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Found February 23, 2013 on Speleb:
PLAYERS: Tiger Woods

From Speleb:

Golfer Tiger Woods and ex-wife Elin Nordegren were spotted together for the first time with their kids at a youth sporting event in Jupiter, Fla.

TMZ published photos of Woods and Nordegren at a baseball game. This the first time cameras have captured photos of the two together since Woods’ affairs became global news a few years ago.

Woods arrived first with his son and daughter. Nordegren arrived about an hour later. They chatted together for about 30 minutes.

They took off in Nordegren’s car after spectators noticed them.

Woods was able to attend the family event since he lost in the first round of the Accenture Match Play golf tournament.

Woods plays in a few days at the Honda Classic in North Palm Beach, Fla.

The golfer has been romantically linked to skier Lindsey Vonn.

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  • Lindsey won't like that Tiger. See he can't be faithful. Shame to see Lindsey with him. I liked her until she started running around with this loser. But he only likes blondes.
  • Could you please learn how to spell? Seriously, nobody wants to see your crap in the middle of a blog. Loews? Capitalize your "I" and quit insulting so many people's intelligence. Idiot!!!!!
  • The spelling police. Insecure little Hitler! When you can't intelligently respond, criticize grammar.
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  • Wilson take your spam junk somewhere else. I'm sick of it.
  • There will always be spelling and grammar mistakes on blogs. Get over it English teacher. Nobody wants to hear your crap.
  • Spelling correctly shows how intelligent you really are. If you can't spell, you probably are illiterate and shouldn't be taken seriously.!
  • I couldn't agree with reciprocator more, if you want to teach English get a job at your local high school.
  • that loser is laughing at you all the way to the bank, and I'm quite sure that Lindsey could care less about how you feel towards her. she would laugh too, if she took the time to follow this garbage. tiger deserves a second, third, and even fourth chance.
  • It's "couldn't care less" Sheeesh!!!
  • I agree. It's couldn't care less. Why do so many people say that wrong?
  • jealous much?! like uve nevr cheatd?? obviously lindsey likes him duh!lets c u make all that money golfn o wait all u do is critisize!! ha ur 1 of those?!O GOD OFF WITH HER HEAD!u dnt kno crap bout him SHUT UR MOUTH!!!
  • Read much? My 8 year old nephew sounds more literate then you. I am not the best speller but holy crap, the post from Buckeygirl is almost another language. Anyway, who cares how much money someone has, a tool s a tool, and Tiger is a tool.
  • Literate? How about a tool IS a tool. Fool.
  • it IS another language you moron - it's called texting
  • Wow. If you did go to Ohio State, you need a refund.
  • This country is getting crowded with haters and hypocrites, what a bunch of self righteous a-holes I personally hope he gets back together with his wife or whatever he feels like doing. He has earned the right as the greatest golfer in history and the most important thing its his business so all of you with a GOD complex that figure you must judge him take a hike and get a life. You just wish you had his money, looks, and fame. you jealous a-holes.
  • wow, i think it's great they're putting differences aside for the sake of their kids. awesome!!
  • Good grief...that's still the mother of his children. They would have to maintain some type of relationship. That doesn't mean he is cheating on Lindsay....get a clue dude.
  • I agree. Wadles judges others by his own sleazy standards.
  • I agree, they are going to have to be together sometimes for the kids, and yes he was wrong by doing what he did, but blame the other women also, they knew he was married, and it is nice to see that they can get along now for the kids sake
  • the other women were all paid hoes idiot.
  • I really would like to see Tiger and Elin back together. The kids need to have both parents with them all the time, not one at a time. He needs to stay away from Lindsey. Tiger is not a loser, he just made some wrong choices. I would feel very proud to be Tiger's girlfriend. So what if he cheats, as long as the person he is with knows it and is okay with it. As for me I would be perfectly okay with it. So everybody, LEAVE TIGER ALONE.
  • Ain't ever gonna happen tigress12, once an adulterer, always an adulterer. He's scum and that's all there is to it.
  • half the PGA Tour is probably in the same boat as tiger.... only difference is they aren't popular enough for people to care if they cheat...... he' s a black man dominating at a white man's game....so everybody wanted to see him fall... i mean who care's if he has given back to the community more than any of those other rich assholes do.... who care's if his junior program's introduces underprivileged kids to the game of golf.... He messed up there's no arguement that he messed up but he is not scum....
  • Dominating? Is this 2007?
  • WOW, pray you never screw up.....
  • Tigress 12....shows what your moral values are all about. Does that 12 behind your moniker mean you're 12 years old. You're a loser!
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  • I am amazed at the fact that the real issue is not that "spectators noticed them" it is the fact that the camera taking idiot could not let it go and continued to try for the magic shot. Where is DDT when we really need it?
  • You know what upsets me ........... ALL THESE WOMEN whom made themselves AVAILABLE TO TIGER ......... KNEW ......... HE WAS A MARRIED MAN WITH CHILDREN! Therefore, if these sorry women did NOT respect his marriage, what the heck was Tiger to do with all these WOMEN COMING AFTER HIM AND SEDUCING HIS AZZ! After all, he is the BEST GOLF PLAYER, MAKING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and these sorry women pursued him until he finally gave it!

