December 15, 2013

Nowhere land please listen the Eagles might be just missin nowhere land is whereeeeere Lurie is in command.

Wow are we really going to get to the brink and crap out.   Are you getting that erry feeling that we are gonna just miss in Dallas.   Im watching this Cowboy game vs Pack and I just dont see us winning in Dallas.   Foles played ok vs the Vikes but I didnt think he handled pressure well.  He made some nice throws and can go deep with ease.  But I dont think he has alot of velocity on the ball but it gets there just in time. But this is beginning to play out sort of like I thought.  We would win enough games to keep Foles as the starter  and get rid of Vicks fat contract .  In adddition there will not be a sense of urgency to replace Foles with a high draft pick and if our schedule is tougher next year  Foles could potentially have a major set back.   This is a dollars and cents game Lurie can play with ease.  Im concerned.

  • We HAVE to make the playoffs now. We've won too many games (and too many teams have lost too many) for us to benefit as far as the Draft if we miss it.

    If we go 9-7 and miss the playoffs, this season will have been a failure with any and all aspects of a silver lining torn down off of it.

    We HAVE TO make the playoffs. Have to.
  • I agree its a must. The pack made a ridiculous comeback. Im happy about that. Lets hope Cousins and Skins sideline the cowboys.
  • The team gave Vick a big fat contract that HE wasn't good enough to keep, they've rightfully given very nice contracts to their running back and their #1receiver and both contracts are worth a nice sum for the next few years (and you guaranteed throughout the process that none of them would see those contracts) yet you again make this about Lurie and YOUR perception that's he's always looking to save money. You just can't help yourself, can you?
  • I dont think he controls the events but this is where he likes his Eagles. They have to make the playoffs or as far as Im concerned they are no better off than the Skins and Giants. I think we have SOME nice players but I think overall this team has marginal talent and wont get that much better than they are today with what they have. I think these guys are trying hard. Not a huge upside. i would say the Eagles team last year didnt put out an effort but had they could have done much better. especially on defense. Just an opinion. We need impact.
  • That opinion holds no weight and it's really silly to reflect on. If the defense continues to look THIS bad going forward it's a concern but with better play calling, with better coaching the 48 probably wouldn't have happened. Two of the touchdowns were on EXTREMELY short fields, the defense also wasn't helped by the pooch kicks and the offenses inability to keep drives going at times. Regardless, your comment about Lurie is typical come out with one of the most sensible comments on here and all it takes is one loss until you start typing your bs. Not sure you have it in you to change.
  • Im speculating on Lurie and his business motives. It wouldnt be the first business known to mankind to sacrifice quality for profit. You feel me?
  • It's a valid opinion. But I disagree with some of it. I think if we miss the playoffs we're still better than the 'skins because their dysfunction is organizational.

    The giants on the other hand, once they got Andre Brown back they found a running game and got on track, but so much damage was already done to their season there was practically no coming back from it. They have some O-line and Secondary issues but I expect that in typical NY fashion they'll swing for the fences (not sit on them), and go all in a "solution player". Like how they went all in on David Wilson (and missed) when they sent Ahmad Bradshaw out to pasture, or how they went all in on Andre Brown (more of a hit) when they let Brandon Jacobs walk 2 years ago. NY does that.

    They also win Super Bowls despite a turnover machine at QB, because someone in that organization understands that sports comes down to moments. Glory is not a stable aggregation over an entire season, but an explosive seizing of a moment. Next season no one will care what Nick Foles QB rating was over how many games if he doesn't win one playoff game this year. Terry Bradshaw's CAREER passer rating is 70.9, but no one cares because Bradshaw seized MOMENTS when they were there to seize.

    A playoff win says to a young roster that they CAN beat playoff caliber teams. Changing a teams mindset is the most important change you can make.

    Just yesterday my RAIDERS lost 31-56 to the Chiefs. At one point we were down 35-10 but we battled back, rattling off 21 unanswered points to pull within 4 points at 31-35. How many 4-9 teams would have thrown in the towel at 35-10? Most would. But the RAIDERS players NOW have it in their head that they're supposed to go down swinging. This offseason we'll add to our talent deficit (overpaying for some of it), and next year will look VERY different because the individual players will have higher expectations of themselves and their teammates. The EAGLES need that for our young players here.

    We do need impact, but some of that has to be mental, and it will only come by trying and succeeding at seizing a moment.
  • I think mindset is important and thats why I felt tanking is always an awful idea. At least now the Eagles can see what winning and hope look like. You have to believe they will build no matter what on the lessons learned. kelly has been adequate. he hasnt been great but their is a direction even though its tenuous. Foles has been good enough so far. Not great. Hes made some big plays but the drives dont appear consistent. Part of it is kellys and Foles fault. The skins appear dysfunctional but I think RG is the guy. I saw him up close and see the talent they are talking about. He is playing behind a garbage line. He is playing with apprehension. Thats Shanahans fault for rushing him back. But I dont see why the skins cant add a few pieces and get right back at it. I dont think the Eagles are the clear class of the division. It looks up for grabs to me. Wins can become losses next year. But i absolutely agree we must make the playoffs or the Eagles will be right back to square one maybe two.
  • We are by no means the class of the division. We are heading into game 15 with huge concerns about game 16, because we didn't take care of business in game 14. We are currently staring into our rear view mirror because while we control our destiny so does the team right on our heels.

