November 07, 2011

Reid in a close game in 4th qtr. You can book that loss.

Hate to say i told you so but Reid wont win a superbowl. This team doesnt play hard for him. They have no heart and Reid cant rally them. This season is not mathematically over but essentially over. The fall guys are all lined up. Castillo defense is just pathetic. Reid has nothing left in the tank. Ther only one that has shown he is partly capable is Marty. He will be the Eagles next coach. have a good evening.

  • There were a lot of reasons why we lost this game. But it came down to heart. I wish i had the energy to argue with you but AHHHHHHHH I cant do it. DAMNIT!!!!
  • This team has no heart. Plain and simple. No leaders on the defensive side of the ball. Maclin has come up small in almost every big game.
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  • the season is over, im sorry but we have to put teams away and we cant do it. good vick, bad vick is making me sick. THIS JUST SUCKS
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  • It's not over yet. I'm pissed but I'm not given up.
  • Is Reid gonna have to diddle some little kids like Jerry Sandusky? I swear that's probably the only way Lurie cans his ass.
  • Probably right.
  • Luckily the schedule is in our favor. We have a bunch of cupcakes to finish the season while the Giants have to play a lot of big contenders. If we can beat the Giants in New York two weeks from now, then we might still have a chance.
  • The Patriots, the Jets, The Cowboys and Giants again...I think you can add the Eagles to that cupcake list the way they keep playing willard. Putting one solid game together in the first half of the season isn't exactly playoff football. I can't continue to say this is a playoff team. Right now it's looking like a 6-10 team.
  • Im starting to think they just arent that good. No size, no balls , no desire. The only ones on defense that play with heart is Coleman & Chaney. Other than that a weak bunch. Castillo must go.
  • If it happens it isn't going to happen during the season hollywood.
  • Willard they have to win out and I just dont see the focus. Too many player contract loose ends. And quite frankly, the team doesnt appear physically strong enough. The Bears manhandled them. The size and veteran leadership of the bears stuck out like a sore thumb. the Eagles have guys like Samuels wandering aimlessly in the secondary smiling & laughing while they get their asses kicked. And on offense, the Eagles are smallish. Guys like Maclin, Jackson, & McCoy are great for big plays but they dont punish anyone. You cans say what you want but Forte punsihed us even though he lost the ball a couple of times. McCoy didnt punish the Bears. He beat them but no damage. The only run I saw with authority and intent was Browns goal line run up the middle. Our receivers cant block. they are too small. This team needs a new coach, philosophy ...etc. Its just about time to move on from the Reid era. No matter what the outcome this season, anything other than a Superbowl appearance should warrant Reids removal. That should be the bar. No exceptions. This isnt a team that has to be dismantled but it needs a change. Both at the coaching and player level.
  • I think we don't need to worry about our offense. Yes, they make mistakes but it is clearly the strong point of the team and the reason we are competitive every week.

    The defense on the other hand is a major weakness. Castillo simply doesn't have a grasp on defensive playcalling. In the NFL playcalling is 90% of the battle, 10% is execution. It doesn't matter if you have great defensive linemen when the Bears continue to max-protect and then run long routes that are impossible to defend when the d-line isn't getting any pressure. Castillo can't design blitzes and adjust appropriately.

