December 15, 2013

WTF was that?

I had said it earlier this week. This game absolutely reeked of trap game. I feel like there is one place to point the finger. Defense and special teams. I get that Cordarrelle Patterson is a dangerous return man, but every time you tried those squib kicks it gave them instant field position. The defense though. An F is too lenient. I'm giving them a Super F. You surrendered 48 points to an offense minus AP, Gerhart, and starting bum-ass Matt Cassel. The offensive playcalling was definitely lopsided, but it's hard to stay committed to the run when your defense is leaker than a catholic schoolgirl's panties. You knew the Vikes were going to air it out. Why are you only rushing 4?

Let's get one thing straight, 30 points should be enough to win any game more often than not. After giving 48 points to Cassel, I can't see how this secondary can even slow down Jeffrey and Marshall next week. I sincerely thought we were beyond having games like this. It's almost as if it's in the Eagles' DNA.

  • Look at the score around the NFL. Its changing. Yards points all going up
  • I've been saying it and saying it. If you take away McCoy as a runner, this team CANNOT win ball games.

    Foles is a talented pocket passer, but in a Spread Option type offense, he CANNOT be dynamic enough to compensate for the lack of ground game. If he played in a system similar to ones like Drew Brees or Peyton Manning play in he could do it no problem. But in a no huddle system if you can't run and keep teams honest...

    I've also been down on the Defense since the hiring of Billy Davis was announced. I'm not a casual fan. I eat, sleep and breathe NFL football. I already knew the guys work, and I'm telling you if you think you're frustrated THIS year, history indicates that you will BEG for this year's performance in 2014.

    Playing alongside a crappy defense, Foles was going to NEED to throw the ball a ton, so he was ALWAYS going to put up numbers. I staked BOTH of my fantasy seasons on the belief that the EAGLES would do exactly what I predicted this offseason. So far my predictions have paid dividends for me; as in my current playoff game I'm up 142-80. (This eclipses the 141 point mark I set Week 11 for this season. The all-time mark of 176 is also mine.) It helps to know the sport.

    BTW: Thank you GB.
  • I'm disappointed but it isn't the end of the world. You want to blame Special teams. (Absolutely agree with the defense) but I blame the two calling for the pooch kicks all day...Fipp and Kelly. Playing in a dome I would have had Henery trying to kick the ball out of the end zone all day...let Patterson run it out if he chooses to...pitiful game plan. Kelly blew it on 4th and short with a quarter to go also...only running The league's leading rusher 4 times a half is inexcusable also. I also think that Foles play wasn't nearly as good as his end numbers showed...he was off target too often against a secondary he should have torched but hopefully the experience of these games continue to make him better. Even the best struggle at times. Let's be real though...this game was just a huge reminder that this secondary isn't ever going to help thie defense become a top defense. They need help and they need it next year. I target corner as my top free agent and think about drafting one real early. The Eagles still control their destiny just not feeling too cozy anymore. Give up 48 to a hurting offense like the Vikings it's hard to feel confident about any game but if course I'll be in front if that TV rooting them on next Sunday night. That will never change.
  • Couldn't have said it better if I tried a million times. U nailed it. I have been critical of Cary Williams all year but I supported fletcher. Fletcher was garbage this game. Chung is horrible and Allen looked like the old Allen which isn't good. Corner is a huge need and I want one in the first. Possible the second as well. Idk who is there in FA this year but that clearly hasn't been working. I wonder sometimes about why the corners play off so much even in obvious screen plays. Is it how they play or is it what they're told to do?

    Foles was horrible I didn't even realize his numbers looked good. How the phuck does shady not get more carries in the first half? Pathetic play calling even worse execution. Time to learn from it and prepare for da bears.
  • I wouldn't say Foles was HORRIBLE but he certainly didn't come through enough when the team needed him to make a play. When they made it a 5 point game it was the only time he came through with a couple nice passes when needed but he was erratic for most of the game and took a sack or two he shouldn't have. Typing all that he still completed over 60% of his passes for over 400 yards and 3 TDs (and of course that horrible pick). We do have to keep in mind he is still only in his second year with only about a season's worth of work. No reason to think he won't improve in areas he needs to.
  • He came on way to late after the game was out of reach. We cut it close but that was a horrible showing. He was missing guys just like he did in the dallass game. He was also holding the ball way too long. Something he's been doing a lot lately.