    I am so fed up with the MEDIA making it the MAN'S FAULT, when it they should be down gading these sorry azz women, that make it HARD for a man to remain Loyal and Faithful!

    Those sluts can kiss my last azz for destroying Tiger's Family! THEY KNEW THE MAN WAS MARRIED WITH CHILDREN! I DESPISE, SLUTS AND HARD UP WOMEN WHOM BROUGHT DOWN TIGER WOODS! For their Hard Up Azzes should be in the NEWS, so other WEAK MEN can be aware of what's coming after them!

    Truth is Elin, should be suing these sluts for screwing up her family ............ because they KNEW TIGER WAS MARRIED!
  • LMAO wow woman hater on board woman hater on board...but since you started it, I'm so SICK of everyone saying "men give in" they can't help it blah blah blah..if MEN weren't such pathetic weak little punks, they wouldn't cheat...but you are pathetic, weak snots and you get what you get....loser
  • Wow Jocosity, you sound like a woman with mommy and daddy issues. Did daddy cheat on mommy? did your girlfriend cheat on you with another man? Don't hate on the player. If Elin was satisfying him at home he would'nt have needed to look for other women. I divorced my wife because she just was'nt into sex, and sex is a huge factor in a relationship. you must have low self esteem issues.
  • Maybe you're just not good in bed - did that ever cross your mind? She probably moved on to someone who was.
  • you are pathetic
  • You sound pretty hatefull yourself.
  • don't get mad at me because men are weak and pathetic when it comes to women and sex...it's ok, society expects this from you and we all move on.
  • Ellen DeGeneres? Hey girl! I like your work, but you need to stop trolling on the web.
  • wow...you have issues...I bet you voted democrat....
  • *Tiger was/is an arrongant douche whose father had odd racial biases and racial preferences -in women- (which Tiger also has)

