November 01, 2012


MORTAL Lock to win the NFC East is what I said the EAGLES would be barring being bitten hard by the Injury Bug.

Have we been bitten hard? 60% (3 of 5 guys) of our starting Offensive Line is out with injury, 40% (2 of 5) of them for the season. Simple mathematics would tell even an idiot that YES, we have been bitten hard. 


When I said the EAGLES would hit their stride Week 4 or 5 I had it in mind that the O-line would STILL be having problems. Had it in mind that the D-line would be wearing down early from the Wide-9. (Had it in mind that Michael Vick would likely be nursing a rib injury at this point too. Glad to be wrong about that one.)

But I was banking on tighter coverage from the Safeties. I was banking on the LB's taking up some of the slack for the D-line's passrush problems. I was banking on a young PR-KR trying to hold on to his job, to make an impact setting up the Offense. Some things in this sport you have to play your way into. You have to get YOUR rhythm for it going. And until last week I just never saw any rhythm on the team.

Defensively I can only hope that Todd Bowles is quicker with his adjustments than he was last week. He almost seemed to be firetesting guys last week. He kept talking to them, but he didn't really seem to be trying to fire them up or change match-ups. When Juan Castillo was fired I was expecting that Bowles would come out trying not to drown. Instead, he seems to be trying to lay a claim to the Defense. That says there's a focus on the future.

Vick was getting rid of the ball quickly and when he ran he ran decisively. The O-line didn't have routine jailbreaks to the QB. Brent Celek got down the field a bit for the first time in WEEKS. We looked stable on Offense. So that's something to build on.

So there's plenty to look forward to in 2012 as the team still has plenty to play for. 3 - 4 still puts our destiny squarely in our hands. If you were hoping for 10 - 6, there still exists the possibility to do even better than that.

Your team needs it's 12th man. So quit pointing your fingers, man up, fan up, do your job, and let the next man worry about doing his. 

See you at 4 -4.



  • One thing I am looking forward to right now is Andy Reid moving on at the end of this year. The other thing I am looking forward to is for players to stop pointing fingers, man up, stop getting outworked, stop crying about fans, about refs, and play some football. Most importantly for fans to stop trying to tell me how I'm supposed to be as a fan. Especially ones who were too soft and ran away to other sites when the going got tough. One can't be tired of defending their fan hood and then goes out and attacks others fan hood.
  • This is nothing more than attempt to start another pointless argument.
    I come here to root for the EAGLES with other fans who wish to do the same. Either get with THAT program or I will block you from my posts. This was your last warning.
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  • That's what we've been doing on the EAGLES site, staying the course.

    Mike Vick called a Player's Only Meeting, to keep the locker room unified against all the negativity they face from "the media and fairweather fans". So I'm looking forward to seeing progress THIS WEEK on BOTH sides of the ball.

    Usually POM don't work, but that mostly has to do with poor coaching or a lack of talent that the guys on the roster are desperate to acknowledge. Reid is a proven commodity as a HC, and the talent on this roster rivals any team in the league; so there's a real chance to get this thing straightened up, so long as players really take what was said to heart.
  • Why are ALL of Rustynail's comments "Below viewing threshold"? I have yet to see one that actually is offensive! Every time I click "show comment" I expect a stream of profanity, and I'm disappointed EVERY TIME (lol). I know I was away for a couple weeks, but geez!
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  • Well I'll keep on checking them to be sure I'm not missing anything. Thanks for the heads up!
  • By the way: Dennis Kelly looked pretty good out there in pass pro, but his leverage has to improve in the run game. Probably a side effect of being 3 miles tall. :)
  • This team blows and there's no excuse for it. They lack heart and players who are supposed to be stars are regressing way too early in their careers. No fan should be expected to root for this team. They're an embarrassment. We have a bunch of primadonnas that detach when things aren't going their way. They don't want to look like their playing hard and then get schooled by their opponent. They just mail it in. So I don't blame any fans that are doing the same.
  • The truth is the team has mailed it in. Everything you wrote is true. This team is filled with a bunch of crybaby quitters. Haven't we seen this already? Haven't played this game enough? It's time to dump this coach, this staff, and many of these over priced players who aren't getting the job done. Babin and Nnamdi's names come to mind just off the top of my head.
  • EAGLES fans: Clear your schedules for Monday night, and get your 12th Man on!!!
  • "fan up" I like it haha. But I would love nothing more than for this team to turn it around. Probably my favorite season in recent memory was in 2008 when they were sitting at 5-5-1 and Mcnabb had just gotten benched. I loved it because they rallied together, believed in each other, and came within a touchdown of the super bowl. That team had HEART. They believed in their head coach, their quarterback, and played hard for them. Compare this team to that team. They don't even resemble each other. I want to believe this team will do it and I'll be rooting harder than ever before but I don't see the fire in any of them except Shady and Vick. And that's not enough. Every single man on that team needs to buy into it.
  • Now I understand. This whole time I thought it was Mike Vick out there struggling, but it wasn't. It was members of the media out there playing games for the Eagles. I mean that had to be the case when Mike Vick said the following: [''You guys create a lot of turmoil for us, sometimes….”] Well maybe he meant the media was in their heads. Maybe he’s saying that they are so consumed by how they are perceived that they can’t focus on the current tasks at hand. That would make some sense as he added he wanted the media to basically shut up. [“The quieter you call can be, the easier it is for us to concentrate, focus as individuals as a unit, as a team, as an organization.''] Maybe he’s somewhat right. I mean surely the media has helped stir the fan base up or should I rephrase that to help channel the ire of the fans, but I think Mike’s got this all wrong. The turmoil comes from within not from without. You have coaches and members of the organization leaking out information to the media about the stability of his job. You have players less focused on their opponents than they are on the fans. You have an owner who has washed his hands of all of them and have left Reid on his own to try and steer this rudderless ship. You have coaches on the staff infighting, players’ only meetings, and everything else under the sun that teams in disarray do. The truth is the only thing that will quell this mess isn’t fans being attacked. It isn’t the media being “quieter.” It isn’t holding players only meetings. It is players on the field actively doing their jobs. If the players want the praise from media and fans, then all they have to do is show up and play. It’s that simple. They keep telling us how great of a team they are, but since the lockout this team is 11-12. That isn’t great. That isn’t a Dream Team. That isn’t what dynasties are made of. It’s what teams that hold players only meetings, coordinators getting fired during the season, attacking the fan base, attacking the media, rumors of mutinies, and teams that are on the brink of falling apart are made of. The Eagles really should do themselves a favor. They should just shut up and play ball. Vick and his team mates should be “quieter.” Stop doing their talking via Twitter and start doing their talking knocking off heads on the field. I promise if they would just go out there and prove they are as good as they say they are the media and the fans will not shut up, but those boos will certainly turn to cheers.
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