December 23, 2013

Kelly's Done What Reid Couldn't Do.

That's have a winning season in his first season as the Eagles head coach. He did it with his own offense and not something that was a hybrid of someone else's work. He did it with many of the guys who quit on Reid just a year ago (but in their defense Reid quit on them first) and he did it with a quarterback that supposedly doesn't fit his offense. At this point I'm satisfied with the 5 plus game turnaround this team has made in one season; however, I don't believe this team is satisfied. That's why I believe they are going to win in Texas and win big. Sure the Texas team will get all the publicity as usual, and after they are rocked, and sent to their locker rooms with a loss in their own stadium all of the media will ask "what happened? What went wrong?" For the first time all season the Eagles put a complete game together against a team fighting for their playoff lives. They dominated the Bears in every way imaginable. Meanwhile the Texas team had to scratch and crawl just to get by a 3 win team playing with yet another backup quarterback. The Texas team has already emotionally won their playoff game. They got their December monkey off their backs. The Eagles are just getting started. So to all of the fake Texas fans (who never once been to the state) and to those Midgets fan converts I bid you adieu, because your borrowed time of fan hood for this season is nearly over. Eagles 35 Texas Toast 9.

  • I was going to type up a post to discuss the season so far and some of the ridiculous comments coming from some of our "buddies" but instead will just add to yours.

    First of all the Eagles and how I feel about how the season has panned out. All off season I stated I wanted to see improvement in all aspects of the game and besides the defense seemingly getting a little full of themselves last week mixed in with some bad play calling and scheming by the coaching staff and a veteran QB who got hot and stayed hot most of the game, the team has improved immensely since the beginning of the season. Have the football gods been kind to them...yes they have but that should in no way take away from a winning season in Kelly's first year and neither would a loss next week (if the defense plays like it did last night that won't be a concern). This offense is clicking and this defense can play sound football on most nights (and the special teams has improved also). Another off season should do wonders for this team.

    Nick Foles: This was another big goal I had set for the Eagles (and the goals I set were for what I would believe would be a successful season)...I wanted to see what they had in Nick Foles so they could draft a QB if he was not the future. I will admit that I honestly thought the Eagles would be drafting a QB next year...I didn't think Foles could look this good, this early for this prolonged period but there is no doubt that the Eagles have their QB going into next year at the very least and being an Eagles fan I obviously hope he continues to have the great success he has had this year. The man just continues to set new franchise records with only one full season of football under his belt. Last night he was 21-25 for a franchise record 84%. 84 freakin' percent people! Does Kelly's offense set him up for success? I'm sure it does (which is very funny and kind of ironic because this offense was NOT supposed to be his fit...hell we still have one of our most frequent posters trying to justify his earlier comments that Foles will not be on this team next year because of that) but the throws and the right reads still need to be made and if anyone out there wants to believe that Mike Vick would be making them with this much success you obviously have an agenda and/or an unhealthy fondness for Mike Vick (you know who you are). I mean come on...the red zone is now an area on the field where everyone is a viable option instead of where the Eagles give up yet another a turnover or settle for a field goal. I would absolutely check this off as another goal met in my eyes.

    Everything hasn't been rosy this year. You all know I would have rather seen Foles start from day one and who knows...if he had the division may already have been won by the Eagles but I get that in year one mistakes are made and I do get that Vick won the QB battle in pre season (still would have gone with the young QB with much more upside than the oft injured turnover machine but hey, that's me). Kelly has made his share of bad decisions but for the most part he has shown me enough to feel that Roseman and Lurie made a great choice when they targeted him. His sports science guru and health shakes have been scoffed at but the Eagles have used less starters than any other team in the NFL this year. Trent Cole is actually getting stronger as the season goes on (partially because it took a while to learn the system and because they are letting him do what he does best...rush the QB) instead of fading like he did under Reid. Here's hoping the Eagles continue to stay healthy because that is a big part in most teams' success. A good, healthy team and a little luck mixed in with some good personnel decisions (mostly on defense) could bring us what we all have been hoping to see with Kelly at the helm.