    And not tanking was a big deal to me as well. Better to have hard fought losses than a season of games you just gave away, to "see something".
  • I'm not going to excuse away a horrific loss to the Vikings (though I did see the possibility of it coming), but NOTHING the Cowboys have done so far in December makes me believe the Eagles should be scared of them. It's very possible the Cowboys lose their next game too. Of course I could say the same about the Eagles too, but I get the feeling we will bounce back. I can't see Kelly ignoring the best back in the game two weeks straight. On a final note if Brady, Manning, Vick or even choke king Romo threw for over 400 yards, competed over 60% of his passes threw three touchdowns and had only one turnover nobody would call it just an okay game nor would they even for a little try to blame them for the loss. Is Foles supposed to complete 90% of his passes and throw 7 touchdows a game before people smarten up and realize this kid has a ton of talent? Foles completes 60% of his passes so far for his entire career and people question if the guy is an NFL QB. Vick does it for 6-7 games of his career and they want to hand dude the MVP. Illogical logic at it's best.
  • He got alot of non usefull yards had some big plays. Not knocking him but you dont want to accept the fact that he didnt sustain one long effecient drive down the field. I just havent seen that workman like drive in practically every game. Some great numbers and beautiful plays but nothing under the gun. Brady and Brees they break a teams will and make quitters out of a defense. I dont see that in Foles yet.
  • Yards are yards. He got them back into the game and the defense couldn't hold. 8 carries for McCoy is on the coach. The coach and the defense stunk this one up.
  • You are not being consistent in your approach. When Vick has "yards" and lost you found a way to blame Vick but when Foles has "yards" its fine. It wasnt a fine performance. Every QB in the league has yards. You need to start factoring in the new NFL where defense hardly exists. You cant even compare last year stats to this year. There is a monumental shift taking place in football games and its like what steroids did to football stats. Gruden was complaining all night on Monay night football about the refs and went on to add that many records will be broken so you need to level your assesment of Foles. He isnt great.
  • Foles didn't cost the Eagles this game. Only an idiot old try to pin this one on him. Vick's problem has been four fold. One he can't stay healthy, two he gives the ball up too much, three he takes too many sacks, he doesn't win enough. Now Foles took two bad sacks, and had a pick in this game. Compared to what Vick did against the Vikings a few seasons ago it was an all star performance. Vick had three turnovers, and gave up six sacks. You can't pin this loss on Foles when the coach ignores the best back in the game, and the defense makes Cassell look great.
  • Just like you "told" me the other day, Eazy, you are never going to be able to make the two of these guys get it...just isn't worth trying. Flip waited weeks to type I told you so and Hollywood's back to blaming Lurie and Foles. We can look at this game and see failures in areas of concerns that we all had yet there's our buddy flip quick to start throwing out the "I told you so". What was it, 8-9 weeks with the defense giving up 21 or under? We all have stated all year that this secondary needs help,,,that showed in a big way last Sunday. Kelly made some huge mistakes that cost his team field position and every QB is going to struggle from time to time...unfortunately besides a missed field goal the defense couldn't stop the Vikings at all in the first half. Pooch kicks, poor play calling and a defense that is much improved but still needs work especially in the secondary doesn't spell out the doom and gloom these guys predicted all off season (and I'm sure they would love to see it). Here's hoping that Kelly and the Eagles throw out those pooch kicks for good, the defensive line can get back that pressure they were starting to generate before Sunday, Earl Wolff is healthy this weekend, the league leading running back gets more than 4 carries in a half and the Eagles bounce back yet again.
  • Not blaming Foles at all. In fact I agree with practically everything you wrote. Im not even suggesting he isnt the guy going forward into next year. But, there are flaws in his game. He isnt showing me that hes of the calibur of a Brady or Brees or ever will be. But you keep tossing his stats around and mentioning him with those guys. Thats a major distortion. You want to believe hes in that category be my guest. Thats your opinion.
  • Keep mentioning him with these guys? I compared stats ONE time while questioning flip and his offensive red zone stats with the Eagles this year and immediately stated right after that I wasn't stating he would ever be as good so let's not go there. You aren't telling anyone anything new when stating that Foles has flaws in his game but as a pure passer I'd take him any day ahead of your man Vick. That's the true distortion, you somehow still trying to find a way to make it seem like Vick should be the it's because you want us to believe Lurie is cheap. Let's discuss your opinion...your opinion is that you want to see Vick because you want a winner...what has Vick won lately? You've been willing to forgive the ten year vet for MANY flaws yet just can't wait to discuss Foles when the team I stated you'll never change.
  • Quite simply Foles biggest problems are he cant move well when pressured and he has average velocity on the ball,.
  • Quite simply Foles is the QB you've called a bum and ripped on and he isn't Mike Vick...once a Hollywoodeagle target always a Hollywoodeagle target.
  • As far as blame goes Nick Foles shouldn't even register compared to numerous defensive players, the coaching, scheming, and several other issues. Why are we discussing Foles when Chung got beat from pillar to post?
  • Foles wqill always be a topic of conversation because he is the QB. And GTD I told you where I stood on Foles. I DONT think he will get the job done longterm. Counted. Unlike you a sniveling finger pointer that wastes his time footnoting and playing fact check games. Youre pathetic.
  • If you got beef with green what's that gotta do with me? Again Foles isn't the main reason they lost. Did you watch or were you boycotting still?
  • Soooo, what you're telling me is that checking facts is a waste of time and I'd be better off just making things up like you? I realize that Foles will be a topic of conversation but it's funny how often you forgot that when I would discuss Vick and his struggles when he was starting...yeah, I'm pathetic. Lol. You're as big a hypocrite as your buddy flip.
  • Foles had a slow start but he didn't give up 48 points to a bunch of benchwarmers and nomads. He did his part.

