January 04, 2014

I'm Proud Of My Eagles!

Many will come to whine and complain. Many were waiting for this very moment. The Eagles are out of the playoffs and the vultures are circling, but sorry to disappoint you I'm proud of my team. This season as far as I'm concerned has been a successful one. Chip Kelly has turned this team around sooner than I or anyone else expected. Sure there are some things that need upgrading. A new safety, new corner, and new kicker come to mind just off the top of my head, but I see this team has a bright future. We have an innovative coach, a great young running back, and a great young quarterback. The Eagles are back. This game had the feel of the Rams loss for me. Even though that game was in their home, I felt like we are watching the beginning of something great. So for those who want to be happy in the Eagles loss. For those who wish to cry and say I told you so it pity you, because you can't even see we are at the beginning of greatness. Go Eagles!

  • I think you are way premature to declare that they "are back". They had a season full of alot of luck. Chip didnt even trust foles enough to let him go out and win that game. He handcuffed them and the Saints pounded us to death and didnt even di deep into their arsenal. I dont think we are so much closer to winning a superbowl. we got a taste of the playoffs. That will keep Eagle fans guessing just like Jeffrey likes it.
  • Not bad for a first year college coach to ruffle up the Saints in the Wild Card Round of the post season. NO had the benefit of an experienced coaching staff. Can't take nothing away from what Chip has done to get his team past all early expectations.
  • Hollywood sorry I'm not in any mood to go back and forth with your negativity. At this point I don't really care if you do or do not support this team. I know what I see, but it's not
    my job to make you see it too.

    @ Robbo: I think Chip is going to bring these boys back hungry, but the work isn't done. This will be another major draft for this team. Hopefully Roseman continues to improve as a GM. He sucked at first, but his last two drafts have been very solid.
  • You know what you see and I know what Ive seen in 34 years. And this isnt that much different. Sorry to burst your bubble but i dont see a powerhouse forming. I see more doubts and excuses. The Saints should have crushed us but showed us mercy. Blame Henery all you want but the team was mildly successful on an off Saint day.
  • Mercy? You have no clue what you're referring to.
  • Drew Brees is capable of alot more and has proven that while winning a superbowl. we needed to have Foles prove he could do something special. he did. he phucked up the whole first half by bumbling and stumbling around. He started the 3rd qtr with a couple of three and outs. The defense hung in there despite Foles. Again I didnt see the great Nick Foles anywhere . Hes adequate and can win games but he is not a superbowl calibur QB. He cant handle pressure. Just to darn slow
  • Hollywood flipflop has his typical negative I told you so garbage up. Feel free to go back and forth with your hate about the Eagles with that fraud of a fan.
  • I don't get the b!tching.

    This has been a great year. They exceeded damn near everyone's expectations. I said early in the year to gtd that we have a talented team capable of a 10 plus win team but I didn't think it was gonna happen. I sure as hell didn't think it would happen with chip and foles paired together. Never been happier to be wrong.

    Foles has somethings to work one. Mostly not dropping his eyes when the pass rush gets in quickly.

    McCoy showed us just how nasty he can be, even if sometimes u wanna kill him for dancing in the back field. However when that dancing leads to a huge gain we all love it and call him Barry sanders. He's not but he's the closest thing since.

    Desean showed us he is still capable of huge games, which I got scared was all gone for a few reasons. Cooper stepped up and avant stepped back. Another wr is a big need. I'm looking at u maclin. Celek showed he still has life while ertz started to come along very nicely. Casey wasn't what we thought but his blocking paid off big at times. Idk why he isn't our fb on short yardage.

    The line was good at times and bad at times. Johnson played better as the season went on as did big Todd. Kelce stepped up this year and actually earned some of the praise he's been getting. Mathis is still overrated in my eyes but he is good. Peters struggled early but played better down the stretch as well. Barbe is a great backup to have. Age is a factor here and youth should be added in the draft. Hopefully in later rounds.

