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Originally written on Larry Brown Sports  |  Last updated 11/19/14

The Washington Redskins are the home team for the nation’s political center, yet they still have one of the most politically incorrect nicknames in professional sports. Currently, the team plays its home games in Landover, Maryland, and its headquarters are in Ashburn, Virginia. If the team is to consider a move back into DC’s city limits, the mayor of DC, Vincent C. Gray, wants a nickname change to be discussed. “I think that if they get serious with the team coming back to Washington, there’s no doubt there’s going to have to be a discussion about that,” Mayor Gray said after a news conference, “and of course the team is going to have to work with us around that issue.” According to the Washington Post, Gray noted that the Washington Bullets (now the Wizards) and many other teams changed their insensitive or politically incorrect names. “I think it has become a lightning rod, and I would be love to be able to sit down with the team … and see if a change should be made,” he said. “There’s a precedent for this, and I think there needs to be a dispassionate discussion about this, and do the right thing.” Many fans and political figures in DC are passionate about the Redskins, and we know from past discussions that there would be plenty of resistance to a name change. We know that the current owner, Dan Snyder, has opposed a name change, so such a process would not be easy. Helmet smack to Pro Football Talk The post DC mayor wants Redskins name change discussed appeared first on Larry Brown Sports. Related posts: Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray not big on Peyton Manning to Redskins Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl Tebows in Tim Tebow Jersey After Losing Bet (Picture) Albert Haynesworth Isn’t Acting like a Team Player for Redskins

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Comments 1-100 (of 382):
  • How is the Washington Redskins name politically incorrect?

    The name Redskins honor the Indian tribes that were in and around the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area.

    What does the Mayor of DC want the name to be, The Washington Grays!!!
  • never enough ca$h
  • the owner is a jew so lets see if its cool to call them the DC JEWS ,NO ONE WOULD STAND FOR IT the only people who dont have a issue with the name are white people ,that shows you in 2013 white people still look at people of color as less than human ,until there is a team called the white devils ,the ofays crackers ,honkeys pinky toes cave dwellers then white people shut the kcuf up !!!!!!!
  • what is your peoples problems? this team has been around with that name for the 66 years of my life. Why should a black mayor worry about name change and the rant u give leads me to believe u are black also. Most of the nicknames of teams are opposed by bleeding heart whites or blacks, not native americans. with all the big important issues concerning this country and all u can come up with is let's start a nickname revolution.
  • HEY RUGburn..I Bet ur WHITE...Yall came from Monkeys...maybe we should call em WASHINGTON MONKEYBOYS!!!
  • Whaaaat
  • illsupreme, you couldn't be more wrong. In 2003-2004 the Annenberg Public Policy Center did a survey of Native Americans from every state and a whopping 90% of them said they didn't find the Redskins names to be offensive. 90 PERCENT. So it's not only white people that don't find the name offensive - it's the vast majority of the ethnic group that is supposedly being violated. But nice job of making a completely sweeping, completely unfounded generalization.

  • Sounds like someone has inadequacy issues. I don't see this as an issue, but since it's in DC, why not "the politically correct gentlemen who will screw you when your back is turned"
  • illsupreme the Redskins were named that by a sioux indian,and most native americans posting are fine with the name.Go whine somewhere else!
  • Nice. Profanity always convinces me that the writer is intelligent. I wonder how many native Americans illsupreme has spoken with? My guess is "none."
  • The Washington Greys? Wouldn't that name fit? With all the aliens that have taken over D.C. it's a better name than the Little Green Men. I think their ship is parked under the Potomic river.
  • If they move into the City of Washington DC they should re name the team the Idiots, after our Federal Government Politicians ALL OF THEM!
  • A group of Baboons is called a Congress. So to be politically correct they should be called the Washington Baboons.
  • i see no reason to insult baboons
  • There is no such thing as politically correct.
  • Let's change the name of every team on a four year cycle. Then we can never be accused of being politically offensive. Better yet, let's name the teams by a mark (as Prince the singer/songwriter did)..ie; "@#$%^&" formerly known as the "Washington Redskins".

