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A potentially landmark television event occurred over the weekend when ESPN showed a professional bowler kissing his husband following a big tournament win. Scott Norton, a 30-year-old professional bowler, won the WSOB Chameleon Championship in Las Vegas in November. ESPN aired the event over the weekend and included a moment when Norton kissed his husband in celebration of his win. Leaving in that moment seemed to be a conscious decision by ESPN considering they had nearly two months to edit together the telecast before airing it. Norton came out publicly and revealed he is gay in May 2011. He got married to his husband, Craig Woodward, later that year. The win over Jason Belmonte in November produced an extremely emotional moment for Norton, a former PBA Rookie of the Year. Credit to ESPN for leaving in the moment — it was so subtle it would have been hard for most people to catch anyhow. But after seeing the reaction to Torii Hunter’s anti-gay comments, I don’t even want to see what people have to say about this. H/T OutSports via BuzzFeed

  • I hoping to see some tongue action.
  • I applaud these two. Although I am not gay, I thought the expression of love was quick and clean. Congratz on your victory!
  • Why is it news when gay people kiss but no one cares when I kiss my wife in public. Who cares. Be gay, or don't, just stop shoving it in my face.
  • fire480, did you click on the link to this article and spend time to read it? Did you then go out of your way to comment on it? You really can't claim that it was shoved in your face when you deliberately put your face in it.
    You're right though, this shouldn't be considered news worthy, but it gets more people to click on the article than the headline, "Pro Bowler wins WSOB Chameleon Championship." I mean, really, how many people watch pro bowling, anyway?
  • It was shoved in our face on TV, not here. And much to your surprise a lot of kids that are in junior bowling watch the pros.
  • Couldn't agree more. Like the Kardashions, I'm sick of hearing about them.
  • Just curious fiddler-- what did you mean by "them"?
  • I do not like watching a "family friendly" event and then having to explain this to my kids?!? Even the crowd got real quiet. Not the place for this type of display.
  • If you have raised yourself to be accepting and open to other people and other lifestyles, than you won't have to explain anything as seeing two men or two women kiss each other shouldn't be new. And, the man did kiss his husband, and it was only a little kiss, so how is that now family friendly? If anything that promotes the idea of a loving family.
  • What sorts of other lifestyles are there other than homosexuals or moral heterosexuals? The only ones I can think of would be other acts of perversion. Your comment makes no sense whatever.
  • "What sorts of other lifestyles are there other than homosexuals or moral heterosexuals?" How about the millions of immoral heterosexuals that cheat on their legally married partners? That is a pretty popular lifestyle, and one we (and our children) get to see all the time on TV. I'd rather see a gay man kiss his chosen partner on TV than "The Bachelor" making out with 25 different women he's not married to in one episode!
  • OK but tell me this how do they choose who will be husband and who will be wife? Do they flip a coin? When I was a kid you would get arrested or beat up for that sort of behavior,and in the span of only half a century, they now get married,adopt kids, have parades and are streamed into my living room. It's just not normal.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • How do you explain a man and a women kissing....they are in love, wait that was WAY to easy wasn't it. Just keeping teaching your kids hate and you will be just fine.
  • But if he kissed/groped/humped his *wife* it would be ok?!? If you want to teach your children something teach them that there are many types of "families" not just mommy, daddy and kiddies and that all families are worthy of respect.
  • Your kidding right...how many husbands and wives have kissed in public. Lets look at T.V. shows, Movies, Plays... and a billion other shows out there that have shown a man and a women kissing. How often do you see a gay couple kissing?!?! If you don't like it get over it and stop watching.
  • The man kissed his husband. His HUSBAND. Not some random trick. His legally wed HUSBAND! Why would the network ignore that? And why wouldn't the bowler share his joy with his HUSBAND, just like a man would with his wife? That's what you need to explain to your kids.
  • EEEEWWWWWW! Disgusting and nauseating. Thanks for forcing this on the general moral people of this country. Like the person who posted before me this is not "family friendly". :(
  • How is a little kiss between a married couple forcing anything down your throat? On television, other media forms, and advertising I see things that I disagree with on a daily basis, but I don't feel as though it is being shoved down my throat.
  • Forcing wow that was extreme how did they MAKE you watch this?!?! You have the right to turn your T.V. off. You are just sad. Was the remote out of reach?!
  • Ewwwwww! Uber-stupidity. Grow the hell up!
  • In case you haven't read a newspaper in the last ten years: most people in this country have come around to realize that gays are just like everyone else, and are not immoral. If there is a minority viewpoint to be forced on the public, it is yours. Oh and by the way, gay people have families and are part of families everywhere. To ignore them would indeed not be "family friendly."
  • Lily, why don't you just go back to watching your daytime soaps instead? I'm sure you feel that all those general moral married characters sleeping with every other character on the show in the middle of the day is way preferable to a committed gay couple giving each other a celebratory peck.
  • EEEWWWW... I agree- disgusting and nauseating....However, I am directing that to your comments.......time for acceptance my friend......
  • I am sick and tired of this GAY grap, I could just puke. I DO NOT want my children seeing this unnatural act. My wife (Woman) are teaching our children how wrong this life style is and against GODS word. To, think that media in any form would indorse this as news is as wrong as the BackYard.