    The defense needs improvement. The dline is still too small. Logan is gotta be one of the smallest NTs in the league. That's why those qb sneaks went for 5 yards. Their center looked like he eats Logan for lunch. I said it when we drafted him and I stand by it. He has the size for a 3-4DE. Cox played great most of the year and Thornton and curry were a nice surprise. A guy like Greg hardy would be able to replace both of them though and be an improvement. Personally I would move Logan outside and get a new nt.

    We have good LBs. Can u believe that philly? Barwin is just the man. Kendricks is a beast. Cole gives us that pass rush lb everyone wants. Our biggest hole is cole or Ryans in coverage. Their just too slow. An upgrade in coverage would be nice. Wouldn't mind cj Mosley if he falls or kyle van noy in the first.

    The secondary sucks and if Chung is back on the team I'm gonna stab him. Williams gets beat for a big play once or twice a game. Fletcher seems to give up one as well. Allen still has his problems. Wolff looked to be becoming a good player but this injury killed that. I'm still looking at Kenny ladler( 6-1 205, 87 tackles n 5 ints) in a later round, idk why he's projected that late he's a beast. Or kurtis Drummond if he comes out (6-0 200 85 n 4). Haha scares me cause he's been out this whole year and I can only find one season on him. But he is a very gifted athlete.

    Well that for longer than expected. All in all great season. E A G L E S EAGLES!!!!!!
  • I wish I could share your enthusiasm dawk and I agree 100% with your d analysis. I tought Chip did a very good job this year but I cant say I come away form this game thinking Foles can lead us to the next level. Contrary to that opinion, I think this game highlighted some of his pedestrian skills. He never was asked to make sharp passes in this game. Every pass play was of the safe variety so as not to let him lose the game. When you start playing like that against the better teams in the NFL you are going to lose. i watched Trent dilfer, a game manager, win a superbowl so I know what it takes to win with a guy like that. You better have a shutdow defense and a strong running game and a big line. We arent built for that kind of QB. Unfortunately this game confirmed my thoughts of Foles limits. We will need more depth on offense especially at the WR position and Oline. If they want to cover for Foles limitations they will need to expend more resources or Im afraid we will drop back next year as our schedule, injuries and reality catch up to us.
  • Well that game manager had a better game than Drew brees. The saints, the better team, almost lost cause of bad qb play. We almost won cause of good qb play late in the game. Foles sucked early on, but showed late he has what it takes to take a lead from a top 5 defense.
  • When Drew Brees has a bad game and you lose that should tell you something. One game doesnt win a superbowl. it was a fun season . But couldve , shouldve and wouldve doesnt get anything but a box of popcorn next sunday.
  • Are you really that surprised about the whining, 20dawk? We're seeing it from the same two that have whined after each loss this year and who have predicted gloom and doom since Reid was fired and Kelly was hired (well, with Hollywood it's always gloom and doom). Both scoffed at the idea of Foles being able to run Kelly's offense so what do you expect them to type on a night that Foles wasn't his best. They both are all about coming on this website to tell everyone "I told you so" and even though they had to wait and even though they'll have to stretch the truth and make up things they think they see, they're the type that have to let us know that they THINK they are indeed right. The funny thing is that flip would have rather been wallowing in another stale year with Reid at the helm while Hollywood would rather be watching Vick turn the ball over 20 times a year. Yet a 10-6 season and a close playoff loss to a perennial playoff team with a great QB is another reason for all of us to panic if you'd believe what they type. They haven't been right about much this year (or any year honestly) so I'm having no worries here. Maybe you're surprised because according to flip just a day ago...he was all in? LOL. You can't be all in after looking for things to rip "your" team about all year. I can't imagine how unbearable he would have been if all his predictions for a great Raiders year would have went down the way he predicted. You don't see him discussing his Raiders much anymore, do you? I wonder why...LOL.