    This loss is on the coaching staff for their poor utilization of their RB and Defensive players; piss poor/easy to figure out coverage scheme; and for drawing up a game plan that included CONSTANTLY giving away plum field position.
  • I agree with flip here. This game had nothing to do with Lurie, little to do with Foles, and nearly everything to do with poor coaching, game planning, and terrible defensive play.
  • II never said the loss had to do with Foles. But he didnt keep pace nor did he play a good game. he scored giveaway points. The Eagles never even threatened and neither did Foles.
  • He got them to within 5. All the defense had to do was make one stop and they couldn't do it.
  • If we lose to Cowboys the season is a complete washout. Hate to say it but I feel the letdown coming. Prepare yourself fot the worst. I am not confident. i say sit the eagle starters and start game planning today for the Cowboys
  • Sitting the starters is too much like tanking. Losses should be earned just like wins. Heck, there are things you can only learn in a loss.

    That said, I'm not so ready to throw the towel in here. We were all looking forward to 7-9 this year and so far we're guaranteed 8-8 with a chance to see 10-6. We should at LEAST give it an honest go.

    You couldn't be more right about next week. If we don't make the playoffs, then 1) We're not in the playoffs; 2) We won't have a great Draft spot; 3) Every moral victory and silver lining our roster could have had is gone (actually they were gone when we beat Detroit).

    A hungrier, leaner NFC East is what we're going to see next year.
    This game today was watershed for Cowboys players like Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray, and Orlando Scandrick. Robert Griffin is getting to watch what is expected of him at this level (regardless of who his coach is next year). Pierre Garcon has gone from a sometimey WR2 in Indy to a guy who broke one of Art Monks records. The Giants got much better when Andre Brown (who won't have to compete with David Wilson next year) came back from injury.

    Next year won't be like this one. We have to make a mark NOW.
  • I think you are right. The Cowboy game will show what we have in Foles. Can he win a pressure game. He needs to elevate his game to a playoff level. He must be relied upon to move the ball in adverse conditions. This will be a game that should be played at a higher level. Lets see if Foles can hang with Romo.
  • I don't think the Cowboys game will be any kind of test for him or anybody else on the roster. I think all the pressure is on the Cowboys. We're in the driver's seat but WE don't have an owner who goes around promising THIS year, every year. Our QB doesn't have the (mostly unfair) rep for choking and/or giving away big games.

    Also, to be fair (this will sound confusing at first, but bear with me); I don't think this is a big game for the EAGLES. I think the situation is big and the future implications are big, but the game itself is just a stepping stone to something big. In truth we're facing a Cowboys team that is weaker physically and frayed both mentally and in their interpersonal chemistry. They're essentially a crippled horse waiting for a bullet.

    If we make this into a "Big Game" instead of the mercy killing it is, we invite adding on a pressure that the moment will not be truly deserving of, and it works to undercut the importance of the actual moment of import when it gets here.
  • It almost looks too easy. Whats the odds of scoring that many points two weeks in a row. I hope you are right but somehow this looks all too familiar. We have our best game when it means nothing to us? Call the Cowboy game what you want but we have to come out with a win. A loss is a set back plain and simple.
  • A set back? You've got to be kidding me. A disappointment...sure but you claiming a loss is a set back is just you exaggerating like usual. Just stop with your constant whining and looking for reasons to whine.
  • No doubt about that. I'll see your Week 17 and raise you at least 1 playoff win. Since a playoff appearance automatically gives us a bottom 12 Draft position, we should at least come out of it with a roster that feels they ARE a playoff caliber team, not merely one that made it due to others not being so good.