    We'll see how he does the remainder of the season, but he's done a pathetic job so far.
  • humiliating performance. we are fast becoming a non factor laughing stock of the league. Good job Reid. Good job Lurie.
  • I'll blame Reid for not being able to wake this team up but it certainly isn't just his fault they lost this game. The effort the Eagles (didn't) put forth on a Monday night in a "must" win game at home was embarrassing. Can someone tell the man who wants 10 million a year that he needs to run forward to get to the endzone when fielding a punt and it may be a good idea to hold onto the ball and also catch it when it's thrown to him (mention it to Maclin while you're at it)? Can someone show Asomugha how he used to cover and ask him not to use his hands quite so much? And while you're doing that remind Rodgers-Cromartie that it's not a bad thing if he uses some of his speed to stay with a receiver instead of a step or two behind. Regardless of all these players not stepping up, this team won't be considered a serious threat until they can come up with some way to stop the run. Scheme, players, whatever...they suck ! If it wasn't for Forte being taken out of his game because of the turnovers he probably would have had a huge game (and it was big enough). The cornerback trio also came up small yet again. It absolutely hurt that there wasn't much pressure on Cutler but how long do we have to wait between big plays for these three? We can't keep looking at these games and stating that they were in it in the 4th and should have pulled it out. Not after 4 such games, not with this defense. This team is a 3-5 team which over the course of the season leads to 6-10. Until they start showing up for games, that's all they are.
  • Thats Reids job to have a team ready EVERY week. Even though the turnovers are player errors , a good coach will focus on reducing mental mistakes. And the fact is when a coach makes mental mistakes himself it ultimately will trickle down to the players. There are too many sideshows on and off the field. Reid has lost his mojo and his credibility. Hes nearing the end if he doesnt trurn things around. I just dont think fans will accept a non playoff team and another season of Reid. Something will give. But GTD stop making excuses this is his design and his philosophy at work and its not working right now at all. And there are fundamental problems that have been dissected over and over again that Reid wont address. And its just gotten boring.
  • What excuses hollywood? I am willing to give Reid partial blame for this mess...I already have. I have stated that ultimately this is the head coaches fault but I will never, EVER put all the blame at the coaches feet when so many veterans fail to show up to play...that is what you do. Yes, Reid should have this team better prepared but this isn't pee-wee football. Then again, watching the Eagles last night, maybe it is.
  • They are what their record shows they are. Jackson will get 10 mil in his dreams. He's killed his own chances for that. So many goats to point at for this game. Still the coach did decide to hire the DC. Once again the defense doesn't hold. IMO the coach is to blame overall, but this game wasn't his fault. Although I do have a problem with the play calling at the beginning of the 4th quarter abandoning the run (what got him the lead in the first place) and going three and out.
  • The play calling didn't kill the Eagles chances to win this game, the players underwhelming effort did...that was my point. I didn't even come close to naming all the problems that went on last night Eazy, but this certainly isn't a playoff team. I could have brought up Vick, the penalties, the wideouts troubles beating a secondary that is closer to the bottom of the league than middle of the pack, practically no pass rush...did I leave out anything?
  • The game plans are not real clever. Reids first 5 years were good the rest is watching him get fat and arrogant with his own perceived success.
  • The players didn't excute for sure, but if McCoy is the reason you got the lead in the first place why do you take the ball out of his hands in the most critical drive of the game? That three and out was a killer and McCoy never had a chance to get the ball not even on a screen pass. That's bad playcalling. Not only that, but to call a pass with the punter on Monday night knowing the guy hasn't done it all practice was just stupid!
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  • "There will never be another Big Choke athlete like McNabb"