    I agree with much of your overall analysis. There is no reason to believe that Foles won't keep improving his game. I agree that they need some help at receiver...not sure if that comes with a healthy Maclin on a one year deal or if they draft a receiver somewhat early...the draft seems deep this year at wide out. McCoy was the best back in football this year and showed no let up so he should be back and looking to defend his title next year. The offensive line was definitely disappointing at times but this may be a product of Kelly's offense. No lead blocker to follow through the hole and McCoy getting the ball 2-3 yards deep each play makes for an easier read for the defense. It may also have to do with Foles at times because in the last few games I was hating on the read option when Foles kept the ball or the designed Foles runs...no one was falling for that anymore. Stating that I'd much rather have an accurate QB that will take care of the ball, get the ball down the field and in the end zone (the Eagles are actually a good red zone offense these days) than a QB who can rip off a big run from time to time but struggles in the passing game (especially one that can NEVER finish out a season due to injury). It's up to Foles to make teams pay when they take away McCoy and up to Kelly to find ways to get the ball to the best players on the field...no reason to think that both won't get better and with Foles more comfortable and confident in year 3.

    The linebackers are much better but there is one spot I think they can improve in and that's Cole's spot. The Eagles need more than spurts from him rushing the QB and at his age his covering skills will never be what you'd want from a 3-4 linebacker. I'm just not sure what kind of commitment they'll make for a replacement for him because Reid gave him and Herremans a very nice going away gift in the form of 5 year deals (I think) with too much guaranteed money.

    I also agree with possibly having to look at a bigger body at the nose although I remember reading that the Eagles were hoping Logan could gain 10-15 pounds when they drafted him. They were obviously high on him drafting him early in the 3rd and all the talk is that he would play the middle. With the steady improvement of Thornton there really wouldn't be too many snaps for him elsewhere so we'll see what they do.

    The secondary is where the team needs the most work, no doubt. As much as Williams and Fletcher upgraded this year just by playing much more physical at times (and tackled MUCH better) they just aren't ever going to be elite corners in this league. I think they need to upgrade early at corner and/or sign a corner in free agency. I saw you threw out the name Sam Shields the other day...love it and hope the Eagles realize they need help here. I think both Fletcher and Williams contracts don't bind them to the team. I would honestly think about moving Boykin outside also. He's too talented to not get more snaps and if they don't move him outside he will be a free agent loss in a couple years. I believe Fletcher played the nickel in St. Louis for a time...maybe he would be a good choice to swap spots with. They also need to come out of this off season with a starting safety. I like how Wolff was developing and he would be the lead on one safety spot but even with the improvement of Allen it wasn't enough...definitely need an early upgrade there or a look into one in free agency.

    This team definitely took a bigger step than most of us thought they could in year one. We should be happy with the outlook of "our" Eagles. I've heard some very good analysts (including my favorite Ray Didinger) state the same going INTO the New Orleans game and a loss doesn't change that. Improvement by Kelly, Foles, Davis, etc in year two of the new schemes...add a playmaker or two on defense and tweak the offense and just the experience of this very nice season could and should go a long way in making this team that much better next year. It also won't hurt that every other NFC East team has many holes and questions just like they did when Reid had his way with them. Looking bright for Kelly's future in Philly.
  • Easy it doesn't matter I am also proud of what Kelly did an also what our new first year coach did here in Oregon but as you stated the vultures will circle even IF Kelly won the super bowl or Helfrich won the college football crown?
  • Just to show that flip's view is nothing but a WEAK hope from a hypocritical outlook by a fan. Here he was in Dec. of 2011 in the midst of the owner's decription of a fool's gold finish. Please notice how he is fine with losses so the Eagles can get a better draft pick. I guess wins aren't that important when it's flip that's making the comments:

    December 24, 2011


    MANY of you will disagree with me and that's fine. The point of this post isn't popularity but instead to paint the picture that this team is better and is only getting better.

    Today the EAGLES stand at 6-8. If they win out out or lose out, both are fine with me.

    We are dominant in the division.

    Reid has learned he MUST trust his run game.

    The Wide 9 has become situational.

    The team largely looks to have gelled.

    Provided that DRC proves today that he can take over for Samuel, this team would be in a FAR better position next season to do what some unfairly expected this season. Next year they might even be able to do it WITH injuries, since so many back-up gained so much in-game experience.

    If we finish 6-10 we'll add picks from the top 10 position in EVERY ROUND of the Draft, to a VERY dangerous team already. 6-10 could be the building block to get Reid the players he needs to stay here another 5 to 10 years.

