December 11, 2013

Stand up and be counted. Is Foles the future QB of the Eagles?

Even with his wins and the way the Eagles are playing Im going against conventional wisdom.  The Foles bubble will burst somewhere along the way.  Im not gonna be wishy washy and say yes hes my guy "IF".  I dont think Foles will be so lucky down the road.  Im not sure "when" but he will hit a roadblock.    Trent Dilfer went to the superbowl and won and was axed the next year.   It can happen.   But football has changed and the advantage is with the QB.  Guys with above average talent can prosper.  Its happening.    Its the perfect storm for Foles hes big and slow but cant be hit hard.   If there was ever a time for his success its now.  You may be looking at the future prototype QB.  Im not as smart as EZ and GTD.  Only they know the future.  Im mean the one where Kevin Kolb returns and leads us to a superbowl.    Man did they jump off that bandwagon when things got bad.  So come on call it now.   Especially the dynamic duds.

  • Foles is the present QB of the Eagles. You don't have to support him just like you didn't support McNabb when you boycotted the Eagles while he was playing. Every player eventually loses it and needs to be replaced. Just like McNabb was eventually replaced. Just like Vick and Kolb were eventually replaced. I believe in the Eagles. I support the Eagles. Foles is the Eagles current QB. You're wasting time on trivial nonsense while the Eagles are leading the division. Romo's teams tend to stink in December, but you likely want him as your QB don't you. Of course you want Vick as your guy too. You're a fraud wood. You care nothing about winning football games. You only care about silly things like this.
  • iwas at the game you were a no show. This is as good a time as any to analyze our QB. I dont care if Vick ever makes it on the field again. Foles is playing better. But I dont think its unfair to ask someone thats so judgemental whteher this guy is the future QB. Hes got all the stats that you recite so why cant you say hes our guy? I mean wouldnt under normal circumstances a team completely commit after this run. Whats holding them back? A playoff appearance? I think if he doesnt make the playoffs hes toast regrdless of the great stats. When Russell Wilson got the nod there was no doubt. Why is there doubt here. Really. i dont get it. Back to Vick . I have no connection to him. McNabb was a completely different story. I like what they are doing now but honestly if they dont make the playoffs i wont like it at all.
  • They have committed to him. What more do you want? You see Vick didn't come into the game so he's their guy. What is this Twilight? Team Vick verses Team Foles? Grow up dude. The Eagles are winning. Be happy with that.
  • "Stand up and be counted"? Why, what good will that do me, you, Nick Foles, Chip Kelly and the rest of the Eagles? You're a strange fellow, Hollywood. Honestly, why do you waste your time on here because you obviously don't enjoy winning Eagle do seem to enjoy when they are losing though so you can whine and feel that your complaints are founded.

    I HOPE Foles is the real deal just like I hoped the "re-birth" of Mike Vick was real (the first time around) and just like I hoped Kevin Kolb could play. I'm an Eagles fan and I will root on anybody who is in Eagles green but will speak my mind when enough is enough and most Eagle fans had seen enough of Michael Vick. Foles isn't even close to being there. Just like Eazy stated Foles will struggle someday just like every quarterback in the NFL does but you obviously can't wait until that day happens. All that rah rah crap you typed about Foles was nothing but you going with the flow, wasn't it? Why can't you just enjoy an exciting Eagles' season without your constant whining and complaining? As for your Kolb comments about me...we both know the truth. I felt the same way about him early on as I did Foles...never guaranteed anything but wanted to see what he could do, wasn't sure he could play. This is just you scratching for anything to throw in my face. You, my friend, were the one who likened him to Brady...if you like I could go back and find your kind comments about Kolb AGAIN. Let me know...shouldn't take me too long.