    ..................sorry but isnt there a guy named Romo who likes to choke???
  • BigZ it's best not to bring up anything about the Cowboys to so called Cowboys fans. As you can see they are stuck in the past. McNabb is still an Eagle and Aikman, Irvin, and Emmitt still play for the team. They are classless and clueless, but there are a few cool Cowboys fan on this site.
  • lol soooooooo true!
  • like the eagles i think cowboys trying to find their identity
  • Sorry can't put this one all on Reid. Maclin once again let's us down when we needed it the most. Though I do think the play calling at the start of the 4th was terrible.
  • But thats not coaching. Reid is on last leg in Philly. Its all or nothing and its lloking like nothing right now.
  • I find it hard, but not impossible to see Andy Reid returning next season. If he gets a legit DC he just might survive this.
  • Thats the design that the execs had in mind.
  • If Juan is the "fall guy" Reid can't walk away unscaved. Even if he survives this, his reputation around the league has suffered a great deal His leash will be tight next year. ANother bad start and he will be gone, unless he can find a way to teach juan how to coach defenses, his receivers how to hold onto the football, and his quarterback not to give it away in the Red Zone. Oh and to win some friggin games!
  • WTF Hollywood? I mean I expect the trolls to disappear after an Eagles beat down of their bullies, and return after an Eagles loss. They are predictable, but I don't expect that from an Eagles fan.
  • Reid has F##ked up big time this season, when you go out and pick up all this talent you play to there strengths when you see they dont produce while playing yours
  • Andy will still be here next year. He will get a new DC but that's about the only change. After his contract is when he will be let go, unless he makes the playoffs and gets knocked out in the 2nd or 3rd round again.
  • thats by design. The funny thing is people on this board think placing Castillo at DC was an accident. Wake the phuck up people. This is a well coordinated to keep this money machine charade going.
  • Are you going to make me start pulling that name out again? LOL. An accident? Of course it wasn't an accident...weird choice of words. It was a bad hiring hollywood, to think it was anything other than that is just freaking bizarre.
  • U think after 18 years they dont know what castillos capabilities are? I know what my employees are capable of in about a week. You must have very little business experience.
  • You see things in black and white. I look from the top down. You look from the bottom up. You need to grow up. Players dont make decisions executives do. they do it with money , with experts , with market research and with proven track record experts. they dont make decisions at Andy reids desk. Hes a fat , arrogant, uneducated moron. They brains and decision makers arent on the same floor as that goofball. Millions of dollars are at stake on every decision. Every decision has financial consequences. Business plans are drawn up that look years down the road. Break even analysis, economies of scale, financial returns are all done in by experts not Andy. So grow up and realize its ALL about turning a buck. And they are doing it. And they wont alter their plan for Fat Albert, TO , Andy, Castillo or anyone else that jeopardizes the cash flow. Get it!
  • You try to act like you analyze the Eagles and looking at your theories I can tell that they are nothing but bull****. They are nothing but (strange) feelings and ideas you get about a front office you hate.
    Business plans are drawn up to hire a Defensive Co-ordinator? Come on hollywood. You are just throwing out nothing but BS right now.
  • But if you have something you dont want others to know about you hire a family member. Thats what the eagles did they promoted a guy thats no threat in overall scheme of things. He serves a dual purpose of protecting Andy and makes a convenient fall guy. That was planned just like that doucher bagger casey matthews
  • You believe that all is on the up and up in that ivory tower. Thats good. You keep believing. i just dont have the same opinion. My theory is nothing new. Alot of commentators have spoken about this FO only wanting to compete year in and out and not really striving for superbowls. Its not that far fetched because money corrupts everything. Look at Penn State. Corrupted institution of higher learning. who would of ever thought?
  • I have never stated that all is well with the Eagles...actually I have told you somewhat recently that there is plenty to complain about without you making up crap to complain about. Just more messed up thoughts you get rumbling around in your head.