    If we make the playoffs at 8-8, get hot and hoist Lombardi, well now, that IS the point of the thing isn't it? If we can do it THIS year, then hell let's do it THIS year.

    Guys like me and EZ have doubts that this team can beat the Green Bays and New Orleans type teams of the NFL. However I'd be THRILLED to be proven wrong! I don't speak for EZ, but I'd wager he'd also be thrilled to be wrong about that.

    So to me, the Birds are sitting pretty regardless of what transpires over the next two weeks. That said however, I think this team makes a statement and goes 2-0 over the next two weeks.

    Go Birds!

    Boy was he ever wrong going into 2012 and his cheery outlook didn't change while the Eagles LIMPED to a 3-1 start in 2012 while turning the ball over at a ridiculous pace. This is where he really started questioning why we were disappointed in how the Eagles were playing (and calling us bad fans) and continued on until the end of the season (a 4-12 year...I'm sure I don't have to remind everyone) when we discussed whether Reid should be fired. The funny part of finding this post from flip is that next to it were posts that Eazy brought up of flip calling for Reid's firing back in 2008 or 2009 (these were placed on a post from flip questioning fans who look for things to complain about...sound like anyone we know?). Let's see, calling for Reid's firing in 2008 and 2009 to ripping people just for discussing the possibility in 2011-2012...that truly is the definition of a hypocrite as is being happy about a dud of a season and the possibility of a 4 game winning streak to finish it off under Reid and looking for reasons to complain with a 10-6 season and a playoff berth with Kelly.
  • It was a great season but the way they played Foles showed me they dont have alot of faith in him making strikes in the center of a good defense. They played on the edges where mistakes are limited. They need to use the whole field and if they dont think hes capable of using the whole field get another QB.
  • Hollywood if you're blaming Foles then you're not as smart as I thought you were.

    @Everyone who are proud of our team or truly bleed Eagle green you all know this game is a stepping stone for this franchise. The hunger to win for these guys will only grow stronger. This could be the most important offseason for Howie Roseman. So far he's been hitting solid choices the last few off seasons between the draft picks and free agency choices. Our team is on the rise. Real fans know it. Liars, hypocrites, and people who only care about causing division don't or just want to cause division. I'm proud of my Eagles and I'm happy there are people around who get it, and clearly see through those who don't.
  • I'm pretty sure you read flip's post up above from 2011 (saw what you typed to kellyscott about flip being happy with 6-8 a couple years ago). You know the saddest post I may have seen to show how much flip has changed (has he really changed though...he showed he was a hypocrite in 2011) wasn't about football at all. It was a post flip typed to romorules giving him crap for making a mockery out of a fund drive flip and his comedy troupe had for a fallen soldier's family. Flip has been on here today discussing how we should all "feel the love" (again...certainly not how flip felt when it was his time to question "his" Eagles) and discussing how some on here don't want to be a part of that with someone who attacked him for just being flip...not about his distorted views on football and how he's hypocritical on his stances on what we should post on here...just simply being him. I have never done that and never will. Romorules even posted some not to flattering pictures that I would guess were directed at flip. I only type what I see he and Hollywood doing on this site that I find extremely hypocritical and wrong...and their old posts back me on my views. I guess flip just wants to believe romorules' comments just like Hollywood does. I guess he needs them just like Hollywood does. I'm pretty sure that after seeing his history on here everyone left on this site should know what romorules is all about (maybe not kellyscott but that's understandable)...what a shame flip's ignored that just so he has someone besides Hollywood who agrees with some of his posts.

