December 11, 2013

RGME Getting McNabb Like Treatment.

He should have listened to McNabb. He tried to warn him, and he even tried to mentor him, but he scoffed at McNabb and brushed him off. Now everything that Mcnabb tried to protect him from is coming to pass.  RGME is now benched, and inactive for the rest of the season. He like McNabb had a falling out with the Shanahan's. Now the Porkskin's locker room has turned so sour that everyone hates each other while the team looks at RGME as some privileged child. McNabb called this one, and if RGME were smart he would be calling 5 on tips to how to fix his image. 

Unfortunately for the Eagles this could mean the Cryboys will have two games against teams missing their starting quarterbacks. The Eagles may have no other choice but to win out. That's a tall order for this team considering how many consecutive wins they would have to have in order to just make the playoffs. Still the cryboys defense is so bad Flynn or Cousins could put 30 up on those bums.



  • RG will be back with a vengeance at some point. The Skins Oline is a mess still years later. The defense crashed and Shanahan was a jerk. Elway hated the guy. I dont think they think of RG as a priveledged child. i think they hate Shanahan plain and simple. Looks awfully familiar to our lockeroom with the fatman.
  • I think the "mentor" thing from McNabb could have been a bit much but looking back on it maybe it wouldn't have been a bad idea for Griffin the III to talk to him. You think Griffin would have had a better feel for what was going on.
  • RG got caught up in his own hype. He wasn't ready to come back. He forced Shanny's hand. McNabb was right about the whole thing.
  • It all starts at the top. Dan Snyder created and allowed this kind of toxic environment to fester. Unless the Skins get new ownership, that franchise is going nowhere. I can plainly see why Tony Dungy stated he would never want to work under him.

    I just knew the Foreskins would find a way to **** up trading for RG III. Let's have a look at exactly what they have sold their soul for. From this trade, the Rams were able to draft Michael Brockers, Alec Ogletree, Tavon Austin, and potentially a guy like Anthony Barr or perhaps even Clowney could be there for the Rams with that pick they acquired from the Skins. I'd say that trade works out pretty well, FOR THE RAMS.
  • I kept telling people that the Foreskins would find a way to screw this up and lo and behold they have. To me though, it all starts at the top. Dan Snyder has allowed this toxic situation to fester. Until they find new ownership, that team isn't going anywhere.

    Let's examine exactly what the Foreskins sold their soul for when they traded for RGMe. The Rams were able to turn this trade into Michael Brockers, Alec Ogletree, Tavon Austin, and potentially Anthony Barr or Jadeveon Clowney (perhaps both) this year depending on how badly the Skids crash and burn. I'd say that trade has worked out swimmingly FOR THE RAMS.
  • Rb knee may be done forever if he can't trust that leg. Plus with the way the skins are a mess of a franchise sure as hell isn't gonna help. I heard ken whisenhunt was already the front runner to replace shanahanana. So I'm not too worried about them getting any better any time soon. Hopefully they can help us out and beat the division rival dallass.
  • When you look at the division as a whole the Eagles are in the best position. The Giants are old, need a new offensive line, running back, and pretty much an entire defense. Their receiver situation will be a mess if the let Nicks walk, but it's not like he's stayed healthy for them anyway. Then you have the Skins who are stuck in the same world of tragic comedy they have been in since Snyder took over. Then you have Dallas. They are a team with some talent, but they lack overall balance. They're coaching is sub par and never will be good until Jerry steps away. He's also a substandard talent evaluator. In short the Eagles seem to be a team that can become a force in this division again. It seems like once the Giants get their act together it will be a two team division again with the Eagles and Giants leading the way.
  • Certainly a learning experience for RG3. Next time a player of Mcnabb's caliber offers a hand he should take it. Very few make it to that level.
  • Funny thing is I think McNabb is the type of guy who would still be there for him if he asked. I just think RGME is to prideful and stubborn to listen.
  • You know what they say. "Pride goeth with a fall"
  • In many way I hope he fails. Better for my team, but it's kind of messed up how this has all turned out. He seemed like a good kid with a level head, but now he seems like a guy who only thinks about himself. Maybe (hopefully) he needs a change of scenery.
  • He is taking too much punishment and he has no protection. The refs let him get killed and the team has the Mike vick syndrome. Everyone is watching him get killed.
  • Some of that was on him diving or not sliding. Holding the ball till the last possible moment. Refs give him the benefit of escape ability so they will hold the whistle a little longer. Tis the pro and con of being a mobile QB, but I think the bigger issues with RG3 are off their field and in his mind. He's wasn't ready to play. He reminds me of how Nate Allen came back scared after his injury.
  • It seems the Shanahan duo have created an environment that makes it difficult for any quarterback to succeed. Mcnabb said you can't confide in one without the other hearing about. The system also appears to be ineffective. Mike Shanahan has been a below average head coach for over a decade. RG3's heroics got them in the playoffs last year. Now thier benching and making him play scout team. What a slap in the face.
  • Brink: Shanahan I think has been hated by every QB he's ever coached. Elway, Plummer, McNabb, I believe Cutler, and now RG3. A bum like Rex Grossamn loves him, because he keeps him in the league. Look at the list of guys this man has coached and most of them can't stand him. I hope he does end up in Oakland just like flip flop wants so he can ruin their QB of the future too.
  • Could you imagine if Shanahan ended up in Oakland and they drafted let's say Johnny Football? I don't see that ending well at all. Those two would just butt heads and butt heads and butt heads.
  • There is no way Shanny takes Johnny Football. He couldn't handle a guy like that. He's too old school, and his personality would rub Shanny and his son the wrong way. With that being the case, the implosion of that team would so fun to watch if it were to happen.
  • If you don't like a team you should definitely hope the Shanahans land there. I'd like to see them in Dallas or Pittsburgh.
  • Shanny in Dallas. That would be hysterical. Imagine Romo getting benched for Rex Grossman with three games left to play. Yes make this happen!
  • Garrett got the infamous vote of confidence from Jerry. You know that means. Kiss of death.
  • He gave it to Kiffin too. He must already have a new coaching staff in place.
  • Cousins would be the third backup in a row the Cowboys will face. The first two didn't turn out so well. Don't look like Jason Garrett has gotten half way through his learning curve. So,......... it leads to that same knot in my stomach. When faced with the prospect of Tony Romo barking out useless check downs. In a close game.

    RGIII is learning by fire. The NFL is a cruel business to young players who have strong will of their own. It's tough wasting your career in a place like WAS, and you're a young guy with huge upside.
  • There's so much dysfunction in DC. It seems like it's been that way since Snyder has taken over. It's funny how bad this guy has been for DC, but people like Wood thinks he's a better owner than Lurie??? SMH.
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