March 10, 2013



OVER the years the Eagles have become a fine group of upstanding young men. Nobody is publicly beating his wife; the QB is no longer a criminal, the ex-coaches son died last year with a bunch of steroids on him and NOT ONE Eagle tested positive for performance enhancers last year. Or for that matter any illegal, banned or controversial substance. Arrests are unheard of here. It speaks to the sort of player, (people actually), that this organization adds to it. Hell, our biggest Free Agent hangs out with the President, for crying out loud. Man, do we have a bunch of nice guys here!

And that’s kind of a problem. We’re wall to wall with choirboys, but our Defense lacks that one thing every legendary Defense MUST have. A guy that other guys fear.

Remember when Tiki Barber said that Jeremiah Trotter was one of the reasons he was retiring? 

He gives an example of a memorably brutal week: “Philadelphia, second week of this season. Jeremiah Trotter”—the Eagles’ unapologetically rabid linebacker—“literally hit me every play. I couldn’t get out of my bed without doing this.” Barber uses his hand to slowly lift his head. “I had a strain in my scapular muscular area. When I was 22, I’d get that injury and feel fine by Wednesday. It was Friday, and I didn’t think I’d be able to play. I got worked on five times that week. Acupuncture, two chiropractic appointments, and ART, which is active release technique, and two massages. Just so I could play!”

Wow, right? 

Or how about the time the heel of Reggie White’s hand bent the facemask of Redskins back-up QB Jeff Rutledge. Rutledge went to the sideline, and you could see the relief in his face, certain  he would be pulled since his helmet was unwearable. You could also see Rutledge’s face fall when Redskins starter Mark Rypien simply extended his own helmet out to Rutledge.

That, is fear. That, is intimidation. And we don’t have THAT.




Today I couldn’t name you one Eagles Defensive player that I feel could take me in a fist fight. When I think Ray Lewis or Brian Urlacher, I feel that I’d better pack a lunch, because my work would be cut out for me. Ronnie Lott, was only 200lbs, but the man was flat out crazy, and would hit anything that moved with every ounce of force his frame could muster. Seth Joyner always had the look, and played with the violence of a man who’d just found out that the 8 year old, isn’t his. Greg Lloyd’s own teammates kept their distance as he warmed up. Two words: Steve Atwater. Did the receivers he faced ever hear the footsteps? Ever fear the footsteps? YES. To them the football field must have sounded like an orphanage at dinner time.

We don’t have that. We’ve been missing that. We need to go get THAT.



A guy like MLB Rey Maualuga comes to mind. He fits beside DeMeco Ryans if the scheme is 3-4 (with both guys at ILB), or in the 4-3 Under with Maualuga could replace Ryans at MLB, allowing Ryans to be moved around.  Mychal Kendricks, Maualuga and Ryans would be a nice top 3 to have. It would certainly bring up the LB’s tough guy profile. Couple that with an adjustment to the coverage (upcoming in THE 12: #7) and you have an opportunity to change the perception of this team.

We could use it. 


  • I think you're forgetting the most intimidating presence of all. BDawk. Hell Michael Vick even said the hardest he had ever been hit in his career was by BDawk.
  • Dawkins is retired. They won't get him.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • how about james harrison? why not go to the top of the crazynut tree
  • That was a rather curious cut by the Steelers. Perhaps they know something that we don't about Harrison.
  • He's old.
  • and always looking at suspensions
  • I like the idea of Harrison. He'd allow them to keep Graham at DE and could split time with a rookie in the SAM spot.
    The rookie could learn from a bonafide passrusher, and we'd get the instant cred of having a guy with a rep for ACTUALLY knocking guys out of games.
  • Graham will be a liability as a DE in a 3-4 n that's the way I think we go.
  • What do all great former Eagle intimidators have in common? The answer is they were all drafted or played their first NFL football with the Eagles. Grabbing Rey Muaualuga won't fix the fact the Eagles need to draft their enforcer. He needs to bleed green and not be some kind on guy who comes here. Free agents have a hard time becoming a leader for a team. The Eagles need to draft their leaders and their intimidators.
  • Hey EZ. I've got a scenario I wanted to ask everyone. If we end up with another top 5 pic and Clowney and Manziel are in play, who do you take? I see shades of Reggie in Clowney. Then there's Johnny Football. Everyone knows that today's NFL is QB driven and you need that cornerstone.

    Tough choice there.

    Update: March 11, 2013
    Hey EZ. I've got a scenario I wanted to ask everyone. If we end up with another top 5 pic and Clowney and Manziel are in play, who do you take? I see shades of Reggie in Clowney. Then there's Johnny Football. Everyone knows that today's NFL is QB driven and you need that cornerstone.

    Tough choice there.
  • Quarterback driven league in a division where everyone one else has a quarterback but us. It's a no brainier for me. You get the quarterback as long as he doesn't pull a Barkley.
  • Depends on how the QB situation shakes out this year. If we can score but still can't stop anybody, thus ending up 5-11, 4-12 again, you stick with your passer and draft the WR. Next year there's supposed to be a better crop of QB's (I'll take expert analysis or fan skepticism every time), so I'd just wait until round two to get a QB to groom.

    Jeremy Maclin is a FA next year and even though he's the more polished starting WR, he isn't worth a big money contract to stay here. I don't like the "DeSean Jackson and?" question at all, and I doubt anyone else does either. If we don't draft/sign/develop another starting WR this year, we're guaranteed to need one next year. That is of course unless the Eagles give Maclin, Jackson-type money.

    Yeah. I don't see it either.

    On the other hand if we still can't score you grab a QB.
    It's now August and we still need a guy to step up and be the Hammer.

    We're coming off of a good game against a Panther's team that was already in trouble, and fortunately we get to play against a couple of feeble, senile teams in Jacksonville and NY (Jets).

    Now is not the time to throttle back just because they happen to be bad teams. In fact now is the time to cut loose and lay out some, borderline dirty, highlight reel hits (or whiff badly trying to). This is a GREAT opportunity for the Eagles to make it seem as if they are playing on the edge of sanity. This is a GREAT time to rack up a fine for a full speed, blindside of a guy like Justin Blackmon (whom the league dislikes anyway). Next week we get to target a guy like Kellen Winslow or Braylon Edwards. If your gonna tear someone a brand new, shiny a******, why not do it to an a******?

    If I'm Chip Kelly, or Billy Davis, now is GREAT time to pull an AL DAVIS move, where you tell your defensive players to 'go out there and protect yourselves, and I'll pick up the fines.'

    It's a GREAT time to get that going.

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