October 13, 2013

Jason Garrett verses Chip Kelly

I originally posted this on one of midgetsrepeats articles, but Mr. Softie has blocked me so I can't write on his crap articles. No matter it wasn't about whatever he was crying about these days anyways. This was for the so called Cryboys fan Harry Potter. [Hey Potter you recently stated the Eagles lacked a real coach when they were 1-3. My question for you is what is your excuse for the Cryboys coach considering they have the same record and lost to the same teams, and the Cryboys have better receivers, a better O-line, quarterback, tight end, and defense? I mean if Chip Kelly sucks as a coach then by your logic Garrett shouldn't even be considered one right? Don't be afraid to answer the question. Most of us already know who you truly are and you have self admitted to us who your team truly is. We know you don't really know or care much about the Cryboys nevertheless I pose the question to you. I know it isn't often for you to actually discuss football, so I'm giving you a chance to here. Wow us with your logic and explain to us how Kelly isn't a coach, but Jason Garrett is supposed to be one even though Garrett has been in the league for multiple years now and has still done nothing with the Cryboys and for this season has the same record as Kelly. ]

  • Let me get this straight. You asking a Giant's fan about the Cowboy's coach? If anything lil buddy. You need not put the word logic in your mouth. Just between you and me. You might be better off posing that question, to one of the Greatest Fans on the Planet. The Great fans of America's Team. Since the concept is foreign to ya. Being included in that great fan base. Let me take a stab at your inquiry.

    First off, Chip is new to the game and hasn't seen nary a late NFL season. You know, when the schytt gets thick. Second, it's relatively early in the season, to be associating him as a bonafide coach with a bonafide NFL battle history. Third, against KC and Andy he fell kinda short. As opposed to Andy's win over the Cowboys.

    Make no mistake about it. I'm not a fan of JG's attitude on running the team, nor his play calling abilities. But,..... Chip has a learning curve to deal with. We all know it. I have no reservations on Chip other than his choice of NFL team he choose to associate. Despite that. The proof will come at the later half of the season as it usually does.

    Garrett is no elite coach, but Chip is under Garrett by way of inexperience,..... largely.
  • No I was asking a so called Cryboys fan about your awful coach, feel free to go back into you blue and silver hole now.
  • Aw c'mon buddy. You trying to push up on Chip. At the expense of Jason. Be honest Chip has to go through some late season battles. Before he can be compared to any veteran NFL coach.

    Not saying he's not a good coach, but he has to pay some dues to be taken serious.
  • N garret needs to win some late season battles to be taken serious
  • Chip has to be in a late season, to be even in the conversation. You really need to put up some evidence. Rather than just bump keystrokes.

    Wut tuhhhhh,...... is the reasoning, logic, behind your assumptions? Or,...... you just want to pretend you give a damn about Chip.
  • Being in a battle means nothing if u come up short every time like garret
  • But then JG's been in battle. Unlike Chip who's never faced the onslaught of,.... "viciously ruthless late season, hard charging, NFL playoffs contenders". Unless I missed something.
  • He has faced a slew of teams who want to knock him out of the National Championship
    scene. One loss will do that. In Chips world every game is like a playoff game. Why
    a you trying to praise Garret for something he's been awful at, because he's folded under
    that pressure year after year.
  • Actually I'm praising Andy Reid, for having the good sense to show the egrets where the real problem is.

    Update: October 16, 2013
    Let me add, you being a spokesman for Chip isn't doing him any favors. So do me a favor, with that extensive data bank of resource of yours. You wouldn't mind putting up some stats. Not to praise Garrett, the rankings say otherwise to your weak supposition,.... lil fella.
  • Well I will write a list of Garrett's playoff victories for you here:

  • I was impressed with Chips ability to literally put two game plans out there for different QBs. The type of play looked entirely different with Foles and Vick. It caught the Bucs off guard. Chip appears to be plugged in to this team. Appears! Meaning the team looks to have bottomed out last year and is slowly getting confident. This could have easily disintegrated into something even worse but Chip appears to have a good feel for what players can do. Garrett is inconsistent.
  • Garrett is inconsistent, but then that's Jerral's pick for HC. If you guys have a problem with it, and I know you don't. Take it up with Jerral. We've ( The Great fans of America's Team) been telling him for some time now. Blind support don't reside here. Regardless of what Jerral tells you.
  • Chip Kelly is already ten times the NFL coach Garrett is.
  • Knock it off lil youngster,....too early for all lat.

    Update: October 16, 2013

    Ten times huh,.....
  • Now they go head to head. We will see who gets the upper hand.
  • Sho will!
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