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Each team is different. May it be a different scheme, a different style, or a different skill level, each team can be summed up in a word or two. Even if there are so many things to say about a team, there's noramally one thing I can say about the team that stands out the most. So lets get to it!49ers - DominantI say dominant because there is no area on the field that they are lacking skill. The Super Bowl losers are looking to go back. They've gotten closer and closer these past two years, and they want to get it done this year. If you look at how they've played and how they dominated teams like the Packers in the playoffs, it's evident that they are one of the most skilled teams in the league. They've already manhandled the Green Bay Packer defense THROWING the ball.Bears - LeaderlessWith the loss of the 14-year pro Brian Urlacher, who will fill his giant shoes? Seeing the Ravens and their Ray Lewis-less defense get annihillated by the Broncos should scare the Bears a bit. Without a leader, who knows how they could play. They could miss important details and coverages could break. The offense will hopefully do well, but Chicago fans should be concerned. They did have an impressive game against the Bengals though.Bengals - BalancedThe Bengals, in my opinion, are the most balanced team in the NFL. They don't have many fantastic players, but the chemistry between them all is astounding. Andy Dalton isn't anything special, but he still has led them to the playoffs both of his two years in the NFL, along with the help of A.J. Green. A lot of people (But I was one of the first) say that the Bengals are going to win the division this year, and it was definitely because they're so balanced, like the Ravens were last year.Bills - ManualOr should I say Manuel? Pretty much, there are 5 quarterbacks and 5 gears. Hopefully one of them works instead of them stalling out. Their defense just lost Jarius Byrd, which is a problem, so their offense will need to step up. Let's just hope that E.J. Manuel is ready to play and doesn't get injured. The Patriots was a bad game to start your possibly injured quarterback, but he did do very well against them.Broncos - ScoringUmmm... SEVEN TOUCHDOWNS on Thursday against the Ravens. I'm pretty sure the addition of Wes Welker to their already outstanding group helps. I don't have to say much more.Browns - UpcomingThe Browns have been working on their defense over the offseason. From the looks of it in the preseason, Brandon Weeden and his 334 yards, 60% completion, 3 touchdowns, and no interceptions looks pretty good. Sadly, the interceptions he threw in the first game of the season versus the Miami Dolphins isn't 'pretty good'. The problem with the Browns is that they're good, just not good enough to put it away.Buccaneers - SteppingPersonally, I like Josh Freeman. Sadly, this could be his last year in Tampa Bay. He just hasn't gotten it done. He needs to either step up, or he'll be asked to step down or out the door. As for the defense we'll see if Darelle Revis will step the same as he did two years ago or if he lost a step. I'm so funny. Losing to the Jets, that looks a lot like stepping down. On the bright side, they can only go up from here.Cardinals - FlashbackRemember when Kurt Warner came to Arizona? He seemed washed out after being forced to play in arena football. But he matched up with Larry Fitzgerald and took the Cardinals to a Super Bowl. If anyone reminds you of Warner, kinda seems like it would be Carson Palmer, right? Where has Palmers receivers been? He hasn't had a good one in a very long time, if ever. I think we may see a good Cardinals team this year. After their game on Sunday, it's looking like it.Chargers - CorneredIn my opinion, the Chargers are one of the worst teams in the league. Philip Rivers isn't the quarterback he used to be, Ryan Mathews isn't very good, their wide recievers are injured, and the defense gives up too many points. Yes, they're looking better this year, but with the Broncos and Chiefs looking better this year, I'm sure they wont be doing much. But their -almost- rout over the Houston Texans was... Shocking... to say the least.Chiefs - RebornWith Andy Reid coming in, and trading for Alex Smith, the Chiefs will do well this year. Last year, they had a lack of intelligence and skill in the head coach and quarterback positions. This year will be quite different. There are plenty of stars on that team who just couldn't get anything done because of bad leadership and play calling. This year, the Chiefs will know what they're doing. Their demolition of the Jaguars (yea yea, it's just the Jaguars) shows they're definitely going to be a team to watch out for.Colts - Luck-yWith Peyton Manning injured and the worst record in the league, Colts fans were afraid that that is what they'd have to deal with for a couple years. Luckily for them, Luck was drafted and dominated, picking up where Manning had left off. Luck took them to a 11-5 record last year, and will most likely improve this year. They 'Lucked' out by getting such a good quarterback.Cowboys - SpectrumJerry Jones is not very intelligent. He gave Tony Romo a contract that made him, at the time, the highest payed player in the NFL. Romo led the league in interceptions last year. Yet, there are times when Romo is on the other side of the spectrum. When he plays very good. The fact that he also had the 3rd most yards and 6th most touchdowns is impressive. The Cowboys like to shoot themselves in the foot. So this year, for their/his sake, Romo better be more clutch and play as well as that contract shows.Dolphins - CompetitorThe Dolphins are looking solid, and starting to balance out. Ryan Tannehill in his second year should turn out well, especially with a new toy on offense with Mike Wallace. On defense, they're pretty solid as well, with a very good defense, especially in their linebacking corps. They'll finally be a competitor in the AFC and one of the easiest divisions (except for the Patriots).Eagles - ChristiansYou may be very confused, but it's okay. It's a joke, like the Eagles. But, let me elaborate on the joke. Who do you think is the better christian? Tim Tebow, who prays during his games, or Mike Vick, who gives up all of his possesions? Well, the Eagles MIGHT be better this year, so I won't make too much fun of them. Vick apparently 'loves the game again' and hopefully Chip Kelly will use their best player, LeSean McCoy, and run the ball. On Monday, he did just that, and they looked great.Falcons - DrivenTony Gonzalez. The Falcons, like the Ravens with Ray Lewis, know this is probably it for him. They've got more to fight for than most teams in the league. They can do it, and they know it. They aren't really an underdog, but they're not the favorite. And that just puts a chip on their shoulder. They'll do very well this year.Giants - StallThe 2-time Super Bowl winning quarterback isn't elite. The Giants have been a dominant team, but they didn't even make the playoffs last year, in one of the messiest divisions. They had a decent record of 9-7 after winning the Super Bowl (which they also had a 9-7 regular season record). This team is stalling, especially because they only play really well in the post-season (and apparently against the Packers too). With their division gaining more traction, this team will most likely stall more.Jaguars - Jones-DrewThe Jags had the worst record in the league last year, mainly due to the loss of MJD. Maurice Jones-Drew is the heart and soul of this team. Without him to lead on that rushing attack, they're pretty lousy on offense. Blaine Gabbert isn't very good, and when he got hurt, Chad Henne wasn't much better. With their best player back on the field, they should do well. That is, as long as he hasn't lost a step. In their first game against the Chiefs, he didn't do much, with 15 rushes for 45 yards.Jets - ButtfumbleYou may think this is getting old, but it's well-deserved. The Jets are like Microsoft. If they had their way, you probably would've gotten Sanchez. Either way, they amazingly beat the Buccaneers. Granted, they shouldn't have started Geno Smith yet. I believe he should've been rested, just in case. Then again, they do have FIVE quarterbacks. But, overall, congrats to them for having a positive record to start the season. Hopefully, with Geno leading them, they'll do a good job this season. They already got a surprising win against the Bucs.Lions - DumpoffThe Lions did just this. With Reggie Bush getting 101 yards recieveing and 90 yards rushing, he's showed that he's a massive new toy for this offense. Matthew Stafford had a bad rep for throwing interceptions. With Bush's strong ability for making a big play happen, Stafford should have less interceptions and possibly more touchdowns.Packers - SlippingThe Packers looked good on offense on Sunday against the 49ers, and even better against the run game. Sadly, their defense gave up A LOT. In one of the most heated divisions in the league, the Packers are falling behind while teams like the Lions pick up key players, like Bush, that will help them win games and give them an advantage. With a lack of a secondary, it will be very hard for them to keep up with Calvin Johnson AND Bush.Panthers - RunnersCam Newton said that they forgot the Panthers were a running team. Well, he's almost right. They are a good team when they run, but Newton needs to step up and throw better. He's