July 30, 2012

Should we roll out the red carpet for our new "dynasty"

What a bunch of punks.  Its ok to talk about winning the superbowl as a challenge but its quite another to annoint your self the royalty of football.  As my son said " cant they win just one incy bincy superbowl".  This team is gonna find out real soon that getting by the NFC East is gonna be a real challenge.  i think Coughlin has a suprise for the Eagles and now that Eli is playing at a new level he will be much harder to beat.   Reid is in his final year .  Why do you think hes being so nice?  Hes conceding to the fan base that he isnt gonna do it.  He doesnt look like a guy thats real serious about winning.   To all the season ticketholders have a nice time every Sunday watching the Eagles line their pockets with your hard earned money while Reid smiles his way into retirement.

  • You know I'm not the biggest supporter of Reid, but it was Vick who made the dynasty comment. Your beef should bee with him if you got one. I will go a step further. When Mike Vick has 18 turnovers, misses several games a season from injury, leads the league in Red Zone turnovers, has the worst third down completion percentage, and the worst 4th quarter completion percentage, he shouldn't be talking about dynasty. He also shouldn't be writing books. He should be working to improve his body and studying his play book. This team will only go as far as a committed Mike Vick can take them and so far his words and his paycheck don't match his play.
  • maybe
  • Why do we bother, Eazy? Mike Vick makes a comment and somehow hollywood makes it about Reid. "Reid is conceding that he can't win a championship by being nice " and hollywood can tell he isn't serious about winning?...where the hell does he come up with some of this bull?
  • well, why is andy so nice?
  • Andy isn't a nice guy, but what does that even matter? Tony Dungy may have been the nicest coach ever and he has a ring on his finger. Mike Singletary could be called a lot of things and nice isn't one of them, but he was an awful head coach.
  • Not that it matters but I read that Lurie told him to be more affable. The real question should be why do you try to make everything the Eagles do fit your "theories"?
  • It's true Lurie wants Reid to be a kinder and gentler fellow, but that's to the media and the fanbase. I don't doubt Reid wants to win a championship. I don't think anyone gets into sports unless they want to win. We
    know wood will never change. If the Eagles do win the bowl this season Wood will certainly state it was despite Reid and not because of him.
  • No doubt, Eazy...no doubt!
  • I don't think Reid is a nice guy football wise. Reid is considered a players coach, but the guy has also shown to be a ruthless negotiator over contracts and money. I remember when he made that one guy push the sled after practice. He holds some of the most brutal camps in football and he has been known to run a score up or two. I don't think any nice guy would have placed Stewart Bradley back in the Packers game or Kolb for that matter. Reid cant win a superbowl if his quarterback is puking at the most inopportune time or if his quarterback is more focused on writing books, talking to the president, and establishing clothing lines instead of learning how to read coverage.
  • Just hollywood trying to force his "theories" to fit into everything Eagles. Haven't taken him seriously so far...not going to start now.
  • I wanted Reid to go, but this is a new season. No sense concerning about that. I want Reid to prove me wrong. I want to see him succeed to the fullest.
  • Hes a bust.
  • Im not sure why you think that. I dont think dawkins or McNabb would agree
  • McNabb the 100 million dollar man towed the company line for years. He should have nothing to say. Dawkins beef is with Banner not Reid.
  • I know what you mean BUT??? in order to win the Big game as in the SB dont you have to win the pre and reg season games and then The super bowl
  • makes sense to me
  • There is an arrogance that rots from the head on down. This team is confused.
  • What Eazy typed.
  • I didnt know Vick was the head of the team. Lurie is.
  • Lurie doesn't throw passes. By the way did you hear about Joe Banner being involved in the Cleveland Browns sale?
  • no I didnt whats it about?
  • Banner is part minority share of a group looking to buy the Browns. This should be no surprise as the Browns have several Eagles connections. Ironically there is also a connection with one of the current owners of the Steelers as well. Like we discussed before. Banner wants to be an owner now.
