Hangin’ With the Enemy – Staking The Plains

The Gophers find themselves in the consolation championship in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off with a chance to exit the island having gone 2-1. Standing in front of that outcome is…
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Consolation championship means Tubby rematch in Puerto Rico

What does going 1-1 in the first two rounds of the Puerto Rico Tip-Off get you? This year, it’s a rematch with the lovable, cuddly, bespeckled Tubby Smith and the Texas Tech Red Raiders. That’s right, the long-awaited rematch with our former leader and zone defense wizard is upon us — Tubby Time has returned. With a tournament-opening loss to the Temple Owls – a game in...
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The Tip-Off begins with Temple

Game Details: Who: Temple Owls When: 10:30 a.m. CT How: ESPNU (TV); 1500 ESPN (Radio) BRACKET: Puerto Rico Tip-Off UMKC, Louisiana-Monroe … Temple? No sooner have the Gophers teed off on a couple sluggish mid-major opponents do they head down to America’s favorite territory, Puerto Rico, to face some real live BCS opponents. Holiday tournaments are a strange beast. They’re...
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Weekend recap: Gophers start 2-0

Hey, did you know the actual regular season started on Friday? It’s true. But, judging by the sparse crowd at Williams Arena over the weekend, it appears that most people haven’t quite come to grips with it being basketball season. The Gophers kicked off the non-con season with games against UMKC and Louisiana-Monroe. The former was the definition of a creampuff, while the latter...
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Season opener: Gophers vs. Kangaroos

Well, we’re here. Notice how I didn’t use an exclamation point there? I mean, I’m excited for a new season, but it’s also kind of a, “well, let’s get this over with” type of feeling right now. The future is more exciting than the present, currently. It’s going to be a weird season full of smoke, mirrors, development, fouls, turnovers, lots of Carlos Morris shots,...
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Kevin Dorsey suspended, Gophers already #Gophering

Oh, hey Gophers, nice to see you’re back at it. And we haven’t even started the season yet! Now we can add, “top recruit suspended in only second game of career” to list of things that just tend to happen here. If you check the box score closely from last night’s exhibition win over SW Minnesota State, you’ll notice that freshman phenom hopeful Kevin Dorsey did not suit...
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Meet the new guys: Ahmad “JR” Gilbert

With a roster featuring several impact freshmen who will play right away out of skills, if not necessity, Ahmad “JR” Gilbert might be the one true freshman who who won’t be expected to make an immediate contribution. We’ve already covered guys like Kevin Dorsey, Dupree McBrayer and Jordan Murphy — newcomers who are expected to contribute right away — but Gilbert finds...
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Big(ger) rule changes coming this year

The NCAA makes rule alterations here and there each year,  but this year there are actually a few bigger changes worth talking about. The biggest one is the move to a 30-second shot clock from the traditional 35-second timing. This is impactful for a number of reasons, but most important is the potential to significantly shape teams’ overall approach to offense and defense. Five...
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Meet the new guys: Kevin Dorsey

If DeAndre Mathieu graduating meant one thing, it’s that the starting point guard spot was going to be contentious. Richard Pitino did his due diligence in recruiting a handful of guards, but who could have been prepared for the shocking news of Jarvis Johnson being medically unfit to play. Enter Kevin Dorsey. Dorsey got Pitino’s high-profile 2015 class kicked off the right way...
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Meet the new guys: Jordan Murphy

News that Bakary Konate will be on the shelf for at least a month with a stress fracture in his foot is up there with the worst news the Gophers could have received this early in the season. Already thin down low, this means the team has no true center and will need to pinch hit with Gaston Diedhiou. That’s a horrifying thought considering his lack of experience and lack of developed...
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Meet the new guys: Dupree McBrayer

If nothing else, the 2015-16 season is going to be one of fresh faces. Losing foundational pieces like Andre Hollins, Mo Walker, DeAndre Mathieu and, to a lesser extent, Elliott Eliason hurts in the box score, but also drastically changes the makeup of the team. In fact, this year there are six newcomers, which doesn’t even include the two transfers who won’t play this year....
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Gopher basketball: top stories of the offseason

It’s never a dull moment in Gopher basketball land. And that includes the offseason. Whether that’s arrests, attrition, or even physical abnormalities, there’s news to report 12 months out of the year. This offseason was no different. Did you track it all? Let’s recap: Jarvis Johnson was not medically cleared to play on the team Yep, you read that one right. The top recruit...
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Dust off those sneakers, it’s Gopher basketball time!