a quarterback first. Their first game went well, but could've gone better. With good stats all around, they played well, especially on the run, but they need to be more agressive and put up more yards and points.Patriots - SpartansWe all saw 300. What a great movie. Well, for the Patriots, in this metaphor, it's not so good of an ending. Maybe not this year, maybe not the next, but the Patriots dynasty has ended. Soon, without either Bill or Tom to lead this team, it will hit bottom. It has already become "the Brady Bunch." There aren't many stars at all. Belichick hasn't given Brady a decent squad in a while, and that will come back to bite him, at the near end of this movie.Raiders - PillagingOhhhh puns, how I love you so. The Raiders had a good game, but not a win. They're still looking for that gem. The thing that will help them sail into the Playoffs. They thought it would be Matt Flynn, but he's too busy spending 10 mil on his new bench cushons. The Raiders' motto is what they want to do - "Just Win, Baby!" Sadly, they just can't do that. They need a better team!Rams - LackingThe Rams need wide receivers. They need a running back. They need better defensive leaders. Sam Bradford cannot carry this team to victory on his own, no matter how above-average he is. I couldn't tell you the names of any Rams players, other that Tavon Austin, Bradford, and... Something... Quick? Get them help!Ravens - FreshAfter that loss against the Broncos, they don't look too fresh. But, a major revamp of the team, replacing 8 starters from their Super Bowl team last year, turned out to be a bit of a flop. We will see over the next few weeks how big of a flop, but there was no chemistry on Thursday. I think I liked the old team better. I saw nothing wrong with it.Redskins - CarelessI've said it before, and I'll say it even louder after Monday's game against the Eagles. RGIII SHOULDN'T BE PLAYING. He's not ready. Just because he 'feels good' and 'wants to play' doesn't mean he should. He's the face of your franchise. He already wont play the same as he would have because of Shannahan, and now, he could be doing more damage. What if RG3 gets a career ending injury? Or Season ending? Then what?Saints - ComebackWe saw on Sunday. The Saints mean business. They took out their biggest rival, the Atlanta Falcons, and did it... Not too easily. The defense really stepped up, against one of the most dominant passing attacks in the NFL. Drew Brees and the offense stepped up as well (especially with the lack of receivers) and led the team to victory. Last year was very messy at the beginining, going 0-5, but this year will be much different, with Sean Payton back at the helm.Seahawks - ViolentAfter a 12 win in Week 1, I'm very timid to say violent. But I will. Due to two 40+ point blowouts last year, and another two 40+ point in the preseason. They aren't messing around when they jam points down your throat and then make you cough up the ball with their physical and lock-down defense.Steelers - OldThe Steelers defense is worn out. The offense has no weapons. This team is crashing and burning, hard. After being contenders for years, the talent on this team has been dragged out and chipped away over a long period of time. The leaders are banged up and injury prone, and the younger players aren't stepping up. They've showed they are done by losing to the Titans. Sorry Pittsburgh.Texans - StrongThe Texans gave everyone a scare there on Monday. After being down all game, they rose up and took charge again. The Texans may not be the most powerful on offense or defense. But they're big, scary, and are going to do their jobs. They've been to the playoffs the last couple of years, even without Andre Johnson in 2011. If they don't hit you with the passing game, believe Arian Foster is going to run you over.Titans - HopefulThe Titans shouted to the people on Sunday, asking: "Are you not entertained?" Well, we are. But that doesn't mean they're great again. The Titans have been looking to slip back into the playoffs and start winning games again like back 5 or 6 years ago. The thing is, they need a quarterback. And maybe some better receivers. With all that said, maybe Jake Locker is ready for that final step up. Otherwise, he'll lose his job to Ryan Fitzpatrick.Vikings - UnrealisticAdrian Peterson was just a couple yards shy from owning the single-season rushing yards record. He believes that this year, he'll put up more yards. In fact, hundreds more. Well, that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I understand you have to push yourself, but I dare him to even get back to the record. 2000 yards two years in a row is definitely not an easy task.


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