December 30, 2013


AFTER a hard fought win were in the playoffs. Now we just have to beat New Orleans for this season to have any long term meaning. I mean if we can go all the way then that's even better, but a one and done WILL NOT suffice here (even though if we are, I'm sure Jeff Lurie will say that one and done is plenty, when balanced against everyones expectations).

Currently I have no feel for the New Orleans game, but that has more to do with their "world beaters one week - punch drunk pug the next" team mentality, than it does the EAGLES. It all comes down to which New Orleans we face. However I am NOT particularly encouraged at this point, as they aren't really missing any critical players.

  • After the mess Reid turned the team into I won't be heartbroken if we lose this Saturday. Chip is the second coach since divisional play started (1967) to win a division in his rookie year. Barry Switzer was the other in 1994 and he did it with Jimmy's Super Bowl team.
  • I'm sure most fans would agree with you, as many are happy to be here. When I talk about "long term meaning" I'm talking about setting the team up for long term success, like they did when Andy started out. (Incidentally, I didn't start out a fan of his either.)

    The thing is, many fans would agree with you that Andy left a mess on the roster. The fact that Kelly has been able to win while leaving most of Andy's starters in place, suggests either that A) That Reid actually didn't leave such a mess; or B) That we managed to win despite being this bad (which points to us being lucky not good).

    If someone were to go with option 'A', then we're apparently still on track. the problem is that that track would pre-date Kelly, and make him less relevant to this year's result.

    If the pick is option 'B', then we DO need impact players and a major roster overhaul. Currently the EAGLES hold the 23rd pick in the Draft, and we don't have any extra picks this year until round 5, (but we're also missing this year's 6th). That doesn't exactly give us room to do anything sweeping, which means we'll be playing most of the hand we played in 2013 again in 2014.

    Kelly's tentative year of expectations for 2014 has now become his set in stone year of expectations for 2014, due to his success this year. He can't go 8-8 or miss the playoffs next year. Everyone (except people like me) would see that as a step back. Unfortunately looking at the tools Kelly has to work with, and the surrounding circumstances, those type of results for next year are more likely than the results we got this year.
  • I think reids personality traits and the way he handled veterans created alot of lockeroom tension. He had too many conflicting responsibilities to be effective with this group. KC is simply looking to be competitive and they will get that with reid. But they wont get a superbowl because Alex Smith wont ever get that team there. And Reid at some point will split that lockeroom. is kelly taking the eagles to a new level. well, that remains to be seen. Things can change rapidly in this league and next year you got to believe the Giants and Cowboys will both rebound. I wouldnt even count out the Skins. This division does not have a team that is clearly on top. I thought making the playoffs was enough but I think you are right they have to beat the quality teams to get respect. I think they have a shot for the NFC championship. the Ravens looked alot like this squad but in different ways. they wrent a powerhouse defense or a unstoppable offense. they just had a chemistry and a desire to bring it back to Balto. I look at this team and there is some magic. I think chip hasnt shown his complete hand. this guy is pretty clever. Knows how to play poker. reid was little to predictable and conservative.
  • The team has been talented enough for the last 3 years to make the playoffs. The problem was Reid's inability to adapt to the talent he had. Dropping Vick back 40+ times a game is not a recipe to win. HIs play calling became extremely stale and predictable. Not to mention decisions he made on the defensive side like promoting Castillo. The team and the fan base lost faith in Reid. As a result the energy and effort dropped to an all-time low for a Philly sports team. Chip's ability to put players in a position where they can maximize their talent has reenergized the team and got us back into the playoffs.
  • If we could get hot and go all the way, it would be AWESOME for the local economy.

    With this teams fast pace, ability to score, tendency to allow points, and the increased media perception that comes with a Super Bowl win, many of our games would be slotted for prime time. This would be a boon for hotel reservations, satellite businesses, and thus local sales tax collection.

    So hope for a win EAGLES fans. It's good for our city in MANY ways.
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  • Last season I was under the impression that we would win the division in a walk. We had just that much talent. We jumped out to 3-1 (beating the eventual SB Champs BTW), and then injuries overtook us and NEVER let up. Even Nick Foles in relief ended up being sidelined. Our luck could not have been worse.

    That all coming on the heels of Andy's son dying...It's like fate had it in for us last year. I'm interested in seeing what happens when the division isn't trending downward.
  • Andy deserves credit for building the team but he coached his way out of Philly. No playoff wins in 4 seasons and posting a 12-20 record over his last two; Super Bowl winning coaches don't even have that long of a leash. His son overdosing at training camp was the nail in the coffin (no pun intended). No way he could return to that place every year without it being awkward for him and the team. It's worked out well for both sides.
  • Not according to GTDs playbook. If we followed his playbook we would be "tanking" after 8 games. Good call GTD any other advice or ideas on losing. LMFAO
  • THIS is why I'm not a fan of tanking. If we had opened up by bailing on the season we wouldn't be in the playoffs now, which as I said before is the point of the regular season.