    *Elin was a nanny (she was never a real model) who only had one real job in her life. Like so many blond nannies -she positioned herself to be seen by the rich and famous and married rich and famous. Asian, latina, african, and Jamaican nannies just work hard -for no medical benefits- then go home. **
    Tiger wasn't handsome, or charming, or known for being nice. So why did Emin marry him? For the same reason that string of white women he cheated with- slept with him? Now Elin has Oprah money and is dating a billionare. Both got what they wanted.
    Both of these people are sleazy. Their kids are just kids- no more imporant than any other.
  • wow, another woman hater...jealous??/ lol you men are PATHETIC!!!
  • Do you know her??
  • again, don't get mad at me because you men are pathetic
  • yeah really gotta calm your feminist crap. woman have just as much potential to **** **** up as any man does to say we're pathetic is stereotyping....free747 is right(to a degree). I say this out of respect for women when I say there is no way in hell that many women slipped right past elin's nose like that no woman is that stupid... she knew what she was getting into when she married him....
  • get a life, you loser.
  • Let's see here. We have losers, pathetic people, hoes, woman hater and punks covered. Can't we get some fresh meat out there in safety of cyberspace??
  • Agree 100% with free747.
  • A man and his ex attend their sons baseball game it happens every day this is some news story the media is pathetic.
  • He's always been a loser....
  • One angry dude!
  • Seriously ??? Who gives a f***
  • Tiger is getting back on track. It may be fashionable to hate him, but I think he is trying to get back to the mother of his kids and do things right for a change. We will have to wait and see.
  • This is co-parenting. They have two children together and many divorced parents take part in their children school/sports activities! Only time will tell if the rumors that they may get back together are true! But I think that Elin will never go back to Tiger who is a serial cheater and whom she will never trust again!!!
  • No one, apparently
  • 90 percent of men who cheat only cheat because they arent satisfied at home....anyone in a relationship for any length of time and especially with kids know what i am talking about...the quality time is basically non existant... sometime a man needs to feel wanted and it gets addicting....I am perfectly happy at home with my wife but I wasnt happy with my first wife and guess what!! I didnt get posted all over the media but I know how he felt...Happiness is different for everyone...why do they have to bust his balls....only cause he is rich...
  • What the heck...I would date Tiger if a paycheck was in the works, and I'm not gay.23 Why does anyone give a hoot?
  • You're all idiots. How do you feel now?
  • I feel like you need to get a haircut. Is that a Mohawk or a reverse mullet? You are the same moron who asked "where is the University of Toledo?" I can't believe you are calling ANYONE an idiot. By the way...The Mets SUCK!!!
  • U loser 2. feel gud.
  • Easy, people relax...Who really cares about all that anyway?
  • Well,Geeee, imagin that! They got kids together. I'm sure they'll be seen together off and on most of there lives, dah! Tiger didn't commit the unforgivable sin! Why not leave the guy alone. We love watching him play golf. Focus on his good qualities not his past!
  • So what is it going to be? The baby momma or the skier? Come on Tiger make a plan and stick to it.
  • Since his golf has been better, maybe he has been thinking more clearly and keeping his pants zipped. He's single. He can see anyone he wishes to see. He will be seen with his ex and his kids since they are a significant part of his earlier life.

Tiger, Elin spotted together

Tiger Woods and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren hadn't been photographed together since his sex scandal broke, 3 years ago, but finally the two were recently spotted together with their son and daughter.According to TMZ, the two arrived [separately] at an event in Jupiter, FL for a local youth sports organization. Tiger arrived at the event first, while Elin arrived about an hour later...

Tiger Woods And Ellen Nordegren Spotted Together At Youth Event (Photo)

There have been countless rumors about Tiger Woods and skier Lindsey Vonn, and some about him and his wife getting back together for a price. So you had to expect people to get in an uproar the first time they had a chance to see Tiger Woods and his ex-wife Ellen Nordegren together out in public together. Woods and Nordegren were photo out and about, albeit with their children at...

Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy Eliminated on First Day of Match Play Competition in Arizona

MARANA, Ariz. — Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods knocked out in the first round of the Match Play Championship? Not many would have given that a snowball’s chance in the desert. Almost as surprising as the freakish snowstorm on Dove Mountain was the sight of golf’s two biggest stars heading to the airport, only the second time in the 15-year history of this wild tournament that...

Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren Spotted Together For First Time in Years (Photos)

It’s been over three years since Tiger Woods crashed his car on Thanksgiving. That accident led to the reveal of the golfer’s numerous mistresses. Woods and his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, have rarely been spotted together since 2009, but on Saturday they were together again, according to TMZ. Woods and Nordegren took in a youth sports event in Jupiter, Fla. together. Woods and...

Woods, McIlroy eliminated from Match Play

MARANA, Ariz. (AP) -- Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods knocked out in the first round of the Match Play Championship? Not many would have given that a snowball's chance in the desert. Almost as surprising as the freakish snowstorm on Dove Mountain was the sight of golf's two biggest stars heading to the airport, making this only the second time in the 15-year history of this...

Elin Nordegren Tiger Woods reuniting?

Is there a Elin Nordegren Tiger Woods reunion brewing? Via CBS As reported by TMZ, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren were photographed together at a youth sports event of some sort on Saturday in Jupiter, FL. The event (a baseball game?) presumably involved one of their two children, both of whom Woods has plenty of time to spend with as long as he keeps exiting tournaments early. Tiger...

Did Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Reunite?

Photo from TMZ.com Did Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Reunite? When the famous exes were photographed together for the first time in years this weekend the web was aflutter with one question–did Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren reunite? Over the weekend Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren were seen with their two children, Sam and Charlie, at a local youth sports...
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