    Gameday announcers would have a heyday. I think I'll get some T-shirts made up.
  • Let's change the name of every team on a four year cycle. Then we can never be accused of being politically offensive. Better yet, let's name the teams by a mark (as Prince the singer/songwriter did)..ie; "@#$%^&" formerly known as the "Washington Redskins". It would be very funny for the game-day announcers. I think I'll get some T-shirts made up.
  • FYI The Redskins came from Boston where they were known as Boston Braves and then the Boston Redskins so the name was not in honor of local local tribes. I've been a fan since the mid 60's and could never call them by another name.
  • And they were named by a Sioux Indian
  • Are you sure that the Redskins came from Boston? Aren't you maybe confusing them with the Boston Braves of Major League Baseball??? I think that you are.
  • The Redskins were the Boston Braves for one year. They were named after the Boston Braves baseball team. They moved from Braves Field to Fenway and changed their name to the Redskins. They left Boston in 1936. In 1933 and 1934, they had a Native American coach, Lone Star Dietz.

    Of course, you could have looked that up yourself.

  • The Washington Redskins originated in Boston in the early times of the NFL. It helps to read!
  • I have been an Indians fan since 1954, and in 1995 I was very lucky to attend the World Series Game 1 with the Braves. The closer to Atlanta we got, the more the radio tried to encourage fans to burn their indian related stuff at the many protesters around the statdium. We walked completely around the statdium and found one Indian with a fire barrel. This renaming is a few trying to gain a place in history. Both of my granfathers were part indian. It is time to stand up against being Politically Correct, when the intend is not to insult. The 'N' word should be banished, but sports names being changed NO WAY. Plus what about the Seminoles and Utes. I am a Cowboy fan and would be disappointed if there were no more Redskins.
  • well said cbuffalo45 , I for one am completely sick of some dumba$$ed politician running his mouth about things like this. I would think most Indians would see it as a good thing .... a sign of respect for the proud warrior in washingtons logo .
    I can think of plenty of new names for the team , if it's going to be names after a politician ..... and none of them would be respectful.
  • Politicians are fast proving that they can't do the job they were hired to do, and completely ignore it. It is only natural that they try and legislate everything in life, so it can be PC. Tradition means nothing to these bozos, and it is a sure thing they don't have a lot of knowledge of history, since they go down the same dead end alley, each year. They need to get to the real problems in their areas of responsibility and do the job they were elected to do.
    I guess they could change the name to
    'ObamaReds", "shannahan's shenanigans" or "the do nothings" in honor of our great politicians in the federal government. Would those names satisfy the PC crowd?
  • What a JACKA+++ typlical polical correctness BULLSHIZZZ. concentrate on bigger issues!!!!
  • Thank you Yankeefan01!! The hell with political correctness - and anyway, what's so "not PC" about American Indians? I think the WDC hoodlums have a little more to worry about.
  • You are so right
  • Call them the Washington Fore Skins since washington is trying to rape us any how.
  • Good one,Dancys. Or the "DC Politicians". That should scare the heck out of any rich athlete.
  • Good idea. A benefit is that the players wouldn't need steroids then; just rub them for a minutes and they get bigger and harder.
  • Would you be such and ignorant ass if they were named the Washington(N word)because redskin means red N***er and it is how it was used to demean my people for ages. I do not mind the braves, chiefs, warriors, seminoles. But I do mind the Redskins because of the meaning of the word. So think before you open your stupid mouth.
  • It's amazing, I never knew that. I still would never have known that if you didn't bring it to everyones attention. I guess you interpritation of a word is different from the rest of the world. I don't like being called, whitey, honkey, and a few other names but I do not see too many sports teams using them to designate thier teams.
  • Ever notice that politicians always need to be politically corrected when they are trying to so called do or say something politically correct.You are the mayor of a city. Do that or get into the sports team naming business.
  • The Redskins originated in Boston and the mascot was a white patriot in red face honoring the 'Boston Tea Party'. So, let's change the face on the helmet to an obvious white man with a painted red face to honor the patriots that threw tea into Boston harbor and defied the British government...maybe we should be tossing tea into the Potomac River about right now, too!
  • Oh but theTexas government is now teaching the school children that the Boston Tea party was a terrorist act and the perpetrators should have been jailed and hung. What a bunch of Dumba$$es.
  • I think renaming the team for all of the politicians would be great besides the WASHINGTON DUMBASSES has a nice ring to it. However it may hurt the youth attendance rates.
  • How about the DC Drivebys?
  • Well Mayor Gray, you must feel the need to forget that Native Americans are a part of this nation's history. There are bigger fish to fry in your city than your theory of political incorrectnes of a football team. By the way, the Redskins just moved into a new stadium not long ago and feel very at home in Landover, MD. You, surely, will be well out of office if the Skins ever do contemplate on moving into D.C. So give your 2 cents elsewhere. Leaveing the Redskins name alone is "the right thing to do".
  • I guess Mayor Gray does not want any ethnic group to have any honor from any sports group or anywhere else. I guess we should abolish all honors or celibrations of all ethnic group including American Indians, Blacks, Spanish, and any other ethnic group. Remove all mention of them as we would not want to offend them. I always thought that naming something after a race or ethnic group was an honor. They didn't name the team to dishonor or demena a race. In fact it usually shows a sign of courage and strength as you would want the team to be inspired by them.
  • Really the City of Washington DC should take the time to
    Elect a new Mayor. The one they have has made NO progress
    in solving the LARGE problems in DC. So Mayor this is your
    NOTICE, do your JOB and leave the Sports Team to manage
    themselves. OR you will be REPLACED!!!!
  • That is one of the most ignorant comments I've ever read...lol. Calling a team by a race is indeed politically incorrect. In addtion, it's also the name that the "white" man gave them. It is a negative racial descriptor for the Native Americans. That's like calling them Washington Whites. Lol..Redskins does not honor any tribes, go read a book about it...seriously.
  • I disagree
  • No graylane the "white man" did not name them.
  • Redskins honors American Indians the same as the "N" word honors African Americans, ******* honors Latinos, polock honors those of Polish desent etc. It was used as a derogitory term then and it is still. It honors no one. Native American is anyone born here American Indian is the group being insulted and are the only group still allowed to be insulted in this manner. Please no one tell me how your great great grandpa married a Indian princess as there were no royals. Disney isn't history it is entertainment and all Indians don't have Casinos. We took everything and broke every traty ever signed.
  • and mostly the Indians don't care about the nicknames. Why is it they are not a big group protesting this, that it is whiny a** politicians and people who think they are so big a heart change for all the wrongs that are done to minorities. U know at one time in this country, whites were a minority. Politicians start this bull to get people to not pay attention to what the politicians are really doing and that is not taking care of the country.