    By the way, quite funny how you make a comment about me being able to see into the future when I have typed NUMEROUS times that I'm not about predictions at all...don't do anything for me. Have I predicted wins and losses for the season, have I messed around with mocks...sure but it's nothing but wishes and hopes and dreams form a passionate Eagle fan. I don't live and die by them nor do I get upset and make excuses if I'm wrong like you and flip do. You and flip are the two on here that love your predictions and think what you type is golden...funny thing is the two of you are two of the worst at it because you predict and type with your emotions instead of common sense and a football feel.
  • He's a fraud.
  • He and flip just keep showing everyone what I already know...they're all about their predictions and comments. They would rather be right than see the Eagles do well and know that they were wrong. Flip's burying the Eagles every step of the way this pre season and almost disappearing now and Hollywood's half hearted and distorted praise and questions are all the proof needed.
  • You dont think its a legitimate question why the Eagles cant commit to Foles any further than the rest of the year. Like I said when Wilson got the job they left know doubt it wasnt an experiment but ongoing. Do you think its ongoing for Foles or only if he wins. In whcich case you agree he must make the playoffs.
  • Sure, you can discuss it if you want to. My statements about you are also truthful and something I choose to discuss with Eazy.

    Let me ask you this though. How big was Russell Wilson's new deal and for how long?
  • Your always up EZs rear. Arent you expecting?
  • What kind of commitment are you referring to? He's under contract for next season. The coach said he's my quarterback for the next 1000 years. Should they have a wedding marrying him to the team? We're in a playoff run and you're worrying about meaningless drivel.
  • He's the qb for the next 1000 years
  • Wood you're a victim of your own words. You wanted to place stipulations on believing in Foles. You wanted to see if he can comeback in a game and he does it. Then you wanted him to lead us to the playoffs and now it looks like he's about to go and do that too, but now you don't believe in the guy? Either believe in our guy or go root for another team. All I know is a guy who places stipulations on what a player has to do in order for him to believe and then gets pissed when the guy actually meets those stipulations isn't a fan.
  • Believing in a player and a team are two different things. When the Ravens got rid of Dilfer, which was a co ntroversy, they obviously had faith in the team but not the player . And thats coming off a superbowl. Lets get to the heart of the matter vs the fan mantra. There are many intangibles that go into the success of a QB. For Foles a pourous Oline is deadly. He is getting excellent protection. Its gotten better since Vick was there. It could be that its easier to protect Foles because he doesnt move around too much. Im not a good judge of this guy. I think alot of his success is coming from the changes to the game and that he may be the new standard. I dont see him being a successful QB ten years ago. he would get killed lacking mobility. If he makes the playoffs I dont think you can deny him next year. But if he doesnt , which is my main cause for concern, what do you do? I am enjoying the playoff hunt because I wouldnt watch the Eagles slog out another near 6-10 season. I told you from day one I think the team needs to try to win at all times otherwise there would be no interest in the team. At least with wins you have an idea where you are headed. With losses and a draft pick you have nothing. The team has something to build on. Does it include the QB? Its easy to say if we make the playoffs Foles is the guy but much harder to do now. True? Or has he shown you enough now for you to say he is our guy. Its a legit question because god forbid they dont make the playoffs what then? You have options?
  • Just enjoy the freakin' season and stop looking for excuses and reasons you were wrong. It wasn't that long ago you called the man a bum so your reasoning behind why you think he's playing well is weak...just deal with it, enjoy the success he and the team are having and move on.
  • I called him a bum because I was referring to you through him.
  • For ANY QB a porous O-line is deadly. For Mike Vick ANY O-line is deadly. Dude can't stay healthy. I think it's time for him to move on.
  • Other than being Peyton/Brady slow I don't see any holes in his game. We have to see how he plays in the post season before we can really say he's the future. There's no denying the level of play across the board has improved since he's taken center. Right now it looks like with him as quarterback we can hang with anyone.
  • Hollywood, the post below (and MANY more like it) are part of the reason you keep looking for "excuses" why Foles is playing well. Not only do you question the man's talent you get personal by calling him a dope (I'll never get why you feel the need to call players that you have never met nor have encountered in any way names but will just chalk it up to you being a strange fellow). It seems that in this post you are ripping on Spotella for wanting to see Foles start instead of Vick. I think that you should type up an apology just in case she still checks out this site from time to time. By the way, do yourself a favor. Go back into your forum posts and take a look at some of the titles. Maybe you'll actually get what we all see on here. A malcontent who almost never sees anything positive about "his" team. Maybe you'll understand why I can't take anything you type seriously.

