November 06, 2012


THERE is simply not enough talent to dig the Offensive Line out of this ditch. As I saw Todd Herremans go down and Demetress Bell come in, I saw the EAGLES grabbed in their face by Reality, and thrown kicking and screaming into a casket. A tombstone was thrown on their chest, and the casket lid was slammed shut.

The casket isn't locked. The casket is still above ground. The tombstone is heavy, but it can still be moved. The lid is heavy but it could still be lifted. 


I said about the Player's Only Meeting, that the leaders would have to step up, do their jobs, and get the others to follow. I saw Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy out there doing what they could to make plays. For the most part same for DeMeco Ryans. Nnamdi Asomugha although he sucked in run support in the first half, virtually threw a blanket over Marques Colston tonight. He was route-picked by the ref on Colston's TD, but that's life in the NFL. You have to be a real d*** to hold that against a defensive player. BTW: That Sims kid had me so not missing Nate Allen.


I didn't see any urgency or frustration from the Defense tonight. Even the after-the-play shoving was almost gone. We simply don't have the talent to execute Howard Mudd's blocking scheme and time has come to determine whether the problem is that these players can't play at all, or that these players can't play in this scheme. If the scheme is flawed then Mudd needs to put in a more basic version of whatever he's been preaching, because it's too late to change it wholesale, and if Reid is leaving at years end, why would he want to tip his hand by showing what he plans to do with his next team? 

Right now at 3-5 the season is right where it was at the beginning of training camp: In the EAGLES hands. Whether they choose to push open the lid and feel the sun on their face, or decide to lie still and quiet in the dark, remains to be seen.

I'm down with them regardless, but it sure would be nice to see the sun again. 

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  • Are you serious about Nnamdi??? Dude got beat for a touchdown in the endzone. He wasn't even close on the play. He got ran over all game in the run game. Dude was terrible. Reports are players looked "disinterested" in this players only meeting.
    Funny how you mentioned we don't have the players to run Mudd's scheme. That's why I mentioned they should have traded for a linemen before the deadline. It's also why drafting Vinny Curry was a bad idea considering he can't even get on the field on a night when Tapp stayed home to be with his family. The only silver lining in this game is that it gets us one step closer to firing Andy Reid and hiring Sean Payton. If I'm going to root for something I will root for that, because that has a better chance of happening than the Eagles have of winning a Super bowl right now.
  • Demetress Bell NEEDS to be mentioned in the negatives. If the Eagles had ANYBODY to fill in at tackle I wouln't have been shocked to wake up and find out the Eagles cut him this morning. You mention Michael Vick was out there making playes and that is the problem with Vick now a days. Even when he is making some plays it isn't enough. He is clueless when it comes to reading the blitz and just doesn't have the accuracy (the ball off of Celeks HAND was not in a good spot) to kill teams like other quarterbacks seem to do to the Eagles when they blitz. I get that Reid is doing him no favors, I get that the Eagles offensive line sucks but the Eagles are not a championship team with Vick at quarterback. Not until he can decipher where a blitz is coming from and can hit the hot route and at 32 that isn't going to happen. Hell, he even admitted knowimg the blitz was coming and where it was coming from on that fumble returned for a TD against the Cardinals but thought he could make a play and held onto the ball too long. Instead of throwing the ball away or to the hot route he takes too many hits and did the same on a couple plays last night. In my opion McCoy and Jackson were the lone bright spots. McCoy seemed to play with some attitude and he should have been given the ball a few more times especially when considering how bad the Eagles pass game looks in the redzone.