  • No one is offended by the Redskin name or the other name changes teams have made for no reason. I have friends that are Indian-Americans and if they are not offended by this there is no reason for people of other backgrounds to feel the need to meddle just for the sake of doing so!
    Give it a damn rest already!
  • Change the name. Let the Indians keep their crap to themselves. Its beyond absurd how much money our government wastes on providing their monthly checks. Jews, blacks, and mexicans never got a damn thing for what our ancestors did to them. Indians are the only conquered people in the history of the world that get money for being conquered. Imagine how that money could help elsewhere. Not to mention they don't pay the same taxes as every other American and they can vote on measures that affect American citizens but that don't apply to them b/c they're considered a "sovereign nation". In my hometown they were allowed to vote on increasing taxes to afford buying a sports dome for the in the community even though it didn't affect the amount of taxes they would have to pay. This is an issue congress needs to address. Either we're ALL Americans regardless of race and we're in this together or get the heck out of our damn country. GUESS WHAT? AMERICA WON! Indians lost. Plus it was their ancestors we owed anything. AND THEY'RE ALL DEAD! Come on America!
  • Clarification: I only included Jews in that list b/c they didn't get crap after persecution.

  • And shift the disrespect to the aged???

    The mayor needs to 'discuss' changing his last name, what a travesty!!!
  • To those who say, falsely, that the original name came from Dietz and others with the incorrect view the name is an attempt at honoring:
    To those who say, falsely, that the original name came from Dietz and others with the incorrect view the name is an attempt at honoring:
    To those who say, falsely, that the original name came from Dietz and others with the incorrect view the name is an attempt at honoring:
    Dietz was a boarding school survivor. There were government boarding schools and religious boarding schools designed to remove First Nation culture. Carlisle, for whom the school Dietz attended was named, petitioned and had Congress pass the “One Hundred Years Solution to the Indian Problem” act. Carlisle’s motto, “Remove the Red Man, Leave the Man”, was considered benevolent in that era. In a combined government/NGO effort tribes were divvied up amongst the Christian religions (other religions were not allowed by the law). Government and NGOs burned down houses of worship, removed children from their homes and transported them long distances to ensure they would not learn culture or language from their parents, grandparents and other family adults. This process was to be repeated with each generation for a 100 years until the culture was wiped out. The beatings, molestations and death occurring in these institutions are well documented. Some say the model for this act came from the English treatment of the Irish. The additional burning of communal homes comes from Jefferson’s policies and not this act. Jefferson encouraged actions (many illegal) to create debt in First Nation individuals and communities. Then the only form of resolution for this debt would be the forced sale of their land. While the colloquial term Red Man is a reference to race, redskins is not. Redskins refers to the amount of blood on “Indian” victims of massacres. Given the number of descendants of Boarding School Survivors (some schools remaining in existence until the 1970s) it is not surprising that they may not know American (their) history and so don’t have a negative opinion on the derogatory name. It’s possible somebody could think the name is to honor and remember the dead.
  • How about the whiteskins?
    the fighten whities?
    the blackskins?
    an ethinicity cannot be a mascot.
  • the term redskins does not honor any one !it was used as derogatory remark towards us
  • And I would guess "Siouxdogg" is not a derogatory term? If I called you that, you would probably get upset or other NA's would say I was insensitive to "your" people.
  • What an idiotic, politically correct, senseless society the leftist, progressive sector would like to believe we are! C'mon, the real average , working American love our traditional names and labels , and if the "deranged left" spent more time working and less time worrying about their warped ideas of of how to destroy everything AMERICAN , our nation might return to greatness!
  • Well they have taken away our religion, our culture, our moral fiber, our children by teaching them crap and turning them into socialist. Why not take away the last thing we have of OUR culture. Our beloved sports teams.
  • Hog wash......D.C. Mayor is looking for attention.

