August 09, 2012


FOR the most part I'm going to skip talking about the back-ups.

The Starting Offense looks like they can't open holes or protect the QB. Michael Vick (on the follow through of a pass) hit the thumb of his passing hand on the helmet of his Center, who was shoved back into him. We put up 49 yards of offense Between Vick and Mike Kafka in the first half.

On Defense, last years problems with tackling reared it's head again. The Steelers were able to run it straight up our gut like they did last year. The gap assignments are still either undefined or being ignored. The pass rush was good, but coverage was "eh" at best.

Tonight was proof that it's NOT the MLB that should be the focal point of blame when run Defense breaks down. We've had a rookie and a Pro Bowler plugged in and we've gotten the same result. Gap assignments!

Final Score: 24-23 Eagles

Score after the first half: 13-0 Steelers


Guys who looked good:

Phillip Hunt, Mychal Kendricks, VINNY CURRY, Cedric Thornton, Nick Foles, Brandon Graham, Bryce Brown and Mardy Gilyard

Everything I was looking to see was absent last night. 


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  • Well if that's what they USUALLY do, then I guess you expected what you got and therefore aren't disappointed.

    I'm happy for you.
  • Mortal Lock?
  • If we aren't bitten too hard by the injury bug then yes, I still stick by my words.
    That said, Maclin, Celek, Nate Allen, Babin, and Cole, ALL didn't even play. If that or something similar happens during the season, then I think anyone with any sense (meaning of course everyone but you) would qualify that as the injury bug taking a BIG bite.
  • Rusty is clearly a fake ID.... Anyways didn't I already point out the fact it isn't wise to ignore and glance over the flaws of the past? Am I the only one concerned with the fact that Kafka looked like a guy who can't take pressure our there and got out shined buy who hasn't taken snaps all preseason? What about these injuries that everyone wants to glance over as no big deal? Jenkins tweaks his hamstring (as I stated before hamstrings tend to linger) in less than a quarter of work. Vick's out of a game (again), and Maclin is so fragile that he he can't even suit up. We might want to ignore the back ups for now, but with the starters on this team they are probably going to have to get a lot of playing time this season. So the Eagles receivers are too good (even though they can't even get on the field)to sign Plaxico Burress, but the Cowboys receivers aren't? This idea of everything will be alright week one isn't going to work if guys can't stay healthy to get their timing down.
  • Kafka wasn't outshined by Foles. Kafka didn't play well, but he was out there when Pittsburgh was still sprinkling in starters and key back-ups. Foles (and he did play well) was looking at 3rd string players and guys who may not even make the Steelers roster.

    Kafka didn't look like guy who couldn't take pressure, he looked like a guy who couldn't SHAKE pressure. As did Vick (Who was again dinged in the pocket). No QB will finish a 16 game season (as a winner) with blocking like this.

    Many Eagles besides Maclin (Celek, Nate Allen, Babin, Cole, Chaney) didn't suit up last night. And with the crappy protection, I doubt he'd have been of much use anyway.

    I was actually surprised that they had Jenkins suit up at all. His tear was less severe than Babins', but you tear/tweak your hammy from sudden movement. His game is MOSTLY sudden movement, so you'd think he'd want to rest to be able to have it when he needs it.
  • I have to say I am concerned. The run defense still looks troubling. Nnamdi still looks lost out there. The injuries still keep coming. A repeat of last season wont go over well in Philly.
  • To get back to Kafka the importance is this. Kafka more than likely will play this season and if he can't get the job done against first string players then it will be w huge problem for the Eagles. The Steelers might have been playing with two starters (maybe) when Kafka was in. Foles was playing with backups too so I would say the playing field was level and as such Kafka was outshined.
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  • 모든 것이 진실 팬에게 분명하다. 어떤 것 또는 다른 사람인 체는 사람들에게 분명하지는 않습니다. 그저 자신에게 솔직하고 좋은 하루 보내.
  • its called football why they use helmets and pads
  • Juan is going to kill this football season. If he doesn't understand to go big in short yardage when the other team has one back, an additional lineman, and two TE's by now he never will. Reid's biggest mistake was not to fire this guy and his game day management just may cause Reid his job. I don't want to hear about Todd Bowles either. Bowles isn't calling the plays on gameday Juan is. I also don't want to hear about him replacing Juan, because by the time that happens it will be too late.
  • DYNASTY in the makings? Maybe he meant FANTASY in the makings. MORTAL LOCK!
  • Wow. This level of over-reaction over a bad PRESEASON performance is just ridiculous. So they went in down 13-0 at the half! Everything they had a problem with is EXACTLY the stuff we wanted them to focus on fixing. It isn't fixed yet, true but we weren't exactly playing with out top unit out there.