    At this point if the EAGLES can win a playoff game, there is no denying the future of this team. Watching the NFL network last night all the talk about the EAGLES was "Yeah, but", "Sure, if" type stuff. Given how bad people KEPT saying the division was all season long, any team coming out of the NFC East wasn't going to garner much respect in the first round of the playoffs.

    One win changes everything. One loss will have everyone just dismissing us as the best of the bottom feeders. We'll get tagged with condescending terms like "up and coming", "promising", and similar phrases.

    We need that win.
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  • Too true!

    Yet you don't see them on here admitting that they were wrong to do that, do you?
  • Who would go into any season considering losing games for the better of the teams future. Somehow its better to go 2-14 than 8-8 to move up a few slots to grab what? Flip, you wre right about winning a playoff game especially beating a franchise like the saints. That , for wahtever reason, will elevate our status from improving to arriving. But, Ive coached and played sports my whole life and never coached the beginning of a game by saying its OK to lose. I would explain that they could put loses behind them and there will e other opportunities but accepting losing is maybe the worst strategy Ive ever heerd anyone promote. I wouldnt care if we missed on the best QB in the draft. I would rathe rhave that culture built on wins week to week.
  • @Hollywood, RE:TANKING

    Chip Kelly said he was brought here to WIN. Then he started Michael Vick until he got hurt. Nick Foles came in and took the job from Vick in the EXACT same manner that Vick took it from Kevin Kolb: by playing hair-on-fire football. This is the way it should be. A guy should win a job by stepping up, not because a coach wants to "see something".

    The notion that any coach would START OUT a season experimenting over ONE PLAYER, shows zero regard for the remaining players, and their dream of making their current season count.

    Once you've been mathematically eliminated, by all means, mix and match to see what you can get out of teh huys you know will be there next year. God knows if you're mathematically eliminated DURING the season, your line-up was obviously shite in the first place. So by all means try to find something you can build on for OTA's.

    But to START the season with a shrug? That sends the wrong message to everyone who's NOT the experimental QB about any sense of urgency.
  • The player that worries me the most isn't graham or sproles or colston. It's lance moore. We all know how the slot guy has hurt us on 3rd down to keep drives going. Hopefully Bree's can't throw in the cold like everyone says and we get pressure on him early. It's gonna be a tough game.
  • The slot guy hurting us is a function of how we play our Safeties. This is what terrifies me about Graham and Colston. Most of the damage they do is in the middle of the field and our Safeties can't play over that AND box out a guy like Kenny Stills.

    More than Moore, Stills is the guy that worries me as he's playing the role of Devery Henderson 2.0. He's too infrequent to game plan for, but when he shows up against you it's like buckshot to the face. Hopefully the weather/ field conditions will negate some his speed
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  • That's actually a really good point. We went into that game with an OBVIOUS liability in Levon Kirkland at MLB. He helped out against the run, but against the pass he was a match-up target.

    That pass to Joe Jurevicius RIGHT OVER THE MIDDLE was Gruden's way of saying "If you're dumb enough to have this liability, I'm smart enough to make you pay for it."

    The following season the came to the Linc and their website had a cartoon of a pirate ship crashing into Vet Stadium and a flashing banner that read "WE TORE DOWN THE VET!" Tampax Gay will always occupy a special place on my s***list for that one.
  • They dont have Pierre thomas and thats a big loss. That guy is the rease that lubricates the wole offense. Thomas is Peytons go to guy in the playoffs and I think te run game will suffer. Look for Eagle run defense on lockdown and double teams on Graham.
  • Saints reporters and some players said this week that on the road they tend to run more. Idk how much truth is behind that but if it is true and with Thomas out that's a huge plus. I'm hoping Brees has problems holding onto the ball and when he does get it out its a flimsy pass without a spiral. Hopefully if the pressure isn't getting there the players are smart enough to get theirs hands up and jump to bat some balls down.
  • With Thomas out, I'd look for Sproles to see even more time when the game is in contention or if the Saints have to mount a comeback.

    If the Saints are in a position to milk the clock, my guess is we'll see a lot of Mark Ingram, but I don't expect much from him early on.

    (Full disclosure: Marques Colston and Darren Sproles up until this year have been annual fantasy staples of mine. This year I had Jimmy Graham and thought I was being slick when I originally drafted Lance Moore. I'm so used to rooting for these guys that I hope I remember not to cheer if any of them score.)
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