    I find it fascinating that someone at your age and football experience is unable to evaluate talent properly. The fact taht you actually wanted Foles as a starter is perplexing. I mean how dumb can you get really. That dope IS NOT a starter. Is your pea brain functioning properly? What does that mean boyfriend? You sound like a child and worse yet you know nothing about football.
    by hollywoodeagle February 14, 2013 Reply Flag I Like This
  • I was referring to you and I used Foles as a tool. Truthfully, I dont think he is that good. I could be worng but i was right about kolb and I iwll be vindicated with Foles. I hope not but Im not real impressed even with the great stats.
  • I never saw it in KOlb. Foles is different. A true leader brings out the best in the people around him. It happened when Vick took over in 2010 but he couldn't sustain it with his play. Foles doesn't do anything spectacular that he can't duplicate every week. He's just solid all the way around.
  • "VINDICATED"...that is the key word with you. That's what all this crap you type is all about. With one word you just admitted what I type about you is true. Why do you feel the need to be vindicated? Stop typing so much BS on here...stop trying to impress us all because honestly I'm far from impressed with you.

    By the way, what the hell does that even mean? Referring to me using Foles as a tool? That makes no freakin' sense at all...just you looking for an angle out from words you typed. Can't even admit the crap you type on here when it's looking you right in the face...and to think your buddy typed you stand your ground...what a crock!
  • How have I changed my opinion. Brink is right Foles isnt overly impressive in any one thing . That worries me.
  • How have you changed your opinion? You take personal shots at a player and then somehow try to blame them on did the same thing when you made racist comments about Chung and Sopoaga. You made the a man and own up to look kind of crazy trying to pass them off on typing them because of me for some screwed up reason. You really are a strange one, Hollywood.
  • Hollywood nobody is coming to your aid this time. Nobody is buying what you're selling here. You're just embarrassing yourself. Let it go. Enjoy our playoff push or don't.
  • Does GTD ever stop checking your like button. Aid? WTF are you talking about?
  • To hate a guy, because somebody else likes him is strange dude. Trying to twist Brinkster compliment into something else is strange. You're going down a strange path dude. You may be the unhappiest fan of an 8-5 team ever. Continue to stand alone in your darkness.
  • Kelly has said that Foles is the QB hopefully for the next 1,000 years. By that standard you have to say "Yes. Foles is the future."

    Looking at it objectively, I don't know if Foles is the future. His numbers are excellent, but it's hard to say that he fits the Offense very well. Considering that McCoy has been less effective with Foles starting (because let's not act like we'll face a dome team in an unexpected blizzard every week), and since Kelly says this is a run first offense, it's hard to write Foles that blank check.

    Kelly initially picked Vick for a reason. Look at the QB's Kelly himself has brought in: Dennis Dixon, G.J. Kinne, Brad Smith. All mobile. He INHERITED Foles, but every self-directed indication has been that he wants more dynamism at the QB position.

    My guess is with Mariotta staying at Oregon and the EAGLES not having a great Draft spot (after making the playoffs), Kelly won't pull the trigger on a QB in round 1 or 2. That is unless we tank in the Wildcard and he trades Foles to move waaaay up to snag a guy.