    The starting line was Tapp, Landri, Dixon, and (I think) Graham that's a combined total of 0 starts last year and it looked like it.

    The TD pass everyone wants to put on Asomugha? Even the announcers said that Nnamdi was expecting Jarrett (playing for an injured Allen) to "flash" inside. They said it DURING the game. Right about WHEN it happened. If you look at the replay Jarrett takes a step but never commits in any direction, but he's still a work in progress, it's not like he played much last year.
  • First off I could have cared less if they won or lost this game. What you are so candidly ignoring is the fact this team is having similar problems to the team from last season. What did we do then? We over looked those problems and assumed they would just work out. Clearly it didn't!

    I'm glad you brought up the walk in catch touchdown that people are so down on Nnamdi for. Well actually I'm down on Nnamdi for several other problems he had on that series that you seem to be ignoring, but I will discus my problem with that play and it's three fold.
    My first problem is with the play call it's self. Why does Juan call a read and react defense in the redzone? That is a type of defense that allows the defender to react to the moments of the receivers so generally the defense plays off. By the time the player reacts the ball is generally caught. Basically it's the type of defense one would use to prevent a big play of to make a tackle on 3rd and long prior to the first down marker. It's not something to do when the offense is inside the 5!
    Then you have Juan calling this defensive play for a guy like Jaquan Jarrett. Maybe he was testing the kid, but he gave the kid, but he set him up for failure from the beginning as no one was covering the tight end in the slot. Jarrett's first responsibility would have been to him and he ran right at Jarrett causing him to not only hesitate but he also shielded Jarret from the slant route. Jarrett basically had no shot to make that play other than to maybe get a hit in on the receiver and if that is the plan then it is a crappy plan for playing redzone defense.
    Finally Nnamdi really screwed the pooch on this one. He lined up over the man and NEVER ENGAGED HIM ON THE BUMP. In fact Nnamdi immediately went to the outside despite the fact there was no coverage responsibility for him there. If Nnamdi is such a great bump and run guy he easily could have forced the player to the outside. In this case it would have been the move to make, because again Jarrett had coverage responsibility to both the TE and the slant route while Nnamdi only had to play a spot. If Nnamdi forces the receiver to the sideline all he would have been able to do was catch a fade route along the sidelines and keep both feet in bounds. In my opinion a far more difficult catch than giving up the slant. Now why was Nnamdi so hesitant to play bump? The answer is simple. Earlier in the drive Nnamdi played bump on the receiver and the receiver not only disengaged Nnamdi quickly, he left him (on a slant route) and had Nnamdi spinning like a top trying to catch up! Nnamdi played terribly. That's not to say Jarrett didn't. Quite frankly Jarret was awful. He made bad decisions in coverage, but the worst thing he did was take terrible tackle angles and one play (on one of the big runs by the Steelers) he slammed right into Phillip Hunt knocking both of them down and freeing the back for more yards. Jarrett was bad, but Nnamdi is a vet and frankly he played like a confused rookie. He makes to much money to look that bad.
    The bottom line is poor coaching mixed with an indecisive corner along with a totally lost safety will yield redzone touchdowns. That wont change unless the formula changes, and that's bigger than just preseason.
  • Nnamdi should have bumped him at the line if only to throw off the timing.

    Look, they added a DT, a LB, and a DE with their first three picks in the Draft. While they got better down the stretch last year those problems (tackling, gap assignments) were still there. They are far from a finished product.

    Have I or have I not said that I expect them to hit their stride around week 4 or 5? The Eagles have to (in real game action) play into their identity. Last night the Steelers did what the Steelers have done since before Bill Cowher was the coach. The Eagles made an O-line coach the DC last year and have just forked over a kings ransom to a HB. They're in uncharted waters here. Last year's excuse was that there was no offseason to prepare. Now we have an offseason. But THIS is still that offseason. They will not be great right out of the chute. They cannot be. There is still too much to fix.

    I mentioned a small group of things I wanted to see out of this team, because I expected baby steps at first. I expect better in this next game. And I love that it's a road game against a Super Bowl caliber team.

