October 08, 2012

The Eagles Must Stop People From Being Critical Of Them.

  People can claim mortal locks. The few can ignore reality, overvalue the talent of the Eagles roster, praise ridiculous comments by players, and lose their credibility with every new post all they want, but the majority aren't going to ever be that way. You see the majority of people will never ASSume the Eagles will somehow just turn it around until they do exactly that. People are critical of the Eagles, because the Eagles are making it easy to be critical of them.

  Most people want to see this team improve  now and aren't interested in holding imaginary lines until they do so. The Eagles must improve on the field if they want to be considered a true championship caliber team or the only "Mortal Lock" will be that come next season the Eagles will have a new coaching staff and a new quarterback. It's time to stop talking and start working for this football team. A coach who has been on the same team for over a decade shouldn't be a work in progress. A quarterback in his 30s shouldn't be making rookie mistakes. A defensive line that lead the league in sacks shouldn't be this bad at getting to the quarterback. An offense averaging only 16 points a game will not win a championship in the NFL today. An offense struggling to score points can't afford to be giving away points in the Red Zone, but the Eagles are the best in the league at doing that so far. In case the line holders were wondering that stat is called a trend.

  That isn't a good trend. That isn't a dynasty building trend. That isn't a trend people can guarantee a championship on. It is a trend that can and will get players benched and coaches fired. This team has gone too far off excuses. So many of them stem from last season to include blaming fans for losses. That's the problem with this team in a nutshell. They are too focused on what to say and what people are saying as a whole and there are not focusing on what they should be doing. A lack of fundamentals in sports is  directly connected with a lack of focus. Even Semi-pro players ought to know that.

  So before people want to criticize fans for being critical of the Eagles, maybe they should look inward first. After all many of those who are now critical of the fans for being critical of the Eagles, were far worse to the Eagles when they got rid of McNabb. One of those line holders in fact called for a boycott of the Eagles.You can't hold the line when you want to boycott it.