    But 1 playoff win and Foles stays put until he's dumped after next year.
  • Now I'm certain Foles is going to be here a long time.
  • Flip giving Foles one more year...or is he giving his prediction one more year? You be the judge.
  • I'm sure by then Kelly will be fired for Gus Bradley too. WOW.
  • He and Hollywood don't get what they look like when they type this crap, do they? At least flip looks sane...can't say the same about Hollywood.
  • I dont see anyone here saying hes the guy into the future. So we are all on board with he is the guy now. OK fair enough. But dont act like the great analysts that you arent if he does great and gets the nod longterm ok?
  • I don't pat myself on the back or say I told you so on anything. If anything I JUST PUT IT BACK IN YOUR FACES FOR BEING JUDGMENTAL FOOLS. I've repeatedly told you nitwits to stop trying to be prognosticators and let it play out, because you stink terribly at it. You're just too slow to catch on how frigging much you blow at predictions. Please note you're not alone here.
  • Beautifully typed and every word extremely truthful. I couldn't have typed it any better myself but do wish I would have beaten you to it .
  • Have you noticed how there really hasn't been any real overt commitment from fans here yet? You don't see the jerseys, you don't hear him as the talk of the town. I think the person on here who's written the most pro-Foles posts since he became the starter is ME.

    In all honesty I can't judge how behind Foles Tweedle Dum (EZ) and Tweedle Dee (GTD) are, because I don't read Tweedle Dum's posts and my recent olive branch to Tweedle Dee was met with one of her customary "full-on pantie rants whilst straddling the fence" type responses.

    Me? My only vote of confidence in the guy is to start him on BOTH of my fantasy teams. When I pick a spot I back my conviction with my words, actions and investments. If the situation changes, I adjust. I no longer have a 32 inch waist, so I no longer buy 32 inch jeans. The situation changed and so I did. Like any sane person would do.

    When Birdflipper makes a move or says something, you can bet I'll stand behind it. I NEVER fence straddle. I ALWAYS commit full bore. From what you've written Hollywood, it seems you can't say the same for some "men" who visit this site. But don't worry, when you come here there'll always be at least one EAGLES fan who writes like his woman doesn't keep his balls in her purse.

    Fan up. Man up. Stand up.
  • I enjoy your writing and football knowledge . These guys arent nearly as plugged in to sports or football as you are. EZ ran around spouting off how happy he was the Eagles got rid of McNabb. He put it in worse terms but thats a story for another day. No respect for a guy that i believe was every bit as good as the Bradys, bresses, and Rodgers of football. He claimed he knew the Eagles would make this great choice never thinking of the consequences to the organization and fans. What a bunch of crappy season weve had since Mcnabb parted. But that doof (GTD)wont ever concede he thought that was a great direction for the franchise. Of course how can anyone forget the love of the corn on the Kolb. That will live in infamy as one of the dumbest calls of all time. Tatooed to their foreheads forever. But now they light in wait cowering in fear that Foles will break apart before saying he is the guy. In for penny in for a pound. IM NOT IN ON FOLES. Book it. There you have it Ive checked the box. Its your turn EZ and GTD strap a pair on and and tell us exactly where you stand.
  • FYI if you stand by stupid of foolish thinking it doesn't make you look smart. On the contrary it makes you look like an ignorant, pompous, over ASSuming Dumbazz.

    Update: December 13, 2013
    Fantasy football owners are nothing more than slaves to the players. They have no team loyalties or team values. They place their stupid fantasy teams over the teams they allegedly root for, often drafting and playing players who tend to play against the teams they claim to support. On top of that most of these people generally have more than one team. They have no loyalties. They only care about their fantasy world. FYI if you stand by a stupid way of thinking it doesn't make you look smart manly or bold. On the contrary it makes you look like an ignorant, pompous, Over ASSuming Dumbazz. See Skip Bayless if you have any question on how unbelievably ignorant you seem.
  • Yes.
  • Hey Holly, on a lark I read Tweedle Dum's above repsonse to you and lo and behold he still won't yea or nay Nick Foles. I'm a FOR, you're an AGAINST. We at least staked our positions and can still discuss it like civilized human beings. But despite the inauguration speech written above, there is STILL no declaration of where the guy stands!

