January 06, 2014


CHIP KELLY has made it clear that we'll get to have another one of these QB competitions in 2014. (http://www.nj.com/eagles/index.ssf/2014/01/chip_kelly_say_nick_foles_is_eagles_qb_but_there_will_be_competition.html ).

While it is Nick Foles' job throughout the offseason (whatever THAT means), and Day 1 of Training Camp, Foles will still have to compete to open the season as the starter.

That begs the question: Who will be Foles competition?

Is Hollywood right about the Eagles drafting a QB early? (I don't think so. One of has to be wrong, which means one of us should get CREDIT for being right.)

Is Matt Barkley going to get a long look? If so, why? What didn't Foles do that makes anyone think that Barkley can catch up to Foles in the offseason?

Does this mean that Michael Vick will be back so we can repeat all of last years arguements?

Will Kelly bring add a FA to his locker room, and have that guy compete with Foles? Odd move considering that by now Foles should be the unquestioned leader of that locker room.

The point is, Foles is going to have to compete with somebody. Either a rookie somebody, a somebody we already know, or a somebody we don't.

Maybe that Saints game shook Kelly harder than we thought.

Good thing, where have you gone?



  • As the pace of games get quicker Nick Foles has gotten slower. You can teach alot of things and maybe he can improve his foot speed and shorten his delivery but as of now I dont think the organization is fully sold on Foles. He will start but he better move forward because if he nose dives he is done. i just threw the draft idea out there because I dont think Barkley is a #2 but maybe his arm heals and we have our #1 sitting on the bench. I have no idea. Foles deserves the opportunity to show he can pick up where he left off.
  • If Kelly is willing to "make Foles earn it" all over again, then it's fair to speculate that somebody in that organization MAY NOT BE sold on him.

    I have to say, it IS a little disconcerting.
  • I'm not thinking much of it. Kelly expects everyone to compete. Desean had to last year mccoy did as well. They are gonna "compete" but we all know who the starter will be. Kelly just wants him to not get complacent.
  • I don't know about that. Did you see today's Daily News?
  • The biggest question in a case like this is how Foles reacts to defenses having more info to stop him. Once defenses have a book on a guy it naturally gets harder for the player to enjoy the same success. Especially when the player is so new to the NFL. I will say this for Foles though, he impressed me with the success he had this year...his TD to INT ratio was off the charts.
  • I think the biggest question is how KELLY responds to it. he's no longer facing over-matched kids, the talent level is similar now.. His scheme will now be analyzed by the best minds in the business on the planet.

    On top of that, over the past few weeks we've seen that Foles doesn't handle pressure well or improvise well when plays aren't executed as drawn up. Kelly now has to hide or minimize that flaw on top of discouraging teams from trying to do things that take advantage of it.

    And keep in mind that Kelly has to do this with a QB who is NOT the ideal version of what this offense calls for.
  • I love your comment Flip about Dave Krieg. Impressive regular season stats and poor stats in the postseason. Foles did not look like the same quarterback out there. Choke Kelly did not look cool and decisive like he has all season. I don't think they had the same mentality as Lazyeagles and looked past the Saints. I think they went up against a better coach and a better quarterback.
  • Being a fan of a team besides just the Eagles gives me a broader sense of perspective and NFL history to draw from.

    I remember watching Krieg play against the Raiders and Chiefs whom I also followed before I found out it was a "sin" to like 2 teams in 1 division. (Incidentally my brother really likes the Eagles but LOVES the Giants.)

    During the season Krieg and (my god) John L. Williams gave teams headaches, but in the playoffs those same guys were average at best.

    Enter Nick Foles. Some are gushing over his 195 yard, 2 TD performance, but those are hardly "put a team away" numbers. Especially in a playoff game.
  • I like alot of NFL teams in terms of their style of play. I think thats what makes for good matchups at any given time. The circumstances can change and you can go from liking how a team plays to disliking them overnite. So I agree the two twiddlers have managed to rag on people here for even mentioning that a team in a divison is good or you like how they play. Its immature but what do you expect from a high school loser and a grandpa. Its ok Flip I have no problem with you being interesed in the Raiders. I personally liked what Al Davis did for the league and building an image but I have never really appreciated their style of play. Where as , some people might think Phillip Rivers is a stiff but I happen to think he is one of the most underrated Qbs in the game. he reminds me of dan Marino. Thats why I like him. Thats my choice.

  • Man I don't worry about people not liking what I like. I especially don't worry if complete strangers don't like THAT I like something. Normally you know I wouldn't mention either, but just to give a status report on where things are with these dudes:

    At the moment (I just went and counted) EZ has FOUR posts up here that are direct shots at ME. This cat isn't even writing about "his team", because he's so busy writing about ME! Comb through my stuff and (since I turned down the volume on him) you'll find NONE of my titles refer to him or anything he's written. I come on here for the Eagles. You'd have to go back about a season to find an instance where I deigned to even respond to him on someone else's post.

    As for GTD, I made an effort to extend an olive branch because it truly does bother me that ALL we Eagles fans can't at least be civil on here. I figured waiting for GTD (or even EZ) to be civil first was cowardly. Having been a leader before, I decided to be bold and make the first move. GTD immediately responded with accusations of agendas and such bull. Instead of discussing actual Eagles stuff I ended up talking about ME. It's no secret that I don't mind sharing a little personal stuff, but I don't come here PRIMARILY to do that. Birdflipper should not be the focus of the Eagles page.

    With EZ there is no solve. I'm going to like who I like, and he can't handle that. Instead of having an eternal struggle, I'm just going to let him do what he wants in his corner of the Yard, and keep him out of mine.

    With GTD his inability to come at me like a man has me keeping him at arms length as well. I've repeatedly asked him what this "agenda" blather is all about but he never says because he can't, because it's B.S. We're essentially bloggers on this site. There is nothing anybody who comes on here can actually hope to accomplish, because it's just people sharing opinions.

    As for you liking Rivers, I think he is a little stiff. Then again no one was stiffer (or more awkward) than Bernie Kosar, and all that guy did was win. Until Belichick showed up that is. (Incidentally Rivers was my #2 QB on both of my fantasy team this year.)
  • He has some kosar qualities. not the greatest arm strength but a pretty quick delivery and he can generate nice long drives. i think he could transfer his talent almost anywhere. Thats sort of a funny comparison nice one(kosar). I can tolerate EZ when he isnt badgering. He actually is open to ideas but GTD is just plagerizes and is like the national inquirer. Hes is like KGB ,stazi, or NSA. He like whoaaaaaaaaaa look what he said 15 years ago. What a waste of time. Like I give a crap what anyone said yesterday. he probably has hardrives and archives of all his conversations of everyone he has talked to or texted in his life. What a good frend to have.
  • Bring back Mike Vick----Nick Foles is the Truth,I like him very much---this offense runs very well with VICK---chip Kelly knows this,if vick was in the New Orleans Saints game,THE EAGLES WIN THE GAME---WITH micheal vick legs----pushing the ball and making defense adjust and spy on him---with lesean jax and shady,cooper and maclin next year---only if he can stay healthy---if not philly raiders or buc's darkhorse team Houston Texans--watch out people!!!
  • I thinks it's time to close the book on Vick's time here in Philly. Kelly has named his QB for next 1,000 years. At this point Vick would only be a distraction. Time to groom a back-up and get on with the future.
  • I think they plan on closing that door. But Vick could hang on to that @2 for many years. It could extend his career. Although its a longshot I wouldnt be suprised if he stayed. If not I think a veteran may end up in philly but the draft is a possibility.
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