    The Greek people of Troy are not complaining that the University of Southern California
    Football team named Trojans.

    would you call racist if a blind person ask you the color of your skin?

    Btw…….not only in America, but many places in the world from the age of 3 to 93
    Know that the name Redskins is an America football team.
  • And here I thought they were named after condoms! lol
  • hey new guy here,would just like mentiona small fact after reading all these post about name changing, not one person even mention the the "BLACKHAWKS". same kinda logo as redskins.dont change a thing
  • Washington Rednecks sounds okay to me. That would honor all the crackers and honkies in that area. What do you think?
  • i think it would be fine since most rednecks could care less what WORDS are directed at them
  • It is a DEROGATORY term for Indians...by the American Capitol. I am aware everyone is super sensitive in many ways, I grew up on the West Coast, my Mom's entire family were/are reservation Indians. It is the ONLY team I find offensive. Try naming a team the SanDiego Spics and see how far you get.
  • No No, Grays would offend us gray haired people.
  • Tell the mayor to stick it where he sits, we are sick and tired of political correctness.
  • Tell your stinking, stupid mayor to buy the team and name them what ever he wants. Typical of a politician, sticking his nose in someone elses businss, when it's none of their business! He should be President!
  • Here's an idea...we have the New Orleans Saints...so let's change Washington Redskins to the Washington Sinners and then every-so-often the Saints can play the Sinners! Wonder if that would be "politically correct?"
  • Redskins to mayor: How about addressing a real issue?
  • The team was originally from Boston, so how did it honor the tribes in and around DC? Don't make things up, team name started out as Boston Braves.
  • "that shows you in 2013 white people still look at people of color as less than human" -illsupreme ARE YOU KIDDING ME! This is possibly the dumbest thing I have ever heard. SO how many white people voted for a less than human president. It is totally fair to lump all white people into once category though! And your also right the redskin fan base is 100% white b/c any people of color are offended by the name. I love how in society if you are a person of color (not all) it is ok to make comments like this, think its nothing of it, and then call white people the racist, ignorant type. you make me sick

    and my Personal Favoeite:
    If YOU DUMB-ASSES still NEED aa Native American Mascott, then call em what WE REALLY WERE..."WAGONBURNERS"!!!!!!!

  • Thats like sayin ur honering Black People by naming the team The WASHINGTON SLAVES!!!

