October 07, 2012

Yeah yeah yeah!

Not gonna rag on them but this is a a .500 ball club.  There is a certain someone with semi  football experience that has nailed it.  Yep its a mortal lock superbowl here we come.

  • I blame Mike Vick....
  • There is some blame to spread around but he is definitely #1!
  • Public enemy number one. I actually thought we would lose this game though, and although I never like a loss, I do think we can rebound in these next two home games to go 5-2.
  • They need to start scoring points! I think this "high powered" offense is averaging less than 16 points a game! Turnovers are a HUGE part of that but we simply can't just ignore them because they had one game when they took care of the ball!
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  • Exactly, Spot!
  • It's okay Green! All we have to do is hold hands and the flipsters imaginary line! Then everything will be okay.

    Seriously I agree. There is something wrong with this offense and it starts with number 7. It's a momentum killer to drive all the way down the field and to fumble. This guy needs to step it up. I don't care what the founder, CEO, and only member of the Riley Cooper fan club writes. A veteran like Mike Vick should not be struggling with the basic concepts of NFL football.
  • He struggles reading blitzes also, Eazy. Never seems to hit the hot route. He would rather try to extend the play and use his feet or go long which also gets him hit.
  • You're making it hard for me to believe they have a shot
    to win these next two games Green. LOL
  • To be fair, the offensive line struggled again today but it doesn't change the fact that Vick is horrible against the blitz.

    I think they bounce back next week but not so sure against Atlanta. Let's see how they look against Detroit,
  • Reid is horrible vs blitz as well. Not a good combo
  • Hes struggling but so is the rest of the offense. I didnt see receivers wide open even on the plays they made. The game plan is vanilla and we dont have the blocking up front so far this season. Its limiting the options. Not to mention Reid should have let them score at the end and let Vick have the ball last.
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  • We can and it was an AFC game but this isnt a team playing with precision or execution.
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  • thats a suprise
  • He's afraid of the other guy behind him. There is also a part of if Mike Vick fails and Kolb succeeds, then Reid looks like an idiot for trading a QB for a Cornerback. What would Lurie think of the man he's entrusted his team with for so many years if he blows this one?
  • I still think he feels that he has a better chance with Vick. Honestly think about it...you yourself just recently stated that you expect them to be 5-2 in the next few weeks.
  • dont worry about Kolb he still is a backup and not a bonafide starter. He still presses to make the longer passes. The Eagles didn lose anything letting him go.
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  • LOL.
  • The team could easily have no wins. Luck ran out for Reid. The offense is not physical and the defense has holes.
  • Luck ran out on number 7. Dude is a catastrophe right now. He better get his act together or he will be the reason Reid loses his job.
  • oh well.
  • Oh well??? And you wonder why people question if you really are an Eagles fan.
  • Im not a big fan of Reid whether he salvages the season or not. Im refraining fromm really describing my displeasure with what Reid has done to this organization. He is the definition of complacent.
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  • Don't forget Hollywood that retired semi-pro player is also stand up comedian so he obviously knows more about football than everyone on the 94 WIP Staff, Hall Of Fame Writers like Ray Didinger, Vegas Odds makers, fans, former NFL players, and everyone else. Just hold onto that imaginary line and worship Riley Cooper and you will be okay. It's a mortal lock.
  • you are funny. Spot has me all wrong here. I like Vick but I dont care what they do at this point. I suggest leaving him there because I know the alternatives will be less desireable. Reid doesnt have a McNabb to bail him out. He has to dial up something to save his rear end. So far he is clueless. Personally, I would never suggest running Vick into a pile. Let him run to the edge or off tackle. Make it a foot race. Hes not a fullback.
  • I would never have had Vick run it at all. Last time I checked the Eagles had a back who scored 17 touchdowns last season. Just give him the ball!
  • The way Vick holds onto the ball? Flirting with disaster!
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  • Actually thats a valid point to put in Foles at the goal line. You see spot you have people helping your thoughts come out.
  • thats Reids fault
  • remember he runs around with a rack of broken ribs.
  • What are you typing about? Ribs that were broken last year? Yeah, you're not reaching now! You are pathetic!
  • so he is wearing a kevlar jacket to stop a bullet?
  • If he has too much to think about including his "broken" rack of ribs then he needs to be benched IMMEDIATELY! I'm not saying that these things are bothering him...YOU ARE...but if they are the Eagles need to bring in Foles!
  • I think McNabb played with injuries. You see a pattern forming.
  • Vick isn't hurt hollywood...what the hell are you getting at?
  • You say he isnt hurt. But no one takes a beating like he does and comes out unscathed.
  • Typed it before, he is to blame for much of that beating! Besides, he isn't listed on the injury report so just stop making up excuses! Every player gets banged up...if Vick can't take it bring in Foles!
  • Well that one is the coaches fault too.
  • I agree EZ.
  • i would give mccoy the ball and then use mccoy misdirection to run vick. but to have vick take shotgun snaps and take a step back and go is about as telegraphed as you can get. especially with an o-line that cant block.
  • then blame the coach
  • I have blamed the coach for some of the playcalling but Vick put the ball on the carpet 4 times (and was lucky a foot barely touched him on one of them)! You are a fool if you think that was all on Reid! Vick needs to take care of the ball no matter what play is called. On his first two fumbles he was wasn't even hit that hard and still coughed them up. Roethlisberger gets his hand tomahawked by Cox and he still holds onto the ball. Vick panics and looks to run and scramble out of trouble when he gets blitzed...Roethlisberger hits the hot route. Teams are blitzing Vick because they know he doesn't handle it well, to put it mildly. Vick is part of the problem with this offense no matter what you want to believe...a huge part of the problem on an offense that is only averaging around 16 points a game so far!
  • I still believe he is hampered by his ribs. Reid should know this and protect his weak spot. Instead Reid puts him at risk. He is the only coach I know of that doesnt do the most to "help" his QB. He wants his QB to "help" him.
  • He hurt his ribs in the preseason (did not break them, x-rays were negative) and it's week 5. How many made up excuses are you going to lay at Vick's feet? Too much to think about...all the fumbles are Reid's fault because of the playcalling..."broken" rack sof ribs that are still bothering him...you are a joke!
  • He had cartaledge damage to his ribs and plays with a kevlar jacket Do you think he enjoyed wearing that hot heavy jacket in sun devil stadium.
  • Now you are going to blame the kevlar vest...what's next, hollywood? You are starting to look even more ridiculous!
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  • I went to this game today. It is really hard sitting through crap like that. The man fumbles way way too much! He is hard to watch. I really want to see foles
  • Zuk- why pay for that crappy football?
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  • You are right romo. When he is locking everything and playing his semi pro superbowl he is a real stiff. But when he disappears I see the humor in everything he says.
  • Go back and read your own posts if you want to see humor!
  • What's up Romo my brutha..ain't this a crazy freakin' season so far? About to watch the Texans dismantle the Jets om MNF coached by the 'Circus Master' Rex 'Me Loves Some Feet' Ryan. Enjoy and Be Cool.
  • Im sure not a lot of you recall the group The Doors??? Cue the record??? The END.....my point is??? OMG the eagles lost???? we have reached the END dum dee dumm dum dum dum dum dumb.......
  • Love the Doors, love the song...your posts...not so much.
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