  • I do. But its not a very coordinated effort. Reid needs to state goals clearly. Lurie needs to step out front and publicly state his goals. Vick running his mouth is an attempt to gain traction when his managemnt should do it with or for him.
  • More news that you should appreciate hollywood. Cullen Jenkins has been taking snaps at both end and tackle. Seems like he will be getting some time on the edge on run downs.
  • bout time. I mean they have the personnel to size upwhen needed. That front line has some good athletes. I mean when you line up Cox, Jenkins, Dixon & Cole you have some run stopping capablility. , Im concerned about patterson. I think many of you dont realize the consistent presence the guy brings. And on the otherside of the ball the loss of Peters means McCoy takes more hits. they need a second runningback. They have sured up the coaching to cover for having a goof like Castillo as DC. But I still think with all that Reid botches it somehow.
  • I am not a fan of Patterson, but I think he's a solid rotation guy. Simply put I think there are guys on that line who make more plays than he does. He's the Mike Pitts/Golic of the group. That would be fine if he were like a 4th round pick, but he was a first rounder so he's a disappointment in my opinion. Dion Lewis has been looking real good at camp. He's hitting the holes fast and running hard. Bryce Brown is going to shock some people. For a guy his size he can move and he brings a load with him. The little that I've seen of camp makes me think the defense will be vastly improved from last season. These guys can get to the quarterback from all line positions. The defense is going to shock some people and I think is going to be knocking some heads this year.
  • not gonna bite on Lewis yet. Hes a shrimp
  • So is Brian Westbrook, but he turned out just fine. Don't let his size deter you. Just because a guy is big doesn't mean he will be better. In fact when it comes to running backs it's generally quite the opposite. For example you might not have know this, but Shady McCoy was one of the best short yardage backs in the league last season. He had one of the best percentages of short yardage conversion out of all running backs. Size doesn't matter. What matters is if the guy can play football. Look at Vick. He's one of the smallest starting quarterbacks in football, but do you want him out because of that?
  • im with dawk on this one. He takes 3-5 snaps a game thats it.
  • I think Bryce Brown is your big back. That's about all you can expect.
  • Are they going to carry a fullback? I wouldnt expect Eagles to provide their stars with adequate relief. We need a 4th wideout and a RB. Cooper was never the guy anyway. I wouldnt mind Plax, TO, or Edwards. That gives the Eagles superbowl quality WR depth.
  • I think Edwards is about to sign soon, but that guy has stones for hands and not only is he a headcase, he is big time trouble. T.O. is now a bad idea. There is just too much craziness going on with him and I get the feeling he might end up in jail over child support any day now. Burress is the best option if the Eagles wish to go that route. I don't know what options are out there at running back the Eagles would be willing to explore who fit their system. I will tell you this. A "big back" would be useless in Philly. Everyone would know he was getting the ball and he would be unable to move the pile. Backs in the Philly offense need to know how to pass block and most big backs are terrible at it. They also need to be able to pass catch. That's something Ronnie Brown was actually good at and the Eagles didn't use him there at all. It would ultimately be a wasted roster spot.
  • Besides that Eazy, Bryce Brown is supposedly fast with power to boot. Backs have come in to the league and have had success in their rookie years and the Eagles have two seemingly good ones fighting for one roster spot (unless they decide to forgo a fullback, waive Havili and keep Brown and Polk). Polk and Brown (both of them have vey nice size by the way) are having very good camps so far from what I am hearing and reading and Lewis has made great strides according to most. I don't see the need to rush out and sign a back that no one else has signed and cut possibly two halfbacks that could be very good 3rd options on this team.
  • Green I agree with you on the Eagles running back situation. I really don't see a need to get someone there. I really don't think they can bring someone in who would be that much better than what they have.
  • I can't wait to see the live games. I know we wont see them very long, but I want to see what Ryans, Kendrick, and all the safeties will do. I keep reading and hearing how DRC has had a great camp. I'm still a little concerned with how the Eagles are almost force feeding themselves Curtis Marsh. There's been a lot of reports of him on the outside and Nnamdi playing in the slot. I think the plan is to use Nnamdi as a guy who will play inside a lot. Similar to what the Packers did with Woodson when they won the Super Bowl. I just hope Marsh and whoever is his safety help will be up for the task.