Hey, welcome to autumn! We’re back from our mandatory summer vacation, ready to get back into the swing of basketball. October means two things – the end of the baseball regular season and the official beginning of college basketball season. Did you know March Madness is only six months away? I know. And the opening tip for the Gophers is less than a month away, when the Golden...
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Meet the new guys for 2015

At this time last year, the 2015 recruiting class was a little further down on the priority list for Richard Pitino and Gophers. In fact it probably wasn’t in the consideration set at all, because each of the available scholarships for that particular year were spoken for. But, as is the nature of college basketball recruiting (and the Gophers’ M.O.), three spots opened up in...
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Jarvis Johnson not cleared to play, but what’s really going on?

It took longer than usual, but the Gophers finally gave us their annual summer facepalm. This one came at the expense of the most highly-touted local recruit in years and the top recruit of Richard Pitino’s 2015 class. If you haven’t seen the news, it’s your run-of-the-mill “local kid with severe heart condition plays for years without incident but is surprisingly denied...
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The Sad Tale of the 2014-15 Gophers

Ordinarily the season wrap-ups on our blog come in early April. That’s because March Madness is done and the Gophers’ postseason activities generally come to an end late in the month. This year we can do it a little earlier. I guess I’m not really sure where to start. In short, this was one of the most unexciting, dispassionate and lifeless seasons I’ve been a part of. It...
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Gophers win 2016 Big Ten Basketball Schedule Lottery

Close basketball games are essentially a coin flip. There are countless opportunities for luck to impact the outcome of a basketball game on each possession. A dribble off a foot here, dropped pass there, and the always present bad calls can impact the outcome of a game. Over sixty something possessions in a game, so much can happen beyond any player or team’s control that when...
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With 7 games left, Gophers left with little room for error

In a year where the Gophers had reasonable expectations of building on a semi-successful inaugural campaign for Richard Pitino, the past six weeks have been particularly disheartening. What, with an 0-5 start to the conference season, a loss to Penn State and seven total conference losses by a combined 33 points. That’s enough to keep everyone’s knives locked away. Is it possible...
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The 2015 Gophers are bad. Now what?

It’s been a slow, painful burn to get this point. The Gophers, coming into the season with reasonable expectations of finding their way to the NCAA Tournament after cruising to an NIT championship, looked primed and ready to go following a solid, yet unspectacular non-conference slate. They didn’t look like world-beaters by any means, but they appeared capable of at least getting...
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Dear Gophers: Please convince us you’re not this bad

Two games ago I said it was now or never for the Gophers to save their season. And two opportunities to turn things around came and went in classic, gut-wrenching fashion. Now, at a ridiculous 0-5 in the conference, the Gophers host Rutgers, perhaps one of the three worst teams in the conference, as they search for their first real, adult conference win. Making the NCAA Tournament...
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The Gophers are at a crossroads in early January

It might not feel like it,  but we’re at a critical crossroads in the Gopher basketball season. The team currently sits at an ugly 0-3 in the conference, having let a major lead slip away to Purdue and failing to defend their home court against a beatable Ohio State team. After an impressive run over the latter half of its non-conference opponents, the Minnesota offense and veteran...
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Gophers let a golden opportunity slip away at Purdue. Again.

On the road in the Big Ten, where there are limited opportunities to win, road teams must take advantage of opportunities within games to escape with a victory. Despite playing their best 30 minutes of basketball in West Lafayette in a decade, in the end, the Gophers let a rare road victory slip away.
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After a 10 year drought, Gophers have a great chance to finally win at Purdue.

The Golden Gophers open Big Ten play in an enviable position. While other teams are already out of NCAA tournament consideration, or need to dramatically improve before the post-season, Minnesota simply has to win the games they are supposed to win. Unfortunately, winning games they are supposed to win, means winning at Purdue for the first time 2005. They had their best chance in...
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What you see during non-conference games is what you get during the Big Ten season.

The non-conference season is mercifully over, and Big Ten play is just around the corner. Every Big Ten team has 18 games to prove they belong in the NCAA tournament, and for a significant portion of the Big Ten, a chance to prove that strange losses against some bad teams were flukes. Fortunately for the Gophers, and unfortunately for some other teams, it turns out that what you...
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Gophers offense unstoppable in non-con finale

For the first half of the first half, it was hard to tell if the Gophers had started an entirely new game against a different opponent or if they were simply continuing the struggle against Furman. Their new opponent, UNC-Wilmington looked like the Paladins, just in new uniforms. They couldn’t miss, even if they tried, and uncomfortably far into the game, were shooting 78% from...
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