    So far from what I've seen everyone on here is happy with the what the future hopefully holds for the Eagles (but the usual malcontents). Of course we'll all be going into next season with questions but every team's fans will be including this year's eventual champion. If Roseman has a draft like the last two years and the Eagles get at least one play maker via free agency it will be an extremely good outlook going into 2014. Already looking forward to it!
  • Look at flipflops recent post. It is laughable as he's actually bringing up draft position.
  • He's already discussed draft position. About a month ago he seemed concerned that the Eagles were putting themselves in a position to draft in the middle of the pack but weren't good enough to do anything this year. Does that really surprise you that a hypocrite thinks it's okay to feel this way but can't understand how anyone else may feel the same way?
  • No not really. We established a long time ago dude lacks comprehension skills. His lack of knowledge to the word agenda all but confirmed it. In case he's wondering his hidden agenda is showing itself now.
  • Not blaming Foles but you have to question the faith they have in him considering his putrid 1st half bleeding into the 3rd qtr and the fact that he only found success after the saints took a big lead. Foles was not counted on to win the game. He stalled early on and they stuck with the run game too long. Why? because they had more faith in McCoy than Foles. Thats not a real confidence builder. Not to mention Brees and the saints were wounded and had a horrible game. What happens when an elite team lights it up is Foles gonna keep pace against pressure defenses. Im not so sure. But we will find out. I told you how I feel long ago. Im standing by it.
  • Are you still standing by this one?

    November 21, 2011

    Do we have a potential Quarterback controversy?

    Ill tell you what you guys may laugh but now is the time to rally think about a playing Vick and Vince in same game. Let Vick get healthy and let VY try to put together a streak. VY looked like the real deal. Yes, he has a wierd delivery but the plays actually developed with him staying right in the pocket. And he stands tall in there. That was actually a calm offense. I enjoyed that better than watching Vick race around
  • Weirdo why dont you finsih that manual on tanking and go work for the NSA. Since you love , reading yesterdays news. You are a moron.
  • Weirdo? Coming from you? Should I get angry or split my gut from laughing so hard...I'll pick gut splitting. Come on, Hollywood. If you and flip want to sit there and lie about how things went down on this site I'll use what everyone of us has the power to use on here...I'll go back and copy and paste posts that prove you wrong...I'll go back and show just how honest you AREN'T! You see, this works when I do it to you and flip...it wouldn't work the other way around because I just don't give a damn about trying to make myself look like some kind of football genius like the two of you do. Not my thing. Plus I like to think that I'm no way near as judgmental on here...I try to judge each individual on their own merits...I like to give every Eagle a chance no matter how he came to the team. I don't hate on Eagles just because someone I disagree with likes them or because they snatched the job away from a favorite player who may have been slumping or worse yet because I may have typed negative comments about them like you do. That's just wrong and childish.

    Here you are all over Foles questioning his abilities after posting some incredible numbers...no question he would have broken almost every season record for the franchise if he would have had the whole year yet it just isn't enough for you. Look at your old posts...you're still talking Vick (the man is not a winner...not anymore anyway) when Foles struggles and even in the beginning of THIS year you thought it would be a good idea to throw Vince Young into the mix because you stated he played well when he was here and you had no faith in Foles. I had to go back and throw his stats at you to get you to stop...and you call me a moron? Hahahahahahhahahahaahaha. Please stop...you're killing me. LOL.
  • I still think VY is a good athlete that has been black balled for whatever reason. I still dont think Foles will stand the test of time. i dont think he has the physical tools especially escapability. That will follow him his whole career. Easy way to beat Foles is to apply pressure. He hasnt shown me he can play under a good rush. VY and Vick both had good manueverability in the pocket. If you cant escape a torrid pass rush you wont be successful in the playoffs. Foles had one significant pass to Jackson and a couple of decent redzone plays but overall he was ineffective vs saints. I think the saints planned on bottling him up in second half and sit on that lead. He got lucky with Jackson and the Eagles made it look close. But fact is we were soundly beaten by a wounded and vanilla saint team. It wasnt a success. We lost at home in an embarrrassing way. As far as your stats are concerned, sure it makes Foles look like a world beater for 7 games but with what he has on that offense I think there are a few non discript QBs that could have had the same success. If Foles loses a lineman or two we are in deep crap.
  • Come on, Hollywood. Vince Young...blackballed? You're doing exactly what I keep typing you do...making excuses why your predictions and comments don't pan out. Vince Young blackballed...the NFL and Vick's team wanted Vick hurt in 2012. Just stop!