    I've long been of the mindset that if you can't beat a playoff team you're better off (as an organization) not going. Better to explode into contention than to have everyone gradually see you creep up on it over years.
  • When the Ravens won the superbowl nobody thought they had a chance in the playoffs. I agree with you flip there is no moral victory in being 2nd to a pathetic Cowboy team. We need to seperate from them now and not look back. The Patriots dont have 11 division titles in 12 years because they have moral victories . They have them because they decapitate the competition in there division. The Eagles need to leave no doubt that they have arrived. And with that division title I think it will be clear that we can move forward with no doubt about Foles. Things change from year to year . Our oline might not be this good in two years. If Foles is the real deal he has the tools to beat the Cowboys. He must show he can compete with the top tier guys when it matters. And it matters.
  • You know why you are full of crap with your statements here? I'll give you the main reason...for over two years now Vick didn't need to prove anything on the field to you...just being Mike Vick was enough (will NEVER understand why). Now a second year QB needs a playoff berth and a playoff win after already surpassing many things Vick did in a 10 year career? You're nothing but a joke.
  • Ease up. Nobody is whining but you. Even EZ doesnt throw the insults around . Is anyone talking Vick around here? So now what is your malfunction?
  • Not whining at all there buddy...just doing my duty here and calling you on the bs that you type. Nobody is discussing Vick (although you were fine with it just last week stating Kelly should put some plays in for him) but how can I pass up the opportunity to point out such an obvious double standard by you. You don't fool me with your fake props for Foles at times. You're dying to see him fail and that's why you keep pushing the I stated, you'll never change. If you honestly think Chip Kelly would move on from what Foles has accomplished this year if the Eagles don't win Sunday you're a bigger fool than I thought.
  • We put up 54. Stop crying people.
  • Hey GTD - any credit to the offensive line? You think its all Foles?
  • Of course the offensive line gets credit as do Lesean McCoy, Desean Jackson, Chip Kelly and the rest of the team. Let's get this straight...I'm not you and will never lay ALL the credit at one player's feet like you have done with McNabb and Vick (the funny part of that is that Vick never really did anything and if you're insinuating that Vick would look as good behind this line you're crazy). All I've been doing is "telling" you that you're foolish if you think that the Eagles should move on from what Nick Foles has accomplished so far if the Eagles don't make the playoffs. If you mean that you obviously are typing with an agenda.
  • If they lose its a serious setback. You can spin it anyway you want but its a glass half full. I dont have an opinion about Foles if they lose. Keep him and see what he does next year. i dont care.
  • I'm not the one here doing the spinning, Hollywood. If the Eagles don't win this Sunday they still finish with a winning record and may have found a franchise is that a serious setback from last year? That's the key buddy...that's what we are judging this season from...not from the Bears game or from their 5 game winning streak. A glass half full isn't a bad thing when it was only a quarter full and leaking badly at the end of last year.
  • GTD, I owe you an apology. Earlier I typed:

    "Nobody now legitimately can expect the Cowboys to win next week. On the other hand you have EAGLES fans like GTD who are just happy to be north of 6-10. So at this point next week's game (like I said before) is just a stepping stone to something with some actual meaning."

    I typed that 3 days ago, and your above statement nearly confirmed it by saying that you are judging this year strictly by last year. It's not THIS season as a good season on it's own merit; it's this season vs 4 wins that you're looking at. Doesn't sound like someone who expected much from his team. In fact it sounds like someone who's just happy to be north of 4-12.

    In retrospect seems I gave you too much credit when I said 6-10. I'm sorry.
  • I can't speak for gtd, but I will state the offensive line has been outstanding this season. They have been healthy all season. Kelce, Mathis, and Peters have played like Pro Bowl players. Lane has improved all year, and even the TEs are blocking like crazy.
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  • Hollywood how can you be on here ripping Lurie? He's not the best owner in the NFL, but he's the 2nd best owner in the NFC EAST, and no I ain't talking about Jerry as #1. I believe Lurie is the Eagles best owner ever, and the team under his watch has had its best time in the modern era. He's making tons of money, and turned the organization from a million dollar company to a billion dollar company. There's no chance he's leaving. You're wasting your time writing this stuff. If you hate him so much then you might as well support another team. I don't think Lurie will miss your money.
  • @ flip. Funny stuff, flip. It must suck to have to dissect my words and try to stretch what I type into your translation of it. You did hit on a couple truths though...I didn't expect much from this team this year. I thought Kelly and Davis would have a much more difficult time getting this defense fixed (not stating it is fixed but they are certainly playing better than last year and besides a hitch in Minnesota have been downright impressive the last half of the season) and honestly didn't think they would find a potential franchise QB but I'm not alone there at all, am I (neither of these two things gets taken away by a loss in do get that, don't you?)? Unlike the past couple years I had hopes that we would see improvement by year's end and while you continue to discuss the flaws like you've been doing ever since Reid got fired (something you openly ripped many of us about while Reid was here) I'll continue to hope the Eagles stay the course they are currently on. That's the big difference with your comments about me and mine about you though, isn't it? You reach and stretch my comments so much by the time you're typing them you target something I've never even typed. When did I type I was happy with anything north of a 4-12 team?...but that's you...always putting words at people's fingertips that they never even typed. You on the other hand have been extremely hypocritical in your comments about the Eagles and have set double standards when comparing the Raiders and the Eagles. You constantly typed to us how the Raiders were so much further along then the Eagles...yet there are the Raiders looking at the same freakin' record as last year and the Eagles are one win away from a division title in Kelly's first year. What I'm getting at flip is...I only type the truth about you. So keep typing how the Cowboys aren't going to abandon the run as quickly as the Bears (something the Cowboys actually do too often as Murray's 5.4 yards per carry and his barely topping 1000 yards shows as do these other stats...76 rushing first downs to opponent's 113, 1400 rushing yards to opponents 1900 and the carries themselves, 318 to 403)...keep telling us how Foles will be traded in the year 2020 because he doesn't fit the system and keep showing us your fantasy football stats that everybody in the yard flocks to and can't get enough of....looking forward to "hearing" how you fair next year.
  • I agree! A loss to Dallas takes away nothing we did this year. While Hollywood thinks a loss means a step back, I merely think it means the season is a failure. It doesn't help us position for next year and it doesn't help sell the notion of ACTUALLY being good enough to be a playoff team.