    How discusting this is. If they want to be GAY and go against GODS law on this, so be it. They have to ansewer to GOD, but they should know it is unexceptable and not to mention, just GROSS. I don't care what man thinks or mans laws should except because it is NOW trended.

    I don't hate them, but I am sure praying for them to change.
  • I don't hate you, but I will be sure and pray for you to change.
  • I don't hate religious fanatics that twist God's message of love thy neighbor as thyself into something elitist, (I don't recall Christ ever hating anyone) but I am sure praying for them to change.
  • Um, did you even read your own comments? You hate them.
  • Wow! It's people like you that God would dislike. I really hope you do change your close minded views. I'll pray for you and your bigotry.
  • so your pretty much forcing your kids to believe something that they might want to change their mind in. wow. i'm a christian, but i have my own opinions. i'm a 21 year old almost 22 year old bisexual female. so your pretty much sayin that all the lifestyles like that are wrong. yeah right! good luck trying to prove it b/c "god so loved the world he gave his only begotten son to die. for those who didnt believe shall parish, where as those who do beleive have eternal life" John 3:16 the one bible verse that i may not have quoted correctly, but the one that i use for everything because it doesnt matter if you are black white gay lesbian, GOD LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE OR IF YOU BELIEVE IN HIM. so jump off your pulpit and stop forcing religion down everyone's throat.
  • hummm you dont want your kids to see that but i guess them seeing those School children getting slaughtered is ok but God forbid...two guys kissing...hurry, hide the children!!!!
  • in my belief gay is ok. I hope your kids don't hate you.
  • Just curious.... how do we know who is the husband and who is the wife, or are they both the husband? I am confused.
  • those "limp wrist-ed" one's make good bowlers
  • @Iamjustme97531: explain to your kids that they love each and leave at that. It wasn't a "display"'. .

    @Lily_Pad: Get over yourself. You would think that you saw them getting it on in the bowling alley. You narrow-minded homophobe.

    @BruceHoop: It's not God's law. Please step down from from your pulpit. Judge not...

