January 08, 2014


THERE have been two instances in the last week mentioning the possibility of Michael Vick becoming a Raider.

The first one was an obvious typo, wrongly attributing a quote Vick had made to CSN BayArea ( http://profootballzone.com/nfl/michael-vick-expects-starter-2014/ );

The next one is ( http://sportsglory.com/nfl/michael-vick-sign-oakland-raiders/12234).

Now understand BOTH can be sourced all the way back to Rueben Frank, and one is only a tweeted response, but it's an interesting smoke signal nonetheless.

Oakland (finally) confirmed that Coach will be back next year, but after two consecutive 4-12 seasons, it's no secret he's going to have to show progress next year to be there in 2015. My guess is that not even 8-8 will do. To do that he's going to need a veteran QB. After seeing how electrified the crowds were with Terrelle Pryor, Vick is the best guy to give the crowd what they'll pay for while also grooming Pryor to potentially take over. That is if we don't grab a QB in the Draft.

Add to that the fact that Coach had said (even before Oakland confirmed him again) that next years Starter may not even be on the roster, and you get an inkling that possibly he and GM Reggie McKenzie are at least no longer at loggerheads over whether or not we need a new QB.

Personally I would love that. Not only does it give the Raiders a relatively inexpensive playmaker, but it get's Vick off the Eagles roster. With Chip Kelly saying that next year there will be more competition for the starting spot, the LAST thing I want to see is another Vick/Nick Foles duke-out where the winner (this year Foles) is obvious for the second straight season. 


  • I think Josh Freeman would be a better fit than Vick. Vick won't make it halfway through the season. He's a year older and he is not the quarterback he once was. I don't know what happened to Freeman in Tampa but two years ago he threw for over four thousand yards. He's bigger,tougher and younger than Vick. He can take a hit and give one out too. A change of scenery might be all he needs to get his old form back too.
  • Earlier this year I would have agreed with you. In fact I was on here trumpeting Josh Freeman's virtues. But now TWO locker rooms have panned his work ethic, in just one year. That's generally a bad sign.
  • I said awhile ago that Vick is washed up and still believe he is. He's just hoping for one more season to put some money in the bank after his legal problems cost him so much. If I were a GM I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole. He's a shell of the player he was coming out of college.
  • So he's going to be a giant then? One shell backing up another shell?
  • The Giants wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire.
  • You sure?
    Hakeem Nicked Up.
    Andre "Will it break again" Brown.
    Mark "Chemo" Herzlich.
    David "my neck injury replaces Ahmad's" Wilson
    And I won't even talk about the MASH unit that is you O-line.

    You SURE the giants would avoid Vick?
    After all Vick has a LOWER interception % than Manning.
    If you guys want to upgrade your ball security...
  • Like I said, they wouldn't touch him ...guaranteed. But you did just type a laundry list of reasons why the Giants struggled this season. No player, member of the coaching staff or FO personnel ever made excuses for why the Giants had the season they had...but all the things you listed are facts. In spite of the slow start they went 7-3 down the stretch. So I'm confident my team will do what's necessary to compete next year and Eli WILL bounce back as well. No QB can be on top of his game every season. Let's see what you have to say when Foles is running for his life next year. I agreed he played very well this season and the numbers he put up were impressive, it won't be that easy next year. So yes I'm sure...the Giants wouldn't go anywhere near the kind of person Michael Vick is, forget anything to do with talent and ability...he is simply not the kind of player the Giants organization would put into uniform.
  • If Vick can accept it, he'll be a great backup and be able to extend his career. He's streaky and nearly unstoppable if a team hasn't gameplanned for him. He's also respected by his teammates, especailly the younger ones, and has transformed into a leader.
  • He really has become a leader, hasn't he. Prior to his coming to Philly, I felt he was a child who read defenses at a 3rd grade level. But he won me. If someone had asked me about him being able to do that in 2006-2007, I'd have cold laughed in their face. But he won me.

    He took his medicine, handled public ridicule with class, kept his nose clean, played hurt at times, evolved his game, became a voice in the community, an elder statesman in the locker room and vocal force in the re-integration of Riley Cooper. he handled his demotion with as much class as I've seen done by any QB that I've seen go through it. He won me.