  • Enough already with all this BS about the name and logo being insulting or politically incorrect. The logo on the helmet is that of a proud looking Native American warrior. It was never intended to disparage Native Americans and most likely the majority of them could care less. This is just some mayor crowing from the top of his soapbox because all politicians are just big bags of wind. They should put a vote to Native Americans only, if they say change the logo and name then do so, if not than leave it be.
  • So you wouldn't mind if the name was changed to "The Washington Pale Faces"?
  • Well, somehow "Pale Faces" just doesn't instill fear in anyone. Maybe they could wear pink if that were the new name. Redskins was a name used that instilled fear to any of their enemy, just like Brave, Warrior, etc... You PC idiots need to find something else to be angry about.
  • I wouldn't lose any sleep over it just like I'm not losing any sleep over the name Redskins. There are far more important things to be concerned about in society than this BS.
  • The Name is Insulting! I come from an American Indian background and can honestly say that it is just another example of the lack of respect the native people of this country has endured for over a centuary. Lets "Honor"the African Americans in the D.C. area and call the team the Colerd Skins or the Negro League .
  • They were given the name "Redskins" by a Sioux Indian named William Henry "Lone Star" Dietz
  • maybe you wouldn't feel a lack of respect if you went to school. at least learn to spell before you attempt to slam people in forums. just a guess though
  • Get a grip DCNOVA. The name is not insulting. And to throw the race card out there and bring the negative African American epithets into this is just pain knee jerk (emphasis on jerk) reaction on your part. Research the team name and get off your soapbox before you make even a bigger fool of yourself. If it is decided a name change is warranted, it should be put to a vote by the season ticket holders and not some fn Mayor who only has his own career in mind. Politicians will pander to and cater to whatever they think will bring in the most votes. The mayor is a douche. Politicians are like diapers. They should be changed often and for the same reason.
  • I too come from an Native American background (or as we call it in our tribe, Indian) I am not of NA decent, I'm of Sioux decent, so please if you want to be politically correct call me by my nation. That's the ultimate of silliness. I love the Redskins and feel no slight at the name. Find some true full blooded American Indians (not I'm decended from...) and ask them how offended they are, and I think you will find that its someone trying NOT to be offensive than someone that actually is offended.
  • Wouldn't you be Lakota, Nakota or Dakota then. Sioux is a French slang word that has become popular. All my friends from North and South Dakota don't go by Sioux anymore. A lot of Indians, like the Ho Chunk and Dine are dropping the European tags and restoring the tribal names. I'm not saying, I'm just saying...
  • I meant what I said. My grandmother, Full Blooded Indian, told me we were Sioux. She was a proud woman, full of rich history of her people. I suffer no shame to be called by how she identified herself. The younger generations of the tribe are changing their names and screaming about a persecution they never experienced and wrongs they don't understand.
  • Perhaps we should put it to the Native American tribes for a vote. I don't know how the majority feel. I do know that one issue some have with it is depicting the tribes as warring.
  • No, they prefer African American. It's just the racist asssholes that call them niggers that disgust me. If your Native American and find the name offensive then I respect that. Allow me to suggest that you as a proud Native American be the one to start a petition among Native Americans(only) to be able to vote on this, then let the vote decide. Peace out my brother.
  • DCNOVA, if you find it insulting as a Native American than I repect that. Most Native Americans I have spoken to could care less about the name or the helmet insignia. As far as calling blacks 'colored skins' or 'negroes'...I believe they prefer African American. It's the dinosaurs that call them nigggerss that disgust me. Since you are a Native American allow me to suggest that you start a petition among Native Americans ONLY in order to demand a vote on this and let the results decide this issue.
  • Damn Yardbarker can be so annoying, they deleted my first tag because of the 'N' word, so I had to repost and change the spelling.
  • I believe there was a Negro League in baseball, with some of the best ballplayers around.
  • Then change the name to warriors!
  • why change the name at all? An Indian named them, shut up and let the name stand until an owner wants it changed.
  • The DC Mayor wants the name change to his last name? Who is he to take away from the only natural citizens of this country?
    To honor our Indian heritage with a team name is fine in my book.
    I want to know where his arrogance comes from? Because that is what this is. His last name is Gray so he wants the team to be the Grays!!!
    The Washington Redskins is probably the only politically correct named team out there!
    Leave their name alone......and stay out of DC. Don't need to be within the city limits to be the Washington Redskins. And, everyone knows there isn't much intelligence in that political arena...this proves it!
  • What a pile of political poop!
  • You need to read up on your history, Tell99. The Redskins franchise started in Boston...as the Redskins. It does not honor Beltway Native Americans.
  • The current Washington Redskins franchise began as the Boston Braves in 1932, sharing old Braves Field (a portion of which survives as Boston University's Nickerson Field) with their baseball counterparts, now the Atlanta Braves after a stopover in Milwaukee.

    When the football team relocated to Fenway Park for the 1933 season, Red Sox management demanded a nickname change to avoid giving their baseball rivals free publicity. Thus the Boston football Braves became the Boston Redskins, allowing them to retain their existing Indian head logo which would make the move to Washington in 1937 (after the Boston Redskins played the 1936 NFL Championship Game in DC as the "home" team) and remains in use today.
  • yes they played in that '36 nfl championship game in which they lost to the green bay packers.
  • See more comments >>

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