December 23, 2013

Romo -OUT for the SEASON

WTF.  Is this crazy or what.  This could be a trap game or it could be the easiest advancement into the playoffs in recent history.  This is a great wrinkle.  Pressure now squarely on Eagles

  • I think it's a pressure free game now.

    Nobody now legitimately can expect the Cowboys to win next week. On the other hand you have EAGLES fans like GTD who are just happy to be north of 6-10. So at this point next week's game (like I said before) is just a stepping stone to something with some actual meaning.

    I have to admit, now that Romo and Lee are out, the game has lost almost all of it's luster. It'll be another 5,000,000 - 3 type score. the only thing to decide next week will be when to sit our starters.

    We got enough breaks this year. I highly doubt 2014 will look anything like 2013. I hope we can still win when everyone else doesn't suck.
  • breaks are part of the game. Sometimes momentum can take different forms . It also includes breaks at the right time. Any season can look different with injuries. When our line was decimated we had no shot. We are a completely healthy squad. That is a big factor late in the season. We are very lucky to be in this position and have as much chance as anybody to make a strong statement. If we have the heart we will.
  • Breaks are part of the game...I'd be fine with the Eagles getting breaks right through to the Super Bowl. Do me a favor and tell your buddy flip not to put words at my fingertips. I'm judging this season as a whole and as a stepping stone and I'm thrilled with what the Eagles have accomplished...not once did I make the statement he put on me. You may enjoy flip's constant contradictions but he should be ashamed of himself. After all he's the barker who's typed numerous times that he was happy with the playoff appearances under Reid and was upset that his family and friends may be affected by Reid being let go. He's the one that was fine with the Eagles settling for Reid and missing the playoffs his last two years because he was worried the next coach may not get the Eagles there That's pretty much all flip is these days...a typing contradiction.
  • I think that is fair. I am as well. I can say that Foles has earned a shot at next year but I dont think we should be thinking about "building" as much as winning it now. We have a healthy squad with marquee skill position veterans that can carry us. I think the superbowl run is now and dont want to look into the future because more often than not that cant be predicted.
  • says day to day
  • I'm pretty bummed about this. I didn't want the Cowpies fans to have a cop out. On the flip side, if we lose this one we'll only have ourselves to blame. I just don't want a repeat of Minnesota. Let's see if the team has learned their lesson. If anything, Chip has shown that he learns from his mistakes.
  • If there's one thing that's for certain in the NFL it's that nothing is for certain. Teams still have to play the games. This should be interesting if Romo in fact does not play.
  • Orton is by no means a slouch.
  • +No but Im going with the hot team. And thats the Eagles. If Eagles win they have a shot for it all. I told you my benchmark for Foles is playoffs and if he gets there he has past my test. I will not talk about another starter again for a long time. Superbowl push starts a week early.
  • The NFC representative this season will be SF or Seattle....period!!!
  • Orton is scarier than Romo, but dem dudes are toast.
  • should be over by halftime
  • They should win this game but I thought they'd beat the Vikings and was worried about last night's game. You just never know in the NFL.
  • The fact the Eagles loss to the Vikings the way they did has me believe they are not going to come out playing not to lose. They are going to be looking to take any fight the Cryboys have away early and often. Orton makes this game scarier, because they will now likely run more and the fact Orton's beaten us before, and he's had great games against the Eagles. The choke factor isn't there as much, but there's a reason why this dude is a backup. The Eagles won't overthink this one. Kelly's going to have them ready. The Cryboys may be the first team in a win or go home situation NOT FAVORED AT HOME, and that was with Blomo! Revenge factor, remember the Vikings, better players, better coaches, and better fans. That place will be rocking by the second half with Eagles fans. This won't be close people.
  • Here's hoping you're right, Eazy. Looking at the Dallas defense the Eagles should have no problem scoring and I can't see a rusty Orton winning a shoot out...especially if that defense comes to play in prime time again.
  • Even with Blomo our offense players are better than there's even if one says Bryant is better than what we have, the Cryboys receiving corps is not better than ours. This game shouldn't be close. Happy Holidays to you and yours.
  • One game and a win and I think the questions about Foles will be over. But there is some momentum building and Chips playcalling vs Bears demonstrated that this guy has amore unique plays up his sleeve. I think in all of this we have forgotten how vanilla the offense was early and how explosive and wide open it looked vs Bears. If Chip has more designs ready to hit the ground I feel sorry for defenses around the league. Eagles peaking at right time.
  • My questions about Foles have been answered. I'm a believer now, but more importantly the Franchise believes now. Once this thing really starts rolling we will be a dominant team. The future looks bright for this team. Happy holidays.
  • I don't get it! If Romo play Witten will be targeted 12 or more times and Dez only twice. They'll run the ball less than 15 times with an 7.5 avg Romo will throw a pick 6 in the waiting moments of the game or while attempting to take a knee with time whining down Romo fumble and Eagles kick a winning FG. And y'all are counting your blessings he's out?
  • Like we wrote sucker most of us believe the teams most prolific passer makes them worse overall. losing him could make them a better team, but it's Kyle Orton dude! The guy who lost his job to Tim Teblow.
  • Matt Cassell lit em up for 48 pts and who did he lose his job to? Without A D
  • Cassell got lucky. Do you think luck will strike twice? No Romo, hurt Dez, no Lee, and Ware's a pedestrian. You know they have no shot. That's why you're putting your hopes in Minnesota.
  • And who are you putting your hopes in the Bears? Maybe the Eagles got lucky? Therefore lighting won't strike twice
  • Let's see the Bears had the division to win on their minds, while the Eagles had little to play for. Meanwhile the Cowboys literally had to dog out a win with a 3 win team with nothing to play for that is in complete disarray, because their coach benched their starting QB while he's feuding with the owner. The Cryboys nearly lost to a dysfunctional football team and if it weren't for the FACT the deadskins are so dysfunctional they would have. We are about to make it 3 December losses for the Cryboys. You're welcome.
  • You're robbing Peter to pay Paul son. Sure the unBEARables had something to play for and got gotten but weren't the Eagles in a tight division race when they also got gotten by a team with nothing to play for without the services of their best player? You can't have it both ways. Mostly everyone is saying Dallas don't have a chance. .really! Our personnel. matches up well with these chumps Yes even the worse defense in recent history have a chace when their counterpart will be facing a defense ranked third worst. Thank you.
  • Well sucker it will play out on the field. Actually I'm glad Romo isn't in this game, because frankly it's been a while since the Eagles have beaten him. Orton doesn't scare me nor will he scare the Eagles. I'm sure one of the worst coaches in football will once again get away from using Murray. Just don't forget your ID this time once the Cryboys are finally done in.
  • Sucker is just being a typical fan by looking for anything to keep his hopes up. If the Eagles and the Cowboys play the way they've been playing the second half of the year the Eagles should win going away. Could the Cowboys win this if the Eagles don't play their game? Absolutely, but the Eagles are on their way up and the Cowboys are looking at a stagnant 8-8 yet again...even with Romo in the line up.
  • I think it's clear the Eagles are the better team here. This new brand of sucker knows it, as do the rest. It's why they all went into hiding. Hopefully the Eagles can keep them hibernating for a long time. I was listening to Dallas radio the other day (I like to keep tabs on what the opponents are thinking) and their hosts don't even want the Cryboys to win, because they think they can do something. They want them to win to prevent us from doing something. They have no faith in that team. As of Wednesday I was still able to buy tickets to the game! I get the feeling that place will be Eagles haven by the end of the third.
  • I've read snippets of Cowboy fans' comments. Some were hoping for a Cowboys' loss last Sunday so Jones would clear out the coaching staff and start fresh next year. Are these the same fans the Cowboy barkers (barker actually) claim are behind their team no matter what? It's honestly no different in most cities and I've typed that over and over...Cowboy fans have just been lucky to live in a city where the have won multiple Lombardis...either that or have picked a team that already won championships.
  • Most so called cowboys fans don't even live in Texas, never visited Texas, and would probably hate the place if they ever went. Most of these guys are fraud fans. If they are happy with what's transpired with the Cryboys then they only shows how fraudulent they truly are. Most real Cryboys fans aren't starting well at least we have 5 Super Bowls. They are saying Jerry Jones must go. They are stating giving Tony Romo all that money was a mistake. They can tell the window of opportunity has closed and they know Jones isn't a good enough GM to make them better. Funny story though. A Cryboys fan from my job was getting all pissed at the Eagles fans (really he was just mad that his team sucks) and out of nowhere he starts going on about the game saying "so I guess you all have won the game already huh?" I was like wait a minute bro weren't you the guy who already booked your playoff tickets? Cowboys fans make no sense.
  • Going back on my original statement on this post, I don't think it'll be a 5,000,000 - 3 score. My guess is this will be a slower game than most predict.

