here? Win or lose, stud or dud all you do is make excuses to why your predictions don't pan out. Wells and Vick struggle because they aren't used right according to used "excuses" why McCoy had great years in the past and you've been doing the same about Foles incredible year. You just keep showing us all what a fraud of a fan you are.
  • He was in Baltimore on a tryout. He stinks. It's why he isn't in the league. He can't hold a candle to Shady. It's a shame you are still wrapped up in meaningless stuff.
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