  • I happen to agree with you. I think Nhamdi will be very physical this year patrolling the center of the field and getting after the QB. This guy is much more than a one on one shutdown CB I told you guys i like Graham and Nhamdi to have big seasons. babin is a pass rusher only. Graham will get a ton of snaps.
  • Yeah. I can't wait to see live games in worst way. Can't wait to see the Eagle dynasty happen. Most of all, can't wait to see Vick eat those words. Most of all, can't wait to see the Ravens and the Steelers decline this year. As most of all, can't wait for the Patriots lay waste to all the trash-talking teams this year.
  • Steelers I could see in a decline, but the Ravens just seem to get better. I mean it's going to be easy for the Pats to get into the playoffs again since the only challenge they are going to get from withen their divison is the Bills, and thats not saying much. The AFC seems weak, and I could easily see the Pats and Ravens in the AFC champ game this year again. Depending on if Mr. Peyton returns to full form in Denver
  • If you havent heard Andy Reids son died. That is a tragedy and my best wishes go out to his family. But, even though this isnt the right time Im going to say it. His self centered arrogance caught up to him. He knew he had problems with these kids and never took the time off to fix it. Thats one reason why I dont respect Reid.
  • You are right, it is a tragedy and you taking shots at him at a time like this is only showing us that you are still one of the lowest slugs on this website. You don't know what type of father Reid was outside of football. I'm not saying he was great (like you I don't know what happens in his home) but I know parents who have offered their kids all the time, support and love they had and their children still can't find their way. IF Garrett Reid's lifestyle and CHOICES finally caught up to him then that is most likely on him but since you don't like Reid of course you will speculate like always.
  • Why am i slug because I predicted something like this. I told you he needed to take care of his kids and you blew it off. He should have taken a year and given it to his family. He wasnt short on financial resources.
  • but no. His status of big pompous arrogant big man supercedes all. You need to wake up GTD this was almost predictable. Im a father if my kids were in any trouble like his the last thing on my mind would be how my business is doing.
  • He was 29 years old, plenty old enough to make his own choices and sometimes no matter what parents do it just doesn't matter. You again have NO clue what went on in Reid's home life besides making speculations based on what you read and hear...of course you will assume the worst when it's someone you don't like...that's how you roll.
  • Dude you're not Nostradamus here. You should do the wise thing and stick to football. You have nothing kind to say then leave it alone. There are plenty of posts on the yard right now were you can find something to complain about. Hollywood you're better than this. At least I want to believe you are.
  • Come on Eazy...he has shown us in the two and a half years I've been on here (and longer when I looked up some of his old trash) that he's exactly what he's showing us today...a dirtball.
  • Im a little angry EZ. because he could have stopped it years ago but he put his job first. Just my opinion. I think its a tragedy for his family and really sad but Im pissed that the situation wasnt handled better.
  • Hollywood parents give their children all the opportunities in the world to succeed. Sometimes kids just don't always turn out right. I mean do you blame the parents of that nut job who shot up the movie theater in Colorado? As a parent you can't control the every moment and actions of your child. As a parent you should know better than that. The worst part of all here is you don't know why this kid died this morning. You're just assuming and you are making a complete a$$ of yourself in doing so.
  • OH MY GOD! You predicted this? You want pats on the back because you took shots at Reid's parenting skills and now something like this happens? You also take shots at everything else he does...keep typing slug...keep showing us how classy you are!
  • i told you about his character and i still stand by that. Im saying what the rest of you are to timid to say. He f-ed up.
  • Its over with Reid. Its just not meant to be. I knew it years ago. I feel bad for his kid. that his father paid more attention to a bunch of footvball players over the disaster building in his house. Sure, sometimes their is nothing you can do but Reid had unlimited resources to help his kids. More than most.
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