    THAT'S the guy that Oakland's locker room needs. A guy who can make plays AND be that level head you can go to. the last guy we had like that was Rich Gannon. But then again with guys Like Jerry Rice, Tim Brown, and Greg Biekert on the roster, there wasn't a huge demand for that then.
  • I see tampa bay bucs in that hunt and other teams---eagles need a vet qb--without run game with qb. to take pressure off running back,in chips system--ala dallas game shut down---matt barkley will be a dead duck in this offense-mark THAT DOWN TODAY!!!with Oakland offense line vick will be running for his life every sunday!!!make correct decision mike vick--holla p.s eagle's need to bring him back!!
  • Barkley would be a dead duck in any offense simply because he came out of USC. There's no other university that has turned out more NFL failures at the QB position than USC has.
  • Just hope teddy falls to u or they trade up. Vicks done.
  • I'll believe Vick is done when I see it. I'm officially out of the doubting Michael Vick business. Again, the most important thing I think he would bring to Oakland is a maturity that we've lacked at QB since Gannon.

    Though we rarely have sought QB help in the Draft; over the duration of my Raider fanhood, we have NEVER successfully developed ANY QB we drafted. Part of that has been massive scouting office oversights involving players backgrounds, lifestyles, and motivations (Todd Marinovich, JaMarcus Russell), and part of it was a theory that a re-tread QB would suffice. It has has not helped matters that this theory has generated some positive results (Gannon, Jay Schroeder, Jeff Hostetler). Even EZ was crowing about (lockeroom cancer) Carson Palmer's numbers this offseason.

    Part of the problem developing rookies into pro QB's has been the lack of a veteran willing to assume that role on the field. Look at who Matt McGloin, and Terrelle Pryor had to look to this year. JaMarcus Russell had who? (instead of having you look it up, I stopped and went and GOT THE LINK for you:( http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/rai/2006.htm ). Yuck, right?

    Vick would be the best example for a player like Pryor; and even though McGloin's style is different from Vick's, if Nick Foles is to be believed, Vick could be a huge help to McGloin as well.
  • mark Brunell hung with Redskins for years. If i were Vicks agent I would start factoring in age and health into the question and seriously consider taking a 2+ million dollar payday per year and stay with the Eagles. i dont care how much he likes to compete. Unless he gets behind the best Oline in football thats his best bet.
  • I think you hit it right on the head: YOU don't care how much he likes to compete. HE however does, and has made clear that starting is his priority.

    I never played on that level, but there are times when it's STILL hard to just sit and WATCH a game. (Remember the scene in Rocky V, where Rocky is in his basement watching Tommy Gunn on TV. I'm not ashamed to say that sometimes that's my living room.) I can only imagine that it would only be harder to watch a game while wearing a uniform.
  • Vick's a warrior and a true competitor. A player that wants every snap to be his best. Unfortunately because of that, with his frame and age he'll probably never play more than 3-4 games in a row ever again.
  • He has to be behind the best line in football. If he can be protected he could be effecive. When Vick played for the Eagles this year the line hadnt really hit stride. Vick was fine in is game vs Giants whn Foles tooke over. I think the line was getting better. Foles had good timing on his side.
  • Yeah there's no denying that the line seemed better with Foles out there. At first I was attributing it to Foles getting rid of the ball faster, but then I was noticing how often the game announcers kept saying stuff like "He's got all kinds of time back there."

    That was NEVER said when Vick was in the pocket. That's no small issue considering that most of the injuries Vick suffered were form hits IN THE POCKET.

    I have to admit a small amount of concern over the last few regular season games and the Saints game. Teams seemed to be dialing up the pressure on Foles in those games, and he didn't exactly respond great to it. His game to game percentages and his rating were great, but he wasn't exactly shredding teams that brought extra players.

    Improvisation or rescuing the play are not things he does well. When the play runs smooth he functions like part of the machine. When the play doesn't run like it's drawn up, you get errant throws and more intentional grounding calls than I can recall ever seeing from a QB in such a small window of time.

    He produced well for me this year, but he is by no means a lock to end up on any of my teams again next year.
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