    I also want to address a comment I saw that our man hollywoodeagle typed to his good buddy flip while they were once again downplaying the Eagles' achievements this year. He stated that anything less than a playoff berth is a set the hell can you honestly believe that? A disappointment I get but a set back? Just stop trying to justify your ridiculous comments earlier this year by continuously trying to push the Eagles goals. A 9-7 season in Chip Kelly's first year is not a set back...a set back would be the Eagles not continuing to improve in Kelly's second year. Stop being yardbarker's biggest malcontent...than again that just wouldn't be you if you did, would it? I guess you and flip just need to be happy getting most of your positive replies from a Cowboy poser and each other...what a trio.
  • Reid over stayed his welcome by a couple of years . We havent been good for years so Im not handing out rebuilding passes anytime soon. We have an opportunity that may or may not be here next year. Im not satisfied until Philly has that Lombardi. Anything less is a copout. But as for Foles, this is his most important momnent. Everything else matters for what, proves what. Its just numbers. Winning like Brady, Brees, manning , Manning have done on a regular basis and in big games seperates the bigtime players. Well its time for Foles to step up. We dont need anymore growth. We need that playoff win.
  • @ Hollywood: Every game is "a big game" for Foles, and for everyone else. It seems silly to try and define or justify him every time he takes a snap. We get it. He's too fair skinned for your liking. His wrap sheet isn't filled nor does he have any tattoos. He looks like a goofy Mormon. We get it. He's not flashy enough for you. Winning is winning for me. I'll take the goofball if he's getting Ws.

    @GTD: I'm pretty much with you on all this although I didn't mind Vick winning the job with the idea of Kelly actually allowing the winner of the competition win the job. Vick was good at the Zone Read. Foles seems like a master of it. He's entering Jedi Shaman mode out there. He's breaking records with ease these days, and the haters can't stand it. I also agree that I would be upset to not make the playoffs. Pretty much at this point everyone but a few idiots know the Eagles are better than the Cryboys, but by in no means will I look at a five game swing from last season, a seriously plausible franchise QB, a front office filled with football minds, and a clear direction as a letdown season. Every team in the division looks like a rudderless ship, but the Eagles. We are primed for yet another decade of dominance.
  • Don't get me wrong, Eazy...of course I'll be bummed if the Eagles lose but just like you stated this team could be poised to do something for the next few years under Kelly and that doesn't disappear with a loss in Dallas. Hollywood is just showing us how ridiculous he is with these playoff or bust comments for Foles. The man has 25 TDs in about 9 freakin ' games this year...that's more than McNabb threw in every season but two...he protects the ball and most importantly he's winning in year two and still has a high ceiling and should continue to improve. Kelly moving on from that and drafting a QB just because the Eagles don't make the playoffs is just an idiotic notion and possibly a ticket out of town for Kelly if "his" QB struggles.
  • I gather Wood's issues with Foles are personal in nature. Just cause it's playoffs or bust for him it doesn't mean it's the same for the decision makers for the franchise. We all get this, but it's a shame he and flip flop don't.
  • The best coaching job ever! I didn't think Lombardi himself could've gotten Santa inside an Eagles press conference in only his first tenure in Philadelphia.
  • Sucker you have more IDs than RR. Just as many letdowns too.
  • Really? Since 1960 how many world championships have the Eagles won? As of now Dallas have the worse pass defense in the history of the NFL. But you wouldn't confuse the Eagle defense with the 85 Bears either their 30th ranked defense gave up 48 points to the A D less yikings.

    Update: December 25, 2013
    Really? Since 1960 how many world championships have the Eagles won? As of now Dallas have the worse pass defense in the history of the NFL. But you wouldn't confuse the Eagle defense with the 85 Bears either their 30th ranked defense gave up 48 points to the A D less yikings.

    Update: December 25, 2013
    Really? Since 1960 how many world championships have the Eagles won? As of now Dallas have the worse pass defense in the history of the NFL. But you wouldn't confuse the Eagle defense with the 85 Bears either their 30th ranked defense gave up 48 points to the A D less yikings.
  • Sucker will be running for the hills as usual come Sunday night. Happy holidays everyone.
  • Just another rival fan with nothing better to do than rain on the parades of some excited Eagle fans. At least he doesn't do it while typing about karma. LOL. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Eazy.
  • Loving life green. The wife got me an autographed Jaws jersey and helmet with a PS4 to boot! I hope your Christmas has been filled with fun and joy.
  • Nice, Eazy. I've had the PS4 since launch but have to admit have only messed with it for a few minutes. My son has played it quite a bit but I only play Madden and NCAA Football anymore and I already had Madden 25 for the PS3. Enjoy and glad you had a nice Christmas.
  • and a hellva coach I might ad.
  • I agree.
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