    It's hilarious. The subject of what you wrote here is a question about what fans think of our starting QB. If he (or anyone else) didn't have a stance they could have just not responded. Like a sane person would have done. You wrote this days ago, and until I was ready to discuss what YOU asked, I just stayed off of YOUR post. Because I'm sane. And not a lonely shut-in.

    I popped up to see what his first response was and I saw that he babbled some nonsense about Foles being the present QB. I didn't read beyond that because I didn't want my I.Q. to drop. You directly asked about the FUTURE and Captain Obvious points to today's date on the calendar. My guess is he didn't understand the question.

    Next time write it slower I guess. (lol) And what's even funnier is Tweedle Dee (it had to be) 'Liking' that response. It's like saying "You TOTALLY didn't get what is going on here and dude, I'm ALL about that!" or "Way to miss the point!" or "Dude, this subject matter is too much for us to comprehend! HIGH FIVE!"

    Can you imagine what these guys must be like in real life? I guess it's why some people find life so hard, when I find most of it so easy. Just be about what you're about and let the fence-sitters have their anger and stupidity.
  • Here's more to read. The Raiders stink, and that's a mortal lock. Put me down for that one.
  • The two of you (flip and Hollywood) just keep on missing the obvious. I have been pulling for Foles since last year so I of course I am a Foles guy. I would love to see him be the starter for the next dozen years or more but will admit that I would be typing that for any player that put on midnight green. I will also admit that I wasn't sure that Foles could be the starter Kelly wanted (nor be the starter going forward) but every week he makes me believe in him more an more and I hope he continues to give Kelly reason to believe.

    You come on here looking for that one little crack you THINK you can see to question my loyalty, my commitment. Over 25 years of watching and following the Eagles and rooting on every player that puts on an Eagle jersey is commitment enough for me. It means nothing to sit there and state that "I KNOW THIS GUY WILL WIN US A SUPERBOWL" or the hollywoodeagle way of "I KNOW THIS GUY IS A BUM"! Why the hell is that any more of a commitment than watching every game (except for a handful of games due to family issues) and riding a roller coaster of emotions week to week and season to season for over 25 years? You guys are doing nothing but proving what I type about you is live and die by your comments and predictions on've shown me that many, many times. They are also the reason I think you are both a bit too much on here. You've both given people crap for their opinions (don't deny it, came at people pretty hard questioning some thinking the Eagles should move Herremans to guard...good call by the way. LOL and you were very hard on some of us for thinking that McNabb should be traded and there have been other times also). I only do it to two people who get on my nerves a bit on this I need to tell you who they are? I've debated other people but I'd be lying if I told you I had no reason to question the two of you. I will always do it cleanly and only question what I disagree with but the two of you give me plenty to question, believe me. The two of you aren't nearly as football savvy as you think you are.

    Funny comment from you flip...the one about the woman's purse. This is just how confused you get about what you and others type and do on this website. There's only one barker on this website that I know of that begged one of his ex-girlfriends to come on here to scold a barker she thought was being too hard on her buddy...of course I'm sure you didn't fill her in on all details of why I do what I do or she probably never would have given into you. I could tell after my first reply to her that she wished she never came on here. See, to type and debate with true conviction there has to be truth and she couldn't even tell me the truth...she was on here to defend her buddy under the guise of being offended by what some Eagle fans stand for. She (and you) were trying to put me in her description she painted on bad Eagle fans but it was all a lie. The true portrait she painted of a bad Eagle fan was of hollywoodeagle and he even proved that with comments he made while she was on here. Going after Hollywood wasn't why she was on here though and her BS just fell apart and she bailed. What a shame though...she seemed to have some insight on football. It's a shame her first experience on here was doing something she so obviously wasn't comfortable doing.
  • Green trying to explain what it means to be a fan to guys who support multiple teams and care more about their fantasy GM lives is nearly impossible. Here's the bottom line. No matter what dumb sh!t these two morons prognosticate it means nothing! They have no say whatsoever in the matter. I didn't predict McNabb would be traded. You had to be dumb as a box of rocks not to see it! I enjoyed screwing with these tools, because they didn't see it. Yet they think they are big time prognosticators. The only MORTAL LOCKS are taxes, death, and Wood and flip are going to write something stupid again.
  • I agree, Eazy. I honestly only type this stuff to remind them and the few people Ieft on here what the two of them typed.
  • Seriously they have become like tween girls going to a Twilight movie. Team Foles or team Vick?
  • FINALLY! Okay, GTD has declared which side of the fence HE'S on.