    A lot of commentators have spoken out about this front office only wanting to compete year in and year out? Absolute bull****, hollywood!
  • Really Howard eskin has said Reid wont ever win a a superbowl. And that reasoning of $$$$$ has been discussed so stfu.
  • Money is discussed by blowhards like you who hate the FO so much they don't think reasonably. Eskin loves Reid, has crowned him best Eagles coach ever and has constantly stated he COULD win a Super bowl...if he has changed that stance it must be recent (and I doubt he has).
  • Accept that its a possibility and you will have a much better handle on pro sports.
  • "I will have a much better handle on sports"?...coming from you with those crazy ideas really hurts hollywood. LOL.
  • Your stats are wonderful but i use my brain not some geeks stats to make my judgements.
  • You use your brain? No, you run with emotions and you type what you feel without using your brain. You come up with far out ideas that no one sees but you and you want me to believe that you think them out? I don't think so, hollywood and if you truly do ,that brain is a bit disturbed. By the way, I don't rely on stats so let's not take that too far. Of course I'm going to use them if they help my case. There's nothing wrong with that and it makes a hell of a lot more sense than making comments like you do with NO factual basis to them at all.
  • Far out ideas. Nothing emotional about my ideas. Eskin has said that Reid is the best coach the Eagles have had but he wont win a superbowl. Thats a fact. Ive talked to Ike Reese and he hasnt laughed my ideas off at all. All you have to do is ask him about the FO commitment and you will get an earful. You go now and gather all your stats but make sure you count the Eagle superbowl trophies while you do that.
  • Again, I'm supposed to believe a man who has lied directly to me on here...and that's a fact! Not that I believe you but have you brought up the race card while discussing your theories with Reese? Have you brought up McNabb losing the Super bowl on purpose? Have you brought up your fall guy theories about Matthews and Castillo?Have you actually asked him whether he thinks Lurie WANTS to win a Super bowl or if he thinks a team is more valuable before they win one or after? You go to far with your stories and your lies hollywood. You're not impressing anyone.
  • Funny thing is I have been on 610 and have discussed with multiple hosts including Eskin & Hugh Douglass. I remidnded Douglass that TO kicked his ass.
  • You dont think there are things called budgets in a business plan.
  • You are either overthinking this or just trying to keep your head above water by throwing out crap. Look, I get frustrated that the Eagles seem to like to hire in house but I will never believe that this was anything more than a few men having too much faith in the coaching abilities of one of their own.
  • Faith doesnt make money. You think if I take a bonehead employee in my business and say manage this group of people he could do it? Thats a joke. And the funny thing is even in my small business the same business principles apply. Their are some universal business principles that always remain true. Business people dont sit in a circle and say "let have faith". They figure out clear solutions on how to make money. They had an angle with Castillo just like any other employee and it wasnt justa few guys deciding. It was lurie , Banner on down with their experts. i guarantee it.
  • Your guarantees carry no weight what so ever hollywood. Lurie isn't Jones. You're some instances you claim you want Lurie more visible, in others you claim he is making the calls. In some comments you claim Castillo is Reids fall this one you are guaranteeing Lurie hired him. You truly do forget what you type from time to time, don't you? You are just babbling and thinking that you SEEM smart on an internet site even though numerous people have told you just the really need to start listening to the numerous people.
  • I dont forget anything. Lurie hires eveyone knucklehead he owns the team. But, I dont think he is left out of any decision process. You know what Jerry Jones wants but do you know what Jeff Lurie wants?
  • He may have the final say hollywood but a good owner lets the football people in charge make those choices and I would bet that in most cases this is what Lurie does. An owner would be an idiot to force his head coach to hire the offensive line coach as his defensive coordinator (not saying Reid isn't one for doing it) and I have NEVER heard anyone but you suggest that is what happened. You would never make it as a journalist hollywood so make sure you keep crunching numbers.
  • Eagles keep churning the dollars and fans keep burnin through the dollars
  • This is "the gold standard" organization. They turn sh*t into gold.
  • Last week they showed heart cuz you slapped us silly. I think the Bears were just a bit better
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  • when you come out vs the Cowboys and play sooo great then the next week you do what you've been doing all season it does not give us a lot hope.
    Jim Johnson we miss you really bad right now, B-Dawk you to
  • You're right BigZ. All that does is tells us that the Cowboys, Rams, and Redskins are all sh!tty teams. Be we all already knew that.
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  • I think the Eagles win in spite of their coaching. Other than the Cowboy game reids game calling is adequate at best. He has won alot of games on the legs of his QBs. As far as heart, Ive questioned the Eagles toughness but Im usually shot down pretty quick by the other posters. As far as fans they are the best and most loyal despite the lack of superbowl trophies. Thats part of the problem blind obedience.
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  • GTD, I told you Castillo and Matthews were fall guys before the season started. BEFORE THE SEASON
  • What the hell does that prove? A bad season amongst all the changes they dealt with (including the two you bring up) in a short off season does not prove your theories. Bad choices hollywood...not fall guys. You are a nut!
  • How true is this?
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