    Keep the faith. Give it a few weeks.
  • Your still kind of missing the point. bigger than both Jarrett and Nnamdi is the flaw in th scheme itself. Remember how last season they played far too much read and react defense forcing guy to generally attempt to make tackles and plays after the catch? Well it's still here. Case in point are both of the plays I mentioned prior. I already went into detain about the Nnamdi/Jarrett play so I wont go there, but consider the play where Jarrett ran into Hunt. The reason the back got into the second level was clearly because the guard, cent and guard all engaged the three Eagles linebackers three yards down field. They never moved. They never attacked the line of scrimmage. That just sat there and took on 300 pound men gaining momentum. They had no shot to make a play, because they weren't attacking the line of scrimmage. The Eagles scheme nullified their linebackers one true strength of speed. The back was already 5 yards down field before anyone had a shot to hit him and Jarrett hit that guy out of the play. So you see it doesn't matter who they bring in if they wont use them properly. Did you even notice they still rarely sent blitzes? On both plays where Ben was rushed they only sent four and once he scrambled the coverage broke down and the Steelers made big plays out of it. Why get rid of Asante Samuel to play the a scheme he excels at? You have two of the better man cover guys in football, but instead they are playing zones and putting a tremendous amount of responsibility on a guy who they didn't even want to play special teams last season in Jarrett. Giving up 4-5 games in an NFL season is suicide. I can't see them winning that many in a row to make a real playoff run especially when Mike Vick more than likely will spend some time on the sidelines. If that is the case then it's poor planning overall by the Eagles coaching staff considering they are in the division with the super bowl champs, they are playing this season one of the toughest divisions in football, and the NFC as a whole has several teams in it capable of winning double digit games.
  • And you make my point for me.

    Guard Center Guard downfield making blocks on LB's mean the D-line was blocked by who?.....

    That's gap assignment. And yes it's scheme, but you can look at a scheme and make what coaches call adjustments. If you lack talent or depth, or variety among player skillsets, you're dead in the water. The problem the Eagles have is fixable, with what they already have on the roster and staff. What I'm saying is that they'll (with a years experience) be faster at making adjustments as coaches and better at recognizing their own schemes weakpoints as players. It's just going to take a while.

    And I don't expect them to "give up" 4-5 games before they hit their stride. However a 2-3 start seems as likely as a 3-2 start. I'll wait for the 3rd preseason game before I put a HARD prediction on the year though.
  • The D-line was up field rushing the quarterback and completely ignoring the run. A scheme problem that hasn't been fixed and wont be and do you know why? IT'S THE SCHEME!!!! It doesn't matter who they put out there, because they will get the same results. If you never make your linebackers attack the line of scrimmage then they wont. If the Eagles sent to of those guys on the play it would have blown the whole thing up forcing the back to the outside and that's where the Eagles can excel, because they are a fast football team. Just wishing Juan figures it out is nothing more than wishful thinking. This is the plan. They want to make square pegs fit in round holes, and ramming it in there until it works. Hopefully a month into the season as you put it they eventually have been beaten up enough they will become round.
  • One more thing. Vick, Jackson, McCoy, Avant, and even Clay Harbor now have been together for some time and they looked completely out of sync. The one thing that's been a constant shouldn't look so completely lost out there. This just seems to be a norm with this team. They have this false idea they can just turn it on when they want to, but that really isn't the case. On the play when Vick got sacked he first called time out. Whatever he saw he didn't like. Then he got tricked. The Eagles called a max protect play and sent out three wide receivers. The Steelers only sent four even though they showed an 8 man front. Vick had four seconds to make a play, but I'm sure that was challenging considering there were 7 guys in coverage and perhaps a spy or two on him. If we are back to the max protection stuff the it's going to be a long and difficult season. They went max protect and still gave up a sack.
  • I fail to see what giving up a sack in "Max" vs. a FOUR MAN rush has to do with the QB, TE, or WR's. Sounds like some sh***y blocking to me. Even if Vick got tricked, it was still a FOUR MAN rush vs. a five man line.

    You say he had 4 seconds and still got sacked? If that's true that means DURING those 4 seconds someone was on their way to him. 3 guys running through 7 guys, in 4 seconds, with a pocket collapsing? It's an easy completion from an armchair or sofa, I'm sure. But QB's get sacked BECAUSE of such circumstances. (The Eagles notched 7 last night.)

    Besides I doubt the Eagles were running anything interesting for those receivers on the play.
  • Actually I am pointing out it's quite a feat to make a pass under those conditions. That's why I'm saying it's going to be a long season if that continues. With that being the case Vick got confused by the coverage as if he was a rookie and not a veteran. That is alarming to say the least. But I know it's only preseason and sometime around week 6 they will figure it out right? Because you say so?
  • YES. Because I say so.
  • If the Eagles are listening to you then it is a mortal lock! A mortal lock to failure.
  • Very good edification, but how do you explain just 49 yards of offense with your 1 & 2 unit in thr first half?

  • niners won also 17-6
  • Apparently King Dunlap has replaced Bell on the depth chart. Kafka now has a broken hand. Am I the only one concerned about this, or will Dunlap be an All-Pro by week 5?
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