  • No big deal really. Just two people who love each other showing it. Then again, I do live in Los Angeles, so seeing two men kiss is a daily thing. Although seeing tongue might be a bit to much PDA for my taste (I would say the same thing about a man and a woman, or two women (well, maybe not two women).
  • EEEEEWWWWWWW! Nauseating and disgusting. Do anyone of you care that you are intensely offending a large percentage of moral people?
  • The thing is Lily, is that the majority of people do not mind seeing two married people tastefully kiss each other on T.V. People like you are quickly becoming the minority. Gay, straight, bi, who cares as long as people love each other, unlike you and the hate you spout. These two men are more moral, and more in line with the teachings of Jesus, than you will ever be.
  • IF there is a majority it is very slim compared to the other. So I hear you saying the rest of that rather large percentages moral opinions do not matter because they do not match your own. How sensitive of you. Just remember that percentage is pretty big. You obviously know nothing about Jesus or God's Holy Word (have you even read it?) And I am sorry but I am pretty sure I have never met you and that you know nothing about me. No where in the Bible does it say homosexual relationships are OK, but if you do not believe in God, Jesus or His Holy Word then what difference does it make to you or your homosexual friends.
  • You are to far gone if you believe that God really gives a rats ass about who we kiss or love..??
  • That is fine that you believe what you believe, no matter how silly. I have read the bible, actually more than once, as I was raised catholic. I have also taken the time to read the Holy Quran, along with the writings of other religions (the Torah, Talmud, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc...) and while some of them mention the condemnation of homosexuality, there is one thing that they all condone: Love. So the way I look at it is that they all cherish and praise love, and if these men do not love one another than I do not know which way is up. So practice love, even if you disagree with it's medium who cares. They love; whereas you hate, thus they are closer to god than you are. Good luck.
  • Seriously!! Let's start making a list of all the things people do against God and Im sure there are various of things that this close minded bigot has done against the teachings of God.
  • I think you are the one that is nauseating.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • **************
  • This makes me SICK!!!!!!!
  • Norton referred to his spouse as his (her) husband. Having bowled in a league in California with Scott Norton while he was at Cal State Fullerton I know he was dating a female bowler. When he went gay and got married I don't know. And if anyone was watching it WAS shoved in our face. Not a good thing for TV with lots of kids watching. If one is gay then be gay and don't flaunt it. A price will be paid eventually.
  • How were they flaunting it? It was a little kiss. Would it have been flaunting if he had given a girl the same little kiss? Grow up.
  • SO all the times straight people kiss on T.v. shows, movies, plays, and on the street, airport, mall, walmart... that's ok. But the ONE time a gay kiss is SHOW not shoved it's not a good thing for kids to be watching. He was being gay just like all the straight people he WON something BIG and he shared that moment with his husband. I agree with number44 GROW UP. And learned the meaning of shoved!
  • I think that it's funny that if it was a man and woman kissing there would be no problem but just because it's a GAY couple you think that they are flaunting their SIMPLE kiss between two people that LOVE eachother.
  • Ohhhhhh, he went gay huh?? What price?? Kids in this world have a lot more to worry about then anyone kissing..lol I don't cosider that kiss a flaunt. I myself am not gay. If someone is gay...who the hell cares??? It isnt affecting me. Do a better job teaching your kids. Kids aren't born to hate, they learn that from you, and your actions and what you say. Same thing about race. Kids are taught to be prejudice, they also learn that from their parents...
  • Hang on I thought he was the husband.
  • Oh good grief-homophobia is alive and sickening in the US. This wouldn't have been a big deal except for the continuing homophobia in this country. In every other civilized developed country where gay rights have been recognized for years, this kiss would have not merited any kind of attention because it is a NORMAL thing for two loving people to do when celebrating something like this. So sad we are still a backwards third world country when it comes to gay rights. Congrats to Scott and kudos to ESPN for not editing the kiss out. And btw, there are still plenty of people who bowl and watch bowling tournaments in this country otherwise ESPN wouldn't keep televising them year after year. As for you homophobes, get over it-YOU are who is disgusting not a kiss between 2 people who love each other.
  • Great job Jay!!!!
  • Would you like to try that comment again, this time using proper spelling, grammar, intelligence, respect, and common human decency?
  • To all parents like myself who are 100% against this gay crap being shoved down our throats, here's my solution....Every time there are gay scenes on tv, stop the movie or in the this case the bowling match, explain to your kids very very intensely that these are sick people that are doing something VERY wrong!!!
  • Then I guess you should teach them to hate other people that are different in color then your kids too, and ****, don't stop there, if they are not the same nationality your kids should hate them too, don't stop there, if people have a different religeon then you,you may as well hate them too. I feel sorry for your kids.
  • But, by all means, when scenes of murder or adultery are shown, be sure to stop the movie and explain to the kids that these acts are much more acceptable than a partnered couple sharing a celebratory peck.
  • @BruceHoop. You're living your life by some fictitious god's rules that were written by man some 2,000 years ago? Your ignorance shows in your poor grammar and spelling as well as views on what is right and wrong. You chose to click on the article, view the video on your own freewill and then condemn it? Why even watch to begin with, perhaps you're intrigued? I don't click on videos that I am grossed out by or find morally wrong.
  • I will be praying for some of you :) God bless.
  • Why is this even a story? You don't announce it everytime a straight person receives a kiss so why is this news?
  • I am Catholic and I get a kick out of people saying being gay is wrong in Gods eyes......lol lol..That is so funny. Like the late GREAT Gorge Carlin once said...if you break a commandment God will, punish you, you will go to hell and burn......but remember...God loves you..lol God wants us happy and I don't believe he cares who we love or who we kiss. You people that believe other wise are idiots. Like the people that say this was forced on them...are you kidding??? don't click on the tape or read the damn article..I think we have a lot more to worry about in this world then who is kissing who...lol lol
  • No matter what man says,God made marriadge between man and woman.Same sex couples cant make kids,thus the difference.No matter how many certificates they get,they are married according to mans laws ans not Gods.Their just kidding themselves.
  • the thing is the media making sucha big deal of this as in everything elsse... not that its right its just the way it is...what will happen will be a backlash of interest in the sport, young straight boys will not want to participate in a sport that the stars are gay...it will be perceived as a gay sport... I love bowling and my father is in the bowling hall of fame...he would probably would not be happy but he wouldnt make a big deal about it...I know we would make jokes in private about this though...humor cures all...to bad everyone is so sensative about it...blazing saddles is the best at this... all humor...
  • guess Scott is the gal in the relationship ... the husband said " its ok babe " when Scott started crying .
  • It was barely more than a peck on the lips. If it had been a man and woman no one would have given it a thought. The only reason any of this is media worthy is because there are still small minded people who have not evolved along with the rest of society and still consider homosexuality wrong.
  • Please allow me to offer my opinion. First of all, is this not the United States of America, one single nation under the lord jesus christ? There is much to learn and we should begin with perception and the elements from which we are surrounded. To be clear, there are in fact millions of gay and BI sexual men and women just here in the USA. Who reading this knows what its like to be different. As a male, growing up and at some point you begin experiencing an interest unlike any other. Your entering puberty and suddenly you take an interest. Remember those dreams as a teenager; - imagine back then, if during a very confusing and fragile time, instead of thinking about Sally or Suzie, you became excited over Marc or David. Over the years this interest continues. Your confused, scared, maybe even ashamed. You have no idea why your experiencing the feelings you have, and naturally, your not likely to share them with anyone. You feel alone. The years move past, you try to conceal your feelings, you pray, you fight them off, you enter relationships with the opposite sex which always end up failing. Depending on where you live, and your family; this might go on for years. Everyone arround you trys to "hook you up" with that perfect young lady; you ask the Lord to please allow you to be able to have close feelings and interest for this person, and no matter how hard you try, the relationship fails, and methods of close contact fails also. Imagine if this was you. Now every other component in your life was the same. You had the same friends, parents, tried the same things, enjoyed and participated in the same sports and activities, and chilled with the same friends, only just you, from deap down inside, only you begin to realize your gay. Maybe you feel as if your life is not worth living. Maybe you own who you are. Maybe eventually you have support from those you love, but then again, maybe one of the people who've posted here are your parents, and therefore, you have no support. All your life you've overheard your Dad tell gay jokes, and you feel if they find out, your family will no longer love you. Do you realize what this does to a person. Now listen to me readers, and listen well. Statistically, there are MORE heterosexual male child molesters then there are homosexuals. When your 15 and like girls who are 15. As you grow older your interests with the opposite sex grows and remains consistent with your age, and so on. This is what some call normal. Well its NO different with gay or lesbian people. Case in point: Football coach Jerry Sandusky. There are many "all american type men married with children" who have a mental condition known as pedaphillia, (sexual attraction to kids under 13) and the ball goes round and round. Case being, I would imagine 90% of gay men at some point in thier life would have given anything to be heterosexual. No average guy goes to the bar and gets drunk and exits the bar suddenly interested in having sex with another guy. Point being, - its not a choice! Only ignorant people who are so out of touch with reality believe different. Question: Why are there so many people who are gay now, then ever before? -- Guess what - there isnt any difference. The perception is different because years before this there was no internet. Years before this there was no acceptance, and no matter how good a person you were, hard working, law abiding, character, etc.. There was a terrible stigma. That stigma is alive today, however; its changing as knowledge and acceptance is realized quicker then every before. Ask yourself - you have a child some day. They turn out to be an amazing, hard working, honest kid who makes you proud. They are honest, great at sports, helps others, and is the apple of your eye. At 22 he comes to you confused and crying, and breaks the news. Then what? Do you think you might look back and think wondering about all the things you've said wondering if he overheard you, and even worse, what if your child turns to self medicating because they feel hopless for no other reason than his parents are bigots? My last question is if being gay, bi sexual, or lesbian is not a choice, and is how a person is born and destined to become, (which is the truth) - which means its the will of our creator, - and you go around spewing hate about it, - do you wonder about facing our Lord when passing over? Remember the Golden Rule? With so much hate, its no wonder...
  • Sick, at least warn the viewing audience so we can turn the channel. That is so gross and disgusting. Makes me need to puke.
  • Gays and other minorities always claim they just want to be equal and treated like others ....