    As for your comments on Nick Foles...what QB wouldn't be slowed if they lost an o-lineman or two? We certainly know that it hurt Vick because that's all you whined about (although you ignored that when Foles was in the games last year). The Saints game was one game and although a YOUNG Nick Foles didn't complete enough passes to take the game going away he did take the lead the last time he had the ball. If Vick did that and I was complaining you would tell me that I was nit picking and you know it. Your comments are just ridiculous. No one here has stated Foles is the next coming of Tom Brady (maybe you did...I'll have to go back and look)...no one has called this team a re-birth of a dynasty...all I'm typing is the future looks bright and the Eagles absolutely have their QB for next year. Things do change quickly in the NFL...the Redskins fans probably had the same feeling we Eagles fans have right now...here's hoping the Eagles can keep it going.
  • Either VY had a drug problem, bad ethics or was blackballed. Because from a physical standpoint he had the tools to be a top quality pocket QB. Interceptions often come with risk. Its great that Foles protected the ball but not ok that they dont have confidence in him making tough throws. If you accept that then he is a game manager. And Im ok with that but lets not get carried away with the Peyton Manning comparisons. Shouldnt even be part of anyones conversation. If you bring his name into the conversation then you are making that comparison. Thats a joke at this point.
  • Vince Young was pitiful in Philadelphia...just stop with the excuses. Don't you even care that you look the fool when making this crap up. Even if he had a drug problem or bad ethics that would be his fault...wouldn't it? No one blackballed him...he just didn't show anything when he had a chance. As for you stating I compared Foles to Manning...just another delusional and desperate attempt by you to make one of your pitiful lies stick...don't you have any shame or pride at all?
  • God are we talking sports or politics?
    it seems so?
    I thought I was in a political website and not sports for a second??
  • http://fanspeak.com/ontheclock/

    That's a nfl draft simulator. Idk how they figure where the players go but I did it n got justin gilbert then skov in the second. Doubt that happens in real life. It can help give a better look at players in later rounds though. One guy I've been turned onto is Stanley Jean baptiste. He's a 6-2 220 corner projected to run a 4.5. He may be looking to switch to safety. Could be a nice late round pick up.