    And again, I don't think that just about this next game, I think that they have to win a playoff game as well. You know the expression "To be the man, you have to beat the man"? The EAGLES need to beat the man. It's one thing to THINK you're good enough to do it. It's another thing to KNOW you are, because you've done it already.

    As far as the Cowpies not abandoning the run, I think they'll stick to it this game due to Orton needing the support.

    And I don't think Foles will be traded in 2020. I think it'll happen in 2015. Until Mariota decided to stay in school another year, I was about willing to put my house on Foles leaving in 2014. Mark my saying this: When Kelly goes high for a QB, with the type of numbers Foles has produced, Kelly won't be able to keep Foles on the roster. Every week will either be about why he wasted a pick on QB he doesn't play, or why he benched a guy who was playing so well. It'll be a headache over a never-ending QB controversy.

    It was different with Vick. Vick is on a 1-year, re-negotiated deal, at the near end of a rollercoaster career. He has to play nice. Foles on the other hand already has a parts of his uniform in the HOF. Things could get VERY unpleasant here.

    Now quick: Ask me why Kelly would even be drafting a QB high in 2015.
  • Foles traded in 2015??? The only way that's happening would be if the Eagles simply stunk next season which would mean Foles actually stunk up the joint for the whole season. Seems like flipflop is rooting for a TANK in 2014 so he can be right for 2015. Any coach who would trade an NFL starter for a guy who might be good in the NFL would be stupid unless that guy is a can't miss Andrew Luck type guy. Thankfully Chip Kelly isn't a stupid coach and the fact flip flop has been continuously wrong about every ASSumption he's made about Kelly so far.
  • Got to hand it to flip...I guess. No matter how wrong he is he just plugs away pushing his predictions back a year or two and keeps on typing like he knows what he's typing about. @flip. To tell you the truth I don't care why you feel Kelly will be drafting a QB early in the 2015 draft. This will probably just be you trying to be clever and I've seen you try to do that way too often and miss so why bother now? You need to just realize sometimes it is what it is and stop trying to wow us with your football "knowledge". Stop telling us how Herremans can't play guard but can still play tackle, stop typing how Bradley Fletcher should see time at safety when he plays corner and the Eagles needed help at HIS position, stop typing that Asomugha should be the highest paid safety in the league after playing corner all his professional career and I don't really care why you feel that the Eagles will be looking to trade Foles and draft a QB in 2015...we both know it's just a scenario you dreamed up because you have stated all along he isn't a fit for this offense and would be gone...this year was where you started before pushing it back to 2015, right? I've stated exactly what Eazy typed in the don't give up on a successful QB for a question mark so if Foles has success in 2014 he will be an Eagle in 2015. No team let's a franchise QB go this early in their career after having this type is success.
  • To say you don't care you certainly keep close (albeit HIGHLY selective) track of my predictions/intuitions.
  • Well I think it would be wise to focus on the next game. A game with a playoff feel. A game we haven't had in years. Worrying about the season after next just seems quite stupid while the team is poised to make the playoffs right now.
  • Flip, just letting you know why your doom and gloom predictions/intuitions don't worry me the slightest bit. You've shown me enough on here to know that you're wrong more often than not...when you type with your heart and not your head (you INSISTING Reid and McNabb were going nowhere) and when you type with an agenda (most of what you type about Foles and Kelly) it's bound to happen.
  • Doom and gloom? Me?

    I predicted the same 7-9 for 2013 that most of you did.
    I was the one who last year said that barring the injury bug, we'd win the division. I posted this POSITIVE outlook DESPITE all the negative blow back from folks like yourself. (Then the injury bug brought his whole swarm and we went 4-12.)
    I knew Kelly would name Vick as his starter, and though I don't think Foles fits this system very well, I STILL drafted and rode FOLES to one fantasy Championship win, and another Championship game tomorrow.
    (I have however kept a million miles between me and the EAGLES defense. I have no faith in Bill Davis. None.)

    I dunno. Seems to me that over the last 3 years NOBODY who is still here, has had a more positive outlook for this team than me.
    As far as this "typing with an agenda" crap, I notice you use this term with Hollywood a lot and I have to tell you, it's about the dumbest thing I've seen in print outside of a Sarah Palin quote.

    An AGENDA is either a schedule or a plan of action based on an ideology. So are you saying that people are typing with a schedule, or typing with a plan to ACTUALLY DO something? And after all what could that "something" be, since we're but mere fans?