    Dallas does not want to get into a fire fight with us, they'll need to to buy their defense time to rest, and they can't put the pressure of carrying their offense on their back-up QB. So all signs point to DEMARCO MURRAY. I think he's going to be the key to this game.
  • Nothing is scary about the Cowboys. The Eagles have the best back in the game and a coach who doesn't mind using him. Pass happy Garrett will completely ignore Murray after the Eagles go up two touchdowns early.
  • Didn't somebody say that we'd see a lot of DeMarco Murray and even a surprise appearance by Gavin Escobar?

    OH YEAH! That was ME!

    This game is about what I expected it would be. My gut says that Dallas will make adjustments to take better advantage of our Safeties, since we're almost exclusively shading a Safety to Dez Bryant's side.

    As long as the EAGLES understand that that's how Dallas can get back in this game, we should be able to hold on and play some more football next week.
  • Seems to me Murray was restricted by his coach, and reduced to a measly 17 carries. The Escobar kid made one play. Witten had like 9 catches on a bad leg. He was killing us, but pat yourself on your back. The bottom line is the Eagles won.
  • Flip just can't help himself. Murray was playing with an edge early and the game was never out of hand yet Dallas took the ball out of His hands and put it in their Qb's just like they normally do. Just like you stated Escobar had one freakin' catch yet here flip is patting himself on the back and stretching the truth like he usually does.
  • Green you know we can't fix stupid.

    @ Hollywood: after all of the talk about how great the Ravens were going to be, and how them just letting go of all that talent wouldn't matter, they find themselves sitting at home and out of the playoffs. Do you still think they did the right thing? BTW I know for a fact if the Eagles pulled what the Ravens pulled you would have a conniption.
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