October 03, 2012

It's Sad When


Home-field advantage for the Cowboys? Forget it.

Since Cowboys Stadium opened in 2009, the Cowboys are just 15-12 after a loss to the Bears on Monday night.

Most embarrassing -- or should we say emBEARassing -- was the fact that the Chicago fans were louder at times than the Cowboys fan.

Wrote Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall on his Twitter account: "Big ups to all the Chicago fans in Dallas. Felt like a home game."

Wrote Chicago defender Charles Tillman: "Cowboys Stadium felt like Soldier Field with all the Bear fans. Thanks for traveling to Dallas and showing us some love. Bear Down!!!"

The Cowboys 56% winning percentage at "Jerry World" is considerably worse than the one the Cowboys posted in Texas Stadium, where they won more than 68% of their games.

Last year, Marcus Spears said the crowd at the Cowboys’ old home was “way louder.”

Two weeks ago, Jason Hatcher seemed to agree with that observation when asked if it was noisy inside owner Jerry Jones’ billion-dollar football Xanadu.

“No comment,” he said. “I got to tell the truth, but no comment.”

Yet Hatcher said the team wasn’t dependent on the crowd.

“We just have to go out there and play football,” he said. “Whether they’re loud or not, whether we have a 12 man or not, it doesn’t mean nothing. We just have to go out there and play Cowboy football. Whether you come in there and you can hear a cricket farting, we just got to go in there and do what we got to do.”

Why is Cowboys Stadium so poor as a homefield stadium?

Writes David Moore:" I would say the size of the stadium, the draw of watching the video board which takes you away from live action and all of the other bells and whistles that go with the facility put something of an emotional lid on the response. A Cowboys team that is only 14-12 in the stadium and has done nothing to generate a sense of home field advantage also plays into the muted response."

  • Jerry bit off more than he could chew. Maybe in the future Cowboy stadium will be a football mecca but so far its excessive.
  • What do you mean? This is just what Jerry wanted. He's exponentially paid. Cowboys fans don't even realize they have been scammed. Jerry is doing exactly what you have been accusing Lurie of doing.
  • Not really it came out of his pocket . Luries was subsidized by the poor and middle class tax payers of Philly. The rich right off those tickets as a business expense. Those in the middle pay out their rear.
  • Contrary to what SOME have said, Cowboys Stadium WASN'T paid for completely out of Jones's pocket:

    Cost of Construction:
    $1.15 billion

    Stadium Financing:
    City sales tax increased by one-half of a percent, the hotel occupancy tax by 2 percent, and car rental tax by 5 percent. The City of Arlington provided $325 million in funding, and Jerry Jones covered any cost overruns. Also, the NFL provided the Cowboys with an additional $150 million.

    (Source: http://football.ballparks.com/NFL/DallasCowboys/newindex.htm )

    Jones was responsible for any cost OVERRUNS on a stadium that was estimated to come in at $650M. based on THAT number the 325 he got from Arlington and the 150 he got from the NFL (totaling $475M) was originally supposed to leave him with a solo lift of $175M.

    He simply kept digging himself a grave adding things like go-go perches and Jumbotronicus Rex.

    Now he's wh0ring himself out rapping and CGI dancing in Papa Johns commercials.
  • Looking at "SOME'S" reply I had a feeling he was commenting without doing any research (like usual) and figured that Cowboy's Stadium wasn't entirely paid for by Jones (although I did see that the NFL funded money you brought up is just a loan). Just his way of taking backhanded shots at Lurie and just another example of why everyone on this site should take his comments with a grain of salt. I really should just do the same as you and stop replying to him but I must admit that I do get some joy out of shooting down his "theories" (what most of us refer to as BS and lies).
  • I've been to the new Cowboys Stadium and it's a palace, but it suffers from the same issue that many of these new stadiums suffer from. A lack of personality. The Vet was a dump, but it was OUR dump. I think the Linc is a palace, but it doesn't have the intimidation factor that the Vet did.