    It begs the notion that you've been using the wrong word to express yourself. Perhaps you should take a little more time to think about what you really want to say.
  • Getting caught up in revisionist history or making ridiculous future predictions makes little sense when the Eagles TODAY are about to face the Cryboys for the division Sunday Night. Seems to me the fan with the most positive outlook should be more positive and focused on that. Then again we all know you're living in a fantasy world.
  • Flip, Excuse me for leaving out hidden before typing agenda a few times, flip...I stand corrected. As for your viewpoints on the Eagles the last few years you prove my point about you exactly. Under Andy Reid you set your sights high and made excuses when the Eagles didn't reach the lofty goals you had them locked into. If you honestly think you can blow smoke up anybody's ass and try to type now that all your negative posts about Chip Kelly and the Eagles earlier this year weren't doom and gloom you're heading down the hollywoodeagle path of outright lying on this site...hell, you're even still typing more posts about how the Eagles luck will run out next year and how their first alternate Pro Bowl QB won't be part of the team in 2015 than positive posts...yeah, not doom and gloom at all. Lol. By the way, almost everyone of us on here were typing to you in 2012 that the Eagles were lucky to be 3-1 in their first 4 games with how often they were turning the ball over and that continued throughout the're delusional thinking they would have reached that goal you had set for them injuries or not...has Mike Vick ever taken any team to a 13-3 record let alone one with a defense as bad as the Eagles last year? Try typing this instead of your never ending excuses...I was wrong.
  • Applying the word 'hidden' to the word 'agenda' doesn't affect the fact that you're STILL misusing it. At it's LEAST an 'agenda' is just a schedule. I have no hidden schedule. At it's MOST an 'agenda' is a plan of action. There is no action for me to take. Hidden or otherwise.

    I predicted the same 7-9 as the rest of you. How is MY 7-9 doom and gloom, while YOUR 7-9 is optimism? These aren't different. This is just you trying to pick an argument even when you agree with me, or I with you. Either way is the same. If my 7-9 prediction for Kelly was doom and gloom, then so was yours. Period.

    For all your chest pounding about Foles, it's ME who actually showed any faith in his ability to produce numbers. I was right about who Kelly would pick as his starting QB (most of his starters actually), AND I was right about Foles. All at the same time.

    Even though it's just fantasy football, I think it's KILLING you that what I said months ago I've gotten any mileage out of, let alone enough to hold bragging rights anywhere. I have made my knowledge count for more than just being characters on a little known or used website. I actually made what I know WORK for me, instead of just writing "we'll see" all the time.

    In fact the only thing that you've said of any gravity is the 7-9 finish which BOTH YOU AND I were (happily) wrong about. This puts you in the "wrong and happy about it boat" right beside ME.

    Our head coach is a substitute teacher. I know folks are going to say I sound like Hollywood on this one, but really, by the time Kelly is fired (or bolts for less competitive pastures), the fanbase here will hardly care who he's replaced with.

    In about 3 years we're going to finally go 9-7, finish second in the division, miss the playoffs and fans here will STILL throw a parade.
    by Birdflipper October 29, 2013 Reply Flag I Like This

    Recognize this one, flip? Seems you have the Eagles finally limping to a 9-7 record in Kelly's 3rd year...if he even made it that long since you hint that the Eagles will be wallowing in misery. LOL.

    That really is it isn't it?
    The fans want answers, and Kelly says nothing.
    The media wants answers, and Kelly says nothing.
    The players NEED answers and still Kelly says nothing.

    I thought Andy Reid was supposed to be the aloof and arrogant one. Amazing what patience Kelly thinks waving to people at Wing Bowl will bring him.

    Fans loved Dawks leadership. Who are the leaders now?
    Who has been the player talking the most about buying in and coming together?

    While the fans chant "TANK! TANK! TANK!" Kelly is saying his job is to win now. But how is that supposed to happen? And behind who? What is the direction?

    Nobody knows.

    Leadership. Direction. THESE THINGS are where hope springs from.
    Right now fans are screaming "TANK!" because they have no hope.

    I wonder why.

    by Birdflipper July 13, 2013 Reply Flag I Like This +1 Likes


    "The fans want answers"? You seem to love polls so why did you ignore the fan poll that Eazy showed the results for up above. Over 68% said they are fine with Kelly waiting until a couple weeks into the preseason. "The media wants answers"? Most media I have read and heard regarding the subject state the same. "The players want answers"...I have seen more players come out and say they are fine with waiting and it should be Kelly's choice when to decide.

    No one is SCREAMING tank, flip. Some fans are okay with the thought of a poor season because they get what the Eagles are looking at and know it could be the only way to fix what could be a dire situation at QB. By the way...the mess that Kelly is dealing with was partially brought on by the former coach...if some fans have no hope some of that blame has to be laid at the feet of a 12-20 run. You remember that run, right flip. The one you kept telling us we had no reason to worry about.
    by greentildeath July 14, 2013 Reply Edit +1 Likes

    How about your comment up above and my response to yours? You're ridiculing the way Kelly handled the QB competition and not giving insight to what schemes he would run. Just you looking to whine because you weren't happy with Reid's firing and the Eagles' replacement for him.

    1) KC rolled out the exact same game plan that SD rolled out. (It was almost as if Reid already knew that Chip Kelly wouldn't learn anything from last week's loss.) Like SD, KC threw a lot of their passes to the flat and an high number of underneath crosses. (Who calls an underneath cross on 3rd and 15 and 3rd and 19, unless they KNOW it'll be open? I mean really!?) Like SD, KC leaned heavily on T.O.P. (which Kelly said is unimportant) to keep the ball out of the EAGLES hands. As far as slowing our Offense when they did have the ball, in addition to our oppenent's defense suffering a exorbitant number of minor "injuries" for the THIRD STRAIGHT GAME, "The Eagles faced a defense uniquely built to defend Kelly's scheme. And while the Eagles' own defense played better this week, they couldn't get off the field late in the game." ( If we lose next week I hope it's in a new way at least.