    About time too. Instead of spouting off all that "Who can know?" and "We'll just have to see' nonsense. Just say who you like and stick with it. If you like Foles because he's more accurate, or because he's White, or because he never forgets to get his mom flowers, just speak up and stick with it.

    You don't have to justify what or who you like, but for God's sake at least stand where you stand. And if at some point you need to change where you stand, then DO THAT. I happen to love the RAIDERS and the EAGLES and I don't care who doesn't understand it or if my life philosophy doesn't fit into theirs. I own that. Last year I typed the words MORTAL LOCK (with a qualifier), and the EAGLES went down in flames. But I never ran from it when the hecklers came out. I owned that too. Those were my words and my convictions.

    This year I (and most here) said 7-9. We've so far been wrong. Whatever the reason (our superior talent, a soft division, dumb luck, the return of disco), I'll take it. I want this team to do well A) because they're my home team; B) I have friends who directly and indirectly benefit; and C) I think a parade would be neat.

    BTW; I didn't have to beg her, but you are correct about her not enjoying the experience, but not for the reason you'd think. She hates (as do I) that there is no way to effectively settle anything here. But while I would want to hold up the end result of an argument as evidence, she would just prefer that I bounce someone's face off a car's hood again. She finds it distasteful that someone like I used to be would "have to take that ****". (There's more to that quote but I can't say I remember it all accurately enough to quote it.) I tell her it's the internet. People talk $hit here. You can't get too worked up. That however remains a hard concept to explain to an Italian woman. In general for them, awake = worked up.
  • Flip, If you can't tell by what I have typed about Foles in the past year that I'm pulling for him then there really is no help for you. Nothing has changed, buddy. I was pulling for McNabb, I was pulling for Kolb, I was pulling for Vick (until he showed me he couldn't stay healthy nor protect the ball). I'm an Eagles''s what I do. I don't find reason to not root on a player like Hollywood does. I let them give me reason to either root them on or want them gone. As for your convictions, I've seen them and just like your analysis on football I'm not impressed. How could I be impressed by someone who rips on some of us in the yard for discussing a very poor Eagle run and the possibility of their head coach being fired only to watch you bury the Eagles every step of the way this past pre-season? How could I be impressed with you thinking your version of how this past off season should have panned out is the correct one...Reid coming back for a 15th year yet you couldn't even give the rookie head coach a chance without burying him for anything and everything? As for you sticking by what you normally do but there's always reasons and almost never simply state I WAS WRONG.?As for your ex...of course I knew you would give me some other reason why she bailed and maybe what you state is partially true but she wasn't winning any of these "battle" of words on here and I'm sure that's part of why she left. Like i stated before, it's impossible to win an argument when you don't believe in what you are typing....why do you think Hollywood is so bad at this?
  • Two frauds who need others to justify themselves even though they haven't been on board all season. Took flipflop nearly a whole season to write one semi-positive article about the Eagles, meanwhile he's been humming all over Dead Raider balls all year like fruit. Then you have wood upset that Foles meets his stipulations. Nobody needs to explain themselves to you two tarts.
  • Pretty funny stuff, isn't it? Flip still looking for reasons why Foles is the guy (Lurie practically insisted on it) and also still holding onto his hopes that Foles gets traded eventually so he can pat himself on the back in a couple years....on top of that he claims he's on board? Does he think before he types?
  • This dude was typing Raider playoffs in the Eagles yard. If that clown wants me to take some ridiculous stand then he and his nubby buddy better start writing about how wrong they have been all season. Not going to happen, cause stupid is what stupid does.