    Update: January 05, 2014

    My mock draft. I like it.
  • That's pretty cool but I was able to draft Jadaveon Clowney with the 23rd pick overall (obviously isn't going to happen) followed up by Florida corner Marcus Roberson (went by need and who they had ranked as best available after obviously drafting Clowney at 23). Then picked up much needed safety help in Washington safety Deone Bucannon and followed that pick with safety Kenny Ladler (may have actually gone receiver there). I then was able to draft De' Anthony Thomas in the 5th which would probably make for a much talked about acquisition for Kelly if he ended up in Eagle green. Thanks for posting this. Neat to mess around with.
  • Clooney 23??? Wow! Every mock draft I've seen so far have the Eagles going linebacker in the first round.
  • Yea it's not a perfect system but only one like this I've seen.
  • Would love to see Gilbert in Eagle green but from what I've seen he's the top ranked corner on many sites. He'll probably be gone before 23 if he has a nice combine.
  • I've actually seen the same thing myself GTD. I'd love to have Gilbert, but he's likely a top 15 pick at least. I would probably go with either Vic Beasley or Trent Murphy at #23. Above all else though, getting either Byrd or Ward in here needs to be the biggest priority. The safety spot has been an achilles heel. That 2010 offseason was one of the worst I can remember. First they foolishly let BDawk walk to Denver and then they pass up on arguably the best Free Safety in the game today in Earl Thomas for Brandon Graham. For me, this is almost as bad as passing up Warren Sapp for Mike Mamula.
  • We were all surprised that when the Eagles moved up to 13 they didn't draft Thomas. I get that they thought they had a better chance to draft a safety in round two and Allen seemed like an okay pick in the second round at the time but that's part of the problem...they went after an okay pick at safety when they could have had a stud in Thomas. I would have been fine with the Graham pick if they would have gotten him without giving up the two 3rd round picks that went along with their number 1...they gave up too much but it was one of those prospects they fell in love with because he had a great senior bowl. Beasley and Murphy may be great picks but I'm not sure that the Eagles will commit a 1st rounder on a replacement for Cole when his contract is somewhat heavy and since he came on a little at the end of the year (not enough for me...way too sporadic). I know they'll say best player available but teams still obviously fill needs. I'm hoping they get a corner, a safety and that OLBer in the first 3 rounds.
  • I would like to see the Eagles go defensive for the first three rounds, then go offensive lineman, WR with return capabilities, offensive lineman, and maybe defensive again. I feel the team should address at least on defensive hole via free agency. I wouldn't mind seeing some developmental lineman for the draft. They could go with another quarterback if they chose to, but I'm guessing Dixon could serve as a backup QB for now if they can't sign Vick.
  • We need a NT in a bad way. Logan is a solid player but not full time starter. he should be rotated. I think we should take a look at Kenny Britt. benched while coming off knee injury 2 years ago. If you want a return guy Jacoby jones available form Ravens. He is anothe Cary Williams tough guy type. We need some Oline help as well to cover for our aging starters. We pretty much agree on draft but I wouldnt mind pulling trigger on top QB if one is available. Just my opinion. It wont happen and I think we will pay for that down the road.
  • As far a Kenny Britt goes I was all for picking him up as a scrap heap trade during the season, but I don't trust him as a long term solution. He seems like a real problem child, and he dropped a lot of balls thrown to him last season. This team has good chemistry right now even with Riley Cooper on the roster. I don't think Britt is work the risk overall.
  • Just like in the long run the Eagles paid for it with every QB since Norm Van Brocklin since every season ended without a championship? Who knows...maybe Foles ends up never winning anything of significance...never wins one playoff game. Right now it would be ridiculous to take a gamble on a draft pick when Foles had such an incredible year (why start the season with a shrug, right Hollywood?). The funny thing is if this was a QB that you had given props to at the beginning of the year I wouldn't be explaining this to you right now...we both know that is a fact.
  • Unless Hollywood is rooting for a tank job next season like flip flop I can't see the Eagles even close enough to draft a QB, but why would they even want to at this point?
  • Whether it was luck (at times every QB gets a little lucky but some of it is trust in your receivers), Kelly's offense (part of it most definitely is but Foles still needed to be accurate and make the right reads...not every QB would do this as efficiently as Foles) or Foles being a good, young QB who took to this offense much better than most of us could have predicted (a big part of it) it still wouldn't make sense taking a step back on a question mark. Do I wish Foles could run a 4.6 or a 4.7 40...absolutely. He can't but what he can run is Chip Kelly's offense pretty damn efficiently.