    2) Our Line was downright OFFENSIVE last night. Jason Kelce's performance last night was worse than ANYTHING I ever saw out of even Nick Cole. "False start on everyone but the Center!" When was the last time you EVER heard that? You know what that means? It means that when Vick called the snap count, everyone EXCEPT the guy with the ball was paying attention. Oh yeah, and of course there are his TWO bad snaps. Hey did anyone else notice Todd Herremanns struggling for the second week in a row? Heck, even I gave him until November before he started to go downhill. In both the 'skins and Bolts games Lane Johnson allowed a free runner to nail Vick,but last night he gave up FOUR SACKS TO ONE GUY! Two words: Winston Justice. Which brings me to my third point.

    3) Why are we doing such a crappy job with our TE's? We have SO MUCH talent at the position it's embarrassing that we're wasting it like this. Aside from splitting them out wide, why don'y we also play them as in-line chip blockers more? When the the ball is snapped opposing DE's look like they're in a track meet. Chip blocks would slow them considerably and keep the edges cleaner. Last night Jason Peters gave up a sack to a guy who was lined up in a Wide-9 stance, and Peters tried to chase him. Day One, coaches tell OT's that you're NEVER to chase, but Peters was left without a choice and STILL was in no position to prevent that sack. Lane Johnson should also have more help than he's being given at this point.

    4) The Swinging Gate.....I was less than a fan of the Hook and Ladder at the end of the Chargers game. In a playoff game or in a game where you're trying to qualify for the playoffs, okay fine. But Week Two? Seemed a level. The Swinging Gate this week does nothing to dispel the notion of Kelly as an over-hyped coach who maxed out at the collegiate level. I mean what's next, a Fumblerooski? Adding the Statue of Liberty play to our regular rotation of plays? Starburst kick returns? When these things work they are spectacular, funny and classic. They are the very thing which indelible memories are made of. But then so are the times when they fail, and their sky high NFL failure rate is exactly why they are so rarely employed at this level. Someone needs to tell our coach where he is now.

    How about this one up above? This was your dislikes after game 3 against was twice as long as your likes which consisted of how many carries McCoy had and Vick's runs. I wanted to bring this one out just so you can go back and look at how you couldn't wait to bury the offensive line. Notice how you buried 3 players coming back from major injuries and a rookie after his 3rd game in the NFL. Notice how you call Lane Johnson Winston Justice after only his 3rd game? Here you are once again burying Jason Kelce who's name I hear more and more being mentioned as possibly the best center in the NFL...that may not be true but he certainly isn't the bum you seem to think he is. My point is that week three and you weren't willing to let three players coming back from major injuries and a rookie gel before you came at them with both barrels...not surprised because you didn't give Kelly a week before ripping into him.

    Now...down below is you "telling" us how your earlier post on Johnson's switch to left tackle was becoming reality...just another case of you trying to impress us with your football knowledge and failing miserably. I know it isn't really a doom and gloom post like the rest of them (and I didn't even go back too far in the preseason but I may look again later if you want to keep insisting you weren't about the doom and gloom this year under Kelly) but I love this one and couldn't resist yet another post showing us how "brilliant" you are.

    AS I SAID!

    Lane Johnson has been switching between Tackle spots but so far ONLY when Peters can't practice. As for normal, he plays RT.

    The Eagles are prepping Johnson for when they go back to a righty. Mark my words, when the Eagles start a right-handed QB again, even if Peters is still here, they will almost IMMEDIATELY switch Johnson's side. Provided he can play, Johnson is the future. That's why you draft him 4th overall.

    So far the O-line logic is paint-by-numbers. It's 1-2-3. Even the Herremans move. My GUESS is with Vick starting Herremans becomes your BACKSIDE (pass blocking) Guard like he was next to Tra Thomas, so the thinking may be that his run blocking won't be such an issue. I doubt that will hold water, but the proof is in the playing. It'll be interesting to see how effective McCoy is (YPC and 3rd and short conversions) from November and on, when running to his right vs. his left.
    by raider75 August 08, 2013 Reply Flag I Like This

    "Mark my words"? I did, flip...I honestly did...and like usual YOU WERE WRONG! Johnson is still playing right tackle for the Eagles with Foles starting and Peters is once again showing us he's one of the best left tackles in football.

    As for your insistence that I'm using hidden agenda wrong...look it up again. It also can mean ulterior motive (and I'm hardly the first person to ever use it that way) and your ulterior motive in typing that Foles will not be here in 2015 (or was it this year, flip? keep changing it) is that you are simply too stubborn to admit that he can play in Kelly's system...and that just maybe you were wrong.

    As for "my chest pounding" about I really have to point out what I'm doing? I'm not chest pounding at all...I don't do that (that's a flip/hollywoodeagle thing). I just admitted days ago that I myself didn't think Foles had this in him and thought that the Eagles would most likely be drafting a QB next year. I just thought the Eagles would be doing themselves a favor by seeing what the kid has in him and also knew that Vick would either get hurt and/or struggle...I figured in the long run the Eagles would get more out of Foles starting than the oft injured turnover plagued Mike Vick even if it meant getting some starts for their future backup. The difference between the two of us is that while you're thinking of ways you can save face with your insistence that he can't play in this system, Foles has given me hope that not only can he run it he can be the franchise QB most teams so desperately need.