    It's funny because one of my Giant fan friends has said the same thing about Metlife Stadium. Oddly enough, he also said he liked the Linc better.
  • The new stadiums suck. The vet was special. It had character. The Linc isnt special at all. Boring
  • It also had rats and a concrete field barely hidden by artificial turf with killer seams. It's funny how a dump starts transforming into a great stadium years after it was torn down.
  • I was the era of the cookie cutter stadiums. A time when our politicians sold out the small business community and provided corporate welfare to the rich. The NFL is a multi billion dollar industry. If they want to be in the construction business they need to do there own building.
  • Again, what does this have to do with my comment?
  • I know LOTS of people who actually cried when the Vet was imploded. Same with the Spectrum. I actually choked up riding by the Spectrum where it looked whole from the east side but then like half of it was already gone from the west side. I didn't expect to be affected like that.
    Slacks Hoagies over here on Aramingo has pictures of the Vet as it's being imploded, hanging on the wall.
  • My words may have been a little harsh. I'm sure that people were affected by the implosions but I was looking forward to the changes. The memories were great ones flip and they can be held onto. The fact of the matter is that the field sucked and was hell to play on for visiting teams, the Phillies and the Eagles. I remember reading many articles and hearing many stories of the rats, the drips and leaks and the crappy working conditions for the employees at the Vet. I remember walking to the sinks in the bathrooms knowing that someone probably pissed in them since the last time they were cleaned (seen it a few times there and was disgusted every time). I'm sure people don't miss that. It's almost always hard when change comes, doesn't mean the change isn't necessary.
  • its also Jones (play toy) his sandbox if you get my drift
  • Ok so in laymans terms Jones paid 695 million for the stadium and Luries out of pocket expense = zero
  • Keep in mind the NFL loaned Jones the money where as city of Philly owns the Linc. Does the Eagle rent cover the debt interest?
  • The state and city helped with the construction (about half the 512 million it cost to build and the Eagles paid the other half with quite a bit of it coming from selling the naming rights to Lincoln Fianacial. In other words, Jones put up more money for Cowboy Stadium because he wanted more glitz and glamour.
  • What do the Eagles pay in rent Mr. GTD?
  • Don't ask me a question unless you can supply the answer and I guarantee you have no clue. I'm not so sure that the Eagles don't have any ownership in the Linc., hollywood. Besides, what does it matter and what point are you trying to make besides trying to make Lurie look like a villain and Jones look like a hero. The way I see it both men wanted a stadium and the cities helped them build them just like every other city with an NFL franchise. It's the way of the NFL and it sucks for the taxpayer but being that the cities have at least partial ownership they do get revenue back along with bringing in money for the city via tourism and the stadiums also supply numerous jobs. It fills some needs...the main one being that MOST fans would be devastated to see "their" Eagles in another city.
  • The nerves of Jerry Jones to have that stadium built! The only stadium I can think of that was worsier was built in the city of brotherly love, Veteran Stadium. The nerves of the owner or {owners} having the players play on that surface. Forget home field advantage but for players safety, fans and spectators should've been allowed to park inside the stadium, while players played on the smoother and safer surface, the parking lot.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • How did something about Jerry Jones taken from a Dallas reporter become something about the Eagles?
  • How do you think? Hollywood uses just about every thread to try to bury them somehow.
  • Its like the stadium is too nice everyone wants to come see it. This is a major disadvantage for Dallas and their fans. Jerry needs to back off and let his front office pick players and coaches coach, then they will win and it will again be DALLAS'S home.
  • Did a little reseasrch on the Lurie sweetheart deal. The city provides 30 million dollars worth of services to maintain the sports complex . The Eaglesa keep the revenue from all sources but are required to pay a fee to the city for luxory sweets which they witheld. The sum due the city is 8 million dollars which the Eagles balked on paying. But so far it looks like the city shells out money to year in and out for the Eagles. So how do the Eagles pay for that 512 million dollar loan to build the stadium? The Interest alone must be near 50 million a year. So, potentially the city is providing directly and indirectly over 60 million a year to play 8 games a season. Stupid deal. Corporate welfare .
  • ...and how about Cowboy's stadium since:

    #1. That is truly what this thread is about
    #2. You were the one that started giving Jones props for how he built it which ended up being pretty much the same way Lurie funded the building of the Linc.

    You know you can discuss other things on here without taking shots at the Eagles, Lurie and Reid. It doesn't always have to be about your hate!
  • I highly doubt you have everything covered here and wouldn't doubt you left things out that may have painted the Eagles in a more positive image when discussing your point. For instance the only monies I remember the Eagles balking on paying was 8 million for skybox revenues that they owed the city FROM THE VET! The Eagles thought the city should pay them money they lost in that cancelled preseason game (against your Ravens) back in 2001 because of turf problems so they decided not to pay the city and figured they were even and they let it go to court and they lost. I remember reading Lurie stating he would abide by the judges ruling and had no problem with it. I have brought this issue up to you and told you I thought Lurie and the Eagles were wrong in letting the case go to court and should have paid what they owed. I find it funny that the amount you brought up claiming they "balked" at paying was the same exact amount the Eagles owed the city in this case and am almost certain it IS the same 8 million. I think you are purposely mixing facts or just don't actually know what the hell you are typing about (I've seen you do both).
  • It was from city tax on luxury sky box additions at the Linc. But the fact is the Eagles dont pay a dime other than that and the city provides them with free services. Not to mention the free connstruction and the debt the taxpayers absorbed.
  • You are absolutely wrong like usual...this is from BleedingGreen Nation but I saw the same thing from multiple sources including a Daily News article:

    For the past few years it seems this story about a disputed $8 million the Eagles may or may not have owed the city of Philadelphia has been floating around.

    The dispute actually dates back to before Lincoln Financial Field was built. Everytime this story has cropped up, my response has always been the same.... Why has this not been settled in court yet? We have sports writers commenting on something they know little about, we have the team saying one thing, city saying the other, secret deals with previous mayors, protests, new disputes... It's been such nonsense. This back and forth has gone on for 7 years for no reason at all.

    Notice the comment "BEFORE LINCOLN FINANCIAL FIELD WAS BUILT". Just stop hollywood. You are showing how you twist things to make your point. The government funding is what happens in most cities that have NFL franchises and anything Lurie did is not unusual. It even happened in Arlington even though you tried to claim that it didn't. Stop trying to paint Lurie as some type of criminal.
  • hey look I thought the deal Art modell got was just as bad. They used blackmail to get what they wanted. The politicians caved in to the money. In Minnesota the same thing. In this economy they are going to fund the Vikings 1 billion dollars. let them walk and keep the name. That team and organization is worth zero without the name.
  • Where are the Vikes going? To LA a city that doesnt support the NFL or Ithaca , NY. or Orlando...etc. Its a joke.
  • The bottom line is to me that Cowboys fans allowed an away team to come into their home and take it over on Monday Night Football within the first month of the season! If sure Chicago is just a flight down to Arlington, but fact they allowed it is just pathetic. All this "Americas Team" talk, and the great fanbase talk has completely been exposed. Shame on you Cowboys fans. Shame on you.
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