    On a side note have you seen flip and romorules' back and forth about togetherness and love? Give me a freakin' break. If flip's falling for that crap he's more desperate than I thought (not to mention flip being way over the top with it himself...he forgets we've seen what he can be like on here). Flip doesn't even need to go back to old posts to get a feel for romorules' BS...it's right in his last post to him...flip just needs to be honest enough to see it.
  • Of course they wont do it. Now Lurie can jettison Vicks salary and pay Foles on a rookie contract. It worked out perfectly. Next year is a true test. The shrug was your idea. I knew chip came here to win games. he did a nice job.
  • Vick should have been gone last season. Everyone knew it. Foles should have been starting day one. This could have been an 11 or 12 win team then.
  • I dont think everyone thought that. In fact, more people wanted Vick to start than Foles. So get your information right. Second, the oline didnt jell until about the time Vick got hurt. Before that, Herremans couldnt walk, Peters was on and off the field and lane johnson was getting his ass kicked. So Foles stepped in at an opportunistic time. I think Vick would have done as well as Foles. Thats my OPINION. Im sorry you disagree but there you have it. Foles was panned as a loser on yahoo sports. Even Lurie couldnt call him a franchise QB. I wonder why?
  • Maybe because it isn't the owner's choice? We'll see what Kelly has to say when the whirlwind of this season settles down for him. Keep showing us all how foolish you are. A 56% career completion rate QB doesn't bump up his percentage 8 points because of the system. He also would have gotten back to his old habits of turning the ball over. He proved with Reid that he needs to rely too much on his athleticism to be effective (and it wasn't effective enough) and where did that get the Eagles? He got hurt just like he does every year...he can't be relied on. You are just one big excuse, Hollywood.
  • Excuse? I didnt lose that game to a weak saint team. You can be proud all youwant for our team. I choose to take it with a grain of salt. Im not sure why you are so impressed. We lost a home playoff game again. We were weak. There is no silver lining. we have to have all things fall into place again. That is a long shot. Can we handle adversity? We didnt this Saturday vs Saints. I am very dissappointed.
  • So how do you feel about the Ravens?
  • I would say this was a transition year for the Ravens. Injuries caught up with them and the offensive line was average at best. I think they need WR help. You like a good return man. jacoby Jones can do just that. He isnt much of a consistent WR. Flacco didnt live up to his contract but he got very little help when Pitta went down. Tory Smith is sort of a poor mans Djax . They have some holes to fill but Harbaugh is a very good coach. He is very engaged on gamedays and seems to have a good rapore with the players. i would say overall winning a superbowl led to a major letdown. I think they will rebound. This is the first year harbaugh has not made the playoffs. But the a physcial team and know what their superbowl team should look like.
  • You don't think it's ironic the line didn't "jell" until Vick was out of there. Why does it always seem to be that way for Vick? Still clueless to the fact Vick was the problem and not the solution. Understand I'm not telling you Foles will win a championship, but I know for a fact Vick will never win one.
  • you see flashes of talent and you fall to poeces like a little school girl, Guess what Orton looked just as talented as Foles in that Cowboy game. Is he the next Peyton Manning?
  • You are one strange dude. Where is anybody falling to pieces? Where is anybody comparing Nick Foles to Peyton Manning? Where is anybody stating this team is a dynasty? Can you have a debate or discussion without exaggerating and bs.
  • I guess that's Hollywood. It has to be bum or Manning. Dude could win six consecutive SBs, and Hollywood would still say I told you so if he screwed up the seventh one. He hates the guy for some reason. Like I wrote to him before he can go on flipflop's post and bash the Eagles all he wants with the Cryboys fan.

    Take a look at this!

  • It is Hollywood. He just keeps on spinning so he can keep on whining with no regards to the truth, contradiction or looking like a fool. I'm not surprised to see that at all about the Cowboys. I remember a Cowboy fan on here years ago not being able to comprehend that the Cowboys were both the most loved and the most hated team in America. Nice to see that they seem to have lost the most loved spot.
  • There's a lot we can build on from this season. Foles took another big step when the offense drove the ball 77 yards to take the lead with uder 5 minutes in the 4th. Unfortunately, special teams and the defense couldn't step up and hold the lead. Those are the areas that we need to improve on most going into next season.

    It was great to feel that excitement again on Saturday morning of preparing for a playoff game. Postseason experience with strong finish to the regular season is more than most expected for this team. It will go a long way in helping this team prepare for a deeper run next season. Chip proved he can coach in this league and, like many of the young players on this team, should only get better.
  • Im not sure how one drive is a big step. You have such low expectations that you consider a professional athlete bringing the ball down the field as a big step? If you measured everything in such little increments which is what most fans on here do how do you ever expect to win a superbowl? This is precisely the problem!
  • For a 2nd year QB it is a big step. If Vick had done it in 2010 we would have knocked out that season's Super Bowl champ.
  • First year coach combined with a 2nd year quarterback in a new system and he really has one full season as a starter. Pretty damn good considering everything involved, but hollywood is longing for the days of mediocre Vick and a revival of that awful Vince Young. He pours in excuse after excuse for these two guys as if he's their agent or something.
  • Brink, like I've already typed...Hollywood has been gloom and doom the whole..well the whole time he's been on yardbarker. Why would that change with a new coach and a new outlook?
  • He can't help it. He and flipflop have always been lock and step. This isn't new. Those guys like to go the negative route. Flip flop is only positive when the Eagles are mediocre.
  • Wow 39 comments?
    EZ as sally field once said
    YOU LOVE ME...
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