    On your fantasy football team all I have to type is...WHAT? Are you really that desperate to try and one up me that you're telling yourself that I'm upset that you played Foles on your fantasy football team? Do you really think that anybody gives a damn about your fantasy football team at all? If you have any barkers feeling any emotions about your fantasy team I can guarantee you that it certainly isn't me! Just like your Raider posts I doubt any Eagle fans care about them one bit! You've tried to get into my mind before but my god you couldn't be more wrong...then again it is you I'm discussing so you probably will be sometime soon.
  • Did you really think I'd read this?

    Just the SIZE of it is a turn off.

    Since I've taught you what "agenda" means, how about I teach you another word: Succinct.

    Look it up.
  • I read your piece green and it was true and accurate. No surprise that flipflop didn't. Frauds generally don't like to be exposed. I hope that's succinct enough for him to comprehend.
  • He didn't have to read it...he typed 95 percent of it and I just copied and pasted. He and Hollywood forget how easy it is to find their own words on here and show them just how much they are trying to fool themselves with the lies they type. This was only going back to about August...there is so much more gloom and doom flip typed up yet. Thanks for reading, Eazy and I'm sure flip thanks you for reading his crap again also.
  • All you have is cut and paste . You are a kolb loving outdated beauracrat paper pusher. Everybody here has had pro and con comments. You are the worst flip flopper and liar on this site. If we followed your advice and predictions we would still be riding Kolb to the superbowl.
  • "Kolb to the Super Bowl"? And you call me a liar? I never stated that, always stated I just wanted to move on from McNabb, wanted to see what he could do and hoped he could play just like I've stated with Foles but you and I both know that. Just like we both know that before you started your rants and raves about Kolb YOU were the one that likened him to Brady...comments you actually put at my fingers. (Or Eazy's and probably both of us). By the way...copy and pasting isn't all I have...we all have access to it. I just don't make the many outlandish, ridiculous comments that you and flip try to wow people with...right, Mr. Book it! One thing I do have is a decent memory for both your 's and flip's silly comments and I call you on them. When you both try to act like you never stated them I go back and find isn't that difficult and usually stops both of you from your denials. How can you deny what you typed or the meaning of it when it's looking you right in the face? I'm curious though, Hollywood so please elaborate. You suggest that if WE followed my advice we'd still be riding Kolb to the Super Bowl. You do get that we have no say in any Eagles' decision and you do also get that the Eagles brass doesn't come to yardbarker looking for suggestions, don't you? You've made comments like this before so it worries me that you have a hard time with differentiating between reality and someone's opinion or suggestion.
  • I typed 95% of it???? Heck, maybe I SHOULD go back and read it. Then again, no I shouldn't.

    Remember that bit where you told me NOT TO put words at the ends of your finger tips? Now it seems that I don't have to.
  • Well it's good to know in the minds of some the Gaiders 4-12 this season is somehow better than the Eagles 10-6. Question if the Gaiders coach is supposed to be so good (8wins in two years) then why are they looking to bring back Gruden?
  • I now own GTD! He's become a Birdflipper quote machine. Just look up the page. The evidence is right there.

    Seriously, if this guy followed football as close as he follows ME, he'd be able to teach ALL OF US quite a bit. I know he'd certainly have my attention.
  • You got me, flip. If my copying and pasting your posts to remind you how negative you've been means that you "own" me than I guess I'm yours. Lol. Just trying to show you how "hollywoodeagle" you've become this year (You remember him, right? The guy you unblocked so you'd have another negative viewpoint to agree with). You did us a "favor" a while back by telling us how horrible we were in discussing a 12-20 run and the inevitable firing of Andy Reid...just trying to return that favor. Now go root those Eagles onto a 1 point victory so you can come back on here and type "I told you so"...then again you just may be rooting for those Cowboys so you can still type how Kelly's first year was a failure (your words, not mine).
  • You keep better track of my work than even I do! I'm a sports fan spitballing about an organization I haven't, don't, and will never work for, and you still want to hold me responsible for when they don't do what I say they will or should. That's the mark of insanity.

    If I'm so bad, so negative, so smug, and such a waste of your time, the SANE thing would be to do would be block/ignore me. But you don't.

    Instead you spend HOURS reading to sift for JUST the snippets you cut and pasted, to make a point to someone you say can't/won't change or learn. In your mind I'm an idiot and YOU ARE TAKING THE TIME TO TRY TO EDUCATE ME. That is insane.

    Well, it's either insane or very very stupid. I'll let you pick which one you prefer.
  • What's funny is that you didn't take your own advice last year when you felt the need to bury us for legitimately discussing a horrible run by the Andy Reid led Eagles and the possibility of his firing which really was the biggest story surrounding the Eagles at the time. Just one of the reasons why I question set double standards for what you think we should be discussing on here and what you discuss...that's insane...or stupid...I'll let you pick. By the way, it didn't take me hours to find and copy and paste your negative've made it easy for me by giving so much to work with.
  • Skip Bayless is funny. Dude must be homotools, because he's completely lost his mind. Loved seeing Steven A. Rub it in his face a little.

    Update: December 30, 2013
    Hey GTD on a side note I have to agree with flip flop here. You're wasting your time on that guy. Like I've repeatedly stated before you can't fix stupid. It's like banging your head against a brick wall. He's not worth your time bro.
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