  • Im satisfied with Chip Kelly at this point. I think he has brought a new approach, vision, and freshness that the Eagles needed. Is he great? Not yet but hes capable. And he has the attention of his team. Thats a real plus from where we were last season. I thik the wild card is maintaining stability at the QB position. We are winning but are we stable. I dont think we are yet but it looks like a possiblity. But there is a level of apprehension. i have a load of it. maybe I am a doomsday fan but I think I have reason to be. I just think there are a whole lot of loose ends on this team. It seems like its being held together with rubberbands. Im not that confident that going 10-6 or 11-5 means we have arrived. I want to win it all with Foles but I see a stacked NFC and not tons of things on the surface that make me think the Eagles have traction. If they wre to play the top flight teams like Saints, Seahawks, Niners, Pats , Broncos ...etc I just dont see our edge. But I will admit I could be very wrong. Football is changing rapidly. I dont think the time tested truisms of the past apply to the drastic changes that have taken place recently. Taking it further the Foles success might be the opening of a new type of QB that can have great success under the current conditions. Maybe Im too old school and am not changing fast enough to the realities of NFL football 2013
  • Just do what you do. It doesn't matter here one way or the other.
  • Wood this may be the most sensible thing you've ever written. Personally I don't see why anyone has to take some kind of stand for or against any player. He's what we know. This time last year we had a lame duck coach, mercenary players who could careless, and no direction. Now we are in a playoff hunt with a coach that has a plan. We have defenders who are now gang tackling. We have a team that is having fun again. You can choose to be angry about winning or you can just enjoy the ride. The choice is yours.
  • I agree with you here. there is a noticeable difference on their gameday readiness. They are hitting and flying tom the ball. Thats been missing for years. Its fun to watch. They appear excited about playing and are much looser on the field. There is clearly more balance . That could be a reflection of the coach and QB. Its not a bad wave to ride. Thats for sure.
  • I'm enjoying the ride, cause I know it could be worse. Skins and Giants already gone from the playoffs. The boys are teetering towards disaster. The Raiders, the Browns, and the Vikings don't even seem to have a direction. There are plenty of worse situations in the NFL right now.
  • I absolutely agree with Eazy on this one, Hollywood. There is nothing wrong with having questions and doubts about your team...we all have them in one area or another. It's all about how you present them and keeping it real. If you kept your posts more like this one I would never question your comments the way that I do. I may discuss them with you but that's what we do here. Very nice post
  • If I'm going to stand up an be accountable for something it's the fact I don't care who gets us victories. I don't care if it were Vick, Foles, Barkley, Dixon or anyone else on the roster. Winning is all that matters. This other stuff is too trivial and it leads to division. Now if were a team like the Raiders, Vikings, or Browns. Teams who are clearly going nowhere then sure I understand talking about the offseason or if a guy is or isn't our guy of the future. In the present we are winning. Don't be stuck in the past like fake Cryboys fans and don't be so focused on the future like Raiders fans are every year. In the present we are winning.
  • With AP likely sidelined tomorrow the focus will likely shift to CP. Any thoughts on how the EAGLES might try to corral Cordarrelle?
  • he is a rare combination of speed, quickness and size. This guy will emerge when the vikes get a solid QB
  • So the Eagles have a back who rushed for over 200 yards in one game, but he's less scary than a receiver who has less than 400 yards for the season? Negate his return ability with the best punter in the game Donnie Jones (if they try to use him there), and a bunch of kick offs into the end zone by Alex H. In a dome environment he should have no trouble getting it into the end zone. If he's our biggest issue we should win by 20 or more. To be frank the Eagles are the worst opponent the Vikings could face in their own place. They have no one who can cover Jackson, and no one who can account for McCoy. The Eagles offensive speed should be too much for them.
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