    No doubt he's gonna improve. But that improving needs to start tonite and carry over to the playoffs. I want one playoff win this year. We have the talent. We have the coaching. We just need to continue to put them both together and execute. Bring on da bears!!!!!!
  • I was over the moon for the Cary Williams signing, but like I said last week I'd use a pick to replace him. It's not really his play that I have an issue with, it EVERY GODDA*N THING ELSE! His arguing with teammates, yelling at refs, trying to push his way past refs to get at a player he's arguing with...

    He's the kind of player that rubs officials the wrong way and makes them not give you the benefit of the doubt when a call is a judgement call. He's poison.

    Don't even get me started on the Safeties! I'm so SICK of saying "I told you so" this month.
  • I was against the Williams signing from the jump. He gave up like a 94 qb rating last year. He gets tackles cause he's giving up so many catches. Was looking at FA and Sam shields is going to be one along with tj ward and obviously jariyus Byrd. Draft wise I still wanna see kurtis Drummond and Kenny ladler brought in. Once we get wolff back though it should help. He was starting to come along before the injury.
  • Just had to vent there I guess. It just feels like we lost a golden opportunity with Dallas choking to Green Bay. That said, they better bring their A game these next few weeks. These next two games will be the toughest ones yet. The Bears is definitely a must win for trying to keep the lead b/c as craptastic as Dallas has looked, they don't look nearly as bad as the Skins.

    There can be no more screw ups from on here on out. It can't be understated how critical these next two are. Chicago is in a division dogfight themselves so you can count on getting their best shot. Plus they have absolutely had our number. At Soldier Field or at the Linc, it hasn't seemed to matter.
  • They blew a great opportunity and I'm bummed myself. The only thing that's helping me get through it is reminding myself that this still is year one in what many of us thought was a 3 or 4 year plan. The Eagles still seem ahead of the game. The schemes are set and the defense is improving. The quarterback seems set and should continue to improve. A corner or two, a safety, a young receiver to take the slot next year maybe and another year in could do wonders for this team...and they still have a great shot to win the division.
  • I still believe we are ateam littered with holes and a soft schedule littered with some soft looking games have kept us in the hunt. THe NFL as a whole is turning into a joke. Football has an image problem and the game has become so soft that every QB looks like Johnny Unitas and the scores have become obscene. The players atre getting softer because like basketball players they have figured out they only have to try for 1 quarter. Its a mess. Fioles lookes like Mccown who looks like Glennon who looks like Keenum who looks like ...etc
  • It was a bad game. The two man culprits were Kelly and the defense. Specifically the secondary. Allen was late a few times. Chung just got burnt by Jennings. Colt Anderson got run over. Williams fell for double moves like a rookie, and Bradley Fletcher was simply terrible. This was on Kelly, because he didn't have his guys prepped and ready. I honestly believe they overlooked this team, started feeling themselves and their press, and it bit them right on the arse. Kelly better wake up and get his guys on the same page again. On a side note how does Kelly only give McCoy 8 carries.
  • They're was a reporter, I think Derrick gunn, who said to the defense as they went to the bus something along the lines "I didn't think this team could score 48 points". The defensive player responded "either did we". I forget what show I seen it on. It was one of the post game shows on csn.
  • It's not like those squib kick off helped any either. Such a terrible game plan and defensive execution. Chip has to do better.
  • Get the referees out of the games. It took twenty years to get rid of the refs and the crappy calls and now they are running the show again. Football headed down a losing path. The fans ill reject the way the game is being played. Its a total flag driven bore.
  • Is this about the Ravens or something?
  • Why would it be about them. Its about the game as a whole . It was John Gruden calling out the refs and the ridiculous lack of hitting in ball games. I forgot you only look at stats and dont blook what is going happening on the field.
  • Bad calls happen, but the refs didn't cost the Eagles in this game. It's not like the Eagles haven't benefitted from bad ref calls. Seems silly to cry about refs.
  • Im not crying about which way the calls go but the fact that refs have interhjected themselves into the outcome of games. And its pissing off all fans not just Eagle fans.
  • Fans mad at refs. Usually the cry of the losing fans. If they want to take the ref out of it then score 40 and win.
  • Somebody get Dez Bryant a tissue! This is football! This is MAN'S sport. There ain't no crying up in here! I believe Phil Jackson said it best, save that for the girl's bathroom!
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