December 13, 2013

Same Sad Song. Fantasy Football Crybaby Says Nobody Talks About The Team.

Sorry you have been missing it. Perhaps you have been far too busy writing to death about the sh!tty Raiders on the Eagles yard. Or maybe you have been to caught up in your 5 fantasy teams to notice, but the rest of us here have been discussing all aspects of our team. Most of us aren't too focused on what could happen in the off season, because our beloved Eagles are making a playoff push right now. Still we have occasionally taken opportunities to discuss future plans of the Eagles. It should be noted that your new best pal the racist is the one who wrote the article about the QB. Let's be clear to the fact we have all been here still. We didn't bail and start snuggling up with our other team, run to our fantasy teams, and then come back as if we have been here all along. So if you feel like all people are discussing is one thing, then maybe it's because you haven't been paying attention like the rest of us real fans. Here's an idea! How about you write a constructive article about the Eagles (an alleged team you care about) instead of writing once again about the fans, because you're the worst fan on this site.



The Real Eagles Fans Who Only Bleed Green.



  • You know EZ there are times when you really are very interesting to talk with. You sometimes make some very convincing arguments with and without stats. I was willing to get a beer with you. Bury the hatchet and meet someone new. But, when you question the level of fanhood you sound like a d/i ck. Im sorry to put it that way but thats how you come across. Ease up EZ .
  • You know something wood. You and I don't agree on a lot of things, but at least you man up and defend your position. You don't go running like the semi-pro did, because people don't agree with you. You have been here writing all year like the rest of us. Where does this dude get off trying to tell us we should be doing more when he took 3/4 of the season off to gush over the bum azz Raiders? Personally I liked the fact he checked out. Seems to me he brings little to the table if he sticks to his guns no matter how dumb his ideas are.
  • I actually think our opinions are usually pretty close less acouple of big issues over the years. I think the biggest thing that made us better was letting Reid walk. I know flip disagrees but i think thats main reason #1 that we look completely energized. Im not saying Chip has designed better plays but he clearly has the players buying in to his ideas and program. I think Foles is a very difficult QB to judge. I was talking to a Raven fn last night and the subject of Foles came up. He seemed perplexed. He was just as unsure as everyone else. he couldnt make a judgement. I think its peculiar. If you think about the game changes Foles might be the perfect physical specimen going forward. QBs in the pocket are not getting hit as often and he is a big dude. He may be able to stay upright a long time. Not only that I dont think QBs are being forced to move quite as much in the pocket. It might be a split second of time they are getting extra but its enough to give QBs that arent mobile but possess other skills a major advantage. In years gone by I would have said he is gonna get killed but now Im not so sure. He appears polished in reading defenses but i never thought much of his arm and release. But even a journeyman QB like McCown is finding something you never would have considered 10 years ago. Balls are getting out easier , pass rushes arent fierce and receivers are willing to use the whole field. Thats a big game changer and one that I dont think people are calculating into what makes a good QB. I would even submit that a running QB takes on a tremendous risk in todays game because DBs & LBs are hitting much lower. So from the standpoint of what we may see in the future I think the emphasis will be on pocket QBs vs guys that takeoff and run. I think Colin K./R Wilson are gonna get hurt. Foles seems to just shake off the higher hits in the pocket.
  • Wood it is difficult to judge Foles, because it's hard to believe what we are seeing. There is the perceived notion the guy isn't any good, because he came out during the whole get Andrew Luck, because he's the "greatest prospect since Elway" stuff, and everyone believed Wilson would have been up there if we're taller. Foles was a Pac10 guy who was slow as a snail from a middling school. Most people don't respect PAC10 guys especially their quarterbacks. Then you have the fact Kelly came in with the zone read and every believed (despite Kelly's own words) that he needs a runner to run his system. That clearly isn't Foles, and so nobody can believe Foles who is clearly a pocket guy and looks like an oaky giraffe when he runs could be Chip's guy. On top of all of this people bring in the perceptions about past QBs here and that clouds their judgments as well. People bring up Kolb, Hoying, and Brad Goeble as if they have anything to do with Foles today. None of this stuff matters. What matters is what's happening on the football field. Here's the bottom line. If Foles is good then were have placed ourselves in a position to be competitive every year for the next 10-12 years. If he isn't then were are going to have setbacks and will need to eventually draft a guy. I'll believe in he's the guy for now, because I'm a "the numbers don't lie" kind of person, but I also know it's better to be in the winning side of things. If you were to ask me who I think of with Foles, and I feel like he has a lot of qualities of Eli Manning. The demeanor is almost the same, the calmness in the pocket is similar, the idea of throwing it up so his receivers can make plays for him is similar, and the only difference I see is at this point Foles (still needs to work on this), has better footwork than Eli did at this point in his career, but I'll give Eli a slight edge on arm strength. So with Eli you take the good (if he gets hot the Giants will be making a run) and the bad(you're sure going to see a lot of turnovers) and this is what I'm thinking the future will be like with Foles.
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