  • I agree with most of your points, Eazy but SOME would still be critical no matter what and if what they were typing was the truth I would have no problem with them complaining about it. That is their right and just one of the reasons this site is here.
  • You and I both know that some people (specifically one person) wont be happy no matter what the Eagles do. The majority of people are just irked by what they are seeing. Let's be real for a moment. Did the flipster really think that frustrations that have been brewing since 1960 will somehow subside over a victory against the Steelers? It may be unfair to this group of players, but until the Eagles win the Super Bowl nothing else will be satisfying to the fanbase. It's the basis for all of their frustrations. This isn't college football where if your team wins 7-10 games they most likely will get a bowl game. There is only one prize in the NFL. Unlike the flipster I'm not banking on two teams making it there. I want to see a championship in my lifetime. I really would love to see them win one before my father passes away. I've watched enough football to know what they are doing right now isn't enough to get it done. I hope they can improve, but with every passing game that seems less likely.
  • thats my problem in a nutshell. Time isnt on my side. If I could look at this roster and say to you we have a shot I would. But Im not seeing the talent the Eagles are claiming they have. I think there are better receivers, line , lb, safety and cornerback depth charts out there. I dont think we dominate in one category. I still think Vick can be a quality QB but there are better Qbs playing for alot of teams. So, knowing that, I have to conclude that we arent really after a superbowl in a serious way. We agree EZ
  • In a way we disagree as well. You seem to have a personal problem with the Eagles FO. You have gone as far as to mention hate. I don't hate anyone and I certainly don't wish for them to fail. You on the other hand want them to. Maybe that brings about some change you are hoping for, but that may not be the most ideal thing as well. Norman Brahman was the worst owner of the Eagles in the past 40 years. Lurie is 100 times better than he was.
  • LOL...hollywood loves thinking you agree with him. He just doesn't realize you can vent your frustrations without looking like a lunatic. That works a lot better when you vent truthfully and don't resort to BS!
  • It's not health the level of hate he has for ownership. He needs to let that anger go.
  • He won't admit it but it would only take a season or two without a Super Bowl before he would hate a new regime. I highly doubt Lurie is going anywhere so he should either just deal or stop following them.
  • Its going to take a very special owner to win it. Lurie had the best opportunity because his small investment has paid back huge dividends. Assuming the new owner pays somewhere near 800 million to an 1.4 billion for the team I dont see where there will be adequate resources to win a superbowl. The best bet would be for someone from south philly to have a one on one talk with Lurie and convince him that winning a superbowl is in his best interest.
  • Its the people with the season tickets that should be angry. You know my opinion of Jeff mommas boy Lurie. Not much. And Reid is a dispicable human being. But as far as letting go Im not sure what you mean. i dont spend any resources other than some time on them so Ive gotten as far away from the siuation as I can. When I feel they are out of it and that might not be far away I wont pay any attention to it. The organization has run out of excuses the interesting thing will be if they dont do well how will they attempt to sell suckers the same bill of goods.
  • I didn't even read all of this because your last comment didn't keep me interested. I did get to despicable and despicable is you...on this website!
  • Wrong again another loser statement. I never care if anyone agrees or not. Your lack of knowledge is your problem not mine.
  • You always care, hollywood. You constantly brag about being right even though it is far from the truth! You "demand" respect on this website which is a joke because no one on here would ever have anything close to that for you because you have never shown respect for anyone else (not to mention your views are far from straight forward).
  • Lurie is working with a tremendous amount of resources handed to him. If he wasnt better he would be run out of town.
  • Another joke of a comment. Who freaking cares where he got his money and besides I'm sure his loans are well paid off by now. Just another stupid thing for you to cry about!
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  • I know that you have a lot more knowledge of football than you normally like to show Romo. Both you and Sucker are very knowledgeable of the game. You should show that side more. I know there will always be the back and forth on this site. People are going to come after you and you will respond to it. We all do it so I'm not in any way judging you. Just wanted you to know that I respect your knowledge of football.
  • This team definitely deserves more critcism than past teams. The 2000 Eagles didn't talk much and were criticized for not getting over the hump. The current team talks trash to opponents and claims to be a dream team/dynasty in progress, yet can't even win a playoff game.
  • absolutely. and why did Reid let this team become motor mouths.
  • Anytime people have to go one tirades to get people to stop criticizing them then there is a problem. I am sure people are happy they are 3-2 (they could be much worse right now), but there comes a time when if a team that has Super Bowl aspirations must step up and look like that type of team. Right now if you match them up with the best teams in the league, they don't compare.
  • I do feel we have the talent to compete with the best. Just have my doubts if Vick and Reid can get it together.
  • I agree with you. They need to step it up!
  • This isnt a love fest anymore. I dont believe a word they say from the front office on down. And they created this problem and now they have to fix it. And that means going back to basics. First, shut your players up.
  • the eagles should have won the game in first half---they were the better team,defense was put in whole----this one is on the defense--no blitz,and pressure--again if this was jim johnson defense--eagles would have won game----14-13 ---is castillo scared of washburn---with that crazy wide 9 scheme----come on man!!!!yes past---when eagles played steelers,they knock big ben all over the place with blitz---he was limping off the field--scared----until eagles close the deal,on defense and get pressure when they need it---they will lose close games,when they need it most---holla
  • "They should have won the game in the first half" and then you blame the defense??? You do realize that it's hard to win when the offense doesn't score in the first half and Vick is having a hard time holding onto the ball, don't you? I agree that the Eagles need to get more pressure (need to actually get to the quarterback) but this loss is more on the offense than the defense. Turnovers and 16 points a game doesn't equate to a winning season!
  • I agree. You can blame the defense for this one, but Vick took points off the board for his team. Unacceptable!
  • Not sure if you missed my point here or I'm missing yours...jersey was blaming the defense and I stated I disagreed. The offense only put up 14 and the defense only gave up 16. Does anything else need to be typed to prove the O was at fault here?
  • No I agree with you. I mean one could argue that the defense was at fault, because of the last drive, but I can't absolve Mike Vick from leaving points on the field with a terrible turnover. Mike has to do better than that.
  • I had that discussion with someone at work. He was putting all the fault at the feet of the defense...how the hell can you do that when the offense is not scoring points? 16 points a game and only 14 against the Steelers (all in the 2nd half yet) yet it's solely the defense's fault just because they couldn't get it done on one drive? Score some freakin' points on offense and stop turning the ball over and don't put the defense in that predicament! I think the Eagles are only giving up something like 19 points a game...and that is after 15 or so turnovers so far...an average of about 3 a game. I know the defense needs to get some sacks and create more turnovers themselves but they are playing well enough right now to win games. Until the offense stops turning the ball over I'm not ready to type the same about the offense and the main culprit is Vick!
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  • I disagree, Spotella. Look at what happened against the Giants. Mistakes were made that pushed them out of field goal range and they missed a 54 yarder. You can't just give up points and hope your lack luster offense that only put 14 points on the board (and has struggled to score all year) is going to score again. Besides, if there is one thing Vick has done well so far this year it is drive the team late in halfs. If they had time it had to be Vick...you shouldn't put a rookie in with that kind of pressure unless your starter is hurt.
  • that rookie will get killed. Nick Foles for president.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • we know.
  • aww dont you just LOVE sports???
  • Yes don't you?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • If any of you hear from mustytail tell him sucker would like to discuss with him ethics & edifications.
  • Despite my publicly criticism of the Eagles, my worst nightmare would be the firing of Andy Reid. With Reid the Eagles will never win that elusive SB, he's a choker. If a player can be labeled this dubious title why not a coach. The owner is on record stating that another 8-8 season is not acceptable, and I'm hoping 9-7 and a wildcard appearance save Reid's job. Sadly, the coach I want fired is Jerry Jones. NO!! that was not a misprint, under the tutelage or dictatorship of Jones it's a MORTAL LOCK that the Boys wont be hoisting the lombardi no time soon. I don't need Jerry wipes to clear my vision coach Jones don't know a damn thing about evaluating talent. How in the pure D hell do you replace your interior OL with players worst than what you had? You cut Bill Nagy yet keep that RG Be-dumb-a-due, or whatever his name is. Coach Jones, Felix finally have first round value, that's what it'll cost you to take him off your hand. I still haven't recovered from the Roy Williams debacle. This is not to say that the Boys don't have talented players because they do. But they also have players who think they 're own some entitlement due to the star. When it's the star and what it once represented is the reasons why every team circle games against them and with intent to not only beat them, but embarrass their arses. When will they learn? That stem from the arrogance of coach Jones, not that I need to twist any arms. Sucker is sick of damn entitlements I want TITLES!! So please stay put Andy Reid, misery love company.

    Update: October 13, 2012
  • ...and with a little prompting he again finally admits the truth! I don't know if I can get used to this kind of honesty from you, sucker!
  • LOL!
  • That was an interesting post Sucker. New strategy I see. Rip the Eagles under the cover of criticizing the Cowboys. At least this way it does make it seem as if you care about the Cowboys.
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