    Look, your optimism is great to see but you seeing this team through rainbow color glasses isn't going to turn King Dunlap into Jason Peters, Dallas Reynolds into Jason Kelce and they aren't going to turn Bell into Herremans if he doesn't come back from his injury. They also certainly aren't going to turn Michael Vick into the second coming of Steve Young. They aren't even going to bring back the old Reid who definitely got more out of his players than this shell that walks the sidelines who just seems lost right now. I'll be watching this weekend and I'll be hoping they can pull out this basement tie for the division against the Cowboys but it's getting close to that point where the games they do win aren't going to matter in the long run. This offense is averaging probably less than 16 points a game now...the defense seems to find new things to worry about weekly (the coverage by the linebackers seems to be getting worse) and with Vick and that O-line I just can't see this team digging themselves out of the hole they have dug for themselves even with what seems like an easy schedule looking at them the next 5 fives weeks or so. With a 3-5 record the Eagles are also that patsy that every team looks forward to playing on their remaining schedules. I'm a fan but I'm also a realist, flip.
  • Classic!
  • I don't view his optimism as great. Rather I see it as him trying to grandstand and act as if he's somehow above the rest of us. Going as far as to say he "loves" the team. Well I honestly didn't see any of that so called "love" when only a few years ago he was crying for boycotts of the team. If he "love"s the Eagles so much, then why is he moonlighting with a team from the West Coast? It reminds me of that quote "Don't kill me man! I got a girl friend and a wife on the side." I bleed Green! Only Green! Nothing but the Green. It ain't mixed with nothin. Some impure self-righteous former semi-pro with his head in the clouds isn't for a moment going to make me waiver or think otherwise. I say anyone who willingly ACCEPTS MEDIOCRITY ISN'T TRULY AN EAGLES FAN. The fact that he taints himself with another team and cries for boycotts of the team only confirms it.
  • I have no problem with his typing up the Eagles at all, why should I but I can and will disagree with some of it. I don't even have a problem with him thinking he is the biggest fan on this site...good for him! I do have a bit of a problem when he starts typing that he is the ONLY one in this yard pulling for the Eagles. I KNOW for a fact that is not true at all and I do take offense to it!
  • It's all kind of funny to me. It reminds me of Reid to the fullest. Maybe he'll follow Reid to next team and pick up yet a third option to root for. Heck why even stop at that? He might as well root for ever Super Bowl winner. Then he can always say he roots for a winner.
  • If he wants to beat his chest that's fine with me...just don't like him questioning our loyalty. I'm not stating everyone should be hollywood (god no) but there is absolutely nothing wrong with discussing the problems with a 3-5 team. It's part of sports. When there is a team with a losing record of course fans are going to focus on the negatives. When a team has an owner who publicly put the coach on notice and the team comes out and plays this poorly, of course fans are going to discuss the coach probably being fired. To somehow think he is a better fan because he types they still have a chance is just ridiculous. Calling his hopes blind faith when the Eagles are sitting at 3-5 and playing as poorly as they are is probably an understatement. I think the rest of us are being more realistic (most of us anyway) so really...where is the problem?
  • It comes back to one person wanting to beat their chest and act as if they are better. The guy claims he's matured, but apparently he hasn't if he can't face the facts.
  • How is my optimism great to see if you clearly think I'm delusional? Which side of this fence are you on?

    I have more than anyone in the HISTORY of this EAGLES page written, analyzed, and criticized the EAGLES O-Line. I'M the guy who said they needed more dump routes to take pressure OFF this line, and I said that even BEFORE Peters was injured.
    I'M the guy who said that Vick (when he got here) read Defenses at a 3rd grade level. He's gotten better, but he'll never be Peyton Manning.
    I'm aware of the peaks and valleys on this team.
  • Maybe great was a stretch. Your optimism is...optimistic, is that better? What side of the fence am I on? I surely can't be on your side of the fence when you clearly stated that you are the only one there. By the way I don't think you are delusional at all...overly optimistic for a team that doesn't have a lot going for them right now but not deusional.
  • MORALE LOCKED: The courage and confidence that help one to keep up his sprits in facing hardship have yet to reveal itself. Locked deep within kicking & screaming trying to come out. The negatives out weighs the positives and the Boys will put the final rustynail in that casket.
  • The boyz are lying dead in their own casket. It funny, because the Eagles get highly motivated to play their divisional opponents. No cookies for you.
  • Looking at the Giants schedule if anybody think this division race is over don't know football. The refs did their part contributing to the city of NY, yet still the Steelers held Lie Manning to 125 passing yards and it took everyone of the Boys 6 turnover to prevent a sweep. The Boys and Birds matchup will be huge, both teams signal callers are well capable of snatching a defeat out of the hands of victory. But I'll hang my hat on the Boys top 5 defense.
  • Blah, Blah, Blah. Let me keep it simple for you. The Cowboys have no shot at making the playoffs. You heard it here first. Never bank on Tony Romo or a Ryan.
  • Somehow I doubt he read it here first, Eazy. LOL.
  • Yeah yeah yeah....except for one simple fact....the Giants are winning the NFC East, Period!!! And for once I actually agree with something that came out of fartsmellas mouth.
  • I am MORTALLY LOCKED IN on this idea of Jon Gruden being the Eagles next head coach.
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