March 19, 2014


DESEAN Jackson for a 3rd round pick.

This is what it's come to? Are things that bad in the locker room? 10-6 must have hidden a multitude of sins, because this is no small move. Not just for the organization or the Offense, but for Nick Foles specifically.

DJax's presence changed the way teams played us. With him out there you couldn't really walk a Safety up so Shady routinely had room to roam once he broke the line. It also meant that Riley Cooper had more space if the Safety on his side walked up instead.

Whatever tape Foles is studying now, it'll be prepping him for a different situation than he will come into if they trade Jackson. This could very well be wasting his off-season. Or part of it. 

There is already an expectation of more from Foles, and the rank and file of fans won't curtail those expectations just because the system he's in may operate on a different principle than it did in 2013. Most won't understand that. And many who do, still won't care. 

I said before that Foles is not a Top 10 QB, and for many who think of him as one, may be about to unfairly lay a ton of blame on him, due to a personnel issue beyond his control.

Which could set the stage for Marcus Mariota in 2015.

  • Eagles front office is measuring fan reaction. For a 3rd round pick. Really? This would show precisely what Ive been saying for years that the organizaion is running a scam on its fans. Sproles looks like an insurance policy right now. Getting rid of Jackson would prove a lack of commitment to winning a superbowl. Ive never seen something so stupid in my life but its Philly and anything is possible.
  • I thought it was odd for you to say that fan reaction is being measured, but after hanging back, detaching from it emotionally and just WATCHING this unfold, I have to say I think something very similar to that is exactly what's happening.
  • When it came to TO they got the fans seething in anger against the guy. I never understood why they would want to get rid of a guy that sold tickets and nearly carried them to a superbowl victory. Ok. They got away with one. But Jackson does have fans whether you like him or not. Hes like the bad little brother that you want to make good. But when hes good he is really good. He is an Eagle.
  • Did the organization or TO's actions get the fans seething?...You and I both know the truth no matter what you type. You typed earlier that the TO and the Jackson situations were identical and this actually is where they are different. We all watched TO blow up and knew the type of malcontent he was...we heard him flat out say that he was going to be as disruptive as he could be in camp and knew why he was sent home to do sit ups in his driveway (it was enough for MOST of us to realize the guy was a jerk). With Jackson there just isn't enough for us to justify losing a talent like him. We know he's a diva, we know he's immature but his actions don't SEEM to be that over the top for the Eagles to be shopping him. This isn't one year and disrupt because he's not getting his new contract like TO was...this is a drafted Eagle who just seems immature and spoiled...that's the difference.
  • You dont think its odd the organization hired an untrained Hugh douglass as a security guard for McNbb. Sort of an odd scenario . Has that ever happened anywhere else in the NFL or all of pro sports for that matter?
  • What I think is odd is how you perceive things. Whoever besides you has claimed that Douglas was McNabb's bodyguard (and I think this is a first for you)? Douglas was an employee for the Eagles who simply got tired of TO disrupting things. You truly are...different. I'll comment on your post down at the bottom about flip right here. I'll actually make the same statement I started this post with...I think it's
    odd how you perceive things.
  • More weapons---scare defences---either way trade or draft---djax did open up cooper up top and middle---they need a fast recver period---sproles can take it to the house on any play---just like djax--ala rams and dick vermeil more weapons ----SUPER BOWL PERIOD--GET IT RIGHT EAGLE FRONT OFFICE.
  • No way they do this for just a third unless Jackson has become such a disruptive force (like Owens was for the 49ers and us) that they feel his subtraction is an addition. Like him or hate him this team will miss him. He will never be an elite receiver, but he creates so many openings for all of the players around him. Riley Cooper can kiss that one on one coverage goodbye if Jackson goes. One more guy in the box for shady and teams will send that extra guy at Foles. I hope the Eagles know what their doing here, because. Third round pick doesn't seem like nearly enough.
  • First of all D-Jack will be an elite receiver. Working with Michael Vick did not help him. Riley Cooper, the player you said shouldn't be in the NFL has a chemistry with Foles and will excel with or without Jackson. This is not the Eagles team they had a few years ago but it is an extremely talented team without a coach to bring them their FIRST SUPER BOWL. Foles can't play in the big game and is not a top ten quarterback.
  • Everywhere you look you see people discussing DeSean Jackson, or Chip Kelly, but there is MUCH more happening under the surface here.

    As I mention on my website ( ), Chip Kelly and DJax are lighting rods, but neither is why this is happening, or happening this way.
  • like the article. Flip for some reason i think you can stop this from happening with your writing. Im not kidding.
  • Oops... Didn't mean to like that. Come on, Hollywood. You really are delusional, aren't you?
  • The new word is the Eagles will release Jackson if they can't trade him effectively getting nothing for him and giving him a chance to join a division rival. This situation has been handled so poorly by the Eagles that I'm embarrassed as a fan. Their actions ruined any trade value they had for Jackson and now they're getting desperate seeking out teams to try and find a trade with. Jackson refuses to restructure his contract in order to facilitate a trade. This reminds me of how they only got a 6th round pick for Asante Samuel. They handled that situation poorly as well. I can't see how this move makes them a Super Bowl contender. In fact I don't see how this makes them better at all.
  • It doesn't make them better. How does taking 82 catches, 1300 yards and 9 TDs make you a better team? As much as I didn't appreciate Jackson dogging it before he got his contract and his occasional bonehead antics on the field, if the Eagles lose him for a third or worse it could go down as one of the dumbest moves by the Eagles organization ever. This to me simply seems like a team putting too much credence in their coach. I appreciate that Kelly has confidence in his system but along with a good system is a need a for talent and after last year there should be no doubt in Jackson's talent. The Eagles sure seem to be handling this horribly.
  • At this point it feels the damage is too far gone to fix. Jackson is an overly emotional individual to bring back into the fold. the Eagles have taken a hard stance here and their silence speaks more volumes than they must know. At this point they will be lucky to get a 5th round pick for Jackson.
  • It's funny that hours after you posted this Jackson posted a picture of him and Kelly (with Kelly laughing) and commented that it was nice talking to Kelly and seemingly hinting he might be staying. We'll see what happens.
  • What a shock to see such a quick turnaround. I guess Jackson just felt lost and confused. I don't fully understand what happened here, but I hope it's over with at least for this coming season.
  • Doesn't seem like there is a turnaround if you try and interpret what Kelly is saying. I guess we'll have to wait to and see what happens around the draft to be absolutely sure.
  • I read the thread on your site Flip about Jackson and Choke Kelly. I'm on there more than I'm on here just to keep up with the division. You have a great site. I love it. I can't believe how the Eagles are handling this. It reminds me of how the Cowboys have handled things in recent years. Horrible is a good adjective.
  • Flip should be writing and working for Eagles instead of the sell out Dave Spadaro. But we know that cant happen with this dishonest organization. Lurie will sell this team. I still think that is highly possible. This could be the beginning of the tank job but it dpends how the rest of free agency plays out.
  • I agree with you Hollywood.
  • So what does a Jackson release mean to Foles? Wow is sure hope this guy doesn't end up in the division killing us.
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