    When in fact they more often than not want Special Treatment .... wany special rules ... special exemptions.

    Then when they draw attention to them self .. they complain is someone doesnt like something they do or believe ...

    GUESS what > that life. If a person does something in public ... the public has a right to comment ... as long as people do not use violence or force people to do something they dont want ... it is ok to either like or Not like gays .. it is ok for people to be racist ... ok to be sexist ....

    My Point > Wanting to be treated equal ... mean equal in good and bad ....
  • I love all the "offending moral people" comments on here. You mean offending people who follow a particular religion and pick out the "sins" that they are going to be super offended by. What is "moral" can be argued considering your holy book is just one of many scattered around the world. Get over yourselves... and realize that not everyone in the world believes as you do... and they aren't horrible people because of it. If there is something missing in this world it is tolerance. They shared a very sweet moment... nothing over the top or perverted. If you didn't want to see it, don't click on the story.

    By the way... I am a straight person who goes to church on Sunday (my dad is a pastor that would be right in the middle of the hateful comments...). I just think that everyone should be treated equally. I'm called to love, not to ask them about their sexual preference / divorce status / drinking habits then decide if they deserve my love or not. This aspect of the church really bothers me... in fact I didn't go for years because of stuff like this. Arrogance.
  • And let's make this a story line? It shouldn't be any different then when a heterosexual couple kisses their spouse. But, this has got to make the news... You reporters need a flipping LIFE!

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